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pleurectomy 5 years ago pain under my left breastbone since. muscle popped out from under my rib, went away 1 min nerve damage from vats.Age 42.

..Walking pneumonia 3 mos ago, 3-4 antibiotics later I have had rt shoulder blade pain radiating thru rt breast over 3 weeks now. Is it the antibiotics?

11 wks preg with subchorionic hematoma.Have sharp pains in upper right chest between breast & collar bn. Radiates to arm and back.Should I contact dr?

14 yr F. SEVERE daily upper back pain on both sides, radiating down both arms and into stomach ever since surgery to remove ovarian tumor 4/15/16. ??

16 days post recovery from avm rupture in my stomach. Hgb is up from 5.4 to 9.2. Now rt lower quad pain under last rib and to rt side/low back. Ideas?

2 weeks ago i flipped themattress as required every 6 mo, woke up with left back/shoulder pain when moving/breathing.Xray showed clear lung& chest.Why?

2 weeks ago I had chest ex-rays and they found a enlarged lymphnode now I went for a second ex-ray and they said its going down but im still having neck pain chest pain fatigue and problems breathing what could this be?

2 weeks ago, sev. Constipation. While straining, felt a brief, sharp!, stabbing sens. In l side/lung. Now pain/dscft global ulq; no mi. Rib? Lung? ?

2/17/17,lateral fracture left 8th rib. Having stabbing pains in left side, heart, lung, and spasms and feeling of innards rolling around. Concern?

2nd day with a cold & cough having sharp pains on my side under my left ribs when i cough. No primary care doctor right now should i go to hospital?

38y F/echo, EKGx2, u-sound, ESTecho,chest xray normal. Sharp right chest pain15hrs straight intermitten w/opp back pain. Costochron on left better.

3weeks ago I had severe lower back pain, cough, fever &shortness of breath. Dr said I had bronchitis. Gave me antibiotics, back still hurts bad. Why?

4 week cough side back pain shortness of breath?

4.8 x 1.8 x 2.4 low attenuating lesion on spleen. I do have pain under left lower rib cage. Should I be concerned?

41yo healthy male, with new l. Arm pain and nerve sensations, and odd l. Lower rib and mid. Back pain. Ekg and chest and neck x-rays clear. Causes ?

42 m after mvin stuff in storage I have sharp pain ocaslly undr left tit that sometimes shoots around to my back & sometimes pain under rght tit?

5 days ago temp of 101.7, cold week before. Now 99.5, cough, congestion, diarrhea and pain midway up left rib cage, below breast?

5 months pregnant and have very servere rib pain on my left i can hardly breath or cough without the pain stabbing like a knife have a bad cough also?

54f, chronic mod to severe spondylosis and stenosis from neck down. Having upper & mid back pain shooting into chest; can be hard to breathe.

6 month hip pain. In bone has let up some xray shows nothing. Left side.

6 months since c sec for 5 months constant pain n burning upper back and chest and abdomen weight loss chest xray clear all bloods clear please help ?

6 wks mod abd pain just below lower left ribs. Now bilateral, same spot & pain radiating to lower back. Blood tests, metabolic & chest x-ray ok. ?

6 yr old girl with ear pain, stomach pain (middle) and slight cough ?

65 years. Had a fall in WC. PAIN IN left CHEST GOING TO shoulder. Xray OK. Which specialist to contact for this? Is this a ligament issue or muscle?

9 mo rt upper abd pain, rt flank pain,bone pain, calf pain,cal 10.6, now 10.2, PTH 67,vit d 15, healthtap docs all say hyperparathy. why not my doc?

A sharp pain from my ribs to spine and right behind my shoulder pain is 7/10 my mom says its my posture but i must disagree and my xray shows nothing ?

A swelling showed up on my MRI in my upper chest / throat what could this be?

About a month ago received a head injury ct svan didn't show anything but i have massive head pain i cant control, stomach/ chest pain on the right?

Accident 1 mo ago, pinched ulnar nerve. Chest pain when i lay on left or belly. Related? Had blood/ekg all normal. Also GERD symps. Neck shoulder pain

Ache in back and chest due to sinuses, what to do?

Ache in left middle abdomen. Cant always duplicate pain but i can usually feel it bending to put shoes on. Normal CT scan last july unrelated. Ideas?

