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What'sthis weird stabing kind of ache when I breath in near sternum 5month lung tests clear and Ecg clear I don't have anxiety either i don't think?

I had a severe case of pneumonia. I still have some left but not a lot. They ran blood test and CT scan on chest I keep having fevers. Is that normal?

Nexium Rx, chest pain & skipped beat some. EKG, stress test good, bike 40 miles easy. Tingling left side neck, had C4-C5 fusion & scope. Next step?

1 year ago gurgling lying on back. Cxr neg. Cxr neg now. Ct 2013 mild linear scar rul. Mild atel. Rml. Tight rul now. Mild wheeze. Norm w/scar?

102 fever back pain gets worse when take deep breath head hurts tested positive on d dimer blood test nothing showed on CT with contrast what's wrong ?

2 EKGs and blood tests clean and no blockage. Shocks from chest to arms/neck. Only with movement. Also nausea and light headed. At rest I'm fine. ?

2 mo. chest pain, sometimes at rest, always with exertion. Normal xray, EKG, PFTs. NSAIDs don't help, area not sensitive to pressure. Next steps?

2 yo male, intermittent back/abd pain/fever, ER visit per pcp=, ua, abd xray & ultrasound neg, cxr neg, wbc-15.6, crp-2, ENT clear, no n/v/d, thoughts?

20 yr old male chest pains after sex not severe but worrying fatigued very easily nervs system feels very strained wud a stress test or EKG be a idea?

20 yrs old female asthma I keep getting lil chest pain right or left I been told I have PFO ER bllod wrk negative and EKG help n shortness of breath?

20yo. Calf pain. Ultrasound normal, blood work normal. Went to ER, SOB, CT w/dye normal, X-ray normal, EKG normal. Anxiety? Flying in the AM safe?

22 and I was recently hospitalized with severe, chest pain. The doc thought it was a dissection even though the D-Dimer was negative? No CT. Possible?

23 yo male. Upper chest discomfort/pain. Went to Emergency Dept & told me my heart rate/pressure/xray/blood were fine. Prescribed me inhaler but didnt help with pain. When rest it helps. Please help?

23yo female ECG came back normal is that a good thing?

24 M,5'11", 178lbs,no smoke & drink.have stabbing left chest pain.hard to breath.easily tired.had cardio test, normal cbc,ecg,echo,stress. still bad.

24/m. Difficultybreathing. Sinus series chest xray all negative. No help from standard rx's; only relief came from magnesium iv. Dr out of ideas, help?

25years old, did chest xray, lung fnction etc came back clear 3mnths ago, now worried about heart attack? I do have anxiety anyway

26 yrs old, male, caucasian. History of cardiophobia/hypocondria. All tests came back ok but still feeling chest pain in middle of chest.

26y/o. Chest pain, palpitations, metallic taste in mouth, internal tremor..Especially at night. Worried. Routine blood test came back normal. Ideas?

27 and had EKG and chest x rays done everything came back normal. Why do I feel like my heart is going to stop?

27 female 240lbs 5'8 .chest pain and left arm pain ekg,blood,xrays done came back good. So what's wrong with me?

27 female 240lbs 5'8 all heart test and lung xrays and blood work came back good. Doctor said anxiety might be problem. I need help?

27 female 250lbs 5'8 test chest and lungs came back good. Blood came back good so no clots. I'm lightheaded and feel like I can't breathe. Help?

27 with chest pounding ( almost 24/7). Ekg's, x-ray, blood, stress test, and ultrasound were fine. The chest pounding comes on mostly at night and rest w/ no pain. HR is normal. Negative for all conditions expect GERD. No anxiety. What is causing it?

27 yr old female 5 6 319 pounds generally healthy I have had a 2d echo EKG bloodwork lung scan everything came back ok but i'm still having chest pain?

27F, had all tests done at ER for heart all came norm. So y do I hve chest pain. Left arm pain and copper taste. Weird feel wth tongue?

27Female 240lbs 5'8 .ekg,blood work,xrays all normal. Why does it feel like I can't breathe.

27Female. I've gone to my doc. Tests rule out heart problems but can't figure out sob tho. Any ideas?

2wk s/p MVC, CXR in ED neg, now w/worsening sternal pain, worse when bending or laying down, no SOB only pain w/deep breath, should I be concerned?

3 months back echo normal. Stress test @ -ve. 1 mnth bak had dns surg. Had nerve peeling pain on chest. Doc said it is nccp. ECG shows LVH now. Wry?

3 weeks on Zoloft (sertraline) generic. Having chest burning pain with heartburn. Went er. Told EKG changed. Did blood test. Doc said heart is fine. I am worried?

30 yo male I have been to the ER for chest pain 3 times and all tests including a treadmill stress test were negative. Is angina still possible?

