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. horrible pain in ribs on right side. Have to stretch out to ellieviate it some. Constant coughing worse lying down/after eating. Winded ?

cardiac is fine, chest pain for two months now. weight on chest and back, chest cracks, back crack, stinging/dull ache when breathing in deeply/ not?

I experienced a sharp, tightening pain on my right upperback that spread quickly across my chest toward my heart. It lasted about 3 min What was It?

Pain in armpit both side &upper chest discomfort after sitting/laying back, when lifting things& just some movements cause it. I have gerd & I smoke?

1 wk post op pacemaker implant, now experiencing for 2 day sharp pain in upper right quad. Of chest with deep inhale. Pluerisy? Urgent, or wait a day?

1/2 year ago sudden extreme pain right side of lung near sternum big as marble, since then pain after smoking, bending over,deep breathing. Dry cough?

10 days right sided chest pain radiates to shoulder blade. Worsens when taking deep breath. A bit of breathing prob but is very hot and humid.

14yr old girl with slight chest pain when breathing in.?

16 y.o. fem Sharp pain when taking deep breath in upper middle back between shoulder blade & spine. Hurts to bend. Chest x Ray & ECG Normal no injury?

17 female, air collected in lateral chest on the left side. Shortness of breathe. Mild pain (Sharp), every time I breathe in deeply.

2 days ago i had pain in right shoulder emanating to my neck. Today i wake up to find crushing sensation in lower chest when breathing in & same pains?

21 yr old female, smoker, random spurt of sharp upper right sided chest pain. No pain when breathing occurs, only 3 random spurt of chart pain.

22 F Discomfort below sternum, pain in mid back when swallowing, burp stuff up occasionally, can see/feel pulse sometimes when standing or exercising.

22 yrs old. Constantly blinking, deep heavy breaths,and left side of chest feels tight&tense so always moving shoulders.Is this tourretes syndrom?

23 yr old gave birth 3 months ago. Pain in upper left chest that radiates to neck and jaw on exertion. Goes away with rest. Angina at 23 ?

25 yr old female. Is it possible to have chest and rib pain (front and back) two weeks after shoveling a lot of snow?

27/male - shortness of breath 6 months, upper back pain, intercoastal muscle knots, thoracic kyphosis, constant anxiety, allergies, asthma? Whatisit?

28, Shooting, cramping & squeezing pains in chest, ribs, and breastbone ( in both sides) that last a few seconds to a few mins. Same pain by armpits. Area is very tender and back/neck muscles fee sore & tight. EKG, X-ray, stress test ok. Cardiac ?

4/10 pain on right flank, along mid ribs. Deep inhalation and lying down hurts 8/10. Slept on futon and carried duffel day before. Muscle sprain?

40yr old b/p 117/74 upper and mid back pain chest pain chest popping I've tried popping my back for 3 days it's popped a little is it heart attack?

43 yro f gripping pain in left side of chest with difficulty taking deep breath. Pain lasts for 2-5 min then wanes. Increasing pain each return.

5 days now upper left side back hurts when breathing in deeply or moving certain ways. Could this be lung or heart related? Or just muscular/skeletal?

7 yr old daughter had left lung removed at 2 weeks old.having middle chest pain,tightness and palpating.hurts a lot more when laying down.

74 year-old female. For 3 days strong 'pressure' pain above left shoulder blade through to chest. Lots of gas, difficulty burping.?

8 day post op pacemaker implant in upper chest, now 3 days sharp pain in upper right quad. Of chest with deep inhale. Pluerisy? Urgent, or wait a day?

A month ago episode of left arm and shoulder pain extending to neck. now trouble with rattling sound/felling in chest. could this be related, why?

A sharp pain for 30 secs or so, like muscle spasm, extending from left chest to left shoulder and neck. same muscle tightness taking deep breaths 30 mins after the initial pain, should I worry?

A sudden sharp shooting pain on my heart which last a few sec which is relieved by one slow deep breathing and I'm back to normal. What can it be?

A week now I have mild chest pain on the left to the point I grab my chest to massage and take aspirin it last 20 min. at times 2 pains at one time?

