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I've been having chest pain and abdominal pain and my breast having been hurting lately the same thing happened with my first child I didn't know ?

"Pinching"pain in the middle of breasts (chest) lasts for few seconds and then goes this is the 2nd time within 5 days . Could it be a heart problem?

1.Tightness back of head or side 2.One nostril block alternative 3.Middle chest pain sometime with no hurtburn could this be a gastro problem !

12 year old with intermittent chest pain, feels like his heart is hurting. Lasting for 20-30 seconds about 6-10 times per day for the last two days.

18 female 120lbs. Chest pain, crushing. Sharp pain in neck. Few days. On top that was beaten up. History of pain. Very nervous feeling. Scared. Help.

19 year old female. Heavy and tight chest pain for 20-30 minutes. Pain went to left shoulder and down the arm. Also present in lower back. ER needed?

19 yr old F, woke up at 7 am with severe sharp/stabbing pAin on left side of chest, lasted about 2-3 min, no other symptoms no drug use or smoking.

19y been diagnosed with esophagitis 1 month ago now having top middle chest pain again radiates to back, and fatigue, before that had lump feel in throat which is worse while exercising (gym)/eating?

2 nights ago i started throwing up violently and now I am having severe pain in my chest, specifically my right collar bone area. Is this from vomitin?

21, been v sick the past five months and cardiologist suspects pots. Recently been getting a lot of left arm aching. Why do pots sufferers get mostly left-sided arm pain and chest pain?

21. Bad pains in heart. Leads to on the floor, hard time breathing/throwing up. Now numbness under my left breast. Dont smoke. What could be wrong??

21yo female. Sternum pain relieved by burping. Comes and goes though out day had tests for heart condition and everything came back normal.

22 f currently suffer from anxiety I've had this dull pain underneath my left breast (a Little down) this is the 2nd could this be anxiety related?

22 weeks since C-section for 20 weeks constant burning between shoulder blades and chest bowel problems anxiety generally feel ill? Chest X-ray clear

23F, feel sometimes warmth in chest, very mild chest pain that comes and goes + feeling need to take deep breath once in a while. Related to heart?

25m, 6'2"feet 82kg, from 2 month felling something different in left chest and now from 10days continues mild pain in left arm and chest, please advice?

26 and have had a pain in my upper left chest area and arm whenever i take a deep breath. What could it be? Also suffer from major panic attacks.

26 yr old female, sharp pains come and go mid sternum. No med history other than hypothyroid.?

27 year old male. I have been having mild chest pain on my left chest whenever I am anxious/tensed/worries. It may last till am free minded. Normal?

2weak ago i whose in ER with sholder and chest pain they run test rule out heart but my pain is the same chronic sore to touch the left side and shoal?

30 F, obese. Having dull ache above/behind left breast off/on, few sec-min.Nothing Causes it, worse with anxiety/panic. Tests normal.Costocondritis?

33 M no maj med issues but feeling new pain all the time. In chest, shoulder, kidney, etc. tests by 2 docs show things are fine. Where to go from here?

42wf feeling discomfort 2mos below ribcage on the right, sitting down,taking deep breath.Now feel enlarged lymph nodes on the lowest rib! Iam scared!

55 female- nail fungus, lower back pain & stiffness, iritis, and chest pain- all this in 1 month-it's the chest pain that' scares me- what happening?

6wks progressive worse left arm, neck sholder severe nausea . Sob when gardening, or after meal. Ekg is clear 2wks ago. Embarrassed to bother md?

A 60 year old man has discomfort/pain when swallowing in the sternal notch area. It started abowut 1 month ago. Could you please give me the possible ?

A 64 yr old male enters the ER feeling pressure and pain in his chest that has spread to his left arm. What could happen?

A cramp like pain in upper right chest while running/ sprinting outside. Almost like a severe soreness. I take a daily asthma medicine.

A man of 30yrs comes with sudden onset of severe constricting pain in the back between scapulae later radiating to the central chest.How to manage?

A sharp needle like pain in the heart happens all of a sudden for a short time while no effort is done. No persistent dizziness. What could that be?

A year now I have had chest, shoulder, and even neck pain. But it mostly comes with gas. My doctor does not think its my heart but i worry. 21 & female?

About 1-2 times a week I get a stabbing pain in my left side under breast. It can be severe enough to not breath but only for maybe 10 secs. Normal?

