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Could pain from acid reflux be confused with heart pain?

Could pcos be causing my acid reflux and severe shoulder and neck pain?

Could throat pain & fullness on left side only be from a muscle? Have acid reflux and on meds. Had endoscopy that was good 2 mos ago.

Daily indigestion and heartburn what to do this add to my anxiety and costochondrtis symptoms..Had benign bleeding in my stomach and upper esophagus?

Diag. Gallstones 2yrs ago. Pain centre back, shoulder, ribs RHS & stomach - occasionally chest - worse breathe in. 4 days.Is this gallbladder attack?

Diagnosed with acid reflux due to stress. I am on 0mez 20 and bavispaz. I get burning between my breasts and chest pain in left upper abdomin. Normal?

Diagnosed with h. Pylori. Have sharp upper mid chest pain mostly at night. Is this a symptom ?

Diagnosed with small sliding hiatus hernia no heartburns but sharp chest pain which radiates to back sometimes. Is this condition serious ? Ty

Discomfort and a feeling of pressure in my oesophagus ?

Discomfort in my chest cardiogram and abd ultrasound normal, no heartburn.Nexium (esomeprazole) helped a little.

Doees GERD cause symptoms just after eating or can it be constant and can it cause pressure/pain in the thyroid area aswell a chest pains ?

Does a hiatal hernia cause chest discomfort and shortness of breath at times. Have heart burn daily if I don't take Zantac (ranitidine) ?

Does acid reflux cause heart attack like chest & back pain? I don't get the burning i just get pain even when i haven't eaten!

Does acid reflux cause upper burning back pain?

Does anxiety and stress cause indegestion/minor chest and upper abdomen discomfort?

Does gastric cause chest pain?

Does hital hernia cause upper stomach and chest pain?

Does pleural effusion cause excess gas and burping as well as chest pain?

Does the stomach pain caused by my GERD go away after having a nissen fundoplication?

Dr says I've GERD. I don't have classic heartburn. I've chest discomfort but not pain & a chronic cough ?

Dull ache directly below middle of ribcage. Cardiovascular issues ruled out. Hiatal herni?, ulcer? Gerd? Thoughts?

Duodenal ulcer and stricture. Abdo pain that goes to left chest and back.Nausea. Anemia. Faintness.Sweating. Runny nose when eating?

Dysphagea,anosmia,nasal congestion, pain from esophagus to sternum, tightness in left pectoral, painful constipation, what could this b?

Dysphagia for 8 weeks. Feel as food is getting stuck in chest. Discomfort chest and back. Neg endoscopy 2.5 years ago, I'm 27'. Possible cancer?

Endoscopy 4 days ago. Get a pressure and bubbles in chest. very aware of esophagus burbs and hiccups hurt. Normal?

Endoscopy done no ulcers, I have acid reflux. But i still get this hunger pain in my upper abd chest & back what can it be? I'm worried! please help!

Endoscopy showed I have a small hiatal hernia. Over the last two weeks I've had real bad chest pains, GERD, and nauseous. What could be causing this?

Epigastric discomfort everyday. Feel tightness right between ribs and lower stomach. Endoscopy fine. Worse after eating or playing. Level 1-2/10. Help?

Esophagus or lower esophagus?I cough, gag, uncomfortable chest, diarrhea and pain between shoulder blade at the back.Help! recommend drugs for me!

Everytime i eat i get upper chest pain..I do have a small hernia...Is that causing the chest pain.

Excess burping, occasional chest pain, no heartburn. Gastroscopy show 1cm sliding hiatial hernia. Is Laryngopharyngeal reflux likely ? Or GERD ?

Excessive belching and pressure in your chest?

Excessive burping and heartburn for a month. Started nexium, burping stopped. Now I'm getting pain below left ribs, blood tests not back yet. U/S Mon?

Extreme daily upper abdo pressure-centre&to right just below ribs.Pressure between shoulder blades.Daily nausea and burps. Partial Nissen Fundo May 13?

