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I've had heart burn for years and i was taken off Nexium (esomeprazole) last week. My heart burn is really bad, i belch, fullness and a lot of pain in mid stomach?

Iam having tingling pain in my left shoulder 3 to 4 times a day and in early morning, iam having GERD and gastric is this pain because of this?

If a person, without past heart problems, has mild chest pain gone after two gulps of liquid maalox, how sure can one be that it's just heartburn?

If have pain in middle of breastbone....Also have been told I have acid reflux. ... .The discomfort also moves around.....Blood work is normal.....

If I have chronic burping along with my heart pain, should I see a gastroenterologist? A throat specialist?

If lump in throat feeling went away after a few weeks, does that rule out it being caused by esophageal cancer? History of sternum tenderness & GERD.

If my chest pain, nape pain, stomach ache and bitter taste responded to Mefracid, does this mean that the cause of my chest pain is acid reflux?

If you have chest pain when swallowing, could this be the heart or the stomach?

Im 20. Have a tight type of feeling on and off under sternum around xiphoid. Occasional burning acid feeling in upper stomach/chest. What could it be?

Im 33 weeks pregnant and having discomfort after eating. Dizziness, upper middle abdomen pain, feeling bloated a gas trapped in my chest, breathless.

Im having sharp stabbing feelings in my stomach i just had gastric bypass is this something serious? On a level 1 to 10 the pains about a 7.

Indigestion/abdominal discomfort 2 month.Omeloprazel 3 week pantoprazole 5 week. Endoscopy said no h pylori/gerd.Now only dull pain near left armpit?

Intermittent stomach pain, acid reflux, and nausea. X-ray showed gas in stomach, feels best when standing, worst at night. ?

Is heartburn always a symptom with GERD? I've had 3 bouts this year of stomach pain, sick stomach, related pain on left of chest. Is it GERD?

Is heartburn when your throats and heart burns? I can feel it in my mid back too

Is it common to have sharp pains under breast due to gas? history of acid reflux . Once I burped most of the ache went away but Still aches a bit

Is it normal to have chest pain after working out for a long time? Could my heartburn have anything to do with it?

Is it poss to have esoph/stomach prob without heartburn sour taste vomiting? Just chest pain rt side radiates neck jaw then headache? Confused by PCP

Is it possible to experience heartburn in or towards your upper back as well as your chest?

Is the esophagus behind the heart & is that why we experience gerd in the middle of chest & a lil bit to the left..

Is upper back pain normal with acid reflux?

Left arm squeeze pain, excessive belching, acid reflux, very tight back/neck muscles. Clean holter, chest x-rays, labs 2mth ago. Gerd + muscle strain?

Light brown/yellowish stool for week or so, indigestion, pain in lower stomach, nausea, pain in sides, have acid reflux, been taking Tums (calcium carbonate) frequently, some pain in upper & lower back, pain in neck.

MD,GI:When in vertical position no acid or discomfort. Any time laying flat/sleep,I feel stomach ache/burning &upper left chest tightness. Any clue?

Mid&upper back & abd. pain about 33 hours after EGD & colonoscopy; worse when swallowing. Biopsies were taken in duodenum & esophagus. Why the pain?

Midline, upper abdominal discomfort. No heartburn/reflux medication seems to help. Could it be a hernia or gallbladder? What are the symptoms?

Multiple bubble popping noise around chest area feels like firecrackers popping no pain or symptoms in chest does it have to do with acid reflux/gerd?

My boyfriend is having chest pains could it be just heartburn ?

My father is having chest pain, water on his lungs and around his heart, nausea (can not keep anything on his stomach), can't lay on back without pain?

My right shoulder hurts really bad from silent acid reflux. What can I do for a quick fix to subdue the pain?

My stomach swells bad, i have bad nausea and acid reflux with a bad taste in my mouth, belching, gas and pain in upper right under rib &breast bone.

My symptom is globus sensation and back/chest pain with swallowing. Dr ordered upper GI series, but why did he also include small bowel follow thru?

Nasal pain, pain at the base of skull, stomach bubbles, heaviness, reflux, temporary relief from bile movement and crying.

Nausea and burping immediatly after eating, burping or lying on right side. Also post nasal drip and anxiety all day. Occasional heartburn. Any cause?

Neck, shoulder and chest pain. Acidity, indigestion, continuous burps since two months. Feel drowsy. My height 182 cms and wt. 100kgs.

