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I have a non healing sore between my butt checks about half way upI has been caused by boils pimples scarring over the years It makes sitting very uncomfortable It is now sore What can I do for it?

i kissed my kids & did oral & sex with my hub 12 hrs later i had itching & hours after a cold sore did i pass it on to them before the sore appeared?

Why Do i develop herpes/cold sore on my lips everytime i do a blow job on my husband?

12hrs after giving oral I felt like getting a cold sore.i have had hsv1 for many years,but now worry that it could be due to hsv2...what do you think?

13 wks pregnant, sore cheeks from inside. Red and swollen. Swelling goes and comes back with eating food. What to do?

2 days after giving unprotected oral I got extreme cold symptoms, can barley swallow my tonsils are removed but I have zit like bumps at very back?

2 month ago I got herpes cold sore on my lip 1 month ago it seemed to heal but redness remains & it has slowly better Am I still contagious?Can I kiss

2 months ago I got herpes cold sore on my lip 1 month ago it seemed to heal but redness remains & has slowly bettered Am I still contagious?Can I kiss

2 months ago i woke up with a swollen lip & blister. havent been in contact with anyone that has cold sores. what can it be other than herpes?

3yo had temp 101-103 for 2 days. No other symptoms. Had 4 pimples around mouth which went away. Nothing on hands or feet. Mild case of h/f/mouth?

3yo had temp 102 for 3 days. Fever went away. Has 4 pimples around mouth area that are crusting over. No where else. H/f/mouth?

3yr old girl has fever for 2days, 38.4, no fver nw but cmplaining of pain in the mouth, has small whit blisters at back of mouth, few blisters in hand?

4 years ago i first time had cold sores on my lips. A pharmicist prescribed me zovirax (acyclovir). Since then I am geting sores 1-2 times a year. Is this normal?

4yr old has canker sore in the back top part of soft pallet. Eats/drinks normal, no fever.. Doesn't seem to bother her. Treatment? Healing time?

5 days ago I kissed someone. concerned that I got oral herpes. No blisters/ cold sores. I have headache & high body temperature. Do I have herpes ?

A few days ago I let my bf suck on my nipples now they're sore, this is not a first time thing usually they ago away in a few days what's the problem?

A few months ago I had a cold sore which went away, but left a scar. Just yesterday it started itching doesn't look/ feel like a cold sore though?

A friend has been sick. Can fever or stress cause sores on the mouth that resemble cold sores? It doesn't hurt and can be covered up with makeup.

A little part of roof of mouth feels sore. I don't see anything. Can I have a cold and it settled up there? My nose keeps running too.

A person with a cold sore kissed me on the cheek. Should I wait a while before kissing my baby?

A small section of my bottom gums feel like they're burning off and on. cools down if brushed. infection? Virus? Deficiency?

A sore in my mouth began to bleed on its own wondering why?

Acyclovir 400 mg medicine for my cold sore expired 2 months ago? Can I still use it?

Advair for over 2 weeks: In the last ~three days, I have developed a sore throat and sores on the inside of my lips. Can a delayed allergic rxn occur?

Advice? Would medicated chap stick help my cold sore?

After giving my husband oral with no sore, 12 hrs later i had a cold sore symptoms and a couple hours later a sore how likely is it he could get it?

After having leisions ulcers on my tongue I have noticed I get dehydrated and the nearly healed infections hurt from my being thirsty ?

After you kill a cold sore off and its just crusty, what can u use to heal those?

All my hair fell out after a huge list of symptoms and now I have chilblains and blisters in my mouth and feel sick and dizzy all the time anyone know?

Am i contagious? Slept with window open and warm hoody on. Woke up and mucus from natural causes gave me what is called a cold? Contagious or no?

Am i supposed to peel my cold sore off when its crusty?

Another name for abreva OTC (a sore healing medication)?

Any suggestions on which works better: the cold sore treatment cream or just the bottle of 500mg tablets?

Are cold sores common even though I'm clear of all infections and diseases? Where do they come from?

Are cold sores common for pregnant women?

Are cold sores considered an std?

Are cold sores dangerous during pregnancy? If it's a first outbreak? Never had one but was around someone who does and am worried about catching it.

Are cold sores dangerous? Where do they usually originate, and how common are they?

Are cold sores harder to catch as an adult?

Are cold sores in the eyes transferable to other people?

Are cold sores on a lip contagious ? What if it's your husband who has it but you don't want to get infected?

Are cold sores only contagious if they have opened and are leaking fluid?

Are herpes sores always painful? Are they sometimes mild? If so how..need to know straight answer

Are oral herpes from oral sex and ulcers/cold sores the same thing? I'm not sure if I have them, but some people are saying all cold sores/ulcers are the same thing?

