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Meralgia parestetica six months, I've tried both lyrica, (pregabalin) gabapentin, would like nerve block, is this something I can book with a pain clinic directly?

Am I on too many pain medicines? I am currently on norgesic, lyrica, (pregabalin) arcoxia, amitripyline, for my herniated disc.

Am trying Neurontin (gabapentin) for nerve pain. Ideas to stay awake?

Any cases of amytriptlene helping with nerve pain?

Are butrans effective for chronic nerve pain ?

Are opiates ok for chronic pain ?. I've tried Neurontin, Lyrica (pregabalin) etc but they dont help. Seeing a pain specialist Friday. : )

Are there any alternatives for pregablin , neurotin and nortriptyline for nerve pain headaches?

Been taking Tramadol for almost a year for idiopathic nerve pain in legs. Dr has prescribed Lyrica (pregabalin). Would Tapentadol be better for pain relief ?

Can cyclobenzaprine help paresthesia?

Can you have allodynia as well as hyperalgesia?

Can butrans patches help burning type nerve pain ?

Can cymbalta (duloxetine) help with fibromyalgia pain? Does fibromyalgia cause leg pain along with temperature changes in the leg?

Can diazepam help for nerve pain ?

Can gabapentin help with muscle pain?

Can Gralise 1200mg help with fibromyalgia pain?

Can Horizant extended release be used for neuralgia or nerve pain?

Can I assume that since my pain has been decreased since being on Neurontin (gabapentin) that it was nerve pain?

Can I take lyrica (pregabalin) for my knee an ankle pain?

Can lyrica (pregabalin) help with headches? & neck pain?

Can lyrica (pregabalin) help with my chronic myofascial pain syndrome?

Can Lyrica (pregabalin) help with the pain associated with tendonitis ?

Can Lyrica (pregabalin) withdrawal cause arm muscle pain with tingling and numbness ? GP feels it could. Second opinion please ?

Can lyrica (pregabalin) work for headaches and chronic pain in the neck and shoulders?

Can Neurontin (gabapentin) make pain worse?

Can nortriptyline 20mg also help with neuropathic pain in the legs?

Can nortriptyline help with neuropathic pain?

Can oxycontin help with peripheral neuropathy pain and fibromyalgia?

Can stress cause neuropathic pain?

Can u refill Gabapentin 300 mg for nerve pain ?

Can withdrawal from Neurontin (gabapentin) cause pain in the legs ?

Constant pain from fibromyalgia take lyrica (pregabalin) but do on't help with muscle so ssasms any suggestions?

Could lyrica (pregabalin) help me with my scoliosis pain?

Could Neurontin (gabapentin) be making my back pain worse?

Could Prozac (fluoxetine) help with sciatic nerve pain?

Do antidepressants work well for back pain and osteoarthritis? If so, are tca's the best such as amitriptyline?

Does cymbalta (duloxetine) work better then gabapentin for nerve pain ?

Does cymbalta (duloxetine) work good for chronic pain ?

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Does Gabapentin help with sciatica pain?

Does gabapentin work for vaginal pain?

Does gabapentine help with sleep as well as nerve pain?

Does Lyrica (pregabalin) calm overactive nerves ?

Does Lyrica (pregabalin) have a lot of side effects? Will Lyrica (pregabalin) help with the numbness of the feet associated with neuropathy pain?

Does Lyrica (pregabalin) help with inflamed nerves ?

Does lyrica (pregabalin) help with muscle pain aswell as nerve pain ?

Does lyrica (pregabalin) or Gabapentin helping with burning neuropathic pain?

Does Lyrica (pregabalin) work by blocking the pain signals ?

Does Lyrica (pregabalin) work on muscular pain aswell as nerve pain ?

Does Lyrica (pregabalin) work on severe pain ?

Does morphine help neuropathic pain ?

Does Neurontin (gabapentin) treat face pain and headaches?

Does Neurontin (gabapentin) treat swelling and pain in the hand?

Does zostrix (capsaicin) work for shingles pain?

