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Anyone know what is a osteopath, what consists the osteopathy session?

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Are osteopaths the same as chiropractors in most countries outside of the u.S.?

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Being a doctor of osteopathy what's the difference between a omt and a omm? Are they the same? Does one do more than the other?

Besides a chiropractor, what is the name of doctor that deals with neck and spine?

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Chiropractors, massage therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy - which is the best treatment for back pain?

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Could a chiropractor or osteopath treat scoliosis, and which would be more effective? Would either be covered by insurance?

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Dizziness after chiropractic neck manipulation. Already 1 week but not getting better. Will more chiro adjustments rectify the problem?

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Docs can you explain what is a doctor of osteopathy?

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For mild musculoskeletal pain --- osteopath or chiropractor?

Has anyone tried a chiropractor for adhd, and what did the chiropractor say or do?

Have pelvic misalignment. Have had manipulation by chiropractor and exercises but still in pain every day for over 2 yrs. Is there any other option?

Hoping you can tell me, is osteopath better than a chiropractor?

How are chiropractic and osteopathy different?

How are chiropractic and osteopathy or physiotherapy different?

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Physical therapist or chiropracter for back pain?

There are some warnings about chiari and chiropractic adjustments, i've been seeing a chiro. For years, should I stop?...

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