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Addiction medicine or pain management?

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Are there any doctor's that treat fibromyalgia in the nyc area? , I just need someone for pain management.dr who was treating me has decided to teach.

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How good is acupunture for pain management?

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I fractured my tibia and wasn't offered any pain relief and am in a lot of pain . Paracetamol is not helping . Why wasn't i offered any ?

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I have had sharp and dull stabbing neck pains for over 30 years. I've had therapy and chiropractics to no avail, and no reasonable diagnosis. Help?

I have hip pain, typically in the morning.  what is the best manner to start investigation/treatment?

I have sciatica! please tell me the best way to manage this pain?

I have severe chronic back and leg pain, normal mri. Tried pt, many different meds and therapies with no relief. Am i imagining the pain?

I have severe muscle pain- myofascial muscle pain. Treatment and medication recommendations?

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I'm in pain and i don't know what I should do for the best treatment?

I've been having chronic back pain for 3 months. Physical therapy didn't help. What pain medicines do you recommend and tx options should I try next?

I've had chronic pain in my neck for years, would my physciatrist prescribe me pain meds to help with neck? acupuncture/chiro didn't help.

I've had severe back pain, right down my spine, for years. Chiro adjustments only provide short term relief. What other treatments should I consider?

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Last year I dislocated my shoulder and I am now experiencing severe pain, even after all this time! Any pain-relieving methods you'd recommend?

Mindfulness how is it done and can it help someone who is in constant pain?

My ACDF didn't work. I'm in more pain then I used to be. What are my options besides living with pain?

My doctor has said I may be able to have buprenorphine for pain control. Is this successful for neuropathic type pain ?

My doctor is a "fellow" in pain managment. What does that mean?

My pcp cannot give me pain meds for chronic pancreatitis, and has reffered me to pain mgmt, most r booked, what r my options, as this is debiliating?

My primary referred me for epidural spinal injec.S but i'm still in pain. Is it rude if i go to a different pain doctor that offers other treatment?

Needing a doctor for my pain management?

Ongoing shoulder impingement after 7 mnth of conservative treatment what are my best options for treatment as what i'm doing now isn't helping pain ?

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Pain management doctors in 21230 area?

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