30 yr femal, quit smking 3 wksago. squeezing chest pain in mid, less than a min. what was this? will i know if i have a heartattack? ekg clear 2wksago

30 yrs age. Shortness of breath for long time. Dizziness in morning only today.Ecg normal.Lung test nrmal. Doctor not found any reason. What can it b?

30 yrs old severe chest pain for two days clear ECG and chest X-ray no prior drug use what could be causing this?

31 m - dads brother died of lukemia at 21. Chance I have it? Been sick these past 6 months did CBC blood smear and all kinds of tests normal. Ruled out stomach and lung. having constant chest pain breathing and headaches for 5 months. Test do I need?

31m Any docs tell me I should do next. bronchoscope / endo / colon / Ct. scan chest / abdom MRI head. Blood test CBC / Lyme / Antibidy / hiv / serum / 5hiaa / echo / holter! Psyc says I'm fine. heart beat pace/rest feels weak chest fullness cancer?

32 yo male, chest pain, left arm pain, went to ER.. Passed blood test, xray and ekg all is fine. They think its reflux.. But why do i get pain in arm?

34 m, no fam his, echo stress in jan 2015fine. Have reflux Tightness in upper chest . Bloating in tummy.anxiety or something else? Scared and worried.

36 M with epigastric tightness for two years. Sporadic local chest pain that lasts for a second. All cardiac tests fine in Jan 2015. What can it be?

4 day chst tight on off w mild pain.Neck sholder stifnes.Dyspnea on off.Fevr mild.Ct angio last month ok.Cardiac ultrsond ok.Dr say virul w stress?

4 months now had pain in chest. EKG showed nothing, GI doc found nothing, still have no answers and nothing to even work on. Any suggestions?

4 negative d dimmer 2 clear chest xrays and normal blood tests and ecg's still in pain? With chest and back

40yr F smoked 26yrs start at 14yr approx 17 pack yrs Cardiac t120 stress test, abdomen pelvis ct, spiral chest ct, many chest xrays Cancer risk?

41 female in 6/14went to card chest presshe dida reg strs test EKG blood all cam back normal exceptI am now on BP medsaid it was musc he said i am ok?

41yo M Burning chest/abdo pain w heavy exercise for last year, ekgs-echo-cta-cbc-cal score ct (0), Ab US, all normal, no sob - still could be heart?

42y/o m. I have chronic chest pains, had all possible cardiac tests, all negative. Mri -, what could it be.R/o gastro prob and costacondritis. 10yr ?

44 fem anxty/panic hiatal hernia center chest pain in betw breast reflux burping EKG chest X-ray labs all good. 40mg Prilosec worried about cause?

45 female ,upper back pain for 4 days , relief when laying flat. wet feeling in chest . ekg, chest xray and blood test done 3 weeks ago were normal..?

4months mild short of breath lung an heart tests clear and chest X-ray but nothing more been done doc said I'm fine but still have the feeling goback?

5months&still feeling chest pressure and sob when exerted or resting.Evry test came back fine.This my anxiety or possible cad? (havnt had a angiogram)

6 ekgs, x ray, ultrasound and stress test all come back normal in the past 6 months but i still sometimes get chest pains. Heart problem or anxiety?

62 year old f w/ chest pain 3 wks, chills 3 mos and sweating. Ekgs, echo and cts normal. Ulcers treated for 5 mos. Any thoughts?

9 months ago I began not felling well had some chest pains. I have had a stress test EKG and IMT test all came out great. Could it not be cardio relat?

A month ago i ended in the ER with chest pain, doctor said all was fine after blood test, ECG and x-rays, i feel the pain again, could it be anxiety?

Abnormal EKG cardioligist said it was questionable n was 90% sure it was nothing. Still having chest pain n breathing prob acid reflux bad what to do?

Abnormal treadmill test results. Going for nuclear test 17th. Extreme Nausea for 4 days no vomitting. Tingling left hand. Heart problem?

Abomen pain shortness breathe CT scan xray blood test done doc say all normal still sharp pains and exccessive bruising help ?

Ache between shoulder blades. Have ehlers danlos. Test negative for vascular. I've had this pain before with neg chest ct. Any worry of aorta or not?

Ache in left arm, goes with a hot bath. Normal ECG results and blood tests. I am 18 year old. What are the possible causes for this?

After 2 ER visits, 2 dr visits, blood work,clear chest xray within the past 6 months, what could be cause shortness of breath?

After 2 years undiagnosed chest pain/palps/cough w/ lots of diagnostic tests.. Is it safe to say the cause being Giant cell Myocarditis is unlikely?

After recovering from plrl effusion frm neumonia i had pleurisy which was gone after nsaid but is back. Ana, tibc, cbc, ctscan, xray shows all ok.

After walking 1 mile today I've been having chest fluttering? Had PE in Sept and ct showed it gone in 1wk. What is this now?

Age 45 f , 30-year smoker, mod. Overweight with occasional chest pain. Chest xray the 1st test a doc should order? Haven't been to a doc/gyn in 20 y.

