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I got chest and back pain and headache does its a symptoms of acid reflux?

I had a gastric bypass 2 weeks ago and now i am on the puree diet and since then i have a pain in my shoulder and upper chest and my kidneys plz help?

I had a gastroscopy 19 months ago and diagnosed with GERD. Now I feel mild burning pain in the chest and upper abdominal. Do I need gastroscopy again?

I had a gastroscopy today and have developed heartburn and pressure in my chest. Is this normal?

I had brief pain in the center of my chest today that felt like heartburn but it was not heartburn. I have had this once or twice, do I see a doc?

I had epigastric pain that sometimes propagate to the back.recurrent eructation following food ingestion .few recurrent attacks of painfull swalloing ?

I had gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago. I am having severe upper abdominal pain (squeezing), burping, dry heaving on and off. Severe pain.

I had my gallbladder removed because of upper stomach pain I still got it along with nausea chest pain and trouble pooping regurgitating it's been 1yr?

I had my gallblader removed 3 weeks ago and short after start feeling a lump in throat with pain in my chest. Does acid reflux increase with no gall?

I had nissen fundoplication 6 weeks ago for reflux and HH. In the past week I am having bad pain in centre of chest under sternum.maybe spasms ?

I had persistent chest pain from reflux. Had endoscopy with limited result. On 40 mg of omeprazole/day. The pain has come back. What else can I do?

I had shoulder pain in my scapula for more than a month now can it be gas trapped. Also had acid reflux a few times and my diet is poor.

I had Upper endoscopy w/ dilation 2mths ago. Now I am having chest and back pain when I eat. Acid reflux. I was dx, w/ gastritis. no major problems. ?

I hav a hiatal hernia & never hav heartburn, but I always hav mild to severe upper central chest/ back pain that come & go often. Can it be my hernia?

I have GERD and the past two days I've been getting a burning sensation in my upper stomach and chest followed with pressure and mild pain is it gerd?

I have a burning pain when i breathe in along with a slightlytight feeling in my upper chest. I have a history of gastritis and feel a slight sob at times. Is this gerd?

I have a dull ache/pain in my upper stomach in the middle that lasts all day everyday i think I have stomach cancer isuffer with health anxiety?

I have a hiatal hernia and take omeprazole. I am having awful chest and back pain/pressure with fullness and belching. Should i call my pcp?

I have a hiatal hernia that flared real bad burning pain between shoulders and feels like my esophagus is on fire vomiting yesterday is this normal?

I have a history of heartburn and GERD and recently have been having much increased heartburn/substernal pain while straining for a bowel movement.

I have a hyatal hernia oesophageal ullcer and high blood presure could this be causing me constant middle chest pain every day?

I have a loose gastric sphincter. It causes acid reflux felt in my lower neck. Is an empty stomach going to heighten this acidy sensation in neck?

I have a mild pain in my chest don't know what it is? Doesn't feel like heartburn.

I have a pain between the throat and the esophagus. It may be reflux but I don't have any acids back up, just on and off pain. I'm 20 week pregnant.

I have a pain in my chest sometimes for about one minute to three. Can this be heartburn?

I have a pain in one spot in the center of my chest & have heartburn, took pantoprazole but had stomach issues, does this sound like reflux? Worried!

I have a pinching pain near my heart just above my left breast. I have acid reflux and anxiety. Should I be worried it's something else ?

I have a sour stomach, acid that shoots up into the back of my throat, chest pain, and constipation. I have gerd and irritable bowel, should I call dr?

I have a upper stomach pain that feels sharp especially when i move a lot. I have acid reflux but have been taking my meds for it. It has been 6 days.

I have acid and gas buildup all the time , I belch a lot and have pain in shoulders and back and both sides of rib cage. Shortness of breath at times.

I have acid reflux and every day I have had it, the left side of my chest and armpit starts sweating?

I have acid reflux and take zegerid (40 mg) daily. Recently, I am experiencing a tightness in the middle of my chest. I have no other symptoms

I have been diagnosed with acid reflux after having chest pain?

