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A child with Cushing syndrome left affected until 20yo, what will be affected? Still can reverse?

Am heartbroken that friend's child has mayer rokitansky kuster hauser syndrome. How could that have been prevented?

Any links between post-polio syndrome and muscular distraphy?

Anyone heard of vertical heterophoria syndrome?

Anyone willing to terminate if fragile x syndrome?

Approximately how many people are diagnosed with Down syndrome in a year?

Are elongated colons more common in those with Marfan syndrome than in the general population?

Are individuals born with proteus syndrome?

Are jumping frenchman of maine disorder and alien hand syndrome infectious diseases?

Are jumping frenchman of maine disorder and alien hand syndrome infectious diseasess?

Are people with hypotonia hyperflexible?

Are people with munchhausen syndrome difficult to deal with?

Are there any personality traits typically associated with with Marfan syndrome?

Are there any statistics on how common broken heart syndrome in people as young as 19?

Are there any tips for learning to walk after paraylisis from guillain barre syndrome?

Are there genes to tell how long someone will survive with patau syndrome?

Are you born with Brugada Syndrome? or can you develop it? Is it familial?

Attension defect hyperactivity syndrome of children, what is this?

Autism and leaky gut syndrome relationship or just hype?

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Can anyone tell me about goldenhar syndrome and effects?

Can anyone tell me about goldenhar syndrome characteristics?

Can anyone tell me what causes munchausen syndrome by proxy?

Can anyone tell me what is usher syndrome type 2a?

Can anyone tell me what usher syndrome type 2a is?

Can children with charge syndrome have a normal life?

Can Dandy-Walker syndrome be mistaken for a brain cyst as a 41-year old adult?

Can I have kids if I have Long QT Syndrome type 2?

Can it be possible for you to carry cdls (cornelia de lange syndrome)?

Can my cousin with ehlers danlos syndrome live a full life if she mostly has skin involvement and not organ involvement? And can she have kids?

Can patients with mild Marfan syndrome build body?

Can people who are born with treacher collins syndrome, after surgeries, end up ok?

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Can people with polysistic ovarian syndrome still have children?

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Can you have ehlers-danlos syndrome without a parent knowing it?

Can you help me find me a pedigree for a male who has 47, xyy syndrome (xyy syndrome)?

Can you let me know how many people that had the h1n1 vaccine developed guillain-barr syndrome as well?

Can you please explain how and why with Down syndrome seem to have the same facial features?

Can you please help me answer this question on turner syndrome: are alll women sterile?

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Can you tell me about fragile X syndrome?

Can you tell me anybody with dandy walker syndrome?

Can you tell me how I could be great with Down syndrome kids?

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Can you tell me the best places for treatment for fragile x syndrome?

Can you tell me the key signs of munchausen by proxy syndrome?

Can you tell me what is hemangiolygiomalosas and klippel trenty and webbers sysmdrom i friend brother have it ?

Can you tell me why angelman syndrome victims have uplifted, flexed arms during movement?

Can your toddler have noonan's syndrome with the sos1 mutation?

Clippers syndrome-i have rare neurological disorder and have been to both john hopkin's, s and mayo as well as being to vanderbilt and johnson city.?

Coarctation of the aorta and turner syndrome; is there a common relationship?

Could a cure for progeria syndrome lead to the "fountain of youth"?

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Could I have info about complex syndactyly?

Could people with aspergers syndrome have delayed muscle development?

Could you tell me what is usher syndrome type 2a?

Couldedwards syndrome be inherited like a trait?

Cow can I tell if a teen has fragile x syndrome?

Cow could i tell if someone has fragile x syndrome?

Dandy walker syndrome can it occur in adults?

Did any famous people have angelman syndrome?

Do a lot of people get pickwickian syndrome?

Do a lot of people here have pot syndrome? How common is this?

Do all girls with turner syndrome have neck webbing?

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Do I have cushing syndrome or disease---what is the difference?

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Do people with fragile x syndrome have normal lives?

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Do people with pallister killian syndrome have a lot of pain?

Do people with with caudal regression syndrome have genitals?

Do you know anything fragile x syndrome?

Do you think I should tell a potential employee of mine that I have asperger's syndrome?

Does a person have to be tall to be diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome? How often does it occur in average height or shorter people?

Does anybody have a female child with fragile x syndrome?

Does anyone famous have androgen insensitivity syndrome?

Does anyone have a new treatment for m.R.K.H (mayer rokitansky kuster hauser syndrome)?

Does anyone have information on or personal experiences with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome?

Does anyone have or know of any children out there with williams syndrome?

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Extremely scared about having marfan's syndrome and enophthalmos?

For myelodysplastic syndrome (mds) patients, how does genome sequencing help?

For people with tourettes syndrome, are there any new good meds?