Ache in upper right back 1 yr . Right side of spine. I have had MRI spine ok. Chest xray recent ok. I do have low grade fevers. Cbc ok. Metabolic ok.

After a nasty cough and cold, I developed terrible pain in my right ribs. Doctor says I have costroconditis. How long will it last?

After uprtected sex i hadarpit pain or discomfort, than after 4 weels it radiates to left elbow and after 2 weeks i have neck pain.can it be hep or HV?

Am having neck pain and earaches and headacheseveryday i think i might have an brain tumor or cancer plus shoulder pain by my upper back pains i want to go have an cat scan but i already been for other things

Am having pain in my shoulder and neck pain heaaches and leg pain all in left side I have different types of test and mir nothing has change please he?

Am loosing wt(5 kg in 3mnths) have upper back and shoulder pain 2 mnths which gets better with massage and rest, pains on touch. Chest CT is normal, am a smoker, can this be lung cancer?

An MRI of the c-spine showed nothing, but her lower back hurts and constantly has fever.What could it be?

An Mri showed a cyst in my liver. Could it be causing my chest pain @ center bottom of rib cage?

Anemic. More blood work ordered waiting results Meantime my upper right side back betwen shoulder blade & spine having sharp pain for 2 hours. Meaning?

Antalgic pain porture on the left of thoracic?

Any way I can relieve the sinus pain and coughing?

Anything I can take for chest discomfort and pain in throat?

Aortic aneurism I have an aortic aneurism of 4.0 since yesterday I have pain on my right to center chest radiating to back and right jaw?

Back in March I had an infection that caused dry cough along with chest pain. Cough lasted 2 months but chest pain hasn't gone away. Suggestions?

Bad lower back pain , chills, nausea and vomiting , and i'm really cold also have dry cough that hurts and because of it i can't breath that well

Been fighting bronchitis, lastnight I had chest tighting when inhale pain upper shoulder in back. Is that inflammation around heart? Cure?

Been having a runny nose like allergies,small cough only at night not to bad, pain in upper back by my bra strap what is this? Breathing deep lil pain

Been having joint issues for 3 yrs. Decreased rom, severe pain, etc... Started in lt hip, moved to rt hip, then lt hand, then rt shoulder now radiated down entire rt arm. All tests normal. Any ideas?

Been having mid-lower left side back pain, had surgery in 2010 l4 l5 s1 now l3-2 shows on MRI could this pain be from the injury or something else ?

Been sick for a week and a half. Started with sneezing and now severe coughing with pain in my ribs and my back.

Between breast upper Rt area sharp or dull intermittent pain? Clear X-ray Jan and October mammogram. What causes of this and can it be nerve healing?

Brief (1-3 sec) severe sharp pain anterior shoulder not caused by movement. Happens randomly 10-20x / day . Lung CT clear. Pancoast? Smthng else?

Bronchitis & asthma improving on neb and prednisone and antibiotics, but now sharp pain upper left back and chest worse when i breath in? Worrisome?

Bronchitis, lupus and dull, achy pain above right breast..Slight swelling to collarbone. Xray, mammo and us all neg...35 yr female?

Bronchoscopy ordered for upper back pain, breathlessness why me?

Burning & sharp stabbing upper and middle back pain can it mean I have a clot in lung? 2 DVT ultrasounds came back clear. Still having calf pain.

Burning in back and chest when coughing. This has happened several times over the past two years following bouts of coughing. Possible causes?

Burning in back when I cough?

Burning sensation under left shoulder blade/back; medium pain that changes through the range of motion. Tall/lean, hist. Of collapsed lung (2 yrs ago)?

Burning tingling itching numb stabbing pain in L shoulder blade & R abdomen for 13 years, spread to pelvis & ribcage. CT neg. MRI neg. MS R/O. Ideas?

Burning/heat feeling in left upper stomach during an MRI without contrast, why? Please don't tell me is not related as it really did happened. No metal

Can a 12mm left adrenal nodule and 9mm right adrenal nodule cause right side shoulder pain and cause mild upper thoracic scoliosis? Any correlations?

Can a chest CT scan rule out lung cancer? I have pain in shoulder/clavicle. X ray and CT clear. Pain persists along with sore sternum/throat.

