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I've had cold sores once per year for years but now have herpes once a month on different parts of my skin like elbow, knee. Why? I don't play sports

I've had intermittent tingling on a part of my upper lip for 48 hours, nothing else. If it were a cold sore, would it already have erupted by now?

I've had kanker sores for more than a month, 1 goes and a second one comes, i get them in multiples in my mouth and really painful. I can't talk or eat!

I've had my first cold sore on my lip. Does that mean I can't safely kiss my child anymore?

I've had occurrences of cold sores on my lip  & chin. They last 7-10 days. Pain, puss, raw. How to prevent or treat? Thanks!

I've just been recently diagnosed with the cold sore version of the Herpes virus. I have what feels like a swollen vein on the shaft of my penis?

I've never had canker sores, I started with 1, but I have about 12 in the span of 5 days, none have gone away. By the way I'm moving to a new place

I've pus like sores at the corner and in my nose. Doc say its herpes brought on by stress this ocurr times before but could it be staph infection.

I've pus like sores at the corner and in my nose. Doc say its herpes brought on by stress this ocurr times before but could it be staph infection?

I've pus like sores at the corner and in my nose. Doc say its herpes brought on by stress this ocurr times before but could it be staph infection.?

If a cold sore is heal, can you be able to kiss someone on the cheek without infecting them?

If a person has a herpes, is there any other signs like fever or something? And how many days does the sores will appear from the day it started to each? Thank u dr.

If a person has simple cold now temperature nothing,and we sot in a same little room and had a greetin hug and kiss on a cheek. Can i get cold now?

If cold sores are so common and long lasting, why don't i see celebrities or public figures have them?

If i already have hsv-1, and i come into direct contact with another person's cold sore, how long, if at all, will it be before i get a cold sore too?

If i even have herpes and i got eaten out and then he kissed me and now i'm starting to get a sore on the side of my mouth and should I be worryed?

If I gave an unprotected blowjob to a guy who gets cold sores, will I get cold sores as well?

If i gave oral when i had a cold sore that was already healing, what is the percentage it may be passed on?

If i had shingles on my face and lip. And i kiss someone. Can they get a cold sore?

If I have a cold sore, does that mean I'm going to get it in the eye and inside my mouth?

If I have a sore like a scratch on my gum that hasn't healed in a week should I be concerned ?

If i kiss my boyfriend on the cheek, can I get a cold sore?

If I kiss my girlfriend with a cold sore on my lip, how long will it take for her to get one?

If i performed oral sex on someone while my cold sore were scabbed and didn't make contact with the sore. Is there a chance of no infection?

If i took a sip from a friends straw but she didn't have a cold sore or anything and i don't know if she gets them how long can the virus live on astraw?

If i took a sip from my friends straw could i get a cold sore from that? I don't think she has anything there was nothing on her lips or anything

If I took valtrex (valacyclovir) to avoid a primary outbreak of cold sores (never had one before) and never got a sore can I have passed it on by kissing a cheek?

If i used chapstick on my lips while I had a cold sore is it safe to keep using it after the sore is gone or should I throw it away?

If i. Had cold sores as a child does that mean I have hsv-1 for life?

If me and my lover both have hsv-1, and I have a cold sore (she doesn't), will the skin-to-skin contact with the sore gaurentee that she will get one?

If my boyfriend went down on me after we made out and I had a cold sore that was starting up, could he have given me herpes? I did wash 10hours after

If my girlfriend has cold sores and she gives me oral what can happen?

If oral happens does the partner get herpes or just cold sores ?

If some people get cold sores can they spread it to others?

If someone get a cold sore in their nose. Is it a sighn of herpes?

If someone had cold sore before, does that mean their saliva is 100% contagious?

If someone is known to get cold sores can they spread it to others when the sore is not on their lips?

If someone who has a cold sore kisses you, will you automatically get herpes no matter what?

If someone who has the shingles really bad more then once or twice. They catch herpes does that also make the cold sore worse too.

If someone with a cold sore kisses a baby, will that baby get herpes or cold sores in the future?

If someone with a cold sore talks over your food, possibly spitting in it mistakenly can u catch the cold sore?

If u have canker sores are you risk of gettin hiv?

If u share salsa and chips with someone who had a cold sore and herpes, can u get the virus?

If you accidentally hit someone in the face with an active cold sore, and wash your hands right away afterwards. Can you still get the hsv1 virus?

If you already get cold sores, can you get infected by hsv1 again orally?

If you drink after someone with a cold sore, what are the chances of getting oral herpes?

