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I have what seems to be a canker sore under my tongue and its hurting bad more each day, please tell me what can I do to ease the pain/promote healing?

I have white soars in my mouth. I have white soars in my mouth. Doctor in ER 5 days ago gave me meds but it is getting worse. The ones on my body and scalp are healing. The ones on my feet seem to be. Help?

I have yellowish sores on my scalp, nose and around my mouth for 3years now..Please help me, I have realized they come out before or after my period.?

I haven't kissed anyone and i don't really share drinks so how could I have gotten this cold sore?

I havr a very painful canker thay wont go wway and now my lip on the same side is swollen and painful. It feels like a cold sore starting? Normal?

I heard some people can get herpes in their nipples with a heal sore .. Can this be true?

I high five a friend of mine in class, and i think he has a cold sore... can i get a cold sore from high five someone?

I just finished a 6 day treatment (Famciclovir) for herpes zoster and i feel fine just small fatigue but i cannot smell or taste anything. how come?

I just got braces. I have about 10 sores now. Help?

I keep experiencing recurrent canker sores on my tounge, It only started since i stopped getting cold sores. I often get alot of mucus in my stool?

I keep getting blister things on bottom lip and it's really itchy. I did some research and found it might be a cold sore. I haven't had sex in 3 years?

I keep getting canker sores in my mouth, not in the same spot but on my gum line. They go away within a couple days. What is it ?

I keep getting canker sores once a month and am wondering would I see a dentist or doc?

I keep getting canker sores. When it goes away it comes back in the exact same spot why?

I keep getting mouth sores. They start out swollen + painful but swelling goes down in a few hours, and sore disappears within 2-3 days. Like canker sores but too brief to be those ... What are these?

I keep getting really sore, painful mouth ulcers that take ages to go away?

I kissed friend with HSV1 ,I never had, now after 2 days I am having vesicular painful pharyngitis cant swallow!How much til it heal, & its hsv1 rite?

I made myself throw up for the first time (NEVER AGAIN.) and it seemed like there was some blood, and my throat is sore. Did I cut it? Will it heal?

I never had a cold sore in my life. Does this mean i'm immune?

I noticed for past two years I'm having many times of mouth sores although since I was a kid I'm already prone to mouth sores, is it normal?

I only get cold sores not often once a year and was told I have HSV 2 no symptoms ever. What does this mean can I still pass it easy to someone else?

I popped a blister in my mouth a couple days ago and it came back but worse,what's going on??

I put alum power on my canker sores. The pain subdued a lot but the sores got whiter and look bigger. They also bleed a little. What's wrong?

I put bactroban (mupirocin) on a healing cold sore. Was that a good idea?

I put gential violet on my cold sore but the purple stain wont come off how can I take it off my lips?

I recently got a bad cold sore my upper lip that is completely swollen and hasnt stop leaking for 2 days. Should i still go to school?

I recently got my first cold sore this week, possible to only have it once?

I recently performed oral and two days later and I have gum boils and a sore throat. I'm hoping it's just a cold?

I saw a little girl with cold sores. How did this child get herpes?

I shared a lollipop with someone and it has his saliva on it. After 6 days post exp., i got a fever. 7th day, i had a sore throat. is this herpes?

I started to get a cold sore but it looked like it was starting to blister and then just receded. Is it still contagious?

I started to get a cold sore but it never really blistered and just seemed to recede. Is it still contagious?

I still have a couple of sores that haven't scabbed over yet but appear to be getting smaller,would I still be contagious? Taking bactroban&bactrim

I still have a couple of sores that haven't scabbed over yet but appear to be getting smaller,would I still be contagious? Taking bactroban&bactrim

I take 1 gm of Valtrex (valacyclovir) daily but yet my tongue feels its on fire i can see them popping up anything i can do to not feel any pain of mouth sores?

I take Valtrex (valacyclovir) but still get mouth sores. What else can I do?

I think I have a cold sore developing on my upper lip. Does this mean I have herpes?

I think I have a preliminary cold sore, a tingling small bump. I have been trying to fight it. Will snorkeling in the ocean tomorrow make it worse?

I think I have a soft palate canker sore in the back of my throat, it hard to put an ointment on it cause its so far back. How do it treat this?

I think I might have contacted herpes type 1 from my boyfriend because I have a cold air on my lip and in my mouth. I went to doctor and got amoxicill?

I think i'm getting cold sores on my foot. What should I use?

I think i've got cat scratch disease, but the doctors say its a cold sore virus?

I think my boyfriend gave me cold sores. How contagious are they?

I thought I had a blister from dry masterbation but it has turned to a canker looking sore is this possible from masterbation ?

I thought i was getting a cold sore and got some abreva applied it and now its corren bigger and my lip is swollen where i thought the cold sore was.

I touched my penis after touching the cold sore on my lip. Now I think I got a sore there.will it keep coming back on my penis now? Use the same cream

I understand a sore throat is a symptom of chicken pox and im wondering when my scabs leave will my sore throat also leave?

I understand my son is seeing his doctor in am but i just left walgreens and spoke with doc there and he said may be an infection.Sores at nose&lip?

I use l lysine to help clear up canker sores. Is it okay to contue using while i'm pregnant?

I used over-the-counter zilactin for a cold sore. Will an outbreak still occur?

I usually get a cold sore after I have a cold is there any vitamins I should take daily to prevent this? Or a prescription I should be on?

