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A symptom of gallstones is pain under the right rib. Is that pain supposed to be closer to the sternum?Pain I feel in my ribs is closer 2 my forearm.

Have a pain on my left upper side by my rib cage. It came on all of a sudden last night Any movement makes the pain worse and cant lay on that side?

I had a pain in my rib area on my left side it went away now i noticed that sometimes when I lie down it feels like my ribs are overlapping what is?

I had a section 2 Years ago and Have been getting pain in left side of belly and under rib cage that moves in to my side and into the back of My rib ?

I was diagnosed with several ovarian cysts on my left side. Last night I had severe pain on upper left quadrant. Dr says this was strained rib cage?

pain in my lower rib cage like a band around my stomach radiating into my right chest behind my breast and into my back I have no gallbladder .

pain under my left rib every now and then and it's painful and this morning I moved to get out of bed and sharp pain on left side is it lung cancer ?

Right sided pain that stabs under my rib cage and goes achy to my right lower abdomen.And stabs into my back.Very painful.What can it be?

"20 yr old pain in upper left rib cage. There is semi hard lump, does not move.Hurts when laying on right side or sitting.Had it for about 3 or 4 yrs?

1 1/2 months ago i had lung biopsy on my left upper and lower lobes. A few weeks ago, I have been feeling pain under the left lower rib cage.

1 week postpartum & I have pain on my left side right below my ribs. It stabs and burns when i move. Is it a torn muscle?

1. Luq pain around meal times gets aggravated with movement if i sit for sometime it goes away. 2. Pain where left lower rib cage contact with stomach 3.Pain below left shoulder blade ?

10 weeks pregnant and have bad pain in my ribs on the right side. Why?

11pm severe indigestion pain under breastbone 2 hrs moved to the right then moved to shoulder blades, total 5 hrs pain could it be anything wrong?

16 y/o female. I recently had surgery for scoliosis. For the past few days I have had a pain around my right ribs. Hurts more when I lay down. ?

16, the left side of abdomen area hurts below my ribs and toward my stomach. It hurts to breathe and move. What does that mean?

1wk post-op (lap gallbldder rmvl), i'm having sharp, intense pain under right rib cage only relieved by reclining on my left side. What is this?

2 months ago I had two pieces of my rib removed on back. I am now feeling sharp, burning pains along side of my rib. Pinched nerve? What Can I do?

2 months has passed, been experiencing right side abdominal pain & stiffness between my rib cage and my hip bone, menstrual bleeding also?

21 weeks pregnant and have had constant pain under ribs on the right side for 4 days now, nothing relieved it.

21 year old daughter with shoulder pain and neck pain and her right ribs slightly sticking out with a slight swelling just below her right rib cage. ?

21 year old who when she sits back in a chair feels like her ribs is sticking out. Slight discomfort and pain and slight swelling below right rib cage?

23y/o after bwl mvmnt sharp stabbing pain area of xiphoid below sternum. Hurts more bndg over or coughing. Ideas? E/r?

26 yr old male with intermittent pain below left rib cage? What can it be.

33 female pain on the right side of abdomen just where the ribs end. Pain only occurs during sex. What could it be?

37 weeks pregnant and having constant pain under left boob in the rib area any idea what it could be?

43 yro female w/o gallbladder. Pain under right shoulder blade, right rib cage and lower quadrant worsened by eating.

43 yro woman, history of abdominal pain. Pain under right shoulder and right rib cage worsened by eating, bowel movements and painful deep breaths.

44 year old woman has pain in back and under left rib cage. Pain worsens when laying down. Duration for approximately one week.?

46 yr old F. have pain under left rib cage& left side .Heavy feeling in lower stomach &pressure on rectum. Believe i have hernia. can be that or?? TY

48 hrs of sharp pain upper left side under ribcage. About 3 inches left of diaphragm. Regular bowel movements. Pain worsens with deep breaths. Help!!

7 yr old son w/pain in right testicle and lower rib cage....Doesn't complain during the day but cries in pain at night. Can a hernia worsen at night?

A blow to the upper right abdomen just beneath the rib cage, pain is mild and constance, the pain increases when I bend over or lay down going 2years?

A few days ago i had some abdominal pain and it was so bad i couldnt sleep. Now im having a sharp pain on my right side under my rib cage. Help?

Abdominal distention all organs feel crushed against ribs, feel full, flank and lower back pains, feels like something is wrapped round lower left rib?

Abdominal pain upper left. Directly down from front of left rib cage.

Abdominal pain with the feeling of nausea wen pushed on pain along the rib cage and in the middle below sternum but normal blood work-ultrasound?

Ache in lower ribs but only at night? Don't have any conditions

Aching burning pain under rib cage. What can I use for this?

Aching pain around the lower area of my right rib cage, and also pain a few inches away from my right hip. Had glbldr surgery in mid-Feb. ?

Achy pain right between right hip and bottom of rib. Woke me up at night. What could it be?

Acute pain under right rib cage shoulder becomes worse when lying down?

After an intense massage I am having major rib cage pain. I have fm but never with rib cage pain. It's been 3 wks. No better. Is this a part of fm?

After reaching to grab something, felt a sharp pain in chest. The pain is on left side, 3rd rib. Sticks out & feel some swelling. What could this be?

