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Am smoking and when i take an inhale and after my stomach and chest fill with air to the point i think my ribs are about to crack apart. Cant burp. ?

Cold,ear infection,alternative dry cough and wet cough for a month.Chest Xray showed clear lungs,chronic appearing lung scarring but no Pnuemonia.Smoker.Urgent care doctor suggested to see Pulmonary specialist.What does this mean?Is scar a problem?

felt stabbing severe pain in my heart. made it hurt to move or take a deep breath.lasted about a minute,years other health problems?

I feel a pressure in my right lung in one spot and I've felt it there for months. also very fatigued and minor wheeze. x ray clear. What could it be?

I sprayed my weeds I inhaled the bleach and no I have shortness of breath, burning throat, and chest and back pain?

Went to my GP due to a chest infection He said he heard some crackles in my lungs does this mean pneumonia or can it still be just a chest infection ?

what dose it mean if you have an upset stomach and pain in the left arm and hurts to take a deep breath?

"chest wall inflammation" from electric shock that went thru heart 2 weeks ago. But sharper chest pains now, and little bit harder to breath now--why?

10 wks ago had chst CT pain undr shlder & armpt,undr ribs.mild cough no sptm.dyspnea on off.diagnos acid reflux.lung cancer?pneumonia? GI?

1000 mg prednisone for 3 days - MS Bad chest pain worse leaning over breathing in & when heart pounds. This always happens on them and doc knows. Why?

13 y.O. Hard to breath, consistant cough, burning inside torso, gets a bit dizzy now and then, after coughing feels slight heart/lung burn?

18 year old, female, non-smoker, with persistent cough and chest infection for 4 weeks, and getting worse. Could I have lung cancer?

2 months offrequent late night breathlessness, cough/wheez-ing.Got chest xray done.Have bilateral apical pleural thickening. Would it lead to asthma?

2 months slight dry cough. Ex smoker for 14 yrs. 2xrays.Bloods all fine. Seen thoratic specialist. Suspect asthma. Could it be lung cancer. ?

2 months wake up middle of night unable to breathe, pain tween shoulder blades Dr says copd but says lung x-rays are clear inhalers have not worked?

2 weeks ago I had SOB and was checked for a PE had a chest Ct scan it was fine. 4 days later I get nasal congestion/ chest pain/ back pain/ headache no fever no cough. I run out of breathe when I talk. Had head injury=No contrastCt clear.

2 weeks ago I had SOB and was checked for a PE had a chest Ct scan it was fine. 4 days later I get worse nasal congestion/ chest pain/ back pain/ headache no fever no cough. Hurts when I breathe run out of breathe when I talk. had head injuryCT clear?

20 yrs old. Got on inhaler and helped, but still have shortness of breath. Dr said xray look normal, never heard from radiologist though. Lung cancer?

20yr, female, non smoker, did a peak flow test and blew 250 could it be asthma ? dry cough for 4 weeks, chest tightness/pain, feel like i can't breath.

23 yo female. Diagnosed with 4.7 mm non-calcified lung nodule. Faint wheezing in same lung, post nasal drip for months. Could this be cancer?

23, sharp chest pain when exhaling a coughing. O2 is 98 and PR is 74. I have EOE, but this feels different than acid. Pericarditis?Muscular? PE?

25 years old, quit smoking for 1 mnth, sob, intermittent chest pain that moves, doctors say lungs sound clear, no ,cxr lung cancer??

25 yr old female. Chest pain on and off. Rib pain. Both hurt when flexing back and taking deep breath. What could cause this?

25 yr/m, intermittent fleeting rib pain, no othersymptoms, 3 e.r. visits, no cxr, doc says no need, lungs sound like windtunnel, lung cancer?

25yr/m intermittent fleeting rib pain, 9 yr smokin hsty, 3 e.r. visits, no cxr, doc says no need, lungs sound like windtunnel, lung cancer??

27 weeks pregnant with abdominal pain and having trouble taking deep breaths?

28 year old male-started as severe back pain from right shoulder blade down to middle of back. 30 minutes later severe pain on right side of chest. Shortness of breath, feeling that im not getting enough oxygen. Deep pain in right lung when inhale/exhale

28/male/non smoker/Asthma/Allergies/GERD. Chest x-ray showed interstitium was slighty coarse for age but, no acute abnormalities. Why would this be?

28/male/non smoker/Asthma/GERD. Chest x-ray for tightness/dyspnea showed interstitium slighty coarse with no acute abnormalities. Concerned, IPF?

28/male/non-smoker/Asthma. Had CXR for tightness and dyspepsia. Nothing found but, doc noted my interstitum was slightly coarse for my age. Concerned.

