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i have history of PTB. now days afb not seen, chest, shoulder joint & back side of chest pain. what i do?

Wake up with shortness of breath chest discomfort burning squeezig center of chest spreads to arms.

1 5 second stabbing pain in sternum during intercourse.No other symptoms.Now pain in chest above right breast.Fear cardiac.PCP says heart ok.ideas?

12 yr old female chest pain, ekg, xray, blood all normal. Chest pain comes & goes, no reflux, what can it be?Er doc said plersury, but nothing on xray

2 ekg's came back normal but still having chest pain. No shortness of breathe stabbing feeling.

2 marble size lumps in abdomen and pain near my rib with shortness of Breath. Is it cancer or anxiety?

20 year old female who's drank nothing but soda since age 7. I have shortness of breath, burning chest pain & pain under right rib. Gallbladder? Help!

20yr/Ath. Tight chest sharp at times, back pain. Pain below sternum. Freq belching. Doc says Esoph Spasms? Echo, EKG and CXray normal. Angina a worry?

21/F Eval for chest pain full work up and echocardiogram all was clear but have sharp pain under my left breast and then after gone full chest pain?

25F with on and off chest pain near my sternum.. Random onset. 3/10. If I press on chest or stomach I can feel heartbeat. Whats going on?

31 yr. f chest pain left arm pain for 3-4 mins. chest feels tight or if something is in chest. second time in 3 days. last EKG 9 months ago was fine?

4 days of intermittent stabbing chest pains. On right side of sternum, sometimes left. Sometimes in my throat. No SOB. Went to dr, they gave me nexium (esomeprazole). No EKG. No chest X-ray (Do I need one?)

42 yr old female, been having tightness in chest over 24 hrs with pain between shoulder blades. Pain in chest comes and goes. Shortness of breath. ?

5 second left breast/chest & center of chest sensation.Not pain, more of an ache or fullness. Muscular?Esaphogeal?Cardiac? Constant cardiac anxiety.

9/10 chest pains everyday twice a day no SOB radiates to neck Cause?

Abdominal pain, bloating and cramping with pain in my chest cavity. What is causing this? Clear chest xray and good breathing evaluation...

After bloody sputum ,nothing was really found on the chest xray, im feeling pain in my left shoulder and left chest is this related to any heart prob?

After a nights sleep, I have a nagging pain in the middle of my chest where my pigeon chest protrudes. I am worried about this.?

Athletic, 50, male. Chest pain what could it be?

Bad chest pains in a 24 year old girl?

Been having chest pain off and on for the last 4 years at the sternum area. Hurts to press on the sternum and SOB that I think is related to anxiety ?

Been having mild chest pains on and offf for about three weeks and like stinging chest pains across my chest?

Been having these one second sharp pains in the center of my chest.Its over fast.Had some palpitations on and off for months.Ekg/xray normal?

Been to er for chest pain, ecg ,blood's ,xray all fine,still having chest and middle back pain.Any idea what could cause my on going chest pain ?.

Been to ER many times with chest pain ,last was 2weeks ago, ECG , bloods, chest xray all normal, still having central pain, any idea what it could be?

Burning armpits, spine and chest , fever?

Can you get costochronditus without chest pain?

Can a UTI cause chest pain , specifically under the breastbone/sternum?

Can anxiety cause back and abdomen pain? I also have a hiatal hernia could this cause sharp chest pain? All heart test came back normal.

Can asthma cause pain in the middle of the chest?

Can blood donating give you chest pain?

Can fibroids cause pain in middle of chest?

Can levothyroxine cause chest pain?

Can merional cause heaveness chest( chest pain) ? Or no relation?Please i need your help

Can MVP causes chest pain?

Can my smart port cause me to have chest pain when i lady down?

Can pericarditis cause pain in mid of chest rad. To rignt shoulder and right upper back? history of pericarditis/ pleurisy. Sleeping in recliner. Sle.

Can poor posture cause chest pain? I'm 22. I've had pain in my shoulders and chest. I got a cardiac workup and it was normal. What can I do?

Can sarcoids in the chest cause pain I have been told I have sarcoids and my chest feels sore at times ?

Can sinus chest pain give you chest pain like a collapsed lung? Chest xray came back.Good

Can syphilis cause chest pain ?

Can teens have angina? I ben having chest pains for a year now sometimes more severe than others. I had at least 3 normal chest xrays. Hurts when flex

Can unsuitable bra cause chest pain?

Can't sit w/o having chest pain/tightness in middle of chest n left side of ribcage near heart. Also have shortness of breath and dysapnia?

Causes of chest discomfort im a 23yo female?

