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3 soars in mouth - one on tongue, two on inside lip. Is this contagious?

A blister in the mouth means I have anything contagious, or not?

Are canker sores inside mouth (gums, inner cheek) a form of HSV 1? Never had any blister-like cold sores outside on/around lips.

Are painless bubble-like blisters in the mouth herpes?

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Blister in mouth? Can antibiotics cause it?

Blisters in the mouth throat after eating?

Blisters in the mouth! hot food?

Blisters on tung and in mouth. After operation, 4 days ago.?

Blood blister under tongue, floor of mouth, what to do?

Can non painful blisters be herpes in your mouth?

Can a herpes sore be actually inside the mouth?

Can cunilingus infect the mouth and tongue?

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Can dry mouth cause tongue and lip tingling.

Can genital herpes cause bitter and dry mouth?

Can i tell me how i can stop the roof of my mouth itching?

Can itching the roof of your mouth with your palette give you an infection?

Can methadone cause sores in the corners of your mouth?

Can you contract mouth cancer from a lip piercing?

Can you get herpes in the mouth just from kissing mouth to mouth?

Can you have a pimple in your mouth?

Can you have pimple in your mouth and what cause it.

Can you have shingles in and around the mouth and lip?

Can you use campho-phenique on a blister inside your mouth?

Corner of the mouth started to blister from drooling. What is this?

Could a gum infection spread to the roof of my mouth?

Could rubbing my braces against my lips cause blisters inside my mouth?

Could water blister in mouth be from herpes?

Cracked corners of mouth, is it herpes?

Cracks at corner of mouth after oral?

Dentist or doctor, i want to know what cause blisters in the mouth?

Do binkies cause skin irritation by mouth?

Do oral herpes leave open sores on your lips?

Do you cause damage to your mouth if you constantly lick the inside of your mouth?

Does oral herpes INSIDE the mouth look like canker sores at all?

For how long is a herpetic lesion on the hard palate of the mouth contagious?

For the past month I have been having outbreaks in my mouth around once a week with a little blister on my gum or sometimes tongue. Is this herpes?

From my file can you tell why I have blisters on the sides of inside my mouth. Not painful. Never had them before. Did not burn mouth or bite.

Got a water blister on roof of mouth. Why?

Hand foot mouth virus what do they do for it she has bumps on the bottom of her mouth and inside her mouth and on wrist ?

Have blister behind front tooth on roof of mouth. Been there for 9 months. Constant film (liquid) from it. Mouth is often dry?

Help! I have white mouth ulcers on floor of mouth?

Help! what can cause dry mouth and tongue feeling raw and dry? Also roof of mouth is sore?

Hi , I have a mouth ulcer but its in the roof of my mouth with some red area, what can that be and also notice that i breath from my mouth blockd nose?

Hi doc ...if we chew inside of our mouth does we get any kind of mouth sore or infection?????

Hi doc.....does chewing inside our own mouth cause mouth infection?????

Hi doctor, i have this blister on the edge of my mouth. I am having this for the past 4 days. Can you please let me know what it could be..

Hi I have an itchy mouth around both sides of the mouth what is the cause? I'm very itchy

How 2 treat blisters in the mouth?

How can I address painful mouth blisters?

How can I cure a blister in my mouth?

How can I itch the roof of my mouth? It's really irrating, help?

How can I relieve redness in the cheeks and around the mouth?

How can I treat a cut inside my mouth?

How can I treat blisters inside my mouth?

How can I treat swelling on the roof of my mouth?

How can I treat swelling under the roof of my mouth.?

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How do you treat blisters in the mouth ?

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How to treat blisters on the roof of my mouth?

I can't tell if I have three small cuts or cold sore blisters in the corner of my mouth. I had dental work done on that same side of my mouth.

I had a mouth ulcer and now half my bottom lip is swollen. What could be wrong?

I had about 15 mouth ulcers a week ago. They are gone now but the inside of my mouth is peeling and i don't know why?

I have a blister inside my mouth! is this dangerous?

I have a canker sore and a water blister in my mouth that appeared together. Should I do something? Why are they here?

I have a huge mouth blister under the tongue?

I have a little bump in my mouth is that herpes?

I have a mouth blister. What's a good way to treat it?

I have a mouth problem what will I do sore mouth?

I have a pimple on corner of mouth. What should I do?

I have a rash inside my mouth: lips, cheeks, on my gums. my tongue and corners of my mouth feel tight. what could this be?

I have a rash on the roof of my mouth what is it?

I have cracks at corner of mouth. What can I do?

I have dry mouth bumps on tongue and it's white my mouth burning sometimes?

I have fever swollen tonsils with pus, herpes on lips ( 24 y old and it's the first time i had herpes) irritated mouth and blisters on tongue. Why?

I have itching all over the body and cuts in gum in mouth and burning toung.

I have itchy skin, a metallic taste in my mouth and a mouth sore. What could this be?

I have mouth sores and ulcers as I can't stop biting the skin inside my mouth, it's so sore how can I stop?

I have sore skin around mouth and lips, what is it that I should do?

I think I have mouth cancer in the corner of the inside of my mouth?

I think I might have gotten a scab in my mouth from a drink. Can something happen for having someone else's scab in my mouth?

I've had a blister on the roof of my mouth for almost two weeks after burning it. Is there a safe way to pop it?

I've had a sore on the outside corner of my mouth for about 2 months what is it?

If I have oral herpes, is it possible to just have sores in my mouth and not get cold sores on the outside of my mouth, like my lips?

Inside my mouth is tasteless?

Is herpes on roof of mouth common?

Is it common to have eczema around the mouth?

Is it ok for an abcess in your mouth to pop?

Is it possible to contract mouth ulcers on the roof of your mouth?

Is there anything I can do about blister in my mouth?

Is this normal? I have a mouth sore on the inside of my lip after teeth extractions?

Mouth blister started bleeding? What can I do for it?

Mouth blisters what's cause n remefy?