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2 x today I've had a sharp pain that radiates from my upper left shoulder and chest all the way down my left arm hurts taking a deep breath lift arm?

2 years popping sound when moving right shoulder blade and pain which i also have in the right upper chest and arm and some burning feeling in chest?

21yo upper back&shoulder pain, chest pain left&right, left arm pain, leg/thigh pain, jaw& neck pain+ nausea&fatigue. For 1 week, Heart attack? Bmi 29

22y male, dull pain and ache only on left side chest, back, shoulder, neck and uper arm. No shortness of breath, nausea or dizziness. What's the dx?

23 years old chest pain and left arm hurting?

25 year old female. Left arm, shoulder and neck pain.Left chest near underarm pain. Dizziness and shortness of breath. Sweaty palms and feet?

26 yo female, having dull left sided chest and shoulder/arm pain, with occasional sharp pains. Had leg pain for 4 weeks, dr said no DVT (no ultrasound?

29 yr old female. Have been experiencing chest pain radiating into left arm, neck and back for almost a month. Could a Heart attack be coming?

A sudden chest, back and left shoulder and arm pain for about 30minutes. What is it? And should I see a doctor?

A sudden mild pain above left chest area?

A weak aching feeling in left arm And upper left side of chest by armpit. EKG and blood pressure was good and so was chest xray?

Again I have chest tightness but now with sharp pain in left jaw then neck then left upper shoulder then left arm pain come and go, normal ECG echo ?

Bad chest pains right in the middle of the chest. What could it be what should we do?

Been experiencing mild chest pain on left side near shoulder for 7 years. Doctor once said it was chest wall pain. Pain sometimes travels down arm. ?

Been having Sharp stabbing chest pains on left side on and off for weeks trouble breathing with them had Ekg and echocardiogram one year ago ok?

Bending down losing dishwasher.Pain in left chest and breast and pain in left shoulder blade.Only lasted a few seconds.Muscular?Cardiac?what is this?

Besides your heart, what can cause chest pain that radiates up the neck, shoulder blade and left arm?

Brief stabbing pains in left breast/chest. Some left should blade pain. Doc says heart is fine. Muscular?

Burning and stabbing pain in upper left chest. What could it be?

Burning pain in upper chest into left arm?

Burning pain in upper left chest, should I be concerned?

Burning pain on top of left breast where it meets chest.Doc says heart ok.Some upper back,shoulder, shoulder blade and arm pain. Ideas? Fear cardiac

Burning Pain over my right chest ?

Can a sting in the chest cause arm pain?

Can anxiety cause left arm pain?

Can anxiety cause pain in chest, arms and legs?

Can asthma cause some pains on the left side of the chest?

Can dehydration cause left chest pain?

Can lamictal cause chest pain and arm pain?

Can left chest pain when twisting the torso be heart-related?

Can upper back problems cause refered pain to shoulders, ribs and arms with pins and needles and slight heaviness in chest?

Cause of left side chest and back pain when breathing?

Chest heaviness and left shoulder blade pain or discomfort when I lie down?

Chest infection with left side chest pain?

Chest left pain, not sharp, left arm pain with back pain, dont have other simptons, what is this? I have Panic Syndrome :(.

Chest pain and pain in left arm--help me?

Chest pain and pain under right arm pit?

Chest pain for 5 days on left side, dull left arm pain, cold sweats, nausea, fatigue & back of head & neck pain. Heart attack?

Chest pain going down arm?

Chest pain in top left of chest what can it be?

Chest pain left leg & left arm aching ache?

Chest pain left pinky left arm pain occasionally hemp upper abdominal pain often breathless occasional dizziness.

Chest pain on left side when I lay down flat?

Chest pain on right and left side by arms and shortness of breath for 6 days normal blood pressure?

Chest pain when you lean to one side?

Chest pain, leg pain , shortness of breath, left arm pain, dizzyness, brushed lumpy rash on my arm ?

Chest pains for the last 4 days. Pain radiates straight through back & left arm. It is a dull, uncomfortable ache. EKG normal. What could this be?

Chest pains in left right and center ( not at same time ) last about 10 seconds , pains in arms, shoulders and under armpits EKG fine its scary!?

Chest pains upper right side above breast ache iin upper right arm too?

Constant chest pain and left arm numbness. What do I do?

