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10 weeks pregnant, pain in armpit when move my arm. No lumps. What could this be?

18 y/o female with tingling in armpit/breast area several times daily for about 2 weeks. I don't know what the cause is.

25 year old male with pain coming and going under armpit and down my arm and above collarbone?

A week before and during period, having dull pain in armpit and burning down side but no lumps. What could be cause?

A week before and three days into my period I have had an occasional, very dull pain in my armpit but no lumps. What could be the cause?

About a month ago I had a cyst cut out from under my arm. I had noticed some breast swelling before the procedure. And now I have swelling in my breast, underarm, collar bone, and shoulder blade area in my back. All swelling is on my left side. There is

About three months ago i noticed a odd discomfort/pain in my left breast. Around my armpit area. It hurts when pressed on or if i wear a bra. Help?

After a r ghj injection i had swelling in my right axilla and nerve pain in my right axilla going into the back of my right upper arm. Us lymphn. Ok?

Anything i can take for throbbing pain under left armpit?

Been having this brief throbby pain on the side of my left breast and under my armpit for months now. Im 19. Weird?

Breast pain armpit burning pain radiates to whole hand pain all in the right side lump under armpit help occasional yellow discharge?

Breast pain that is constant burning, itching, pinching causes numbness in the right armpit and underarm no change for past year just pain and no lump?

Breast pains and left underarm pain. Could it be cancer?

Breast reduction: is it common to have tightness in the chest and breast area and swelling under the arms aroun the armpit and side after?

Burning in my left armpit?

Burning pain in left shoulderblade, and in back at the bra line.Pain goes to the front under the armpit and below breast. Pain in left chest.IDEAS?

Burning pain in left upper back, shoulderblade, ribs under armpit, breast, and below breast.Some arm pain too.Pain moves and is intermittent. ideas?

Can a boil under yo armpit cause chest back pain?

Can aching/burning in the left breast that radiates to the left shoulder blade be breast cancer? Been present 8 months, no other signs.

Can feel a small lump in my right breast near my armpit. Have slight pain/ache What could this be?

Can pain in my right armpit be breast cancer?

Can pain in my shoulder and down my arm be breast cancer?

Can weird pain in armpits be cancer?

Cause of left axilla pain without trauma?

Concerned about a knot under my armpit. It's the size of a marble. It hurts through the arm, back and chest. Pain is burning and stabbing.

Could it be something bad if I have armpit pain?

Does strep cause pain in the armpits and groin?

Extremely sore burning left groin left testicle left armpit left shoulder stomach and painful burning lumps on left side of my neck please help?

For the last few weeks i've had a slight pain in my left armpit, now it's in my right. What could be wrong?

Girlfriend has lots of pain under her left armpit..she is pregnant..when she press under left armpit it hurts. what's the cause?

Hairy. I'm nineteen, and i'm also having pain in my left breast (a lump is under my left armpit). What should I do?

Have pain under left arm and breast?

Have sever swelling under armpit not lump. Goes from part of arm pit down side of chest what could this be?

Having light/mild chest pains near left brest/armpit?

Having pain in chest, back, both armpits and pain radiates down armpits towards elbows. Pain more severe when resting and armpit pain comes in pairs ?

Having shoulder pain in right shoulder only, burning sensation in right breast(inner part), and I have a swollen lymph node under right armpit. Help!

Hello I'm having discomfort under my left arm armpit ?

Hello, I have been having throbbing pulsing pain in upper left forearm off and on, as well as left armpit pain and pain under left breast. Digestive?

Hello.Lipoma removed from my left breast 5years I have sharp pain (off& on)in left breast area, shoulder, arm, sometimes in right breast too.

Hi I have a dull ache in my armpit shoulder blade and left breast and nipple im scared its cancer?

Hi I have a pain under my left armpit, I have felt for lumps but can not find any should I be worried?

Hi I have occasional burning and itching and pain in right breast pain and nipple and armpit and all over that right sided area ?

Hi, I have a constant armpit pain, what to do? What doctor can examine?

Hi. 54 year old female. Full pain in left shoulder blade. Swollen nodes under left and right armpits. What could cause this? Thank you

How do I relieve pain on side of breast near armpit?

How do you treat pain in right breast and arm near armpit?

How do you treat pain would go from my sternum, under my right breast and armpit, and around to my back. Is it an infection or something else?

I am 46 and I have been having this burning pain in my right armpit and breast and middle of my back what can it be?

I am experiencing tender lump in breast. It hurts my shoulder muscles.

