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I have a cold sore and was wondering whether it could be an impetigo spot?

I have a cold sore Can my daughter get a cold sore to shareing my pillow and blankets?

I have a cold sore on my lip and my 7yr old accidentally drank out of my drink (straw), what are the chances he will now get the HSV? :(

I have a cold sore on my lip, i forgot to wash my hands then i scratched my vagina. Does that mean i will get herpes? What is the chance?

I have a cold sore on the corner/inside my nose I put acohol on it now it has a scab & still hurts what can I do to get rid of it?

I have a cold sore scab above my top lip and it looks horrible! It is so big! Is there ANYWAY to get rid of it or speed the healing process?? Is it true if the cold sore is on skin that it would take 7 DAYS! More longer than a one on your lip? Please help

I have a cold sore. Other than using zovirax (acyclovir) what else can I put on it to make it go away fast?

I have a cold. The roof of my mouth and wars itch anytime I get a cold. Why is this?

I have a coldsore and now I have a goosebump tingly feeling in vagina area, have I spread it to myself? I've had cold sores since I was a kid

I have a few cold sores in my mouth, I've always gotten them whenever I've had fevers, etc. But one of them has a black dot on it. Should I be concern?

I have a history of cold sores & blisters on lip that area that come & go & my ob recommended that I get pills for them so I won't have any during lab?

I have a large herpes sore on my tongue. Been there since sunday. What doctor do I see? Its very painful and red

I have a long lump under chin and a cold sore. Any ideas on how to treat this?

I have a nose sore that is sore when i touch I have applied a antiseptic cream is this ok?

I have a recurrent stomatit.It appeared 2 mounth ago.Sometimes it gets better but after 10-14 days it takes the stomatit shape. This proces goes on ?

I have a recurring blister in the same spot on my lower lip. Cold sore treatments arent working. What could it be?

I have a scab on my lower lip that wont go away. It was a cold sore. It healed but left a scab thats been there for a year now. I?

I have a small cold sore and the night before had a drink with straw. Can my kid catch my cold sore from that straw if drank from the next day?

I have a small cold sore. This is the second one IV had. I keep messing with it. I didn't wash my hands. Does this mean i will have them down there?

I have a soft sore bump on the L side of the roof of my mouth. Idk how long it's been there possibly 1-2 weeks No othr symptms besides seasnl allergies.

I have a sore at the side of my mouth that keeps cracking open, it won't go away. What can I do to get rid of this?

I have a sore in my mouth and on my bottom lip and my baby have been kissing me and now i think i see a bump in his miouth i thought with ne taking the right meds that he couldn't get it and now im scared of what this might be.?

I have a sore on my leg that has been there since 2005 and won't heal. Just keeps scabbing over. Possibilities?

I have a sore on the inside of the tip of my nose that will not heal, I believe it forms scabs though they look like mucus. What should I do?

I have a sore on the wall of my mouth nd it hurts when I eat, what is it nd how do I get rid of it?

I have a sore only inside my mouth on cheek doesn't really hurt.could it be syphilis from just deep kissing nothing else?? From a WK and half / 2 WK

I have a sore palate which i think it's canker sore. It's getting more frequent. Would like to get it checked for cancer. What kind of dr I should see?

I have a sore spot on my forehead. My phone hit it from a distance(above). It's been sore since. Any remedies I can use to treat this ?

I have a sore throat (only) but i'm pretty sure i'm catching cold. Should i not wear contact lenses today to prevent them from getting infected?

I have a sore throat and i think i'm catching cold but flu hasn't started , i don't have any other symptoms yet. Should i not wear contact lenses?

I have a sore throat with what looks and feels like a mouth ulcer next to the uvula, it's mildly painful. Should I seek outside help or treat at home?

I have a soretred patch at the corner of my mouth, it doesn't feel like a cold sore but vaseline isn't helping.

I have a very large cold sore on the back of my throatm hurts to swallow. How long should I wait for it to heal? Could it be something else?

I have a very red sore near my lip but have never had any sexual activity. Can I still get a cold sore without having sex?

I have a yellowish scab on my chin. I thought it was a cold sore, but i got another. It oozes sometimes. It's kinda gross and it's weirding me out.

I have an active cold sore,and i kissed my boyfriend,he already has the hsv1 virus because he gets cold sores too. Can he get a cold sore from Me?

I have an open sore inbtween the crease of my leg it started off as a stubborn pimple. Now its an open sore. What should I do?

I have been getting blistery sores on my lower back, whenever i eat tomatoes, or citris foods. Is this herpes or cold sores?

I have been getting these water blisters on my lips for years now. I know they aren't cold sores because they aren't contagious. I need a solution!?


I have been stressed through marriage break up and now have severe sore throat and white patches and diarreah can stress do this or should I visit doc?

I have been suffering from cold sores for years. Can you please prescribe me medication and or ointment to prevent them and also to help stop or shor?

I have blisters on my hands that pop and make very bad sores that give me a lot of pain. Does anybody know what this is I have had for mouths?

I have bloody sores on my scalp that are painful they will scab over then start bleeding again what could this be caused from have had it a few mon?

I have canker sore on my tonsil due to scratching it w/ Bobbie pin (stone). How long will it take 2go away. Its starting 2feel better but I'm over it?


I have canker sores in my mouth that could be an allergy or a virus. If it's a virus, how long will this take to clear up? Thank you.

I have canker sores. It that something to worry about? And it is regular. I am having it at least thrice or more in a month

I have clear spots growing on different places on my lips. I don't think it's a cold sore bc 1 has been there for 3weeks & now a couple more showed up?

I have cold sores on my mouth and suspect it has spread further down into my throat, i'm nursing my baby, what can I do?