Constant dull ache below left shoulder and left side of chest below pectoral. Improves with activity, is worse when resting. ?

Correction:pain near left collarbone and left side of upper abdomen below breast, shortness of breath, chills BP normal?

Could a heart attack be signalled by a left-sided chest pain radiating to back / shoulder blade?

Could a heart attack cause right side chest pain that radiates?

Could the knot in my leg be causing my chest pains?

Crampy pain under left beast,left side where lung, rib cage,neck shoulder,arm and hand, persistent cough?

Doc says I have costochondritis but my left arm aches so much in addition to chest pain. Why is this?

Doctors don't know what cause my chest pain and numbness and tingling in both my arms, chest and jaw. Any other doctors seen that before?

Does GERD cause left side chest pain?

Does pain in chest move from right to left with plueresy or do I possibly have an embolism .

Dull aching chest pain on right side chest tightness?

Dull/sharp pain in upper left side of chest above breast and into neck. Hurt worse to breath in?

Electric chest pain in upper left chest near arm pit every 5 minutes all day lasting about 1-3 seconds. Should i be concerned?

Feeling lots of pain in left side of chest when breathing?

Feeling lots of pain in the left side of my chest when i inhale?

Feeling lots of pain in upper arm help please?

Feeling muscle pain in left chest. Is it because of phlegm?

Five second pain across center of chest between breasts. Momentary pain above right breast. Upper back shoulder pain. Chest pain related or cardiac?

Fluttering Pulsing In top left chest area ?

Got chest pain and pain in left arm?

Have a pain in my left chest that won't go away what could it be?

Have a pain that starts off sharp pain on left side of torso under armpit then radiates down arm could this be heart related?

Have buzzing in left chest area?

Have chest & shoulder blade pain first on the left side now moved to the right side, sharp pain with deep breaths, went to e.R no heart attack?

Have had left sided chest pain that radiates to upper shoulder. Been bothering for 3 days and hasn't gone away. Muscle problem or heart issue?

Having a lot of pain n left arm and heart?

Having left shoulder pain with mild chest discomfort?

Having lower back pain, with chest pain in middle of chest and right side of chest.

Having pain in my upper right abdomen, shortness of breath with heart palpitations, pain in my back and neck/shoulder area.

Having pain in upper stomach / chest / arm. What could it be?

Having sharp pain in upper left chest, and tingling in left arm, what could that mean?

Hello, I am a 22 year old female and I have been suffering from sever chest pain which has gone into my armpit and left arm? Any ideas of what it is??

Hello, I have been experiencing a pain between my shoulder blade and the area of my chest towards towards my heart. ?

Hello, Im 32 years old female Ive been having chest and shoulder pain on my left side of my chest that travels to my left arm and to my face. What is?

Help, chest pain on right side of chest only. What to do?

Hey i have stingy pain upper left chest?

Hi Dr. I'm having chest pains from the middle of my chest to the left side of my chest. I haven't had much of an appetite lately. Can you help?

Hi i have a mild shooting pain on the very left side of my chest. Under the arm, its about 7 cm below my left armpit. It hurts everytime i breathe?

Hi I have been 2years with pain in my left chest by ribs, my left shoulder blade, under my collarbone on left side, fast heartbeat. Mri clear.Any ideas?

Hi I have been2years with pain left chest by top ribs, left shoulder blade and under collarbone on left side, fast heartbeat, MRI clear, any ideas plz?

Hi, Im 25 years old female. I have this pinching sensation on my left chest. There could be times that it migrated to the right chest. What is this?

Hi, I am 27 old. I have numbness in my left chest, is this something serious or normal?

Hi, I am 27 yo. I had a pain in my upper left chest to back for 2 days. If i move out my left hand and breath, i feel pain. What is it cause?

Hi, I have just started to have sharp pains run from my lower abdomen, up into the left of my chest and left hand side of my neck. ?

High bp, chest pain and short of breath. No wheezing, never smoked. Having a sharp stabbing pain under my right shoulder blade and pain, weakness, tingling in right arm. What should I do?

Horrible pain in upper left shoulder, numbness of left arm, mild upper chest pain. Also short of breath. What is it?

How can I tell what is the cause of pain in left arm and chest?

How can you tell the difference between muscle spasms in left back of chest and arms and heart pains in chest that run down arms?

How do I treat left arm pain that is without chest pain?

How do you treat chest pain and left arm numbness?