After general anasthetic for knee op I woke with sharp pain in lung when breathing Lasted for 2 weeks. Xray was clear Should I worry, what causes this?

After h.pyroli treatment feel low rib with shoulder blade pain and feel full left side pain and bitterness in mouth,what test can I do next?

After i eat, get uncomfortable not severe pain iinside my armpit area upper right chest to my back, rapid pulse & loss of breath, what could this be?

All of the sudden my mom started having severe pain under both breasts. Could that be a sign of a heart attack? Also her stomach has started swelling.

Am 22 years old and have had chest pain the past 6 months and 2 months ago my left hand went numb and have limited use. However, all tests are normal.

Am curious to know if left arm and shoulder pain are caused of GERD. My father complains at times of this pain along with burps.thanks?

Am experiencing a pinching pain under the armpit spreading to the chest area. Have been doing yoga, thinking this might be the cause but not positive?

Am having severe pain on both shoulders and my left part of my chest up to my neck is stinging .What's happening.I took 2alevee and am still not gd.

Annoying ache in upper left breast.Not like a lump just comes on. Pain is 0-1. No short breath, no smoking/coughing ? Lung related? Serious? Cancer?

Are chest cramps serious? They have occurred on and off for several months on the left side. Never happens during exercise.

Are there habits that make chest wall pain more likely?

At dinner 1 horrible deep stabbing pain directly between breasts in the center of chest.5 seconds duration.Fear cardiac.PCP says heart ok.gas? Muscle?

At end of an angiogram i experienced severe pain in the upper chest. My cardiologist can't explain the cause. Mild pain persists a couple years later.?

At least once or twice a day i experience a tight dull pain near my heart. It's on my left chest. I'm worried b/c the pain feels like it's my heart.

Aware of chest pains in dream, woke up and they were real. How is this possible?

Back pain in middle section that makes me feel it in the chest ? Heart attack coming soon!?

Been exposed to black mold from my floors. Not sure if it could be in walls. Have sore shoulder and neck and heartburn & burping. EKG was fine.Worried?

Been having diaphragm pain that turns into chest pressure. Severe some days (rarely). Going to pcp but what are some dxs that come to mind?

Been having mild pains under left breast and heart burn that doesn't go away with medicine.

Been to heart specialist not diagnosed with anything after extensive tests. Weird crushing pain on right side of chest after sex. 3-4 times now. ?

BIG stab pain over heart. Felt like I would die.1 week of chest tingles and spread to arm. Been a month, stab pains in other areas now at random. Hel?

Blood work, EKG and chest X-ray good. Still have a burning, painful pressure left breast area that moves to the right breast area. Lasting 10-20 mins?

Blue nails, pain in chest/shoulder for months upon any sort of deep breathing. Can't sleep b/c of pain... Have lupus. Thank you?

Brief squeezing type chest pain center/left enough to cause clammy hands/feet likely be esophageal spasm rather than cardiac? Aches slightly after.

Burning in chest (not pains) no reflux and my heart beats faster when I get this burning sensation. What could it be. Comes and goes. ?

Burning pain in upper left chest area. Have had multiple ekg's amd doctor can't find anything wrong. 47 y/o wife.

Burning, tingling sensation under both sides of breast and coughing up mucus and blood. Chest is also hurting, already had x-rays what should I do?

Can an 18 year old have a heart attack? Ever since i was little, I have always had chest pain, sometimes i pass out, makes me dizzy, numbness in my left arm. The chest pain will last from a few seconds to 30 minutes, then goes away, however it happens mor

Can anxiety and stress mimic heartburn like pains? Son worries about this and says he feels something on the left side of his chest and thinks 2 much

Can anxiety cause actual pain in say chest or arm etc and can it last for hours?

Can anxiety/worry cause sharp pains in chest, especially middle part? At times feels sort of muscular. Pulled muscle another possibility?

Can cause irregular menstruation pain inthe center of the chest and in thearea between the shoulders, often painspread inthe left shoulder, rare inright?

Can chest wall pain refer to the jaw? I often get jaw/chin pain when my chest hurts due (presumably) to overbreathing. Docs have said my heart is okay but all i find for jaw pain is heart stuff.

Can costochrondritis cause general slight discomfort with stabbing pains that come and go. Tender to touch. Walk in clinic thought costobut didn't test?

Can esophagus spasms cause sharp left chest pain that takes breath away? also cause jaw pain and right arm pain? sinus pain? heart is clear from thurough testing and same with brain and spine. THanks

Can gas cause a little annoying pain in the center of your chest?

