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Took iron pill w/out food, ate later & had pain in upper stomach and middle chest. Still have flashes of ache in chest for two days. No other symptoms?

Uneasiness in chest due to burp. What should I do?

Upper abdominal pain, metallic taste in mouth, right hand side chest discomfort, nausea, sweats, had gall bladder checked taking omeprazole no better?

Upper back pain extending down my spine. I have barrett's esophagus from the purging. Could these be related?

Upper right abdomen pain,nausea,right shoulder blade pain,sour taste in mouth.feeling of diarrhea but normal stools. Acid reflux or gallstones?

Upper right and left abdominal pain (during one year)with reflux and bloating, im taking omeprazole and ranitidine but im still in pain.Wat could it be

Upper right chest pain x2 months that gets worse after a meal. History of GI issues, taking antiacids for 2months. How can I tell between cardiac/ pulmonary and esophageal GI pain?

Upper-middle abdominal and chest-area discomfort. Is there a cure for this?

Weird presure around liver area and pain. I do has gastritis and reflux, would that cause it?

What are acid reflux symptoms? Can they make left breast ache?

What are the symptoms of oesophageal cancer I have a lot of middle chest pain fill full all the time not much appetite?

What are the symtopms of an hitus hernia small in the cardio oespohgitis junction does it cause nausea and chest pressure?

What can cause me to have pain where the chest and stomach meet?

What can cause pain in the middle of your chest like right under your breastbone at the to of your stomach when eating it happens when swallowing?

What can cause pain under left rib pain in stomache through to back,already have a hiatus hernia and type 2 diabetes,chronic cough with choking?

What caused sharp pain in esophagus near heart when food is swallowed after severe reflux episode overnight? Had a an episode of what i believe was reflux overnight 3 days ago. I woke up in the middle of night with severe pain in throat and chest (heartb

What causes 5 second ache/fullness/like a balloon inflated in left chest/breast. No other symptoms. 1 burp.Gas later.Ecg ok in march.Severe anxiety.

What causes pain in esophagus and chest when swallowing? Also excessive need to burp? Thanks currently on lanzoprazole

What could be causing a tightness in my stomach which wakes me up every morning?

What could be dull boring pain under right rib cage agravated by eating.Relieved by pressing on it?Sever h pylori gastritis and duodenitis in past

What do I do about severe pain in my oesophagus and reflux?

What do you advise if I have chest discomfort after eating?

What do you advise if I have chest that occurs every minute or two and my stomach growls. Is it indigestion or something serious?

What does chest pain from swallowing and eating mean?

What else can i do to take the pain away from a hiatus hernia? I always feel lile my chest and throat is on fire.

What is esophageal disorder and monilial esophagitis? Have had chest pains for the last several months. The less i eat the less the discomfort and pain.

What is esophageal spasms?Is it related to gerd?Im 37 weeks pregnant and having skipped heartbeat sensation, will burp and past out gas after that.

What is this pain in the esophagus, that I am having, caused from?

What should I do to stop excessive burping and chest discomfort?

What to do if I have gastric problem. my chest has always pain, what's the cause?

What would cause severe burning in my throat? I know it is not heartburn. It happens when I'm up moving around or walking. I do have heart problems.

What's d best way to find, i'm having a hiatal hernia?Endoscopy normal.Freq belching, acid reflux, sensation behind breast bone, bloating, breathing prob.

When i twist there is a pain in my chest. Kinds feels like a muscle strain. Could this be, or something else like acid reflux?

When swallow liquids I can feel it in my chest/breasts.Sometimes get an ache in 1 or both breasts & shoulderblades.esophagus?gas?PCP says not heart.

Where does one normally fee pain from GERD ?

Why do I wake up with weird upper abdominal pain pain when I sleep flat on my back? Can it be my hiatal hernia, or reflux? Should I be worried?

Why does my GERD attacks during night?Mostly 7pm onwards?Feeling gas trapped in ny throat, weakness, shortness of breath.Burping will relieved symptoms

Why does my stomach hurt after chest surgery?

Why might i be experiencing severe lower ab pain and acid reflux after, in the morning?

Why would my dr tell me to see a gi specialist for sternum pain in I don't have pain swallowing or after eating or no symptoms of acid reflux ?

Within the last month I've been feeling constant pain in my chest and stomach. Is there anything I can do or try that isn't medication related?

Woken up from on/off chest pain followed by HORRIBLE acid reflux.I have GERD but never so bad. It's scary,could it be cardiac instead?

Would an ulser in esophgas give u a sore feeling in center of chest?

Would anxiety or acid reflux cause pain in between the ribs and chest?