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Ihave pain under my right breast and radiates down my right arm and on the right side if my neck?

Ihave pain under my right breast and radiates down my right arm and on the right side if my neck?

40 f , pain right shoulder around scapula down right arm over deltoid and then to elbow , then pain right upper chest and swelling of the muscle . ?

6+ month been having sharp stabbing pain under right shoulder blade, accompanied with achey neck sometimes pain can last for few day to few

A week ago, i started having sharp pains below my left shoulder blade. Now it is all the way thru to my breastbone with slight numbness in my arm. ?

About once or twice a day I get a sharp pain in my back right below my right shoulder blade. It only lasts a second but I don't know why it happens?

Achey left shoulder pain. What to do?

Also have lots of abdomen pain. pain in left shoulder, and legs?

Back of left side of neck to my shoulder blade with pain and swelling. What could be the cause?

Back pain under shoulder blade that radiates around into chest behind breast on right side, right forearm pain...what is the cause?

Bad pain in upper left shoulder, numbness of left arm, with some mild upper chest pain? A shoulder injury?

Been having chest and shoulder pain on right side for three days or so worsen when moving it and its a aching pain?

Before priod I often left chest and left shoulder to back pain is that normal? My left shoulder and neck always pain anyway

Both foramina are severely narrowed, but right worse than left. But no right side pain. Only left shoulder blade & arm pain. How is this possible?

Burning back pain between the spine and the right shoulder blade. The pain extends through the right shoulder and down the right arm and elbow.

Burning in left side of chest. Pain left shoulder blade when i move my neck.

Burning pain around top of left shoulder blade. Should i see a doc?

Burning stabbing pain in between shoulder blades and spine down to mid back? Hurts on both sides but worse on left

Can angina be on your right shoulder and not on your left at all?

Can having the right shoulder lower than the left one cause neck 's muscle pain ?

Can heartburn or acid reflux cause pain in the left arm and upper left shoulder blade?

Can pain on lowest part of shoulder blades be lung cancer? Both right and left side dull ache

Causes for intermittent pain in abdomen just below breast bone through to the back and in the left shoulder blade?

Chest pain upper left side (hurts more with movement & exhale). Upper back of left shoulder pain too. Shoulder hurts more when pressed. Concern?

Cold feelinh sharp pains in left shoulder blade with pain in left arm as well ?

Continues pain in lower right shoulder blade what can be the cause?

Could be left shoulder aches be from deterioration or what?

Could my left sided neck pain be causing stabbing head pain and facial numbness? And left arm pain

Cramp in left shoulder area under/near shoulder blade. Pain felt when arm is moved in a way that also moves shoulder.

Deep ache, sharp pains in arm from hand to all sides of shoulder for 2 months (started in hand, moved up) stabbing pains in shoulder blade. Cause?

Does pain from pancreatic cancer exhibit itself in the middle of the back, or can it be on my left side right below the shoulder blade?

Dull chest pain deep behind left breast, radiates to back of shoulder blade, chills with pain, occurs at night too me.Ideas?

Dull neck pain in the back of the neck on the right side where shoulder meets. Sharp pain when swallowing in that area.

Experiencing sharp pain under back of left shoulder blade when inhaling. What could this mean?

Fell back on ice 3 months ago on left side shoulder blade. Now bad shoulder pain inside, when dropping shoulder, moving back & pain above left breast?

For the past 3 weeks i have been having pain radiating from my shoulder down my right arm. It is worse when i lie down. What could be the cause?

Gallbladder? Pain under right rib area radiates to side and back, back right shoulder, collarbone pain with loss stool? Please advise what it could be

Have chest pain when i breath and shoulder and neck pain all on the right side its sharp pain .

Have left arm and back pain?

Have left arm shoulder and back pain. What can I do to relieve it?

Have pain radiating from left mid rib to back under left shoulder blade?

Have persistent pains in my right shoulder after dislocating my right arm a long time ago?

Have right upper rib pain with arm pain/armpit. And right side of face what can it be?

Have sharp shooting pain from shoulder to neck it come and go's for the last week?

Having horrible arm pain from my shoulder down to my elbow on my right side. What could be causing this?

Having jaw pain by ears & little pain in ears, pain up by left shoulder & in back of left shoulder blade. have occasional headaches. what could it be?

Having on & off sharp shooting pain under left breath through shoulder blade, only lasts for split second but I am worried..

Having pain in upper abdomen and left side of shoulder when I breathe in. What could it be?

