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A doctor recently gave me a possible diagnosis of stevens johnson syndrome for my rashes? Sounds serious?

A doctor recently gave me a possible diagnosis of stevens johnson syndrome. Should i get a second opinion?

After getting a hysteroscopy/ d.C. To treat asherman's syndrome should I still cramping if this was done 2 days ago and why asherman's syndrome

Am going to be olympian due to hypermobility. Does this sound like ehlers-danlos syndrome?

Androgen insensitivity syndrome issue. What kind of doctor should I see about this?

Antiphospholipid syndrome, fmd, and raynauds syndrome, ab positive blood type, what can I do to be healthy?

Any new study on POTS syndrome? We need help what can be done to heal? Horrible syndrome!

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Are pediatric and adult-onset cyclic vomiting syndrome (cvs) different conditions?

Are short toes a symptom of down syndrome?

Are there any new treatments for stiff person syndrome?

Are there habits that make hellp syndrome more likely?

At 12 i had surgery for congenital malrotation, at 21 i was diagnosed with SMA syndrome is it possible to have both illnesses?

At 21 I was diagnosed with guillain barre syndrome. Now ar 29 they are testing for graves disease right now. Could that cause me to relapse again?

Aunt sounds like munchausen syndrome, what do we do?

Can a common cold really cause guillian barre syndrome? Minor things leading to paralysis ?!

Can a doctor from hospital can give a wrong diagnosis of fetal deah sydrome?

Can a severe inflammation from getting a tattoo produce compartment syndrome?

Can antiphospholipid syndrome cause cold &/or heat intolerance either directly &/or indirectly?

Can anxiety be caused by polycystic ovary syndrome if the person does not even know they have pos?

Can any doctor suggest heparin to someone who has a history of hit syndrome?

Can anyone tell me is tietze syndrome a very severe medical condition?

Can anyone tell me the symptoms of pan hypopituitarism?

Can depression cause a cushings like syndrome with a buffalo hump and many other cushings symptoms?

Can ehlers-danlos syndrome get worse?

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Can i be a healthty carrier of long qt syndrome? And if yes, can I know?

Can i get an easy to understand explanation of the Marfan syndrome?

Can I get disability if I have long qt syndrome?

Can I get information on triple x syndrome?

Can i go to university whit the Asperger syndrome?

Can i still get an epidural after having guillain barre syndrome? I heard that it can cause the gbs to reoccur. Can gbs cause problems with labor?

Can irritable bowl syndrome become synister if left untreated? I don't want to take medication so i just live with the symptoms.

Can late whiplash syndrome cause anxiety? What can you do to treat it?

Can long qt syndrome be diagnoses purely by ecg? I have no symptoms, just a first degree relative with long qt syndrome.

Can men get sjogrens syndrome?

Can mold or allergies be the cause of my niece getting symptoms of tourette syndrome?

Can one have cushing's syndrome for the past 10years and not know about it?

Can one still go mountain biking when he is diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome?

Can or should I get treatment if Marfan syndrome and infertility?

Can pots syndrome be secondary to multiple system atrophy? Could pots be an early sign of msa? Help me out here....

Can predinsone help endometriosis .I take it for sjögren's syndrome but was just curious if it could help my female issues?

Can short leg syndrome become hereditary?

Can sjorgens syndrome cause you to become dyhydrated?

Can smoking trigger/increase symptoms of chronic exertional compartment syndrome?

Can someone be tested to see if they carried usher syndrome?

Can someone get plica syndrome again even though the plica was taken out?

Can someone get pregnant if she has Wolff-Parkinson-White (wpw) syndrome?

Can someone please tell me what viral syndrome is on your medical history?

Can someone tell me how to get rid of my peter pan syndrome?

Can someone with ehlers-danlos syndrome get collagen injections in their face?

Can someone with mal de disembarkment syndrome have fluid in the middle ear?

Can tourettes syndrome get better after age 17?

Can turning on a lamp help sundown syndrome?

Can wolff-parkinson-white syndrome (wpw) get you kicked out of the army?

Can you get hellp syndrome if you are not pregnant?

Can you get a dual diagnosis of autism and Down syndrome?

Can you get a tattoos if you have nephrotic syndrome?

Can you get de quervains syndrome at 15?Also can you list some symptoms thanks.

Can you get lemierre's syndrome if you don't have tonsils?

Can you get Tourette Syndrome after the age of 7?

Can you get wolf parkinson white syndrome from taking antibiotics as a child?

Can you please explain how and why who have Down syndrome all have similar physical appearances?

Can you still have Marfan syndrome without haveing long limbs? I have all the other symptoms and my doctor thinks it's a possibility.

Can you tell me how I could get checked if I have leaky gut syndrome?

Chronic constipation and Shy-Dragar syndrome in a 41 yr old woman.....?

Compartment syndrome at my claves! what can I do to prevent this or to make the muscel more elastic?

Could changes of face be caused by cushing's syndrome?

Could i with aspergers syndrome develop hyper sensitivity to sound, smell and light at a later stage in?

Could someone get dumping syndrome months after surgery?

Could there be a formal, "hard test" for asperger's syndrome?

Could tourette's syndrome get worse with stress?

Could use your help docs! my fiance has tourettes syndrome. How do we get treatment?

Could Zzzquil have caused a dress syndrome occurrance?

Daughter may have ehlers-danlos syndrome and hey hypermobile joints seem to b getting worse. Could the possible diagnosis b wrong or is it normal for eds?

Did anyone been diagnosed with cushing's syndrome but there tests didn't show it the first time or what?

Do doctors see a lot of patients with overuse syndrome?

Do I need to report guillain-barre syndrome as a long-term health condition, or does it go away after being treated?

Do lots of people get pancoast syndrome, or is it unusual?

Do you see many patients with brugada syndrome get approved for disability?

Do you think I should get tested for turner syndrome?

Doctor wants to do tests to see if I have cushing syndrome?

Does dysanatomua diseases go along with each other?I mean I have pots and possibly leg syndrome but i now suspect cfs and many other with pots....

Does anyone get dumping syndrome after having their gallblader out?

Does anyone here know something about leaky gut syndrome or understand the disease?

Does anyone here treat leaky gut syndrome or understand the disease?

Does anyone know about long qt syndrome?

Does anyone know anything about treatment of "broken heart syndrome"?

Does anyone young have long qt syndrome like me?

Does having food poisioning increase the risk of getting guillian barre syndrome ?

Does wolf parkinson white syndrome cause fluid to build up in my daughter's legs?

Down syndrome diagnosed. Does it ever get better?

Friend on facebook just diagnosed with overuse syndrome. In my country we never heard that term. Is that something new?

Funky faces and family history of protruding eyes. So could we have crouzon syndrome?

Funny how a diagnosis doesn't mean much till you have it. What is reiter’s syndrome?

Give me a hint. What kind of hassle am I facing if doc suspects goodpasture syndrome? What is required to diagnose?

Good Afternoon, First of all, I would like to ask you if you are familiar with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hypermobility type)? I was diagnosed with hEDS in 2011 by Geneticist LaDonna Immken, M.D. here in Austin. Often I have questions and my PCP and other

Guillain barre syndrome--what is the reason you get it?

Guillain-Barré syndrome in toddler (13 months) in how much full recovery is possible?

Has any dr treated klippel feil syndrome? I am in pain and it seems to get worse everyday! My dr doesn't know a lot about it and doesn't have answers