Drugs for neuropathic pain in ms?

Ethosuximide (zorontin) and muscle pain, how are these related?

Gabapentin vs amytriptyline for nerve pain?

Have fibro and arthritis uppper arms muscle spasms would cymbalta help more than lyrica (pregabalin) need pain med?

How can Neurontin (gabapentin) work on the nerves to stop pain?

How do opiates block sensations of pain?

How does Amitriptyline work for nerve pain ?

How does Lyrica (pregabalin) help burning pain ?

How does Lyrica (pregabalin) help with pain relief ?

How does Lyrica (pregabalin) work on nerve type pain ?

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How does olanzapine help nerve pain ?

How effective is gabapentin (Neurontin) for treating complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)?

How effective is Lyrica (pregabalin) for preventing nerve pain?

How effective is lyrica (pregabalin) in treating chronic pain?

How effective is lyrica (pregabalin) in treating sciatic pain?

I am on 50 mg tramadol and 300 mg Neurontin (gabapentin) for bilateral ulnar nerve compression. And am still in pain. Is there a better medicine? (no narcotics)

I am taking gabapentinnow for my feet but i am almost out dont have a doctor and with cabapentin i still have terrible pain most of the time?

I am taking oxycodone plus tramadol for a pinched nerve but it's not helping the pain at all. What can I do for a pinched nerve?

I have been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia pain for the last twenty years … on and off …for which I am using a combo of gabapentin and diclofenac?

I have brain pain. Nerve pain. And anxiety to the max! please help.?

I have just been diagnosed with sensory neuropathy so what can I do for the pain apart from neurontin (gabapentin)?

I have MS and trigem neuralgia and have terrible pain. Tried gaba, baclofen, norco, (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) elavil, tegretol, otc, etc...What is the best pain med for this?

I have nerve pain (apparently) where my tattoo from 9 years ago is. Will lyrica (pregabalin) help with this pain?

I have pain from feet to shoulders, lyrica (pregabalin) prednisone oxycodone vicodin percocet klonopin lyrica (pregabalin), no help at all, i was told to see pain management doctor, why, what could they possibly do for pain?

I have some gabapentin left over from last year. Are they still ok and just effective?

I have tried gabapentin and pregabalin with no success. What else is recommended for severe muscle pain and fibromyalgia?

I know that gabapentin works on neuropathic pain, but does it work for muscle related pain as well or not?

I need tramadol and klonopin (clonazepam). And Maybe some gabapentin facial nerve pain?

I'm taking 1800 mg of Neurontin (gabapentin) for sciatic nerve pain (nerves were stretched during a procedure ) which is not effective . Please advise?

If nerves are what transmit pain, why do some medications work only on neuropathic pain (gabapentin) and some work on muscle related? (tylenol)

Is lyrica (pregabalin) good for pain with scoliolsis?

Is nurontin safe for migraines and for nerve pain?

Is amitriptyline as good as Neurontin (gabapentin) for nerve pain?

Is amitriptyline good for idiopathic nerve pain in legs ?

Is cannabis helpful for neuropathic pain ?

Is citalopram as good as amitriptyline for neuropathic pain ?

Is codeine good for nerve pain ?

Is cymbalta (duloxetine) as strong as tramadol for pain relief ?

Is cymbalta (duloxetine) better for chronic pain and nerve pain then tramadol ?

Is gabapentin also good for tendonitis and other bodily pains?

Is lyrica (pregabalin) a good choice to treat chronic neck and shoulder pain?

Is lyrica (pregabalin) a good treatment for nerve pain?

Is Lyrica (pregabalin) a narcotic? WHAT CAN I do for sever leg pain? I do not want a narcotic

Is Lyrica (pregabalin) good for neuropathy foot pain? I can't tolerate Gabapentin. I go to the neurologist tomorrow.

Is Lyrica (pregabalin) good for pain which is like 'ants crawling' and 'burning' sensations ? Currently on 600mg.

Is lyrica (pregabalin) good for rotator cuff problem?