Centre chest pain 24 female anxiety sufferer ?

Chest discomfort. Need to burp but can't. Chest feels compressed. Male, 42 years old.

Chest neck and left arm pain that comes and goes for over 2 weeks. Have had EKG blood work chest xray all normal. Pain is stabbing last sec at a time?

Chest pain 2 weeks Got worse with naproxen now on indomethacin had EKG blood tests & chest xray all normal. pain on left side worse when lying down

Chest pain 24 female aniexty sufferer?

Chest pain after being squeezed, is this really worrying?

Chest pain after chest tube removal?

Chest pain after wrestling with my friend. Could this be an inury?

Chest pain and popping in between lungs, hernia or something else?

Chest pain at 51 yers old. Why do my docs ignore me?

Chest pain everywhere almost all the time. What could be wrong?

Chest pain in middle and upper chest, arms, jaw, ribs and neck. Been going on approx 6-9 Mos. not sore to touch. Ekg/bloodwork normal.

Chest pain in the middle of the chest--what do I do?

Chest pain off and on for the last 2 years. Who can I talk to?

Chest pain on right side of chest, pain when breathing esp. deep breathes, ER ruled out pulmonary embolism, what else could be the cause of this pain?

Chest pain out of nowhere. Can it be a dislocated rib or a collapsed lung?

Chest pain r side above breast and breast area x3 weeks. 24 yo.Have hpylori inf.Shortness of breathx1 day. What could this be? Help!

Chest pain while smoking?

Chest pains , not sure if it is something I should worry about . How do I tell if it is hurtburn or not ?

Chest pains but a normal EKG should I not be worried?

Chest pains in a 9 year old girl. What do we do?

Chest pains on occasiion back pain headaches had chest x-rays normal what could it be ?

Chest pains,shortness of breath,headaches for over 3 months.scans of chest,head,all blood work is normal.worried that it is serious, could it not be?!

Chest pressure/back pain for 2 days constant. Er said not heart or PE. I STILL HAVE IT. WHAT COULD IT BE? FEELS LIKE SOMETHING SITTING ON CHEST.

Chest tightness on sat, ecg, blood test and xray are normal. Now there is a sudden occasional sharp pain on my right chest near armpit.

Chest tightness with cold feeling in breast? I have had 3 ekgs blood work an a chest X-ray all come back normal I was on phentermine three months ago and ever since then have had chest tightness ? Please help

Chest wall pain for a month and non itchy bumbs on chest _?

Chest wall pain. Help please. Am i dying?

Constant chest aches around xphyoid process that radiates all over chest and shoulder for 7 months gi blood ekg all good what could it be ?

Costochrondritis cause stabbing pain in chest? Dr said costochrondritis got home and stabbibg started on and off two inches to r of sternum half wayup

Could a little hiatus hernia cause prolonged chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, diarrea?Did a catheterism, all was ok but chest pain continues

Could a stressful day cause chest pain at night?

Could being underweight cause chest pains?

Could smoking cause chest pain?

Do you get musculoskeletal pain in the chest, arms lung area?

Do you think I should be worried about minor chest pains around my heart?

Does accutane cause chest pain and what kind ne of chest pain should concern me ?

Does alcohol cause chest pain?

Does Costochonditis occur in the center of the chest? I have pain when I breath in.

Does costochondritis typically move around the chest from left to center of the chest?

Does HIV cause chest pain?

Does lupus cause chest pain?

Does pain and pressure on the chest something to worry about?

Does paroxetine cause chest pain?

Does pulmonary edema ever feel like chest pain?

Does sibutramine cause chest pain?

Dull chest pain above left breast, wheesing chest and mucus no flu symptons?

During intercourse 1 sharp stabbing pain in center of chest from breastline up to neckline along sternum. PCP says heart ok.Fear cardiac. Ideas?

Ehat are simptoms of chest pain in the age of 37 ?

EKG, chest xray, blood work, CT abdomen all normal. What could be causing LUQ pressure w/ labored breathing? No sharp/burning pain, just constricted.

Every night I have stabbing chest pains and a weird sensation in my throat that I cannot breath properly. Normal chest x ray, echo and EKG?

Every night I have stabbing left chest pains and a weird sensation in my throat that I cannot breath properly. Normal chest x ray, echo and EKG?

Experiencing difficulty breathing, and chest pain. Normal echo EKG and chest x ray. Omeprazole helped a little but still having pain for a month. Help?

For 1 year now I've had upper left back pain very breathless feel like the pain is in my lung chest xray and blood test all clear?

Girl with chest pain, should I be worried?