I have been feeling tightness or dull pain and sometimes a cold sensation in my chest for almost 24 hours. 175 lbs, 140 LDL. Heart or gastric acid?

I have been having lump in throat, nausea and gnawing sensation in my stomach for 4 weeks. Md says its gastritis. On ppi now but still having issues.

I have been having severe bloating after eating faty foods, gas, chest pressure, shortness of breath, and of/on stomach pain. I am scared. :(?

I have been having trouble swallowing along with stomach issues, bloating, excessive burping from the middle of stomach at the top pain attacks on &of?

I have belching and air feeling in the chest, specifically on the left side, and pain in the stomach, sometimes reflux, taking ranitidine. It gastriti?

I have burning sensations/aches on back, pain in stomach/throat/lower abdominal & mucous stools. I have GERD and currently taking prilosec. Help!

I have chest discomfort and muscle aches that is relieved by lots of burping. Doctors said probably not heart but instead acid reflux what do thin?

I have chest discomfort every now n then which is relieved by lots of burps. What could this be?

I have chest pain near my sternum followed with severe burping and throat pain, which i guess is caused by the burping. What could i have?

I have chest pains that are very brief, few seconds long and then followed my acid pretty much going up my throat.Heart related or gerd?

I have diaphragmatic hernia 2cm what can I do to stop nausea and the burning in my stomach and chest?

I have digestive issues with IBS. I have had episodes that last a few minutes where I belch frequently and have chest pain in the center of my chest.

I have excessive burping, indigestion, heartburn and chest pain for 6weeks. What could be causing this? Im in the middle of having a lot of tests.

I have gastritis and when i lay on my stomach i feel a slight pressure in my chest. Is that normal due to the infkamm?

I have Gerd , I get a pain in the center of my abdomin right below breast bone- is that caused by Gerd?

I have GERD and esophogitis and I had some spicy food today and about 1 hour later I started having bad chest pain on my,left side by my heart? Please

I have GERD what can I do for the pain?

I have gerd, no gallbladder, can GERD cause right, and left arm pain?

I have GERD, there are good & bad weeks. But lately I have been having an off and on aching pain in my knees. Could this be connected to the GERD?

i have gerd/acid reflux yesterday i feel like i have multiple bubble popping in the left chest area no pain could this be hernia or something serious

I have Gerd&reflux. Last few days i sometimes get pain in my back shoulder blade when swallowing.same with burping. I think is from sleeping weird?

I have had severe stomach pain. A lot of excess acid in my throat upper stomach and chest. I've been getting chest pain and pretty frequent back spasms and back pain along with migraines and I'm unable to keep any food down. I have been diagnosed with aci

I have nausea, gastric reflux & pain on the left side under my ribs for a few weeks now. I have a doctors appointment in 2 weeks. What could this be?

I have no acid reflux symptoms except for I can burp nonstop. recently I've noticed a sensation of shortness of breath. hiatal hernia??

I have no stomach pain just coughing and burning pain in middle upper chest everyday for past month &1/2 i take all types of antiacids nothing works?

I have occasional sore throat, especially in the morning and pain at bottom of rib cage, but i don't have indigestion, could this be acid reflux?

I have on and off chest pain not really severe just other symptoms besides chest pain more in the middle to right can it be my acid reflux or worse stuff like cancer in my esophagus?

I have on and off feeling like air/gas multiple bubbles to the left or below chest area no sign of pain or symptoms i do have gerd/acid reflux. Help?

I have one lower shoulder.I feel pain between the shoulder blades and increased heart rate.I also have gastritis and acid reflux.Is this heart related?

I have pain in in my chest an upper back sometimes it hurts to breath i took some Gaviscon because i thoght mybe it is gas but can not tell what is.?

I have pain in my jaw and frequently don't know if it is heartburn or heart pain. My cholesterol is123, no diabetes. Can this be just heartburn?

I have pain in my mid back and also have acid reflux. Can this cause it? Not cardiac as I had a work up a while back.

I have palpitation , stomach pain and acid indigestion. Can be palpitation because of stomach problem?

I have pressure on my upper back with dull but mild pain and i feel full. I thought it might be indigestion so i took Zantac (ranitidine) 150 and its still there.