I am having a nodule in underarm and have pain in underarm and sometimes i feel pain in upper arm.. i just want to know what is too scared...

I am having pains in my upper & under breast, arm, armpit, & back pain. I feel sick. What could be wrong?

I feel a discomfort with pain and soreness in the axilla?

I feel pain in my right breast and armpit. What should I do?

I get sharp pains in my armpits, what could it be?

I get shooting pains in my armpits , what could this be?

I had pain in the left armpit and down the inside of the left arm. What could this be? I was under stress at the time.

I have a lump under my arm and I have pain into my breast and back?

I have a lump and rash under armpit and my arm has complex regional pain?

I have a lump in my rgt armpit that I have had for years i popped it and now there are a few more lumps and a burning pain there with some breast pain?

I have a lump in rgt armpit for years i popped it myself and now have 4 more lumps in armpit with on and off burning pain in that area also breast pai?

I have a lump under my left armpit, like under the skin, and its a constant pain, what is this?

I have a pain about 3finger lenghs from my right armpit it is very sore what could this be?

I have a pain down my right arm , under my armpit and in my right brest. Its a dull pain that sometimes gets worse?

I have a pain in my left armpit and breast, it comes and goes. Any advice?

I have a pain in the right shoulder that goes through my breast armpit and arm . What can be causing this ?

I have a pain under my left arm and breast. What kind of doctor should I see?

I have a pain under my left armpit but closer to my left breast, I don't feel a lump but it is a very sharp and painful to touch and have noticed mult?

I have a pain underneath my armpit next to my left breast I have no lumps but the pain comes and goes?

I have a painful left armpit lymph node, causing pressure, coldness, and tingling in my left arm. Have had in right armpit too.

I have a rash under my breasts, and on my forearm and a pinching pain near my nipple on my left side for three days.

I have a stinging pain right above my left breast almost to collarbone it is painful. What coud it be?

I have a swollen lymph node in my left armpit that has been there about a month and now a shooting pain in my right armpit just started.?

I have armpits pain but its not very painful. it can be discomfort. what can be a reason?

I have been feeling pain near the pectoral, arm pit area for about 3 days; day after my tattoo about. (tattoo is on back left) should I be concerned ?

I have been having discomfort under left breast, left chest, and armpit for a 4 months should i be concerned?

I have been having pain on my left side of my breast armpit. Could this be serious?

I have been having really bad, sharp pain in my breasts and my arm pits. What could be going on?

I have been having this burning armpit pain. What can it be?

I have burning in my armpit and middle of my back and right breast. What could be wrong?

I have extreme soreness and tenderness to the touch on my left side, near and under my left breast.. There is no rash or noticable irritation on the s?

I have had a dull ache off and on in my left breast near my armpit but i don't feel any lumps. Any idea what could cause this?

I have had a lump under my right armpit for 6 months without pain now its growing and hurting more. What should in do about this?

I have had many boils in the past 2 weeks and I had never had them before. I had 1 on my groin. Followed by 3 on my left elbow and now 1 on my right.

I have had tenderness to left armpit and groin for months with soreness down side and leg what could be the cause dr. Says stress ?

I have pain above my left breast going into my shoulder and into my neck?

I have pain in my left breast, left armpit, left part of my neck and left arm?

I have pain on and off in my left arm pit, what can I do for it?

I have pain under axilla and left side of breast with shoulder pain at times ..its been a month now ..doctors told its mucle inflammation?

I have pain under my left arm pit ?

I have persistent pain in left breast burning in sensation, somehow pain in armpit, left side of back, left arm and pricking pain medial to left breast?

I have slight swelling in my right armpit, could working out the knots in my shoulder blades cause this? I just had mammo & ultrasound, both clear.

I have sore pain in right armpit.There is no rash. What could it be?

I have soreness under left breast and arm?

I have soreness/pain in chest muscle, inner shoulder, near my armpit, off & on for a month. it hurts more if i touch the area. what could cause this?

I have swollen lumpy areas under my left armpit and left breast. Shooting pains into left breast and swollen areas. Also pain under right breast, ect.

I have the pain under my breast not on top and my doctor could feel something there it's under my right and left breast right near my arm pit?

I having a pain in left underarm why it happend?

I on and off have really bad sharp pain in my left breast and the pain expands to my armpit and even my arm sometime , what does this mean?

I think my right armpit sweats more than left armpit and right foot sweats more than left foot. Why this happens?

I was told I had spinal stenosis, but my pain is in my left armpit and side of my left breast, not my leg?