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Arm pain from sholderto wrist and bad headache. Have had heart attack at 35 now 51 female?

. One sharp pain in left breast. Doc says heart is fine . is it anxiety related?

19 year old male; first chest pain had to sit down for 5 min; can't stretch arm too good; a little pain on side of chest; no heart problems in family?

2 weeks ago sweat, naus, right sided pressure and chest pain. Also pressure in r upper back. Now not near as sev. Chances it is heart and on r side?

22 year old 190 lbs 6 ft tall haveing chest pain in left side , jaw hurts mild , minor sweating can I be having a heart attack ?

22 years old, Sometimes i feel my left arm is weak and lifeless. Doctor said it could be tense muscles. Could this be heart attack or stroke?

23yr old. Smoker. Family history of heart problems. pain in left side chest like someone punching. Tingling in left fingers. Should I be worried?

24 years old and having chest pains, heart palps and left arm hurts. Blood pressure is always fine though. What causes this?

25 yr old female right side chest/ shoulder blade pain, dizziness and heart palpitations?

27 year old stressed out smoker, chest pains since august and now with left jaw, shoulder, arm pain and lighteaded. Hands are cold and clammy. Heart?

27 yo smoker. Chest pain left side goes under arm left arm heavy and tingly. Comes and goes for a few days. Heart attack? How to tell? Have anxiety.

29 year old female. Left arm pain for a few weeks now. Is this heart related ?

29/f pain in my left veins arms/legs/neck driving me crazy! cardiologist certain my heart is fine to the point where she's annoyed. nerves? anxiety?

36f i feel occasional thoratic pulsating, (like my heart beating)back pain, it lasts about 30 sec. What could be causing this?

38yr old female - pinching chest pain on left side, pain between the shoulder blades, body is cold but i'm sweating. Family history of heart issues?

41 female.Overweight.Recent incidents of heart palpitations, back pain, right arm & leg pain and weakness.Could this be heart related?Shortnessof breath

71 yr old male , overweight, enlarge heart, having pain under left armpit down side. heart attack or strain muscles. Did do some reaching yesterday.

8 weeks pregnant . Sinus tach ..On & off for days been getting pain under left breast .Sharp .. Sometimes with heart burn awhile after . Heart attack?

A dull intermittent pain on the left side of my chest, towards the underarm, that pulsates, almost to the rhythm of my heart: heart problems, attack?

A few days ago the left side of my chest was hurting, I thought it was something associated with the heart... I don't smoke, drink nor am I obese.

Ab pain w/bloating and belching that doesn't go away in the lower stomach. I have had dizziness/left arm tingling at times + fear heart attack. Er?

After a short jog I had mild discomfort/pain specifically on the left side of my chest. I know it wasn't a heart attack, but is that normal?

All of a sudden a pressure related pain in my left upper abdominal cavity sort of feeling the pressure up to my left trapezoid muscle. Feel like this could be heart burn ?

Am a 23 year old female i weight170 pound two day am experiencing pain in the left side of my chest more like in the breast could sign of heart attack?

Am having pain sometimes in my chest and neck artery while breathing it occurs for few seconds and goes i also feel little pain in my arm my BPM is 60?

Are back and neck pain, heart burn, and a metallic taste in the mouth associated with a heart attack?

Are headaches, accelerated heartbeats and pressure in the left side of the chest symptoms from anxiety?

Arm pain near outer elbow for a few days. Now jaw pain in left side too, headache and fatigue. Could be heart attack or warning to one?

Asd 1.1cm pain in left side,numbness, sudden weakness, sudden breathlessness.Age 17 advice what to do?

At different times, I will take my heart rate on both hands/arms, and my right arm is lower than my right, by at least 8 this bad??

At random times, my heart startsbounding fast and there is sharp pain in the middle of my chest , this usually is persistent up to 10 mins, what to do?

Awful heartburn.left arm pain with whole arm tingling. arm prob lasted about 5 minutes. was 3 days ago. Could this have been a heart attack?

Awoke from sleep with left arm numb even though laying on right side. Heart rate was 170 but now 95. Panic or heart problem? Stress and echo normal.

Bad stomach cramps right above the belly button, chest pain in my left side. Heart burn or heart attack?

Been having heart pulpitations for months now and am getting chest pain in my right side?

Been having short episodes of sharp,squeezing pain on top of left breast.Almost like someone is squeezing my heart.lasts 10 sec.Normal?25 yr female

Been having tingling the left side of my body along with tightness in chest along with a cold sensation in throat and chest. could it be my heart?

Bent over,stood up,then a 5 second shooting pain up left side of sternum from breastline to neckline.What causes this? PC says heart ok.Fear cardiac.

Boyfriend has been having left shoulder pain. He just turned 45. Could this be a heart problem? He's had it for about a week now.

Brief pain in top of left breast after 1.5 mile walk. Doc says heart is ok! muscular?

Can right thalamus stoke (1.2 CM infract in sensation area) be causing left chest/ arm tightness & mild pain ?

Can a 16 male have a heart attack after masturbating i masturbated last night and after my left arm had a dull pain its still there its now morning?

Can a fast heart rate cause left sided chest pain? A sharp sometimes crushing pain lasted about 15min and now really tired but fine

Can a heart attack feel like sharp shooting muscular pain rather than inner chest pain. Like maybe I've slept folded up? Pulse is strong and steady.

Can a pinched nerve cause heart attack like symptoms? Sharp pain in left sternum and down left arm. Have been to cardiologist recently. Heart is good

Can a twisted spine cause heart disturbances? Like palpitations, ectopics, hard beats. Have a lot of twitching sensations in upper back and ribs also

Can anxiety cause tingling in tops of breasts, fingers. Back and shoulder pain. Shortness of breath. All while NOT in the midst of a panic attack?