I have problem of GERD. Its being years. The pain in my lower esophagus is very sharp. I am avoiding all foods that irritate it. So what shall I do?

I have small hiatal hernia but have constant chest pressure and fullness that never goes away..Could this be due to hernia? Heart & lungs are fine.

I have symptoms of GERD and upper middle abdomen pain just below the chest its like an acid pain.

I have terrible pain in my stomach after i eat. I have terrible chest pain do you think it may be esophagus? Already ruled out heart probs.

I have the sensation of phlegm in my chest to upper stomach most of the time especially after I eat , what could be causing it?

I just had an upper GI done about 20 hours ago, and have been having continuous chest discomfort. Is this normal?

I know that acid reflux causes a feeling of having a lump in your throat, chest/abdominal pain and burning, and a feeling of having to burp but not be?

I m having pain in my upper stomach just below my chest when I m breathing in.. I m getting tired very soon having digestive problems?

I never had stomach pain constant burp, pain in upper chest near neck no throat pain but has burning pain sensation taking Prilosec 40 mg not working?

I notice when i bend over it takes my breath away and causes sob. Heart checked ok. I have history of gerd, big stomach, & bloating. What could it be.?

I saw a GI doc that said a gagging feeling in lower throat when bending over is not a symptom of a hiatal hernia (which i have). Would you agree?

I seem to be collecting more and more symptoms. Chest pain, stomach ache, exhaustion. Fear of oesophageal cancer as voice husky and gurgling throat?

I think i have a severe gastric problem but y my chest pains when gas gets generating in my stomach?

I took a mucinex for nasal congestion and have had pain, bloating, and fullness in my upper abdomen. ?

I vomited (morning sickness) and now have pain in chest & left arm * shoulder. I also have GERD. Is possible that acid from vomiting is causing pain?

I was diagnose with h.Pylori after suffering with chest pains for a year.Now on nexum but still having chest pains. Mainly at night please help?

I was diagnosed with chronic esophageal inflammation, stomach ulcer and hiatal hernia. Will that cause chest pain L side? Card. Said heart was fine

I was diagnosed with hiatal hernia, GERD, and erosive gastritis. Why do I feel the pain only on the left side of my upper abdo and back, not center?

I was diagnosed with sliding hiatus hernia 7 months back. Chest pain, acidity post meal, fatigue, sleep problems. Should i walk for 10 mins after meal?

I was just diagnosed by endoscopy with hiatal hernia, GERD, and erosive gastritis. Would any of these cause pain in the left side waist/flank area?

I'm 25, and have been having a slight pain in my middle/left chest, but only when I inhale. I do have GERD, but tums (calcium carbonate) aren't working. What do I do?

I'm 33, a smoker. Nexium (esomeprazole) for acid reflux. Surgery for endometriomas in may. Now I have chest tightness/bloating/upper back pain. Should i worry?

I'm age 31 & been having moderate to severe pain in center of chest & upper back that comes & goes. Can my hiatal hernia cause this without heartburn?

I'm having a deep pain in my stomach, like spasm cause by acids. What can I do?

I'm having upper gi/chest pain/pressure - what's the cause?

I'm on omeprazole for what my doc thinks is GERD. Having right-side burning pain, some bloating, and unusual stools. Is this normal?

I've been feeling chest pressure after eating, mainly at night. Could this be caused by my heartburn?

I've been getting severe heart burns and acid reflux and now when I yawn or breathe in I get this sharp pain that starts in my abdomen?

I've been having chest pain while swallowing food.

I've been having on and off pain under my breastbone, in my ribs and my shoulder blades that gets a bit better when I burp. Could this be acid reflux?

I've had "acid reflux" since childhood. The pain has always been in my sternum area, which is also sensitive to touch. Is sternum usual GERD location?

I've had a perforated ulcer and hiatal hernia both corrected in the past two years and still experience nausea, bloating, chest pains, and reflux. Will this eventually go away?

I've had frequent bouts of upper abdominal pain. Burning, burping, fluttering, sore chest.What's up?