I was recently exposed to paint fumes at work for several hours and i noticed i got a cold sore on my lip. I have never had a cold sore.

I was wondering are my prenatals helping my cold sore heal faster?

I was wondering if cold sores are only contagious during an outbreak? I just recently had an outbreak and didn't know I had the herpes virus. I am visiting my boyfriend next week, I am hoping it will be gone by then and I was wondering if it is gone is it

I was wondering is it possible to get lupus sores on lips?

I went to my doctor because my nose is sore and red , it hurts when I sneeze and wipe it some blood. He said I have Mrsa and how long am I contagious?

I woke up this morning I don't know if it's a cold sore or mosquito bite on my upper lip I had kiss someone and gave Oral sex on august 12.

I woke up w/ several bumps on the roof of my mouth. I don't remember eating nything hot. They r gone now, but the area is still exposed & sore. Help!

I'm 17 years old and I have my breasts have been really sore for the past week. They are mostly sore around the outside circles. is this normal?

I'm 23 and have 4-5 ulcer type sores in my mouth with 2 lumps also and tounge is quite sore when some sores go more come up in others spots plz help ?

I'm 29 male and the last two days i've got Ulcer (canker ulcer) at back left moler? only painful when eating what shall I do?

I'm a guy, is it normal for my nipples to get bigger when exposed to cold?

I'm a teen and im pretty sureim scared its a cold sore?

I'm a trumpet player and I just got a cold sore, what can I do?

I'm aware that you get cold sores on your mouth but is it only contagious when there is an outbreak or all the time?

I'm confused i've gotten a cold sore but it looks like a dry skin spot red what stage is this and what happens now I have no symptoms i used abreva?

I'm experiencing a fever blister on my upper lip for 5 days and it needs to be gone by sunday! how do I get rid of it by then?

I'm having anal wart outbreak, then a fever and running nose like flu. I have 1 painless ulcer at roof of mouth. Is it herpes? I also had hot chilli.

I'm having toothache gor couple of days.its too painful i can't even eat. my cheeks have swollen like I'm having mumps. can you help me with this.?

I'm just wondering, if you ever get a cold sore in your life you have oral herpes for life?

I'm just wondering, if you had been getting cold sores ever since you were a child, is that herpes?

I'm just wondering, if you have a cold sore is it possible to spread it to your genitals?

I'm just wondering, if you sucked in helium can you get a cold sore on your lips and etc.?

I'm on day 3 of a nasty cold sore. I am a guy so is there anything else i can do to shrink it?

I'm on valrex. There is a huge, cold sore and i'm putting oitment on it constantly, but the swelling won't go away! any other ideas?

I'm scared to kiss my boyfriend because he gets cold sores often, any help for this?

I'm suffer now with my nipple so itchy and have some sore and have some water out from my sore.Im 35 years old ?

I'm wondering if i get hsv-1, will i get a cold sore too?

I'm wondering why can't you kiss someone with a cold sore? What is the best way to cure it?

I'm worried because my canker sore doesn't hurt, possible explanation below, what do you suggest?

I'm worried because my canker sore won't go away it hurts so bad it's white, what do you suggest?

I'm worried because my fever under control but now i hve cold sores all over my outer lips. Any suggestions to get rid of these things, what do you suggest?

I've been having recurring fever blisters/canker sores over the past few weeks on different parts of my body (lips,between thighs,etc)Any reason/cause?

I've been on oral antibiotics for impetigo for 5 days but I keep getting new sores. They're tiny and pop quickly, is this normal during the treatment?

I've found that toward the end of a cold, when my sinuses are starting to drain, they feel sore/raw. Why? Anything I can do to alleviate that?

I've got a canker sore in my mouth right now and tomorrow I have to go to the dentistso should I go or let it heal first?

I've got a cold sore on my upper lip and it looks absolutely horrible.. How can I get rid of it fast without medicine?

I've got a very painful herpes sore on my tongue. Is there any o.T.C. Treatment that may help?

I've gotten 4 large bleeding cold sores in past 5 months. On aclivir for 12 months. Any prescription for relief? Over the counter creams don't help.

I've had 3 breakouts of cold sores in a month & a half. They were BIG & there were multiple ones all together. Always got them since was a kid. Help?!

I've had 3 cold sores in the past month. I usually get one a year, but I have read that cold sores could indicate oral cancer. Should I get checked?

I've had 3 coldsores on my lip the last 2 months, one has stayed for 2 months one is gone and other has just come up. What can I do to heal them fast?

I've had a bad cold for a week. Found a sore in my mouth 2 days ago. Could the cause be cough drops or the cold virus? Should i be concerned?

I've had a cold sore for over 2 days it hurts I used a antibiotic but its not really improving?

I've had a cold sore since last Saturday and it was very swollen. I believe the cold sore had gone through its stages but my lip is still swollen? Hel

I've had a little sore dry throat past couple days could it be the Ebola virus. Haven't been out of California?

I've had a mild cold for the past two weeks. What is an OTC product that can shorten the duration of my cold?

I've had a scalp sore for over a week and it's not getting better. mupirocin didn't work for me. any other suggestions?

I've had canker sores that go away after a week, but as soon as they go away a new one appears in a different area for 4 months what is causing this?

I've had cold sores before but just recently I kissed a girl and the sores are kinda forming it's been 3 days since I was also on the sun a lot?