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-was diagnosed with sensory integration disorder as a kid. Not sure what that actually means. What is is it really? Tried looking online, but confused

14 month old doesn't point or show toys. Are these major autism red flags?No speech delay based on eval. Plays in turn taking social games, imitates.

15 yr old girl with diagnosis pdd&ocd has developed seperation anxiety from me, mom, . What can help her over come this it is affecting school attendence?

2.5 yr boy says 7 words. Has said 100.Rec. Lang. Is fine. history fam speech delay. Had glue ear. Autism r/o. Genetic test fine.Therapy didn't help. Worry?

31month boy not talkin morethan 10 sng word,normal hearin.Assesment result:Severe expressive delay no autism.Born with vacum does it damage brain part?

3year old son doesn't speak, but imitates animal sounds. No other developmental delays. Hearing tested and not autistic.Had therapy since 18mo.Causes?

4 year old toe walkin.does not understand what's being told to her.nonverbal.autism??She's doesn't have any schedule she needs to follow

4y/o son has ADHD & asd sx. diangosis of spd 3mos ago. Psych eval said neuro cognitive disorder. What is that? Obsessed on color red and spiderman.

4yo has severe laryngomalacia, sleep apnea, aspirates, history of hypotonia & gross motor delay, MTHFR, midline defects, SPD, possible autism. Causes?

5yr girl diagnosed with (r) hemiplegia focal epilepsy. In people speak, not doctor speak, what is wrong with my child?

7 y/o son with aspergers and tic disorder. Recently he started with palilalia (repeats self in whisper), does this mean it is tourette's?

A friend of mine might be developing spd... What do I do?

Abilify (aripiprazole) for children? I have 8 & 10 year old sons. They are both diagnosed odd. Lots of aggression, no self coping or impulse control. Affecting fam

Acquired childhood aphasia diffeneshan tipes couses assesment?

Any drug available for hearing impairment, speech delay and hyperactivity in a child of 5+?

Any drug available for speech delay in a young child?

Any there any reports stating that musical therapy ishelpful for ADHD children?

Any tip to recognize 12 y/o boy possible hyperactive attention deficit?

Are having a bad attention span and being a bit childish mean signs of adhd?

Are kids under greater peer pressure to misbehave in HS or college?

Are kids who have ADHD the ones who go on drugs and beer in the future is that true?

Are mild add, adhd, and autism real "disorders", or are they simply another way of thinking?

Are multiple miscarriages are more likely to have an autistic child?

Are psychologists and doctors similar to that able to detect disorders in young children through certain exams?

Are there any easy-to-notice behavioral warning-signs that a 5 year-old boy is cognitively delayed? Any recommendations for home-tests usable to see?

Are there any medications or supplements that can help my son's high-functioning autism?

Are there any possible connections between bacteria and autism?

Are there symptoms that predict a reading disorder in children?

Asperger's syndrome and depression question. My son is 17 and has both -- what's the best approach?

Aspergers signs? Son 7 was tested for dyslexia at scottish rite and research has lead me to aspergers. Repetative behaviors, rigid thinking, few frien

Aspergers symptoms? Son tested dyslexia at scottish rite waiting results. Looking up things asper came up. He possibility stimms rigid thinking, sound

Baby boy is a 1month+5days old and he won't look anyone in their eyes. Is it true that is a sign of Autism or Developmental delays ?

Best treatment for borderline attention deficit in 11y/o boy struggling w school work?

Both my girls was born with really short bilacords can that cause heath issues like autism I have 4 year old and 5 month old?

Both of my girls have adhdwell my oldest has add as I do also.Does this mean my son who's 4will too?

Can 22 month old be diagnosed with autism before 3rd b-day? He's been seeing therapist for over 6 months for 40% social and communication delays

Can a child have expressive language disorder even though all neural and psychological tests come out normal?

Can a doctor help a child with low IQ and bad logic (in resolving problems and in life )?

Can a little girl have ADHD with a logical learning disability?She's showing attention deficit with a bad logico-mathemathical thinking. What to do ?

Can a person with only slightly above average intelligence make it to Medical School? I really want to be a doctor but im not a genius

Can an ophthalmologist diagnose learning disabilities? Also how do they test kids who can't read letters well?

Can anyone give me a detailed description of traits for aspergers that are commonly found in teens?

Can anyone help me with adult autism diagnosis? I strongly suspect I have ASD. I'm 25 now and when I was a kid, a pediatrician did say that I have all the symptoms, but it was ignored by my parents. Now I have severe OCD, sensory overload, etc

Can asperger's be genetic. Husband has it and 22 month old son is 40% delayed in both communication & socialization. Started therapy >6 months ago.

Can couple who both have mild Down syndrome be capable of raising children with help?

Can domeone please ex plain autism to me.The symptoms and are there certain levels?

Can having an intense interest in a particular subject (ie. Dinosaurs) be a sign of OCD in children?