If you drink after your spouse when he has a cold sore, will you get herpes?

If you get cold sores can you still give oral sex? Even though a cold sore is not present and is dormant under the skin? Will it do anything?

If you get cold sores does that mean you can never kiss and I have not had a cold sore in 2 years do I have hsv1?

If you get cold sores yourself and kiss someone who has a cold sore, can you contract it again? Or are you immune bc you already have the virus?

If you had been getting cold sores ever since you were a child, is that herpes virus?

If you have a cold sore on your lip, does this mean you have full fledged infectious herpes?

If you have a fever with a common head cold , can the other person catch your cold through sexual intercourse?

If you have conracted herpes what are there any other symptoms that you may show if you dont get a cold sore with open lession and scab?

If you have had a concussion 11 monthes, ago and it doesn't bother for 4 to 5 Mo. But if you get a cold or sick why is it that, that area hurts first?

If you have the flu and a cold sore and accidentally cough on your underwear, will this cause you to have herpes on genitals?

If you kiss someone with active cold sores on the cheek, can you get it?

If you only get a cold sore only once a year. Can this mean you may have a low amount of the hav 1 virus?

If you suffer from cold sores already, can you also suffer with herpes whitlow?

If you touch a cold sore and then a few minutes later pick a wedgie over your PJ bottoms. Can you get genital herpes from this?

If your foods comes in contact with your cold sore in mouth could be spreading an infection inside your body?

If your partner has cold sores, can you get them too? Are they contagious?

Im 22, I have had this canker sore for about 2 weeks now and it doesn't look like it's healing or getting any smaller or less painful, is this normal?

Im a 39 year old woman had a fever and then got the blisters on my hands and feets and a had a sore throat I have had this for 2 wks?

Im getting zits around my lips and they are not cold sores. Any suggestion on how to treat/prevent them.?

Im pregnant and i got a sore on my toungue and it looks like my taste bugs are inflammed were the sore is what could it be cause from?

Im prone to cold soars since i was born. I had sex on Friday now i have a bump where i pushed out something white and hard. Is it hepes or a cold soar?

Im scared I have oral herpes I woke up this morning lips are cracked all over really painful throbbing last week I used someone's hookah cud I get it ?

Im trying the salt/toothpaste thing right now for a cold sore, but will it work?

In my class, my partner has a cold sore and i think he touch it a few times and high five me, can i get a cold sore from a high five ?

In the same spot that i had a frequent canker sore, a mucucole perhaps its formed.. Can a mucocele "explode" that form itself again in the same spot?

Is a cold sore life threatening to an 8 month old baby?

Is a cold sore on the lip still contagious after it has scabbed over? I have also taken Valtrex (valacyclovir)

Is abreva effective in treating cold sores?

Is benzoyl peroxide helpful for curing cold sores?

Is carmex a any good for my cold sore, what is the best thing to put on it?

Is crank sore symptom of HIV ?

Is gentamicin sulfate cream effective for cold sores?

Is heat or cold better to treat sore muscles?

Is it bad to kiss someone on the cheek of you have a cold sore? Even if there family?

Is it better to pop fever blisters on my lip or to let them ride out their course. they are just spreading and I would like the to go away.

Is it better to use abreva or carmex on a cold sore?

Is it common to get a first cold sore on the edge of the mouth and also have none of the first time symtoms?

Is it likely that I've already been exposed to the cold sore virus if my mom has been getting them since I was a small child? Never gotten a sore 33yr

Is it normal for one's gums to swell prior to catching a common cold? Thank you

Is it normal that with each cycle i get a sore throat, sore ears and cold sores? As well, below the belt i always get fissures. I'm a mess. :(

Is it normal to last a mouth ulcer like sore last more than three weeks without healing? Doctor gave me antibiotic still it's getting bigger?

Is it ok to eat ice cream when I have a sore throat and cold & flu? Thanks

Is it ok to inject enbrel (etanercept) when I have a cold sore in my mouth?

Is it okay if i put a band aid on my cold sore?

Is it okay to put a bandaid on my cold sore and have oral sex?

Is it possible for a cold sore to get infected?

Is it possible for a person to spread their cold sore by using their tongue?

Is it possible for lip get infected from popped cold sore?

Is it possible for you to devolep 5 months after HIV infection.Cold sores?

Is it possible for you to get a sore throat from kissing too much?

Is it possible for you to get cold sore by your vagina?

Is it possible for you to masturbate if you have a cold sore?

Is it possible that a cold sore is hurting my tooth?

Is it possible to be immune to cold sores?