Are there any homeopathic suggestions for drying out an open canker sore?

Are there medicines available to heal cold sores fast?

As a follow up lip herpes, ganglion on neck, increased athletes foot, swollen and raw throat behind the uvula, could it be confused with hiv?

Asked about my mouth sore that started as a cluster of blisters. Told me it was angular cheilitis, put a shot of cortisone in it. Not getting better?

At what age is exposure to hsv-1 (cold sores) no longer extremely dangerous to babies? When does it become just a cold sore and not a fatal disease?

At what stage do cold sores become contagious?

Been getting large and painful cold sores monthly until now when i am getting weekly, before the previous one even finishes healing. take valtrex. why?

Been months sinse i had "herpangina" bumps still there now sore again seems like out breaks what is it (big yellowish ones)im 19 female and i smoke..

Been on famciclovir 250mg for 4 days. Still open sores and "moving" er?

Best over-the-counter treatment for an open sore?

Blister in the mouth? How come I got it? Did not bite myselft? Never get herpes sores.

Born w/ neutropenia,I have suffered w/cold sores on my lips/nose 4 yrs. Now im getting them inside my mouth,tongue& roof. Isn't that a sign for HIV?

Bulima . I'm completely hooked on bulimia , I've got pain in my muscles , dry skin around my mouth , sores on my hand and constant headaches . ?

Bump on lip is grey-ish \u0026 have been there for almost 3wks, seemed to be going away at first, how long does cold sore last?

Came into contact with boyfriend's new cold sore. Will i get this too?

Can a baby get a cold sore from its mother without direct contact with a cold sore?

Can a baby get a cold sore?

Can a cold sore be treated with toothpaste?

Can a cold sore get through clothes? I have a cold sore and touched my thigh but I was wearing pj bottoms. Can I get genital herpes this way? sorry

Can a cold sore on my lip affect my unborn baby?

Can a cold sore spread to my 4 year old son without direct contact of the sore?

Can a cold sore stay contagious after the scab has come off?

Can a person with inactive cold sores give you while kissing?

Can a staph/MRSA sore be painless or is it always going to hurt? Have a sore on leg that doesn't hurt and has improved but still there. Neosporin/zinc

Can all cold sores end up as wounds?

Can aloe vera be used to treat cystic pimple/blood blister/cold sore?

Can an 11 month old get a cold sore on their lip?I think my son has one.My dad was visiting last week and had one and now I'm worried he passed it on

Can anbesol prevent this cold sore from spreading?

Can being tired bring on the cold and mouth ulcers ?

Can canker sores make you feel like you have a toothache?

Can citalopram(celexa) cause cold sore outbreaks to occur more frequently?

Can cold sore virus be spread via breath, just air no saliva? I breathed through my mouth onto my palm and MIGHT be developing cold sore under beard.

Can cold sores be normal and can happen or no matter what are a disease?

Can cold sores make ur face hurt?

Can cold sores spread to other parts of someone else's body?

Can cold sores spread to other parts of the body even after the blister stage? Curious

Can cold sores start with a black head?

Can cold sores(tiny bump on my lip) harm baby in pregnancy. I'm 8 weeks and I had my second cold sore for the last month and half.

Can frostbite spread when you've gotten out of the cold?

Can getting cold sores necessarily mean you have herpes?

Can group b strep trigger a herpes outbreak? Can i pass herpes through saliva with no outbreak? Have had no outbreaks for over a year or more and suddenly my husband and i got one the other night. I have no sores in or on my mouth... But did get a call to

Can herpes 1 present as one kind of sore, go away, and reemerge years later as another kind of sore?

Can herpes usually come in packs of sores?

Can hsv1 cause off balance and dizziness also developed lip sores any ideas?

Can i consume alcohol while taking valaciclovir for cold sores?

Can i get blisters on my tongue from giving head?

Can i get herpes from a handshake if i have cracked hands and someone was picking at their cold sore?

Can i get whitlow finger on my finger from touching a cold sore on my face by accident. I have hsv-1 and hsv-2 antibodies. Thanks?

Can I nurse while applying Zovirax (acyclovir) ointment to my lip for treatment of a cold sore?

Can i rub zinc oinment on my herpes sores ?

Can i tell me how i can cure canker sores with house hold items?

Can i tell me how i can make canker sores stop hurting?

Can i use any other alternative rathen than Flagyl, the moment I took it got white sore inside the mouth and swollen lips I can it tolerate it?

Can I use cold sore patches in conjunction with taking oral acyclovir?

Can I use desoximetasone on cold sore?

Can I use salt to dry out a canker sore?