Can metabolic issues cause my child to be very sleepy and tic?

Can people who have aspergers a high functioning form of autism be on the organ wait list?

Can you please describe mild autism and how does it affect a child?

Can you please describe the autism disorder where kids bite their lips off?

Can you recommend a good psychiatrist in st. Louis mo for my child he has depression and asperger's syndrome?

Can you tell me how is being socially isolated impacting my son?

Can you tell me of any online resources for failure to thrive or growth disorder in infants?

Children with ADHD with nosebleeds. What does this mean?

Could a baby of 18 months with high levels of lead in her system be the cause of a diagnosis at age 6 of autisum spectrum disorder.

Could a child w developmental delay be diagnosed w high functioning autism w ADHD & gdd/asperger all at the same time?

Could aspergers and bad behaviour be directly linked ?

Could aspergers syndrome really be that bad? Can a person still function normally?

Could autism usually come with a low iq/?

Could my 3 year old be autistic?he is not yet pottu trained,has speech and language delay pasaed his hearing test.he throws very violent tempers.he do

Could my 3 year old be autistic?he is not yet pottu trained,has speech and language delay passed his hearing test.he throws very violent tempers.

Could pandas be responsible for a child's speech delay? My 3 year old relative is still not talking . Although he shows intellegence in many other areas, he only makes consonet-vowel sounds like "ba" very loudly and is upset when his desires are not under

Could snoring children really have lower intelligence?

Could someone please help me figure about encopresis?

Dev. Ped suspects son has autism due to echolalia and little spontaneous speech. He does come to me with arms outstretched to be picked up. Autism?

Diagnosed with sensory integration disorder as a kid. What is it? ( i’ve always done well in school so it wasn't them diagnosing because of that)

Did you hear about autism parents flocking to colorado for cannibis oil to treat their children having seziures?

Do children subconsicously mimic the symptoms they see in parents or other close relatives?

Do doctors just automatically look for CP or do some parents have to bring it up to them..? (2 year old possible mild cp)

Do I have adult ADHD if I jump from one website to another every few min?

Do I have aspergers syndrome if high energy and monkey mind?

Do I have some kind of social or communication disorder if I was a late talker, and always got c's in english class?

Do you know of any types of parents (race, nationality, medical history, diet, etc.) who never or almost never have autistic children?

Does an autistic child with sudden aggressive behavior indicate it getting worse?

Does anyone here know what testing for a social development disorder is like?

Does anyone know how I can get long term disability for osteochondroma and global developmental delay?

Does anyone know where to find information about infantile spasms and autism?

Does dyslexia affect someone's level of intelligence? My eight-year-old son was just diagnosed with dyslexia. I'm concerned this will label him as "dumb" or needing special education. Does dyslexia mean my son has limited intelligence? .

Does dyslexia run in families? My fiance is dyslexic. Does that mean our children be affected with dyslexia as well? .

Does it matter if a child has a mild form of autism and it not be recognized by his doctor?

Does mercury poisoning lead to autism? If so, can I detox my child to prevent her from getting autism?

Does taking omega-3 help a child with learning problems?

Does terbutaline lead to autism?

Due to seizure 23 months old baby talk,shout but meaningless.She ask mum mum not specifically me.All developments are ok.Is speech therapy effective?

Expalin the process of having a child evaluated for autism?

Friend told me they have Aspergers from a lack of oxygen when they were a baby. I don't believe them, but I could be wrong. Is this possible?

Friend's kid is hyper, his dad has hyperactivity with mild torretes syndrome. Could their child be starting to get it?

From whom should I seek a second opinion after seeing a developmental ped. for ASD concerns? Current: GAD 300.02, ADHD 314.01, Sensory Dis/MDD 315.5.

Hai dr, seeking kind attention i have a 5 year old son who is very energetic, active all the time, sometimes very hyper too...He is my only child ?

Has it been determined that people with autism spectrum have a high sex drive?

Hello Dr. Milstone, I have an almost 9 year old son who has hyperactivity, inattention, and throws tantrums frequently when asked to do something spec?

Hello- my son is 3 1/2 years old. He has a signifacant speech delay and seems to tune people out. Are these signs of autism?

Hello, I have Aspergers and ADHD. Recently, I have had some trouble organizing thoughts, especially during public speaking. Is there any fix?

Hello.I have got a 14 boy who was diagnosed sever ADHD and conductive disorder.He creates a lot of problems in school , he refuses to use any tablets?

Help please! is ear infection responsible of the delay of talking and showing some autistic symptoms?

Help please? What is female asperger's high functioning?

Help? I believe my son may be a rad (reactive attachment disorder) child what can I do to better help him?

Hi my 14 year daughter has developed a habit of lying and degraded academic scores drastically.

Hi my daughter is 6 in sep pediatrician says my child has specific learning difficulties add also slt says language disorder / delay what's it mean ?