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! I do repetitive work with my right arm. Hve pain in my right shoulder/collar bone and in 1 side of my breasteast/chest could this b pectoral muscle?

12 days ago, i started having left-sided back, side and chest (bottom of breast to bottom of rib cage) paresthesia. Pa-c ruled out shingles. What could it be?

12 yr old male has baseball size protrusion on right side of chest , between nipple and collar bone . No pain or other symptoms.

21 yr female having pain under my left breast near top of rib cage. Hurts to get in/out of bed. What could this be from and anything i can do to help?

21 yr old female been getting a sharp, stinging pain in the middle of my chest & slighty to the left at the edge of my breast. i have GERD. worryorno?

23yo female. Why does the top of my chest hurt when i touch it?

24 F with pain under left breast and to the side, maybe in ribs, tender to touch. More pain when slouching. Been going on a year. What could it be?

25yrs old - sharp pain on the left side of my left breast. Hurts even if you put pressure on it or massage it.

26yr. Chest pain on left side and almost in middle of chest above beast, over a hour now ?

27 y/o f. 2 months now on and off 1 second chest pain feels sharp pinchy in localized spot top of l breast, tight muscles upper back. 4 ekgs normal?

28/f random stabbing/shootung pains in my upper chest above right breast area?

29 y/o f w/dull ache under left breast. If i press on the area it is very tender &feel like its on my heart for a few weeks. What could this be?

3 days ago, i woke up with pain on left side of back (just above hip) when breathing in. It's spread to whole left of torso inc breast, armpit etc.

3 minute prickling/burning pain. Left side of upper rib cage under breast & pain in the bottom of left breast . Constant worry of cardiac issue.

3 year long soreness and uncomfortable feeling around the left shoulderblade, pectoral, lower ribs. What do you suggest?

36f and am experiencing discomfort on the side of my left breast and left arm numbness. I had augmentation in 2008-this is just now starting. Help?

36yr male, found a lump below rib cage on my back, left side about 3-4 inches from my spine and closer to my side. No pain and under skin. What is it?

41 y/o female with pain in upper part of left side chest that comes and goes and under armpit.Should i be concerned?

6 year old having pain on her left side chest area. Should i be conserned? What are some of the possibilities?

Am having pains in my left arm and also pains on my left side close to my breast. What could it be?

Around my left breast aches frequentley. Sometimes on my right one too. Around the back and underneath and middle under the skin. What could it be?

Been having a fluttering feeling in the center of my chest on the right side lower breast upper abdominal area.

Bruise like pain when pressed, under very left side of left breast, more under armpit. I'm a lefty and use left hand to left majority of things. ?

Burning pain in left shoulderblade. Comes around just below armpit and into left chest/breast. Doc says heart is fine. Muscular?

Burning sensation in my right breast, just at the boarder near the sternum. Facing me, it would be at the 1 to 3 on the clock. What causes this?

C-sec 9wks ago feeling discomfort/tenderness on right side of scar and around that area when I press on it is that normal?

Can fatty cysts be painful? Mine is tennis ball size by left scapula; have constant left back pain & occasional left chest pain.

Can gassiness/acidity give you chest pain that extends to armpit area connecting to your chest/breast?

Can not having the right bra support for your boobs hurt your chest?

Chest bone hurting on the left side in a 21 year old guy what can be the causes ?

Chest pain center under left breast. Hurts to breath and when pressure applied? Came on suddenly.

Chest pain starts out inbetween breast bone now at the top of my breast in the center of ny chest feeling weird and gettin pain my left arm it comes and goes also feels like I can't brea?

Chest pains localized Left side top of breast. Worse when pushed on. Shoulder sore and tight muscles around shoulder. Cardiac?

Costochrondritis how do u tell? Burning pain under right breast yesterday ribcage sore everywhere randomly today even on backside

Could fibromiyalji causes pain in the chest ribs when pressed.I feel pain when i press on especially those under &on both sides of my breast.What's it?

Could use your help docs! my chest is sinking in in the middle between my breasts?

Could you please help me? I have bewn hurting in my right side about 4 days. Today im hurting in my chest above both my breast and my sternum is popping

Crushing pain on right side of chest (pectoral area to armpit) worsened overnight. Radiates to back more now. Same area and near spine? Help?

Deep intense pain in chest above right breast near armpit. Two yrs. Getting worse. Seat belt injury badly bruised rt breast. 2 1/2 yrs ago. Why pain.

Did ab workout 2 days ago.Dull ache top ribs under breast and sternum.Ache increases to touch.Heart related or pulled muscles?

Directly below my clavicle on the right side above the breast I have a hard mass. No pain, no other symptoms. What could this be?

Discomfort on right hand side of ribs in line straight down from armpit and just below bra line when sitting. Had noticeable for about two weeks.

Dull ache from left breast area sometimes right breast area. Started last week on and off. Breathing good, blood pressure good.

Dull pain in lower right abdomen, cough, shortness of breath, and also found a small lump on left testicle. What could it be?

Dull pain on and of about two inches below my collar bone. On my left breast, it comes and goes some days.

Dull pain under left collar bone, slight lump in same area. Im also having an issue with my left arm, feels slow an hard to move. Chest feels heavy.

Every now and then I have light pains on the top of my chest, above my breasts, right and left side. Is this something to be concerned with?

Experiencing muscle spasms under left breast diaphragm area as well as tenderness in back of upper left back, with a lot of burping.Lung congestion to?

F/57 deep dull pain on my left breast on the the right side. what can that be?

Feel small sharp pains throughout body. Come and go, in hand or shoulder or near heart area. In chest and right side as well.. What's wrong with me??

Feeling a pinch in my left breast?

Feeling a stinging pain in the middle of my left breast under the collar bone.