Can anxiety give u pains in your chest near heart. Also arms back. Basically everywhere?

Can anyone tell what left arm pain related to a cardiac event might typically feel like? And when is left arm pain suspicious of a cardiac event?

Can anything in my back or neck cause SX that mimic heart disease? My left chest, jaw and arm pain has been cardiac investigated and heart is fine

Can burning persistent throat pain and neck pain and a heavy arms and tingly face have anything to do with heart, more slow heart disorder than attack?

Can it be a heart related ... If i'm having slight fast beating in my left side underneath my breastline?

Can IVs near the elbow joint cause arm/shoulder/chest pain that last for days afterwards? (ER doctor said im not at risk for a heart attack)

Can left arm pain all the way down mean possible heart attack?

Can left arm, neck, shoulder, chest pain be a sign of a heart problem? If so, then if the pain goes on its own could it still be a heart problem?

Can left side teeth, left shoulder, arm pain be due to anxiety?Heart rate 104-115 restin? Taking Effexor (venlafaxine) 37.5 i feel very nervous and light headed?

Can my left hand hurt friom heart issues?

Can pain in the right arm be a sign of a heart attack just like the left arm?

Can panic attacks (night) cause dull aches in the right shoulder/arm? This lasted about 30 minutes along with shaking and pounding heart.

Can pinched nerve in back cause random heart palpations pvc's. I notice this happen when I move in certain positions. Dr. not concerned.24hr holter ok?

Can right sided almost midline pain (feels like a pulled muscle) be a warning sign for a heart attack in a person at high risk?

Can shooting sharp pains in your hip mean a heart attack?

Can someone get phantom heart pain?

Can someone have a heart attack without even knowing? Just because he has chest pain and left arm pain? Thanks

Can supraventricular tachycardia cause chest pains and cause left arm weakness?

Can tea ( caffeine) cause chest pain at the left side of the body by the heart?

Can tingling in my back be a sign of a heart issue?

Can tingly chest feeling and weak left arm be sign of heart murmur. I had physical exam 8 months ago, everything normal. ?

Can u have left arm pain without it being related to the heart thanks?

Can you let me know is it the left arm or right arm pain that is a worry for heart disease?

Can you please explain how and why who have heart attacks sometimes get serious pain in their left arm?

Can you still be experiencing a heart attack if you have pain in the right arm?

Can your chest/heart(under left boob) hurt from gas or heart burn?

Carrying in groceries. One sharp pain in left breast. Doc says heart is fine. Muscular?

Chest pain between muscle and skin left side and diff areas of the left side of chest sometimes up low right middle of left chest. Could it be the heart or something else? Dr told me my heart is okay after some tests

Chest pain from a heart attack lasts a while, right, not just like 5-10 minutes then gets better?

Chest pain internal and external with palpitations. Is it likely to be muscle problem or a heart problem? Also have neck, arm, back and leg aches.

Chest pain left side...Goes through chest & into arm.Get hot flash & dizziness....Am not overweight...31yo.Had a baby 10mths ago....Not active.Heart?

Chest pain, arm numbness, doctor did a physical and took BP and pulse. He said it's most likely a nerve pinch because my heart sounds well...

Chest pain, hearing palpitations in right ear, arms numb, left shoulder pain, skin turning red. Diagnosed with MVP/regurgitation. Is this normal?

Chest pain, radiating to arm, shoulder and side of neck but also into my tongue. Is tongue pain part of heart attack sign?

Chest pain/tightness, for the last 4 days. Comes and goes, when lying down pressure builds. No other symptoms. Mostly right side, not near my heart.

Chest pressure upper back pain cheek numbness and shoulder pain for over a week. Is it possible to have early earning signs if heart attack that long?

Chest tightness not heart related since checked by cardiologist. Have pinched nerve on left arm and it feels weak. Other reasons for this?

Clogged sinuses, chest tightness and a swollen lump on the side of my neck. Is this what is causing my heart rate to be 100 at rest to 150 walking?

Continuously getting sharp shootings pains in my chest. The left side.I'm 23 its really scaring me incase it's a heart attack please help?

Could anxiety or pannik attack give me pain in my left arm and chest? My arm hurts 30' and the pain appears out of the blue!

Could I have micro vascular angina? I'm 25 and when stressed or sometimes resting I have pain chest, left arm, jaw and neck and back. Can last all day

Could pain in the left arm be a side effect of a panic attack?

Could right heart catheratizations hurt?

Could sleeping on your left side cause heart pain to intensify?

Could you have tingling of the face or hands, plus chest pain, due to anxiety or should I worry about heart problems?

Could you tell me if we feel our heart areas like being stabbed/sharp pain, is that heart disease?

Describe how finger tingling and shoulder pain acts due to a impending heart attack.

Diagnosed (shoulder)bursitis.. Day later seeing and feeling a "heart beat" in front of shoulder? What is it? Its very uncomfortable, worry or not?

Dizziness, Nausea severe weakness pain in left side of shoulder, neck but no chest pain bp 144/89 w/bp meds heart skipping beats is this serious?

Do your chest hurts when you having a stroke?

Docsays heart is fine. Have anxiety causing chest pain & arm numbness. Also have esophagus probs. Can anxiety cause left arm burning? Indigestion?

Doctor's opinion? My mother told me she is having pain in her teeth, her neck and in her left arm and says it could be a heart attack?

Does a slight thickened left heart muscle cause weakness, pounding heart and fatigue?