Extreme upper abdo/lower chest tightness on empty stomach. Slightly eased by eating. Upper GI series Jan14 showed slight reflux. Nissen Fundo May13.

Feeling of something stuck in chest for several days. Not cardiac. Dtr said its GERD but I have no pain or burning sensation. Could be something else?

Few days after my period my GERD symptoms will trigger and will have rib and stomach pain. What to do? Is this normal to feel?

Fluttering in throat and chest related to indigestion?

Fluttering sensation in chest - reflux ?

For 2 months I have had a red soft palette, constant low grade fever, belching & shortness of breath worsened after meals. No heartburn tho.. Reflux?

For a few months now i've been experiencing chest pain on the right side. I suffer from abdominal ulcers and thought that I should have a endoscopy do?

For last 3 days I have had a pain in my chest every time i eat and swallow, what could this be and what should I do?

For the last 4 days i've had constant heartburn feeling in my upper abdomen. I have never had heartburn before. When should I see my dr?

Full cardio work up 6 months ago. Diagnosed with GERD. Now sore tightness lower center sternum and indigestion for 2 days. Sound like heart or GI?

Fullness in throat andpain under ribs and in back. Have GERD and IBS and feel short of breathwhen i eat.?

Gas stuck in chest and esophagus, what to do?

Gerd & black coffee causing pain on upper left side of chest. What do I do?

GERD? Could GERD cause sensitive to touch chest pain on both l & r side of upper chest? All heart tests are normal. No pain in sternum.

Gerd? Have pain & sensitive to touch on both sides of chest. Middle feels like a baloon all heart tests are clear no stomach pain or acid. Help?

GERD? I have had upper chest pain (sensitive to touch) for months bt recently developed acid in sternum & sour taste in my mouth. All chest tests norm

Gi dr after upper GI says my hh is pressing on my vagus nerves ? Causing heart palms and so e chest pain after eating big meals is this possible?

Had a nissen 6 months ago I am experiencing pain between my shoulder blades & possible spasms (feel like refux). Egd normal. Any ideas/advice?

Had nissenfundoplication and having gurgling in chest after eating and also have flutter in my sternum don't no if its heart palpi or esophogus spasms?

Had upper endo w/bravo Tues. Having discomfort swallowing and occasional pulling in chest area. Normal? No cardiac issues. Just GI. Gerd, gastritis

Have acid reflux and anxiety, and I have been experiencing aching pains in chest and back, burning and tight feeling in chest and back, related to gerd?

Have bad gerd. Took my handful of supplements after dinner. A min later had intense pain in throat and very upper chest for a min. Eso spasm?reflux?

Have chills for 4 months, chest pain and sweating for 1 month. Cardiac eval negative. Gastro says hernia, inflammation of esophagus. Do you agree?

Have gastric reflux and now have pain under boob area where I had before. Feels better when I lay flat. Could it be something else or just the reflux?

Have gastric reflux and still have occasional pain under boobs at upper stomach. Just making sure it isn't something else?

Have GERD. gastric sleeve 2013. Are at red lobster,20 min after got trapped gas pain in chest, back and throat. Is it GERD? Not had that food longtime

Have gerd. Recent heart and lung work up normal. 31 yo female. Today Waves of pressure in chest n throat. Sometimes gurgles with it. Now hiccups.gerd?

Have had acid reflux and heartburn and a BP of 127-144 over ~ 77. Feeling pain in arms, rib cage and occasional sharp pains in mid chest. What to do?

Have had upper abdominal discomfort w some chest, burping, diarrhea, nausea, gurgling in upper abdomen, now feel like have to cough when breath?

Have hiatal hernia. Had pain below ribcage (front) & in my back & burping after heavy lifting last night. Feeling fine now. Anything to watch for?

Have hietal hernia with somach in chest cavity awaiting surgery, felt like i couln't breath this am and vomitted a lot concerning?

Have on and off pain in chest area not really bad pain no symptoms happen like 40 min after eating could this be gas pain from my acid reflux/gerd?