About 4 years ago I expierienced a sharp pain in my higher chest/lung area when breathing. The pain is back and worse than ever. Any ideas?

Ache over chest, left side, close to surface and only when breathing deeply from chest. Fine with diaphragm No other symptoms Is it bad posture?

After doing many pushups, my 16 year old son feels pain on the upper right side of his sternum. Physical conditioning is excellent. Costochondritis?

After sitting all day at work by the end of the day a lot of pain below ribs, tightness in chest. Then when laying down tightness and hard to sleep.

After sitting for awhile, lower ab pain, especially when sniffling or inhaling through nose. No pain when moving about.

After wrestling the right side of my neck and my upper chest hurts when I breath in deeply. What could this be from? ... Pinched nerve maybe ...?

Age32yrs, wt.88kg, ht.180 cms.Occasional heaviness while breathing, mild pain near left collar bone, chest heaviness, priking pain in left shoulder blades?

Ankle surgery 12/8 pain in calf, back and chest. Shortness of breath dizziness and toes are swollen as well dont feel right and dont know what to do?

Anxiety with pressure in head and numb hands and tight in chest but usually subsides but it's not this time plus I have pain in left center back?

At night I feel tightness in chest & slight pain. Only happens when I lie on my back, & after stressful day. If relaxing day, no pain that night.

At the peak of the deepest breath i can take standing sitting etc. I get a pinch sensation in my upper right chest between nipple and armpit.Tumor?

Avid exerciser. Did chest/triceps last mon. Pain in middle of left pectoral that spreads up. Never happened before. Costochronditis? Remedies for it?

Back muscle spasm causing struggling with movement. Shooting pain in lower abdomen. Difficultly taking a deep breath due to back. ?

Back pain in upper right side. The pain is worsened by lying down, laughing, leaning forward. No shortness of breath. No issues moving arm around.

Bad upper chest pain. Comes/ goes. Worse w/ movement bending over breathing deep touching area stretching. Sternum pops. Spacitiy. No markers for pe.

Been having chest pain moves in to my neck short of breath?

Been having some sharp pain in my upper back (seems mostly by my scapula) close to every time I breath. Feels like I have a brick sitting on my lungs.

Been ill for more than a week, Now have sudden chest and upper back pain which hurts when straightened. Feels tight and painful when coughing.

Bent forward & got instant bad pain in middle of ribs below chest & through to my back. On/off mild pain in back & chest random spots. What could be?

Besides heart problems, what could cause pain referred to left shoulder and upper back? Hurts more with deep inhalation and exercise or leaning fwd.

Bouts of chest pain that occur randomly. Located in left side of chest just below pectoral. Only when full exhale, inhale, or bend over. Lasts 45m-1hr?

BUFFALO hump on neck and back with servere pain and chest discomfort lose of sleep ?

Can a knot in the upper left back (roughly chest high) cause tightness and pain in the center of the chest, worsened by motion/deep inhalations?

Can aginia cause buring when breathing deep? Whole center lf chest hurts when i breath and my back muscles to coould i have pulled a muscle?

Can an ulcer cause difficulty breathing? The origin of discomfort is under left rib. No burning or pain, just constricted. Bending over exacerbates it

Can asthma cause chest pain when moving my body? In some positions the pain goes away. Sitting is worst.I don't cough at all. Also difficult breathing

Can asthma cause chest pain when moving my upper torso? When I lay down in some positions the pain goes away. When sitting is worst.I don't cough @all

Can asthma cause pain in your chest with the upper torso movement? When I lay down in some position the pain goes away. When sitting is worst.

Can bad posture when sitting down cause slight chest tightness. There is no pain whatsoever.I tend to hunch over alot. Stress test, ekg, chest xray was normal. Only feels tight when i sit, sometimes?

Can breathing deeply due to sob cause strain which result in pain on chest or back? Or. Always means something very bad happening beneath?

Can C3 C4 herniations cause breathing problems and tightness in upper abdomen, particularly while sitting?

Can COPD cause burning, tingling sensations in the upper back lung area? It feels like my upper back and chest is tight and heavy feeling.

Can forward head posture and rounded shoulders restrict your breathing? When taking a deep breath I have upper back pain and my accessory's are sore.

