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A doctor answered yes it causes cancer sores! I wanna know it sovaldi or Ribavirin can cause CANKER sores???

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Can canker sores and stress cause swollen lymph nodes under mandible? Very stressed from college and canker sore. Health anxiety as well.

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Can someone tell me what is on my tongue there is three of then one ishealed 2nd one almost and third one is brand new is this another canker sores ??

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Canker sore on each side of vaginal opening. Never had them on my genitals before. I do get canker sores inside my mouth and currently have one there.

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Have a sore in my mouth(i think its a canker sore) hi, i have a canker sore in my mouth. Least i think its a canker sore because it looks white, and its on the inside of my cheek. I used to get them, not all the time, but i did GT them. The only bad thin

Have painful sores on tongues. Ent said its herpes 1. Tried acyclovir for a month ...Only helps temporarily. Any supplements/ other treatment ?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes canker sores in your mouth?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes mouth sores or canker sores?

Help please! is getting canker sores more than once a year bad?

Hi, I have a very painful canker sore on my uvula and before that I had tonsillitis and it's good now and treated. I can't eat, please help?

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