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A friend's child was just diagnosed with internet addiction, is that a serious condition?

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Being a 17 year old, how can I manage my deprived childhood?

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Can a baby be psychologically affected by his own traumatic birthing experience?

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Can singulair (montelukast) cause mental illness in children? I have a strong history of mental illness in family and am scared it will trigger something in my son

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Can you please describe the long-term health consequences of being abused as a child/young teen?

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Can you tell me how to get over my brother for years of verbal abuse?

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Can you tell me what occurs if a psychiatrist tells the state that a child is being abuse?

Can. Ptsd be a lifelong consequence of rape and bullying in infant school? An how should it be treated in later years, i.E. Ones sixties? Thank you.

Causes of encopresis my daughter has not suffered any abuse so please don't use that answer there must be other causes

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Do I have to go to school to become counselor? I was tortured abused as kid have mental illnesses want to help other children to cope albanycsb.Org

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Do recreational therapists help adults?

Do societal problems like abortion, divorce, ban of child discipline and others contribute to violence in the nation?

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Do you think having an seriously overweight child can be a form of child abuse or neglect?

Do you think the death of a parent could be stressful enough to cause a seizure in a child?

Docs. working for insurance a threat to children health. A doctor refuse referral my child for speech disorder, unless involve school. l don't agree?

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