Feels like I have a big knot in middle of chest,hurting under left breast and shoulder have acid reflex could that be what's wrong?

Feels like left side of throat is swollen. Travels to lung area not sure if it is the lung or rib cage, but there are random periods of sharp pain?

For 3 days now i've had pains in the center of my chest that spreads to my left side near the top of my breast. It feels like food is stuck. Help!

For the past few days I have been having a pain around the area of my heart and under my left breast..what is it?

Get pain under my breast bone on the left side it is sharp that last between s few seconds and a few minutes?

Good day doctor, please any time i touch my left side chest (down the breast) flesh, i feel some pain not inner but from the flesh, please what can I do?

Good morning for long time pain in my scapula area and and left side of my upper chest sore to tuch muselbiopcey on monday I don't know what the looking for?

Got sore knot feeling discomfort under left to middle breast bone. Top of tummy. Gurgles at times. What could this be?

Had a bulge & pain with lasting tingling on my left side rib cage in frontright under my breast. It feels like it will happen again. What could it be?

Hard bony lump on 2nd rib near sternum right side after 8mnths its moved over my sternum as well. Chest and back pain along w/ shoulder and arm pains.

Have a lump on right rib cage under breast. When I feel if it it sends a sharp pain from there to my back. Could it be a muscle. Also sore shoulder.

Have had a dull pain on left side of my neck for 7 days. 4 days ago i noticed a small cluster of 6 blisters right in the middle of chest. Shingles?

Have had dull abdominal discomfort on left side near stomach/ribcage for 2 weeks. Found a spot on my ribs under breast: is sore and tender to touch?

Have serious pain left outer chest ribcage about even w/nipple. Hurts when i lie on my left side. Radiates up into shoulder and down arm. Not cardiac, per stress echo. Getting worse. Any ideas?

Having a random twitch in chest area about the bottom left side of the right breast. Is it something serious?

Having dull pain in the far upper left 1/4 of my chest above nipple close to armpit/shoulder.hurts when I inhale and press on it.cause for concern?

Having heavy pressure on upper right breast from 0 to 10 about 6-7. Right arm feeling sensation?

Having muscle spams in left chest area above breast close to arm pit. Doesn't hurt unless I touch it. Also on my period right now.

Having pain in my neck and my shoulder (left) and both my armpits like the top of my breast it feels like a pulled muscle but its not what is this?

Having pain in right center breast and top of back had a chest ray good a mamagram good ..could this be a muscle strain?

Having pain in upper back behind left breast when i turn round to the left. What to do?

Having pain just below ta left breast inside ta chest?

Having pains from wrist up to shoulder and armpit joining the breast on the right side . A few chest pains but have a chest infection at the min ?

Having sharp pain like needle poking in my ribcage below my left side breast, sometimes in breathing.?

Heart related or not? I have mild chest pain it suddenly hurt. When I press the point it hurt it is located in the ribs upper left nipple.

Heavy feeling on chest hard to breathe. Sharp shooting pain by my breast almost underarm pit on both side sharp pain in both knees thigh and calf?

Hello dotors hi my left side of my ribs are sore and my musel in chest is sore and my sholder blade area is sore and i, m in so much pain heart is ok

Hello i have pain in breast area and side of left breast swollen. Back pain as well. I have been wearing tight bras but still doesnt explain back pain?

Hello, I have chest pain in the middle between breasts and my right arm is also paining. What should I do now?

Hi doctor I've s swelling on left hand side of my body just under rib cage which is sore all over that area ?

Hi Dr. I feel from time to time a discomfort "localized" pain in my forearm and left side chest. Could you explain me difference in gym injury or othe?

Hi I am a 25 year old female with bruising underneath my breasts near my ribs with slight pain every now and then in that area. Do you possibly know what that could be from?

Hi im 26 years old female... i hav dull ache in my left armpit that sometimes goes towards side chest n sometimes towards arm. There are no lumps?

Hi im 28 years old and i've been having pain on my left side near my breast and rib cage. I also have a whole bunch of unexplained bruises around that?

Hi im a male 31 complaiming of a dull pain in my left upper arm the last few weeks. No lumps. Had a torn muscle near this area few months ago.

Hi im anthony im 16 years old and im having chest pains on the left side of my breast near arm pit. Also suffer from anxiety. What could it be?

Hi there, I have been having pain in my right breast everytime I lift my arm. its been 2 weeks and left breast does sometimes too. Is this a serious symptoms?

Hi ya, I have very sore armpits an my ribs around my side an tops of my breasts what would this be. Thanks?

Hot skin on lower right back, swollen glands on both sides of groin, left neck, and left side rib cage centered and parallel to nipple, cold fingers?

How do I know if the pain i feel in the left side of my chest underneath breast is precordial catch syndrome?

How do you treat pain above left breast and near the top of shoulder.?

How would you describe a cancer lump in the chest on men? My left chest feels different in internal mass than the right one. I am 20 years old male

I am 17 and for a few months I have noticed an aching pain in my left armpit and side of my breast, moving into of my ribcage? Is this serious?

I am 23 years old and have been having chest pain beneath and on my left breast (and on my left arm) for almost 3 months what can it be?

I am 42 female diognosed with COPD,but recently I have had a dull pain under my left breast and on the left side of my breast and sometimes radiates a?

I am 55 yrs old have had a pain under my breast on my ribs when i rub it i can feel it through my back same place . What could it be. ?

I am experiencing chest pain or discomfort (side: both) (worsened by: applying pressure on the chest) , breast tenderness to touch, red spider vei...

I am experiencing pain on the left side of my rib cage right under my left breast, so far it hasn't stopped for two days, I haven't done anything physical in order to pull a muscle, what should I do?