Nippingpain below sternum/left upper stomachfew mins daily 8 months with 3 monthbreak.Vague discomfort & bloating. 40mgOmeprazole for 8w not working?

No gallbladder. Occasional RUQ pain just to right of middle chest. Have GERD. Could GERD be the cause? Could it be gas?

No stomach pain only burning pain in upper middle chest for past 4 months taking Prilosec 40mg a day for 2 months chest still hurts and throat burping?

Normal hida/ruq ultras. Gerd, reflux, upper bloat, pain & pressure. Cleared by cardiology. Sometimes chest pain. Is it just the gerd?

On off pain/annoyance on my right side 4 inches my collar bone. Experiencing GERD and heart burn,some food regurgitation.Is that causing the pain?

On/off pain in left side chest/shoulder blade followed by burps,regurgitation sometimes.Pain comes a few times a hour,Is that normal with gerd?

On/off stabbing pain on various areas of chest & chin, belching and churning stomach after meals. Is this due to stress, heart or stomach issues?

On/off, past few days. Excess stomach acids daily and lower left abdominal burning pain when laying on that side for more than 45 min. Acid Reflux?

Ongoing mid upper back pain, spasms. Just did 14 day h pylori treatment. Pain in irritated back muscle and chest swallowing saliva. What could this be?

Overweight female. Lately I am having pain just under my left breast, upper rib ca when reclined? Ibs and GERD diagnosed ling before these symptoms?

Pain at my xyphoid. Occasional gerd symptoms. Xyphoid itself seems tender often. Muscle soreness in area as well. Doc says gerd im not convinced. ?

Pain from sternum all the way up to my throat burping slight diff swallowing pain in middle of back dry cough on protonix (pantoprazole) and zantac?

Pain in chest one doc says acid reflux or h pilori other doc says costicongitis had pain for six months?

Pain in chest,throat,jaw,nape,strong bitter taste,numbing left arm,stomach ache, nausea,feeling of want to poop. Heart attack or acid reflux?confused.

Pain in middle of chest almost every evening and morning. It is usually accompanied by deep bubbles or gurgling in chest. Hist of gerd. Is thisgerd?

Pain in right breast i suffer from acid reflux and gallstones?

Pain in right middle back by spine, 1 inch below shoulder blade. Swallowing food or drink seems to irritate it. Endoscopy only hiatal hernia. Ideas?

Pain in the chest, back, arms, and shoulders. I burp constantly. Doc thought it was GERD, but meds don't help. Family history of gallstones.

Pain near neck bone and upper middle chest coughing burning throat belching all day taking Prilosec 40mg not working had endoscopy was told gastirtis?

Pain nife in midle of chest.burp relax but feel food taste in mouth.pain in jaws neck sholder.barium xray show no cardiac test ok sugestion?

Pain to the right(upper chest). Could this be symptoms of an esophageal tear because i get heartburn a lot too.Any advice?

Pain under right rib and in back below shoulder blade. Been there for 2 weeks. On Zantac (ranitidine) for possible stomach ulcer. What could the pain be?

Pain under right ribcage, irregular burps, acidic feel in upper stomach area,hard stool, BP is 120/85 and ECG is normal what it can be?

Past 3 mornings I've been having GERD gastritis pain and burping for a few hours after I wake up. Seems ok at night. What cause pain in mornings?

Past few days after I eat I get chest pressure and then a deep internal gurgle bubble that seems to relieve pressure. Hist gerd. Is this just gerd?

Peptic/gastric ulcer? Dull burning pain in sternum, slightly left center. Woke with "acid throat"? Tums (calcium carbonate) helps a bit. If "p/c" when is it an emrgcny?

Persistent tight chest coupled with partial discomfort and burning sensation.Could this be reflux related or heart.Looking for second opinions!24yo?

Please explain prevention of pain in the chest after eating?

Please tell me can emotional pain cause heartburn?

Post gastric bypass and hiatial hernia surgery pain, tachacardic, and short of breath after eating along with pain in stomach and back diagnosis?

Pressure in chest that is relieved by burping and back shoulder and chest( around breast) pain on right upper side. Otc ranitidine and Tums (calcium carbonate) helps sum?

Pressure on the left side of my chest, .What could it be? Just.Vomited. I have anxiety and a hiatel hernia

Puked up bile now I have pains in my chest, what could be wrong?