Can GERD eventually hurt chest muscles? My chest burns I have no heart issues my upper back burns too my upper arms tingle and my nipples hurt

Can nerve pain from a thoracotomy make your chest hurt?

Can pain, sore lefneck muscle have an effect on breathing. Have on/off slight breathing issue that seems related to tightness muscle neck/upper chest ?

Can shoveling snow cause chest and back strains that last for 3 weeks?

Can sleeping in a awkward way be a cause of chest pain?

Can xiphoid process cause sharp chest/back pains off and on? I can feel the knot under sternum, i'm burping a lot and suffer from anxiety.

Can you over stretch in your sleep? I have sharp pains in my chest unable to move sometimes in the mornings after hugging my bolster. Happens often.

Can you tell me about having chest pain/discomfort when breathing, leaning forward/backward, and laying after slight trauma?

Car crash week ago, chest wall injury xray says no damage bad pain near heart but not sharp only when deep breath sneezing hiccups, what's wrong?

Cause of left hand numbness, pain near sternal/rib joint with deep inspiration and sob. Cardiac work-up clean. What else could it be?

Cause(s) of intermittent sternum pain (center of the chest, a few inches below collarbone level), most often triggered by lifting something heavy?

Center of chest pain when body moves and/or during deep inhalations while moving. Zero pain while sitting/motionless or upon palpation. Cardiac?

Center part of the chest hurts. Is this just muscle pain if in the heart area?

Central Chest pain when moving upper body or bending forward, no pain upon rest or inhaling, could this just be muscular?

Chesr pain upon pressing left breast. Sometimes shooting pains or pains upon breathing. Is this anxiety or acid?

Chest ache shifts right and left depending on position. Pressure when breathing in cough up some mucus chest feels semi tight,Better during sleep.

Chest and back pain, what could it be? It feels like a heartburn, tightening in between breast and when I change certain position I can feel the pain

Chest been hurting for couple months stretching and pressing hurts on the sternum. Also have GERD, could this be one in the same?

Chest makes a popping noise when i stretch my back and chest pains at age 16. How would i treat this?

Chest pain and back pain when deep breathing and movement my upper body?

Chest pain for 3 months. Pain intensity varies evryday.ecg normal. Chest xray normal. It aggravates when arms are sometimes moved or bending forward?

Chest pain in right side and middle. Its paining more while pressing. Paining while moving, breathing, head down, morning exercise and yoga. ?

Chest pain in the middle of the chest when i breathe in. Mainly when im laying down on my back. Any ideas why this is happening?

Chest pain left breast area only relieved by pressing on chest and makes a crunching sound like my ribs are cracking. Should i go to the er? No insura

Chest pain on right side and it increase while lying on bed and breathing?

Chest pain on&off post c-section, alcohol worsens it. Tightness & pain in chest, back& sometimes numbing pain in right arm, heart races, can't breathe?

Chest pain right after singing. in the middle of my chest sharp pain. Didn't happen till after i stopped singing?

Chest pain right side under breast to back All activity hurts Ripping pain during cough hiccups breath 1 week duration normal xray bloodwork hashimoto?

Chest pain that is mostly under the collarbone but occasionally can be felt nearer the upper middle chest?

Chest pain through the night. Male, 36. Pain is pressure-like & painful when arms flexing or moving arms inward. history of chronic bronchitis.

Chest pain when coughing, laughing, deep breath. Whole breast area, including sides. Been sneezing like crazy for 3 days. Pulled muscles?

Chest pain when inhaling lifting weight or applying pressure to left side.possible reasons?

Chest pain when sitting a certain way but not in other positions. Probably not heart-related?

Chest pain, right side, under breast thru to back. Deep breaths/coughing more painful. Arms & hands tingle, fall a sleep at night for months, etc. ?

Chest soreness across both sides of chest. Worse when resting and sometimes i feel pressure. Can touch chest in the spot and it hurts pulledmuscle?

Chest tightness due to sitting position. What does this sound like?

Chest tightness pain in the back pain in the upper part of my legs just above my knees noshes tired just not feeling good over all?

Chest wall pain after wake up,bending and movement.feel pain if 30..bad posture possible?