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A child in our playgroup is unvaccinated. Is it safe to let our children play together?

Anesthetic and children? What should a parent do to be prepared for when their child has to get anesthesia? For the parent? For the child?

Any advice as to how to help a shy child?

Any idea what is child's developmental doctor?

Any parents out there with asd kids at risk for a second child with it?

Are there any benefits to growing up with a sibling as opposed to being an only child?

Astigmatism in young children, what to do?

At what age is best to have children?

At what age should I give my child time-outs?

At what age should kids be ok with being away from their parents?

At what age should my young adult children do their wills?

At what age should we tell our child he was adopted?

Can a child be born with diabetes if both parents have it?

Can a child grow out of adhd?

Can a doctor really tell if you were malnutioused as a child?

Can a parents allergies be passed on to their children?

Can children with progeria get alzheimer's as kids?

Can doctors tell me what does mold do to adults and infants?

Can I have a child if I had tof?

Can I have children on dialysis?

Can i travel with my newborn child aged 4 weeks old?

Can infant circumcision ever be in the best interest of the child?

Can my child catch eczema from other kids at school?

Can normal size parents have a child with achondroplasia?

Can quadriplegics have children?

Can you advise me on a child with hemophilia?

Can you give a child that's 4 amodium ?

Can you tell me how to tell someone that you were abused as a child?

Child below one year we can give them honey?

Could a child have cah and what should I do?

Could a child inherit a rhinoplasty nose from their parent?

Could adult medicine work on children?

Could all kids have to have the fontan by age 3?

Could keeping a child in an infant carrier too long could delay the child's development?

Could my child have cah and what should I do?

Could patients with pku have children?

Do all retinoblastomas occur in babies and young children?

Do i need to feed 2-year-old child at night?

Do many parents have a baby or child that had RSV but were not hospitalized for it?

Does anyone have a child with kawasaki?

Does every parents know that children masturbate ?

Does my child need fluoride?

Help for children that have heterotopia?

Hemispherectomy on a young child, is this okay?

Hi docs, would my children have vitiligo if both parents have it?

How are kids treated if their parents are older?

How can child born?

How can child molestation affect me as an adult?

How can children's vitamins help a 12-year-old boy?

How can i abort child after one month?

How can I address child developmental issues with parents?

How can I help my best friend who was abused for as a child?

How can I help my child during his preschool years?

How can I help with the teething of our five month old girl child?

How can I teach my child to be kind to other children?

How can I tell if my child has developed strabismus?

How can I tell if my child has tapeworms?

How can I tell if my child is really gifted?

How can parents know their child is developing on schedule?

How can someone paralyzed have a child?

How can you know if your child has scoliosis?

How can you know if your child might have croup?

How can you predict your child's height as an adult?

How can you tell if you have a child with cah?

How can you tell if your child will have tay-sachs?

How common are night terrors as a child?

How common is blindness in preemie children?

How common is omphalocele in children?

How dangerous is it for a 16 year old to have a child?

How do I help my child be less shy?

How do i know i am able to have children?

How do I know if my child is colorblind?

How do pediatricains talk to the childs parents?

How do you comfort someone whose child just died?

How do you know if a child you adopt from Africa is a child of aids?

How do you know if you can't have children?

How do you know if you can't have kids?

How do you know if your child has leukemia or not?

How do you know if your child might have croup?

How do you know if your kid is normal?

How does a child develop amblyopia?

How many children are malnourished in the U.S.?

How many people who weren't spanked as a child spank their children, and how many who were do?

How much should a 12 yr old kid way 5 "7?

How much should an 11 year old child weigh?

How to explain to kid that I was 60 when born?

How to tell adult kids I want to do dope again at 70?

How would I know if my child has a tapeworm?

How you know if you can't have kids?

I am 42 years old ..Could I have a baby at my age? I am a mother to 2 children .My smallest kid is 10 years old..Plz help.....

I am a female, i don't think i can have children. Is something wrong?

I can have children?

I don't want more children what should I do?

I had wilms tumor as a child, can I still have babies?

I have been married for five without a child?

I have hypothyroidism. Can i still have children ?

I haven't had children yet, and just been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism... Can I still have healthy children???

I need help. What should I do as child of single parent who is very ill?

I need to abort my child of seven month sir..please help me?

I think I was molested as a child by an adult. Whoe do I tell? Please help?