Having server pain from under both my shoulder blades right down to just under middle of my back?

Having severe pain on the upper right part of my back, chest and neck radiating to my left shoulder. Should I be worried?

Having shoulder neck back ache on rt side for months. Could it be heart disease? It's not pain just dull achy.

Having upper back pain bt shoulder blades with swelling under my left shoulder that goes down to the side of my rib with some swelling on my chest. ?

Hello, ihave been having very sharp pains in my left shoulder blade that shoots up to my heart. Should i be worried?

Hello, my father says that he experienced pain in his shoulder blades and it ran underneath his rib on the left side. What is this?

Hey my 50 year old female friend woke up with random shoulder blade pain. Right between the scapula.

Hi for the last few weeks I have had a constant ache just under my shoulder blade at the top of my ribs on the left side i factured them two years ago?

Hi I have pain in my right shoulder blade back pain neck and boob and down my right arm and finding it hard to breath and leg pain ?

Hi i want to ask u if pain at left shoulder that radiates when exercising is due to what cause?

Hi woke up today sharp pain on shoulder blade left side going down by my ribs. What do you think can it be muscle related if its on shoulder blade ?

Hi, I've been having sharp pain in the upper right hand side of my chest that radiates thru my back, should I see a Dr? I've had it for 4 days now

How can I fix my left shoulder pain?

How can you relieve upper left arm pain?

How do I figure out why I have pain in right shoulder?

How do I find out why i'm having pain in my right shoulder?

How do you treat pain in back left beside the shoulder blade upper back?

How normal would it be for my right shoulder to be lower than my left?

How to cure the shoulder muscle pain ...I had a pain on right side and back side shoulder muscle?

Hurting under left shoulder blade tingling in center of back pain in top left ribcage that goes under my left arm.

I always hv pain in my left shoulder.Back side.?

I am 40 years old. I have pain in my left shoulder.

I am 67. For some days now I have been experiencing some pains in my upper right arm to the neck, and my right ribs. What can I do ?

I am currently having a shoulder pain almost everyday. The pain locates at the my upper back at my right shoulder.

I am experiencing shoulder pain, and a lump on the shoulder that I can feel?

I am experiencing pain between my shoulder blades with pain in my upper right.What is there?

I am experiencing pain in my right shoulder blade. It first started on my right side in the front, then the pain moved to the back shoulder blade. ?

I am feeling an odd sharp pain on back and shoulders, what do I do?

I am having a sharp pain on my right iner shoulder?

I am having dull collarbone pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain on the right side. Hurts to cough as well.

I am having occasional shooting pain down my shoulder to my hand on my right side. What could this be?

I am having pain in my left shoulder and I am on my period. What could it be?

I am having pain in my lower and upper right side(up under my ribs) + severe pain in my right shoulder blade. What should I do?

I am having shoulder pain it was in my left and now it's my right only. ?

I am having twitching in my back area on my left hand shoulder blade base and sharp pains there?

I been having pain on and a tightnes in the left side of my back , and pain and numbnees in my left leg and now numbnees in my left arm . Can you help?

I did nothing, but have sudden left shoulder and back pain?

I fell and fractured my rib three days ago. This a.M i woke up and had a different pain sharp pains in left side of chest radiating to back shoulder?

I get pain that shoots from my right shoulder down my arm. What could that be?

I get random pain under my left breast on my rib cage off and on. I also have a pain upper left back between spine and shoulder blade. Related?

I got this chest pain which is dull and is to the left side and pain radiates to my hands and shoulder?

I had a pain in right shoulder blade for the last 6 weeks that has become worse. Now i feel some pain , in top of right arm and middle of back?

I had some irritation at the back just below the left shoulder .its not a pain .sometimes i feel its on the left portion of the chest.

I have a burning pain in my right clavical?

I have a burning pain in my right shoulder that radiates to the base of my neck?

I have a burning pain right underneath my right shoulder blade, what could it be?

I have a burning pain that goes from the right side of my neck into my shoulder what can cause this, it's been going on for a month?

I have a burning pain under my right shoulder blade and right side of my neck that makes my right arm ache what's wrong?

I have a chronic pain in my neck, more on the right side stretching down to shoulder, back & right arm?

I have a discomfort in the middle of my left shoulder for 5 months what could ice do?

I have a dull ache in my shoulder and it shoots down my lefy arm I do not have any chest pain though

I have a dull ache in my upper right arn shoulder and shoulder blade the ache comes and goes ?