I have fever blisters in my nose. I'm taking aciclovir and lysine. I feel like the sores are spreading into my sinuses. Not sure what else I can do?

I have got a swollob mouth ulcer on roof of my mouth i got antibiotics how long it take to go down

I have gotten 3 oral granulomas in 2 months. They go away and come back in a different place in my mouth. Is it from nursing? Or sores from lupus?

I have gotten utis along with open sores around the area for years. Recently the sores have gotten worse. What should do as my next step?

I have had a canker sore in my mouth for about 2-3 days now and it will not stop hurting or go away. What can I do to make it go away?

I have had a cold sore for 4 days already and i just brought abreva will it heal within a couple days?

I have had a cold sore for a really long time. This is about day 20 but I don't know if it's still there. It went through all the stages of blisters, crusting, and scabbing but now all of that is gone and my skin is pink and smooth but it feels thicker wh

I have had a very painful sore in my left nostril for the past 2 weeks.It doesn't seem to be a fever blister, i've had those before and this is diff.

I have had cold sores on my lip since i was a child but have been HSV tested several times and always negative. Is that possible?

I have had diohreah and now my anus is swollen and sore what's going on?

I have had hsv-1 for many years. I rarely or never get cold sores. I never found it necessary to tell a partner. Do you agree? Thanks.

I have had one out break of hsv 1 genitally about 5 yrs ago and never had one again. After labor got cold sores? never had 1 before is that possible?

I have had rashes at side of lips for two months now;initially had a bad sore throat around same time but now gone, what could be wrong?

I have had some cold sores appear right under my belly button, what can be the cause of this? They are various cold sores letting out liquid and blood

I have had sores on my hands that come and go since I was 9 years old. They don't burn, don't blister and they aren't itchy. They're sore to touch.

I have heard that Valtrex (valacyclovir) is good for getting rid of cold sores. Is there a better alternative?

I have herpes can I give it to my son kissing on lips if I have a blister. And will it present like the flu?

I have herpes simplex 1 and get cold sores on my tongue and inside cheeks can I use the same over-the-counter products as i would for a lip cold sore?

I have hives when touching cold, what should I do to treat?

I have hsv-1 (cold sores) and I have never had an outbreak or felt symptons. I wanted to know if im contagious to my family and life partner.

I have hsv-1 there was no cold sore on my mouth, and i kissed a girl with hiv+ there was a little saliva, i feel fatigue next day, can i get hiv?

I have hsv-1 what is the chance that I could transfer the virus to my bf, when I have no cold sores present?

I have HSV-2. For 3 days now Ive experienced lip twitching every few minutes. No cold sore outbreak yet. Lip twitching due to herpes or something else?

I have large red spots that are sore on the back of my tongue. Been there 2 weeks now. Possible causes? Also I hace PCOS and take addipex. Sore ears 2

I have multiple colds on lips. Treated it with carmex , lysine, blistex, and abreva . Now my lips are swollen can't got to a doctor please help!?

I have multiple sores in my penis..I want to send an image of this so you can see. First it has lumps then beceme sore. Around 6 sores. Itchy & pain?

I have not been able to tast anything sweet for about 10 days now. i recently had a herpes sumplex 1 outbreak on the roof of my mouth.

I have one pus filled sore a bit above where the penis connects to the abs area is it possible it's just a infected sore and if so how can I heal it?

I have oral herpes (hiv 1). If I kiss someone who has hiv 1 in their system will they get a cold sore?ive gotten cold sores since I was a kid.

I have pale gums that are sore to the touch, i believe it may be because i've had to breathe through my mouth due to the flu, but I am not sure?

I have recurring cold sores. I take acyclovir tablets twice daily but they still pop up and it's really knocking my confidence.

I have recurring red sores on my tongue i thought they were canker sores and use patches to cover them, but they keep recurring every couple of weeks.

I have red sores on my tongue that hurt. What could it be and how could i relieve the pain with natural treatment.

I have severe reoccurring mouth ulcer. It bleeds a lot. It appears whenever i don't eat regularly like once a day or whenever i kiss my girlfriend.

I have sore on the side the inside of my cheek and now my tongue. What could it be? And how should I take care of it? Im not sexually active.

I have sores all over my vagina and my ovaries seem quite swollen and sore, sore throat but never had issues, genital herpes?

I have sores under my tongue and sores I call gum boils inside my bottom lip so painful for almost 2 weeks not going away and if onw NOTHER FORMS?

I have swollen lips with red bumps on them for two months already. I am taking Valtrex (valacyclovir) 1gm pills. My lips are the same. Still swollen?

I have the ending stages of a cole sore. it is passed the crusting stage and kinda barely there on my lip!! Is it contagious then?

I have the herpes simplex virus on my whole lip and its swollen with puss. It hurts to drink and eat. When will it heal?

I have these horrible nose sores. they are like ulcers, they pop and pus comes out. Ive been to numerous ENT no one knows what its from.

I have these sores in my mouth..I think canker sores depending on what i eat, they cause pain. Kinda white and red. What's the cause? Solution?

I have theses sore growin on my noses.. They burn really bad. It's like little sores that has lil fluid and blood coming out if I mess with it?

I have this canker sore that i've had for a month and it got bigger and popped when i was eating, what do I do?

I have this tickelish feeling in my chin?? Why exactly do i have that? Is i just a cold about to come or something major?

I have three sores on my foot that are swollen and puss keeps comming out I don't have insurances what can I do at home

I have two sores with white on my scrotum what can I take over-the-counter to help?

I have what looks like a canker sore on my gum. It has been there for 3+ wks. It doesn't hurt.

I have what looks like a cold sore on the back of hand no pain at all abreva seems to help but still there 6 days?

I have what looks like puss spots on my lip I haven't done oral since last November could it be gonorreha? I'm prone to cold sores aswell