All day today every time i belch i get this sharp pain on my right side below my rib (not front or back just the side). A year ago, normal ruq us. Why?

Am 23, an alcoholic, i had this strong pain on the left side of my body near my chest its been three days, pain is almost gone ? Under my ribs now?

Am getting stabbing sharp pains under left rib cage followed by back pain and stomach cramps x?

Am having bearable pain over the left side of my last rib rib onand off in front near to my central rib.May i know what could this be...Its bearable a?

Annoying chronic tender pain on RUQ area or below right side rib cage what could it be?

Any advice? I have noticed that my left rib cage, bottom right of it sticks out more than my right rib cage. So is this normal?

Any reason why am i having pain under my rib cage after sex?

At the start of the week i had a dull pain in the middle of my right rib cage and now it's severe . I might have fell over drunk?

Attacks of pain in right anterior rib cage and right sided neck pain.Pain is sharp and seems to be alleviated by pressing with fingers at about the c1area?

Back Pain on right side radiates to the front lower rib area. Hurts when I breath or cough. Hurts to lay down even.

Back pain when i breath in on both sides under rib cage?

Bad back pain on left side that goes around to my front side under breast. Feels like it's under rib cage. severe pain?

Bad upper back pain beside the boobs under the thorax on the ribs what could it be ? ( both sides)

Been having abdominal pains. I recently had an umblical hernia surgery and an appendectomy. Sharp pains right after my right rib cage. It feels lumpy?

Been having pain in my upper left ab near rib cage that comes and goes, is sharp. I have gastropatesis, could this be related to my gastroparesis?

Been having sharp pain on top of my rib cage , just below my armpits . What can it be ??

Been having sharp pains that come and go in my upper left ab just under the rib cage. I have gastroparesis, pain has been for a few days. Make appt?

Best way to describe it is flank pain but i only feel it when i move. And its from the bottom of my left rib to around my buttocks. Been sore for days?

Bloated stomach and pain under my rib cage towards my back on the right side, possible causes?

Bloated, diarrhea 2-8 times a day, pain under right rib, constant shortness of breath, chest burning & pressure, upper right back & between shoulders.

Both of my sides hurt near my rib cage when i move. What could be the cause?

Both sides under ribs are sore. What can I do?

Bothering burning sensation pain on both sides around rib cage, sometimes and around were kidneys are at too but no infection. Can urinate better now.

Breathing hurts in rib on left side what's wrong ?

Bruise on bottom right stomach along with pain under rib?

Bulge and pain on front left ribs, what could it be?

Bump on right side below collar bone with pain and right shoulder hurts. What is this?

Burning in lower abdominal left side below rib cage when bent over why is this what's wrong?

Burning, stabbing pain behind left breast, in left rib cage, upper left back. Over a week now. Slightly worse when I inhale.

Busted rib type pain in left side?Hurts to breath

Can a dislocated rib cause abdominal pain?

Can a gallbladder problem give one pain in the back lower thoracic ribs with movement plus mild pain under front right rib?

Can a heart problem cause you to feel pain on your left side in between the waist and ribs?

Can a hernia cause pain underneath the left ribcage?

Can a hiatal hernia cause pain and fullness under your sternum or breastbone right where your upper abdomen begins center of your ribcage ?

Can a hiatal hernia cause pain under left ribs& side? It hurts often but sometimes only when cough & I have a lump on each side of my ab muscles.

Can a lipoma in your back cause pain that also feels like a fullness in your abdomen on the left under rib cage

Can a messed up rib muscle or abdomen muscle cause abdominal pain ? & maybe even a swollen rib ?

Can a tumor on the rib cage in the back cause a referred pain in the abdomen on the same side?

Can a UTI and constipation cause sharp pain under the rib cage on the upper right side to the shoulder? Also hurts to breathe and lay on back.

Can achalasia cause severe charliehorse like pain under lower rt rib close to sternum? Rt shoulder & back pain as well?

Can acid reflux cause upper left abdominal pain above the rib cage? It's worse after eating but it hurts all day. If not then what can it be?

Can an external abdominal oblique strain cause rib and back pain?

Can anxiety cause side rib pain?

Can back/muscle pain wrap around to the front ribs?Could it be my gallbladder? Had CT month ago no stones.Or my gerd?Achey sometimes stabbing/burning

Can burning pain under left rib cage front due constipation?

Can chostochondritis cause swelling ? And maybe abdomen pain ?

Can chronic appendicities cause rib pain like pain on my ribs or can that be due to my right sided intestine inflammation ?

Can chronic gastritis cause pain in rib cages and around the back area and hurt when breathe. Makes you crouch over for relief?

Can constipation cause a slight pain at the bottom of the right rib cage? When i get constipated i get a little pain there and on the side as well.

Can constipation cause pain in my upper left area under my ribs? I can't eat without having pain. Pain comes in waves and spreads through stomach.

Can constipation cause pain under the right rib cage? Im a bit constipated and the pain comes & goes beneathe my right rib. Please help. All tests neg

Can costochondritis cause rib pain all over? My ribs always feel sore! They hurt when pressing on them and my ribcage always feels achy.

Can costochondritis cause side pain like pain on my side ribs ?

Can costrocondritis cause pain in the whole ribcage, not just the sternum? Should it be checked to make sure its not something else unrelated?

Can doctors tell me what does sharp pain under the right side rib cage mean?