Random light headedness, stomach uneasiness, acid reflux, chest tightness, Anxiety not always present could Pectus Excavatum be the cause? Or Sinus's?

Right upper quadrant pain,aggravated by deep inspiration and 1h after a meal,no other symptoms,history of GERD,should I consult with my doctor?

Rt side chest pain radiates up neck and headache.Was told possible esophageal or stomache problems.No sour taste,vomiting, food that irritate. hrtburn?

RUQ pain off and on. No gallbladder. Have GERD/acid reflux. Could GERD cause pain slightly to right of middle of chest?

Second day I've had fullness in top of stomach and shortness of breath, can this be indigestion?

Seen a gastro Physician esomeprazol and aero-om, still feel some annoying symptoms like bumpings all over my abdomen no pain. Are this muscle spasms ?

Severe chest pain whenever I burp, choking feeling for almost 4 days. Antacids takes pain away for a few minutes but then returns. What can this be?

Sharp chest pain and belching. Feels bruised when i touch it. I am on protonix (pantoprazole) for gerd, however for last 12 hours I've been in pain and constant belch?

Shortly after eating burning pain below breastline at top of abdomen.Lasted only a few seconds.Is this heartburn? PCP says heart ok.Fear cardiac.

Shortness of breath feeling, abdominal discomfort, stomach pain, heartburn. Why tight chested?!

Shortness of breath, chest pain, burping and farting a lot, cough that won't go away, noisy stomach(not hungry), stomach cramping, i had EKG and chest X-ray 2 weeks ago and they were clear. Is this gerd?

Shoulder pain. No chest pains or shortness of breath. I'm a hypochondriac so I always assume the worse. I have acid reflux. Trapped gas?

Small hiatal hernia. Ive had bad heartburn and chest pain. Uper abdominal pain adds well. I'm misserable. What could be going on? Im in a lot of pain.

Sometimes when i burp i regurgitate some i know this is a sign of acid reflux but canit cause some pain on the left side of my chest also?

Stabbing pain near belly button. On and off. Was able to sleep. I was diagnosed with gerd. Cud gerd be causing pain and what can i do? No others sympt

Stabbing pain under left breast. Loud bubbling noises in chest. Burping may relieve some pain. Metal taste. Any worry of heart or definately gerd?

Stomach pain and tightness when breathing deeply , I do have acid reflux but I didn't eat anything bad. ?

Stomach pain, burping and gas alot, sometimes sharp pain in upper chest, throat feels clogged. Been to hospital twice. Ekg/blood work, xrays clean.

Stomach visibly twitching just below left ribs.Not painful have GERD with aweful heartburn all last nnight. Anything serious?

Strong thumping sensation upper abdomen between parting in rib cage sometimes, really takes my breath away at times can this be caused by reflux?

Substernal pain extending to rt ribs and insomnia 2 nights b/c of hiccups. Related to hiatal hernia?

Sudden sharp pain in upper abdomen, heartburn and acid after eating a meal. Need to burp to ve relieved. Nausea and apnea, backpain.

Symptoms are nausea, gas pains, acid reflux, burping, and chest pains. It started this morning. Everything but the gas & chest pains happen often.

Symtomps :- Chronic pain in left soulder, smelly farts, burps stomach growling bloating, fast heart beat, chest pain, anxiety. what problem is this?

Take 20mg Prilosec 6am an d before bed. Gerd is still bad.daily chest pain. Chest bubbles. Burning Bad breath Burping. Recent endo no hpylori. help!

Tender center of chest & pec area. Feels sore/tight but no pain. Not exercise related. Can breath normal. GERD/Severe heartburn? My anxiety acting up?

Tender underarm ribs,, no swollen glands. Stomach bloating could it be from gerd/ibs.

The burning pain under left breast from acid reflux is now radiating to my back. Could this be something worse like an ulcer or hiatal hernia?

There is dull pain in the suprasternal notch when pressure is applied and sharp pain during eructation. Maybe reflux? Antacids do not help?

This week I have had constant gurgling in my stomach MAINLY under sternum at solar plexus, and belching No heartburn or acid reflux. What could it be

Throbbing tight neck, palpitations and stomach and chest pain. Can GERD cause this?

Tightness in upper chest almost near throat off and on for a few days. No pain. Is it indigestion? Never felt it that high before