Anyone know accuracy for LDCT chest scan at picking things up? is there any chance it can miss things? 80%? 90%? 99%? I got minor chest pains still.

Asbestos feel symptoms after xposure 3mo ago. Sob is this possible? Could sickness or symptoms appear so soon? Pft, cxr , EKG normal. Xposure was shor.

At the er for chest pain and the alarm for pair pvcs came on. should I be worried? what does it mean?

Aterial blood gas normal, chest X-ray normal, bloodwork normal, pulse oximetry 98-99% , lung function test normal still feel like i can't breathe?! help!

Back in january I had an EKG and had low blood pressure they said the next step was a stress test. I am uninsured so I passed the heart fluttering went away but now I have chest pressure along with jaw and teeth pain, fatigue and some nausea. I have an ap

Bad chest pains with short of breathe. Test are normal EKG chest xrays blood work. So what's wrong I'm 27f 240lbs?

Bad constipation, increased heart rate, chest&stomach pain. Er did blood work chest &stomach X-ray all came back normal. Said its from amxiety? I'm 25

Bad pain in sternum when moving in certain positions, ongoing for 2 months now, blood tests, chest xray, CT scan all clear. Shud i be concerned?

Been ED today 4 chest pain and breathless.ecg ok .d dimer xray clear and blood tests clear.they dont no what's wrong?? any answer of what it could be?

Been having pain in left bicep and down to forearm on and off for a long while. I've had cardiograms, nuclear test, EKG, all done no problems?

Blood oxygen is 95-97%, 2 negative d dimers in dec. And a clear chest xray but feel some shortness of breath at times, blood clot in lungs or anxiety?

Blood test came bk as inflammation in it..heart ECG and other blood tests they did to try find out why chest was hurting bad..they said its costo?

Blood work, chest xray, EKG done and everything came back good. I still have a pain in my right chest when i breathe. What can it be?

Bloody cough negative chest xray and d dimer(.39 mg/l) and left side chest pain. Accurate enough to rule out pe?

Body ache,nausea,overall sick,left arm pain,went to ER,all test came back normal, ekg and chest xray.Im 23 yr old male, been going on a wholeweek HELP

Breast is tender when you pok them and pressure in the top of my chest could it be depression did EKG and chest x Ray smoke a I drink?

Breathing problem and dizziness for over one year. Ecg, chest xray and MRI all came back normal. What could be my problem?

Breathless on moving about had lge saddle PE 2013 recent scan xrays spirometry iron &BNP bloods all ok any ideas why my breathlessness is gettin worse?

Burning sen. across chest. ER said tests were normal and cardio dr said not to worry. 21/F. overweight. angio showed nothing wrong.

Burning, stabbing, migrating chest pain (2nd day) comes and goes. Heart ruled out & xray done last year(clear)due to same symptms which cleared.Ideas?

Burping, light-headed, nausea, chest, back, left arm pain. EKG, xray, blood test fine 2 days ago. Diagnosed GERD 2months ago, 40mg Nexium (esomeprazole) not working.

Can a chonditritus cause shortness of breath? Feel not really pain but pressure in upper middle chest. Ekg fine. Holter monitor fine. Blood test fine.

Can a teenager get angina? I been having chest pains since i was 16 and drs say its costochondritis. Normal xrays and ekgs but im still nervous. Im 18

Can acid reflux cause pain in your chest and nausea if cardiologist ruled out heart is fine after all testing recently?

Can costocondritus cause other pains? Having arm and jaw pain too, Had a ecg and blood tests in a&e they were clear. They blamed my fibro but it's new

Can docs please explain are cpr and chest compressions done for the same reason?

Can dry mouth be caused by cancer? I went for a chest xray and bloud tests a few weeks back, all was normal, pleease help

Can lymphoma be detected on a chest xray? Lymphs up in neck, armpits, groin, cold sweats etc, blood test + chest xray came back clear?

Can u please help me docs say I have heahlth anxiety I have ad chest xray bloods all cum bck normal on 20mg citlopram why do I think im dieing?

Can you feel lymph nodes in chest and arms by elbow?I don't feel them but having minor aches there recent blood test normal ekg normal chest X-ry nrml

Cardiac ct, stres tst,holter, cardiac echo all normal.feel tired w air hunger when walk, pain left blade hand.mild reflux,clear lungs.obese.reason?

Cbc lipids chest xray EKG echo lipid test and triponin test done all came back parfect... I have post nasal drip and coughing up specs of blood?

Center of chest feels like it's irritated inside,can't find a definitive cause. Would X-ray ,ecg incompleteLBBB echo came back normal. Still worried.

Chest achy pains 1day it's left next it's right all day everyday for 1 year ct scan and X-rays,ecg,blood tests all normal what could it be ?

Chest CT 1 week ago, neg for pulminary embolism. Cld I have 1now? Still have middle/right chest pain.Diagnosed wth 3mm aeorta anyerusm. 3 days in hosp