Can GERD give u body aches cuz both my arms hurt from the upper part no heart issues all my tests came out fine I have minor gastritis?

Can matress cause chest pain last few days ifelt chest pain after using new matres is it true that matress cause body pain i felt no pain on hard 1?

Can mild random brief pain in left lung area (backside) be a symptom of GERD? It's happend for 6-7 months now and only happens a few times per month

Can see my heart beat when I look at my chest. Mild discomfort in arm and armpit area no severe pain. I'm not thin , I'm scared. Ideas?

Can someone have long-term costochondritis and if so is there usually another underlying cause that should be addressed? It feels like my chest (left) pops when I move my arm a certain way.

Can stress be the cause of chest pain? Have pain since 1 year, had D3 deficiency now dr says everything is fine stress is causing pain.

Can stress cause a sudden quick sharp pain in the sternum that comes and go, or can it be related to a panic attack?

Can teenagers get an aortic dissection? For the last few months i've been having pains all over my chest, ranging from a small stinging to a tearing/clenching pain, normally in the center of my chest. Just recently i heard about aortic dissections, and

Can very bad stress and anxiety cause pain on the left side of your body under ribcage? ever since my anxiety got worse I got that pain

Chest & back pain; not heart related (already went to ER); focused on left side. Have trouble sleeping, additional anxiety; has lasted several weeks.

Chest aches on and off for few days not painful just ache 22yo female can heart attack last days ache doesnt change just stays the same?

Chest and arm pain. Doctor said it was due to GERD just wanted to make sure its been on and off for months.

Chest and back have been hurting my sternum is sore to the touch IV been to my doctor and she medically cleared me I have anxiety to what causes this?

Chest discomfort ; feeling in throat ;few days ago stinging nerve like pain along breast/chest/rib areas. any help greatly appreciated. thanks.

Chest pain comes and goes, same spot, always a twinge when stressed. Early or mild angina?

Chest pain in same spot everyday. Seems as if its right over my heart its a pinching type of pain. It's been ongoing for a year. Cardiac in nature?

Chest pain is more severe when I am stressed or exposed to cold weather. Doctors say it is costochondritis without examining me. Please confirm?

Chest pain middle right. Smoker. Diabetic (2), burning squeeze - comes in contractions. Thoughts?

Chest pain on left breast & underneath. It feels sharp @times. Went to ER, X-ray & blood work is fine. Burning sensation @times. Is it gas or muscular?

Chest pain on left side breast up under it and it comes and goes fit instance its bad when i drive a car could this just be aniexty stuck in my head?

Chest pain started 4 months ago, CT and xray were normal. Lately it's worse especially when lifting my young son. Could it be muscle related?

Chest pain when coughing or stretching, comes and goes spontaneously feels quite painful, feels on the ribs opposed to within the chest cavity?

Chest pain with breathing deep for 4 days. On day 5: stinging, pulsating pain in left chest lasting 2 hours since waking up, intensity 3/10. Gone without treatment. Could this be costochondritis ?

Chest pain, palpitations, shoulder pain, upper back pain. Done nothing stressful to my body. Should i be concerned? Been happening for 3 weeks.

Chest pain, particularly around breastbone&under breasts.Hurts to touch.PCP diagnosis costochondritis.I've had this 7x's in past year now. No reason.Chronic?

Chest pain,more like burning sensation on my left side just under my breast. Difficult breathing..should I be worried? am asthmatic for 11yrs now..

Chest pain/cramp in lower left breast area. I feel it through in my back too. nauseous as well. Idk if that is related. 21 and active. Heart related?

Chest pains i've had chest pains most of my life. No doctors ever paid attention to me about this. They kept calling it growing pains. Well i had turned 18 and said i'm done growing...Now what. They still didn't do anything. I had to wait until my 20

Chest sore when hunched laying on stomach. Have back knots come and go. Same in Triceps. Extensive cardiac workup besides cath. Normal. Meds dont reli?

Chest tightness for week.Normal EKG other than my regular inverted twaves. Seems like may be worse on empty stomach and sometimes pain under right rib?

Chest wall injury from car crash a week ago extreme pain in heart area when sneezing n hiccups. Whats wrong?

Chronic upper left back/chest pain and short of breath and nausea getting worse. My doctor said people get pain and to live with it , could be cancer?