Have pain and burning in stomach & chest what can I do I have ulcers can't stand pains in my chest can't affortd dr what can I do

Have reflux and the past 2 days I have this burning/pain feeling in the pit of my stomach and back how do I relieve the pain? I also have anxiety

Have small HH, constant chest pressure and SOB when I lay down. ruled out heart do have reflux .im on ppi, can it still be caused by gerd and hernia?

Having tightness of chest/back for 24 hours now, painful like flu, burping. No abdom. Pain. Zantac (ranitidine) no help. Gallbladder? Need to see dr? Heartburn?

Heartburn and belching. pain in middle of chest. dizziness and weak feeling. cardiac or Gerd? history of Gerd. but hight cholesterol and overweight.

Heavy stomach,pains between breast bone,uncomfy breathing,achy body. Acid reflux?

Hello dr. I been having dull pain on my r/h side of stomach. I have some acid reflux and discomfort when i eat. What could this be? Thank you.

Help plz! Can sitting around all day cause me to have indigestion?

Hi . Early 20's ..neck/back pains , have anxiety, GERD/acid reflux. (History) . My question . I have this dull pain around my inner left breast .what could that be?

Hi doctor I am having random chest pains that last about 3 to 4 seconds I have acid reflux could this be a result of that?

Hi I'm on Prilosec OTC now for a minor inflammation in my esophagus.the heartburn went away but I have a lump feeling in my neck/jaw are and burping?

Hi, I have acid reflux. Im taking Nexium (esomeprazole) from last 2 weeks. Last 1-2 days im feeling little bit pain in my right side of lower abdominal.Why?

Hiatal hernia repair without fundoplication possible? I don't have acid reflux problems. But constant shoulder tightness, SOB, andchestpain when relax

Horrible throat clearing for long time, burning in stomach & esophagus, & chest discomfort, am I having a heart issue? Started Pantoprazol 4 days ago.

Hot chest like feeling what could it be I have a hital hernia and I do have gord can anxiety be a cause?

How can you tell if thrush is in your esophagus.. Chest pain? Throwing up? How can you tell if you have fungal infection

How does acid reflux show up in your back, shoulders and breast?

How to remove heartburn in your chest?

Hx esophagitis, protonix (pantoprazole) daily x2yr. 2 day ago, severe pressure, nausea, burping, dizziness now pain between shoulder blades. Tried everything.

I am experiencing heartburn (gerd) (worsened by: lying flat) .

I am experiencing heartburn and left chest pain followed by burping & passing gas. Could this just be indigestion or something more serious?

I am having burning sensation in Upper back and Some times in the legs, I recently had an endoscopy that suggest mild gastritis but symptoms reoccured?

I am having chest pains, then I thought I had acid reflex, what's wrong?

I am having pain just below my navel, along with nausea. I do have acid reflux.?

I can no longer swallow with out severe spasms in my upper chest. Chest is also spasming a lot. Had 37cm Hiatus a Hernia 3 years ago. What do I do?

I don't have heartburn.But im usually bloated, gas trapped inmy throat/chest, will wake up breathless&.Burping will relieved the discomfort.Is it gerd?

I don't have no stomach pain, no coughing, no vomiting only a pain burning sensation in upper middle chest and belching for almost 4wks. Still going on?

I feel a on and off multiple bubbling popping in left chest area no sound form it just feel could this relate to acid reflux/gerd as i do have this?

I get chest pain at times and I have a lot of acidity. Is chest pain due to acidity or something else?

I get episodes of burning in my chest, back, and in both arm pits. My heart and gall bladder check out as normal. Is this likely heartburn?

I get indigestion, heartburn and chest pains and now frequently burp acid into my mouth, what could this be?

I get pain below my sternum, with pain moving to both shoulders. Normal endoscopy, don't have a gallbladder. Heart normal?

I get pains in my stomach and chest and the only way to relieve it is to burp. What's wrong?

I got acid reflux problem.Im taking nexium (esomeprazole).But from last 2 weeks i have back pain left side close to shoulder blade in rib cage area. Why is that?