29 y/o woman when i take deep breath i get sharp pain under left brest upper chest. Should i be concerned? Only hurts with deep breath.

29 yr old w/ 6-7 pack years smoking (quit 1month ago). Had mild but persistent 1-sided chest sensation 1 month (feels more like internal tickle/itch than pain). No other symptoms. Lung cancer likely?

3 days ago i had gripping chest and back pain that lasted 3 or so hours. I had no shortness of breath and it didn't hurt when i breathed. What is it?

3 days now been feeling tightness in my chest when i take a deep breathe. Is it just a cold?

3 days since laproscopic surgery. Still have sharp pain in chest & ribs when inhaling. Is it the air inside causing this or pneumonia ?

3 wks Pain bttm of rt breast/top of ribs. Hurts to breathe move, not like reg bronchial pain.Pulled musc? Nosmokr History wPneum&bronchit pulm nodules

30 yr old female. Shortness of breath & slight pain when breathing deeply. Former light smoker (5years, 18-23) and 2 chest CTs. Is it lung cancer?

31 m asthma since birth prematur born pleural effusion in left lung with SOB recurring fever night sweats red rash on chest n back? is it TB or what?

31 m - Asthma suppose to make you not feel your heart fully pounding in your chest when working out or at pace? Headaches daily fullness in chest like there's a lump and my throats tightness as well? Advair. Even using week not helping ?

32 yr old male non smoker. Have chronic cough after the flu i got 8 months ago. Chest xray showed patchy opacity in right mid lobe. No other symptoms.

33 former smoker. Persistent upper left back pain, fatigue, shortness of breath with exertion, on nexium (esomeprazole). Chest xray and ECG clear. What to do next?

33 former smoker. Persistent upper left back pain, fatigue, shortness of breath with exertion, on nexium (esomeprazole). Chest xray and ECG clear. What to do next?

33 y/m.6 months ago i have chest X-ray and CT scan thorax,both normal.recently 15-18 days have shoulder,neck,muscle and mild chest pain. lung cancer?

42yof.Slight pneumonia.2 antibiotics + inhaler for 5 days now (5 more to go). Feel same. Still hear wheeze on deep inhale and crackly deep exhale. Ok?

5 mon no on period really bad low abdomen pain and back pain and when I lie down its like somethinf tightens and have to take deep breaths. What is it?

5 months dry cough up right lung pain tingling fingers & toes. Headache around temple, jaw clenching chest xray CT scan pft with challenge ideas ?

6 days post op left transaxillary first rib resection. Is it normal for me to still pain in the chest when I take a deep breath. Spirometry of 1000ml ?

6 mon ago chest CT short breath w efort wleft sholder blade hand pain w mild cough no weezng as per pulmonogist .nonsmoker.cardiac test ok??

6 weeks coughing, chest CT showed nothing, treated with soft steroids/ albuterol; i almost stop coughing, chest pain is still there. What happen?

62 year old female feels something "flapping" in upper left lung when breathing and also shortness of breath 2 days now. Is otherwise healthy.?

69yrold emphysema both top lungs no air sacs bottom right pneumonia right heart failure broke hip never seen dr until now life expectancy? Heavy smoke

7 days ago wake up from sleep i found chest irritation and mild cough . . but i still feel there was mucus in may chest cant be removed .male, age 26?

7 days have felt short of breath. EKG, peak flow, and pulse ox all normal. Chest feels tight and hard to get a deep satisfying breath. Is this anxiety?

7yrs old boy takes deep breaths all the time. Dr says his lungs and heart sound fine. No other symptoms. What else can it be?

8 month old has one chest X-ray in the ER because of high fever. His lungs were clear. Is he now at risk for cancer?

9 year old son having occasional pain between diaphragm and rt lung. Difficult at times to take a deep breath. No medical problems?

A 5 y. O. Child with shortness of breath & clearing her thoat, X-ray showed high density lung tissue markings. What is it? Pls recommend a tratment.

A few weeks ago I had swollen legs and ankles. Swelling is gone but I have pain when taking deep breaths and having trouble getting a good breath.

A friend who is diabetic & has had angio 5yrs back is complaining of strained breathing & sleeplessness.Says he has to inhale hard to breathe.Help! ?

A friend who is diabetic & has had angio 5yrs back is complaining of strained breathing & sleeplessness.Says he has to inhale hard to breathe.Help!

A recent chest xray shows I have linear atelectasis in the lower lobes of each lung. Can i go on an upcoming trip that involves a number of flights?

A sharp pain in the center or sometimes barely off to the right of my chest when I take a deep breath?

A sudden bone appeared between my ribcage, causing pain while unhaling, or taking a deep breath or pressed.plz advice?

