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 my older children do not drink any milk. How can they get extra vitamin d?

2 year child constipation?

Any good over-the-counter remedies for a child aged 13 years with diarrhea?

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Are the pedialyte freezer pops ok for both adults and kids?

Are there additives in our food that cause children to become more hyperactive?

At what age can an infant start drinking water and how much? For example, if the child is sick, can you given them only pedialyte?

At what age can I give my child real honey?

At what age can I introduce eggs to my child?

At what age can kids have seafood?

At what age should a person switch from children's to adult's vitamins?

At what age would you give a lollipop to child ?

Best medication for peca(eating soil) for children?

Best natural ingredients to help a constipated child?

Can a child consume too much pedialyte?

Can an adult drink similac?

Can children have tea?

Can i give a child becozyme as multivitamin? The child's age 10-11?

Can I give my 11 Month old adult yoghurt?

Can I give my child emetrol?

Can sugar-intake really cause hyperactivity in children?

Can teething cause my child to become ill?

Can the amount of sugar intake affect the behavior of a child with autism?

Can you please discuss the daily intake for a child that is 12 yrs old?

Can you tell me how common is diverticulitis in kids?

Can you tell me why an autistic child will hoard food in his mouth?

Can you tell me, are child vitamins (like flintstones) ok for adults?

Child overweight problem. Why do schools not serve nonfat milk?

Chocolate and kids?

Could children's toothpaste have the same amount of flouride as adults?

Danger for adults to drink baby oil?

Do children in emerging nations need multivitamins?

Do infants require fewer calories than toddlers?

Do kids take longer than adults to digest food?

Do young children need dietary supplements?

Docs, could a 9 month old baby have adult oatmeal?

Does a contented demeanor mean my child has had enough to eat?

Does giving too much vitamins and protein filled foods to a child add on weight later as an adult?

Does sugar-intake really cause hyperactivity in children or it's myth?

Help please? What is the guidelines for safe sugar consumption for an adult and child?

Hi my son is three year 45 pound and 42 inches he is ok eater should I give him pediasure?

Hi, my child just told me she ate 10 children's gummy vitamins, she is 8 years old and about 85 lbs, not having any symptoms.

How can constipation be avoided in children?

How can I feed disabled children water & food?

How can I know if my child is dehydrated?

How can I tell if my child is spoiled and how do I help if he is?

How can my children help with dinner prep?

How do I know when a child is dehydrated?

How do most schools accomodate children with food allergies?

How do you care for a toddler who is severely malnourished?

How do you help a 19 month old child who is quite gassy?

How many calories does my pre-teen child need daily?

How many milligrams of fluoride a day would a child need to swallow to develop fluorosis?

How might my child avoid germs?

How much fiber do children need?

How often & how much should a 9 week old infant be eating a day?

How old should a child be giving him sushi?

How will I know if my child has a milk sensitivity?

How will you tell an 8yr old kid what oxidation is?

I have no food and a six year old child. What can I do?

I noticed that my kid's toothpaste actually has artificial sweeteners in it... Is that bad for kids? Why would they do that?

If a child 6 years eats a lot of gummy vitamins is there any danger?

If a child that has celiac disease and the other child doesn't have, eat from the same spoon, will the child without that disease will catch it ?

If an autistic child doesn't seem hungry nor eat much either, is it ok to just let him be?

If I give my child vegetables first, will he develop a sweet tooth?

If my child eats the dog's food, what should I do?

If my child was diagnosed with adhd, what foods should I avoid giving him?

If the child is not related to the adult, and the adult is feeding the child from the same spoon, is that dangerous?

If you think your child has toxic megacolon, what should you do first?

Interested in giving my step children gummie vitamins. Ages 14, 12, and 7. Which do you suggest?

Is 15 months too young to give baby pediasure?

Is a pacifier harmful to a child by a certain age beyond the first birthday?

Is a tanned child healthier than a pale child?

Is it considered encopresis if my child only soils himself during exercise?

Is it dangeres for kids to drink lenswstter?

Is it dangerous if a child eats mud?

Is it ok for a child who is 13 to drink an ensure everyday?

Is it ok to give my child chewable food while she is teething?

Is it OK to give my two year old a children's multivitamin if necessary?

Is it possible for food additives, such as e102, to cause adhd-like behavior in children?

Is it recommended to record eating milestones for my toddler?

Is it usual for an autistic child not to eat much?

Is looz good for 8 month old child?

Is pedialyte good for adults?

Is pediasure enogh for my sons nutrition?

Is sodium fluoride good for babies or people?

Is there a link between food and hyperactivity in children?

Is there a measurable benefit to feeding kids organic food?

Is there a pedialyte for adults?

Is there an adult version of pedialyte?

Is there any special kind of food that children with ADHD should avoid?

Is there pedialyte for adults?

It is ok if i give 3 kinds of vitamins to my kids?

My 3year old kid has constipation. Medicines don't work. How can I help him? He doesn't want to eat, has fever and has no power.

My child 2 years have no apetite?

My child ate an unknown amount of children's pepto. Should I be concerned?

My child has food allergies. What is the best way to explain it to the other kids?

My child is 32 month old baby he is suffering from jaundice what should he eat?

My child is 5 yo and only eating baby food? What should I do?

My child is six months old, what kind of food can I feed him?