Can a gallbladder attack make you feel like you have to cough and have upper back pain & chest pain?

Can a labral hip tear right side cause pain under the ribs that wraps around to the back? I have had CT scan, ultrasound, and endoscopy?

Can airport security scanners detect tumors? I've had a dull pain in the left side of my neck that I think is muscular for 2 weeks, and when I went thru security the scan flagged that exact spot!

Can allergies cause chest pain?

Can an ultrasound show a tumor of muscle? I have had major back, neck pain and pain in both legs also in right breast. I have found a large knot in my back on left side below shoulder blade at times I have felt short of breath. I had an ultrasound today t

Can bronchitis cause flank pain?

Can bruxism cause shoulders pain and jaws pain also both sides?Neck head MRI norml.Chest angio CT normal no cardiac issues.Have infection under tooth

Can chronic appendicities hurt when coughing or sneezing ?

Can chronic shoulder/neck tension eventually cause referred pain on the face? (it's all on the left side), MRI & CT scan normal. Tightness not nerve!

Can congestion cause chest pain i had a fall a week ago that knocked the wind out of me, I have been sob and have chest pain painful cough ?

Can lower abdominal pain be caused by coughing? I've had a cold the last week and been coughing quite a bit...

Can lung cancer cause back pain? My MRI of upper back is ok. Ct chest clear. Am obese and heavy chested? Pain almost one year now

Can mild/moderate thoracic dextroscoliosis be the cause of my chronic right chest pain/right shoulder blade pain? I also have gerd. Neg stress test.

Can muscular pain appear suddenly & last for months? Pain in left scapula & mid back along with tingling in arm. Intense lab work, cxr, endoscopy, EMG, head and neck MRI. ALL negative. I am desperate

Can pinched t9 nerve cause mild ache/spasm/stitch like just below last rib on the left side this pain 4 months on&off. hepa. Kidn. Labs normal at er.

Can pleurisy discomfort/tightness come back suddenly after over a month being clear?

Can u tell me what cause so much of pain in back have COPD 3 spot on lung cought all time hurt to breaher in deep ?

Can ultrasound be done on back of shoulder blade right of spine show tumor in rt breast?

Can upper back pain on both sides be a sign of pulmonary embolism?

Can upper back pain which alleviates with massage and rest be a symptom of lung cancer, chest CT is normal?

Can vomiting cause sore ribs?

Can you still have eagle syndrome if CT scan says styloid size is normal? Have severe throat pain, dyspaghia, and neck pain one side and feels sharp.

Can you strain your stomach from coughing? I've had a cough for few days now and my stomach is so sore/tight when i cough just below ribs in center

Cat scans and mris and xrays have came back normal but my neck and back still shoot with pain and I have numbness in my body and lose of bladder cont?

Cause of left back/shoulder blade pain, shoulder pain. Many blood test and physical examinations done, nothing but vitamin d def. What could this be?

Causes of nerve like chest pain, stinging, in left upper chest extending to abdomen, brief but several episodes over last few days. I have mr & tr.?

Chest and throat hurts to breathe in and out. On period. constant pains. What could this be?

Chest congestion and right sided pain following pertussis diagnosis, treatment. Do i need recheck? Pain is up right side from base of ribs to neck.

Chest CT clr in jan, chest pain on touch in ribs symtricly opposite ~4mnths, back pain with bending neck frwrd~10mnths smoker, lung cancer?

Chest CT for suspected endometriosis on diaphragm shows small fat-containing bochdalek hernia. Cld cause rt rib/collarbone/neck/face pain & fullness?

Chest hurts after vomiting?

Chest hurts when I push on it. I get sharp pains sometimes in chest in the same spot. Upper lt side. Lately rt blade pain. Neg nuc stres scan 1 yr ago?

Chest pain for 6 mnth since giving birth on all fours Crushing in the middle chest.ribs/spine hurt to touchand severe back pain. Ecg.bloods xray clear?

Chest pain in stermun. hurts when sneeze and cough. the worse pain is when i wake up whole chest and collar bone hurts. xray was clear?

Chest pain that radiates to back, cough, congestion, headache, hurts to take a full breathh and hurts worse when laying down.

Chest pain that started in the throat?