A two year old has an enlarged heart and shaded lungs. He'shad trouble breathing. What can it be and how serious is it? Please help me understand. Thanks.

A week ago i had bilateral transudative pleural effusions. Is it normal for my 02 sats to be dropping to the mid 80s and feeling sob when i walk?

About 7 months ago i had a collapsed left lung with chest tube and surgery. Burst bleb. every time i cough or sneeze i feel pain in left lung. why?

After being diagnosed with a large saddle embolism i think IV now caught a cold & just my normal breathing seems restricted cud this be serious?

After being in hospital having a plurel effusion, doe to fluid in 1 lung and heart area, what would cause different types of pain in those areas?

After general anathetic last year for ear op I had a pain in lung for 2 weeks when breathing. Blood clot was ruled out. Now get thick phlem. Cancer?

After running I felt shortness of breath, dizzy, & my tongue and feet were tingling. I had lots of saliva and mucus as well as wheezing.What is this?

After spirometry i coughed phlegm/ pecks of blood. Feel burning sensation in chest. No chest issues before-symptoms of collapsed lungs?

After TB treatment my right side chest is shrinking. Doctor said, " it is just because of scare tissue". Is it recoverable? Please help me.

After working with burlap & inhaling small fiber particles have tightness in upper throat epiglottis area & tightness in chest X 2d. Opinion? Tx?

Age 35.Chest pain below breast and goes to the back only felt while moving. Cant take deep breaths, no pain while deep breathing. Above prob since 3 months.Chestctscan normal.

Age:19 male woke up with slight chest pain now I have 20% lung capacity and hurts very bad to breathe more than 20% what should I do or take?

Age32, frmr smoker. Have shortness of breath& pain breathing in. Focal airspace disease on chest xray. No cough/fever. No response 2 antibiotcs. WWYD?

Air bubble in right side of chest. Causing extreme pain when i take a deep breath or move to fast in a direction! this is day 4 please help me!

All evening IV been greeting chest pain on the left hand side. I did have a pulmonary embolism in june and was off the warfarin in february.

All testing on heart neg/cxr clear.. Have chest pains and feel burning sensation chest area on and off. Is this a precursor to lung cancer?

Almost constant upper back pain, occasional chest pain, and shallow breathing throughout the day. The pain gets worse sometimes with deep breaths?

Along with my acute bronchiectasis, i'm experiencing quick chest spasm only when i breathe in deep breaths. Happens 20x per hour. What is it?

Am a smoker, getting tar like patches in my sputum for 2 days, upper back pain with painful spots, chest CT normal, can this be cancer?

Am having chest pain due to my sesonal allergies should I be worried cuz I can't breath too good?

Am on warfarin treatment and still have a sharp pain when i breath deeply.Is there any cause of alarm?

Annual chest xray (smoker) always clear no known infect in 10+yrs (last bronchitis) mild scar in left low lobe this year just show now from10yr ago?

Appts take a lot of time so can someone name most or even all possible reason one would have sharp chest pains while breathing/inhaling ?

Are there viruses which cause chest/lung pain and coughing up green? How many days until I should consider dr. Visit/ chest xray?

Are there viruses which cause chest/lung pain and coughing up green? How many days until I should consider dr. Visit/ chest xray?

Are X-rays capable of finding early lung cancer? I'm 17 and have had one, no signs but my lower left lung aches and the general lung is uncomfortable.

Asthma patient m 31 pleural effusion in left lung but radiologist says not enuff free fluid for aspiration fever SOB occasional sweating. what is it?

Asthma since birth nw pain at lower left of chest CXR says pleural effusion in left lung night sweats recurring fever SOB red rash upper back male 31?

At times when i yawn or take a deep breath i hear gurgling in my chest. Endo showed gastritis. Could it be in lungs, pelusury, lot of indigestion.Thgts?

Back in March my right lung collapsed, recently I have been feeling pressure in my chest. I am not sure if it's from my procedure or something new?

Back pain from working, but hurts where my shoulder blade is when I take a deep breath ?

Back pain that hurts when i swallow or take a deep breath. Any ideas on what this may be?

Back pain towards the bottom of ribs when sighing or yawning. No asthma. Previously stopped breathing for a few seconds, did not gasp for air.

Back pain when breathing deeply and moving it too much. Is this serious?

Back ribs sore-I it comes and goes. Sometimes is worse with movement & deep breath. It went away for 3 days now it is back. Could it be pneumonia or?

Bad chest, lung pain when breathing , dizzy an sickness, what do you recommend?

Bad cold, moving to chest, harder to breath and fatigue. Chest/throat hurts a lot when coughing... When to go it re, or will sleep make me better?