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'what does it mean if I have pain below sternum and i''m burping?'

2 weeks pain behind sternum, chest tight, more fter meal per gp is reflux.Lungs, heart ok.Pantozol 40mg twice/day.Can it be heart attack even two weeks?

29 weeks pregnant occasional heartburn 2-3 tums (calcium carbonate) to help. past 2 weeks feel cold sensation on skin, top of abdomen over diaphragm below ribs.heartburn?

3 week uper abdomin pain.full aftr eat.nexium (esomeprazole) zantac pain beter but feel full aftr meal wnausea.pain undr left rib on of.constipation.pancrtic cancer?

33 yr old male having stomach pain upper chest pain pain under both ribs on and off and pain after eating food or drinking for 2 weeks now isit gerd?

4 months i been having painful burning between throat and middle chest no antiacids works im taking Prilosec 40mg I have no stomach pain but lot burp?

72 year old woman with pain in middle of chest, do have acid reflux could it be a heart attack?

About my right neck pain my doctor prescribe me that I have acid reflux is it connected?

Acidity,more belching,while belching i felt gas releasing at left chest,gas got stucked at left chest pain,pressure,increase in heart rate.pls suggest?

Adominial pain for a few days now. 2 days ago I found i was short of breath & burping alot now I am having difficulty swallow. Could it beappendicitis?

After an acid reflux about 6 month a go. I was diagnose with candida infection in esophageal and I still feel dull chest pain about few times a day.?

All of the sudden my airway started tightening along with heartburn. I've had heartburn but never restricted airway, what happened?

Anxious feeling in chest all night, bubbles in stomach and chest, lower tummy cramps, ache inbetween shoulderblades. My Gerd bad. Can gerd cause this?

Anyone know what is a pain in my lower esophagus near my sternum?

At work tonight and I have Gerd or acid reflux and I am out of meds... that being said, when I take a deep breath I get a sharp pain in middle of ches?

Ate a lousy fatty lunch today. Ugly chest pain in center of chest after eating. No other symptoms. How to tell between GERD and cardiac?

Bad bloating in upper abdomen &chest, frequent bowel movements, reflux, belching, pain in center of chest, cleared by cardiology, thoughts?

Been up all night with acid reflex and pain in both ribs and along the top of my stomach, could it be my pancreas I have no other symptoms ?

Belching after every sip of water. swallowing a bit harder. Globus sensation right above sternum. Mild pain at times. have Gerd and helicobacter.

Belching, hiccups, farting, nausea, vomiting and some chest and back pain what could this be?(chronic) omeprazole doesn't help, no blood problems.

Belching;farting;heartburn& pain under left breast bone around the back. What is the best treatment for this?

Benefits of slipper elm bark for gastrointestinal issues? Burning/pressure discomfort in upper left abs, nausea, shortness of breath sometimes.

Boy 8 always had GI issues. Mod-severe pain, 30mgprevacid20mg pepcidqd. Throws up a lot, pain in upper mid to luq, under l ribs standing, worse supine?

Boy 8 GI issues since birth mod-severe pain, worse on 30mgprevacid20mgpepcidqd. Refllux, pain in upper mid to luq, under l ribs standing, worse supine?

Breathing difficulty during nights. I think Gas accumulates in left side of my chest above stomach. Can you pl. Tell me the reason. ?

Bulimic, esophagus sore from purging 3X a day, been like this for 1-2 years. The pain is in my upper chest, why?

Burning chest an upper stomach pain lasting for days. Whats it.Is it dangerous .

Burning where top of right breast meets sternum and center of chest at breastline.Just started protonix (pantoprazole).Is this my GERD or cardiac?PCP says heart ok.

Burning in my stomach and chest and even up to my ear and the back of my throat I have GERD but it feels worse than that is that normal with gerd?

Can a 14-year-old girl get stomach cancer? Symptoms are bloating of the upper abdominal and a feeling of something stuck in her throat and chest.

Can a hiatal hernia cause shortness of breathe, upper central chest/ back pain that come and go without heartburn?

Can a hit us hernia cause nausea and a full stomach or chest pressure or trapped air?

Can acid give you chest discomfort dr?

Can acid reflux cause chest pains, shoulder pains, and a lighheaded feeling? What about nausea & palpitations?

Can acid reflux cause odd sensations in your body, headaches, and muscle pains?

Can acid reflux cause right armpit pain?

Can acid reflux cause upper back and rib pain?

Can acid reflux causes you ear pain, sensitive to noise, balance problems, heartburn, difficulty breathing&upper middle stomach pain? What to do?

Can acid reflux give you a deep inner pain under ribs, near shoulder?

Can acid reflux give you bad discomfort in your mid chest dr?

Can acid reflux give you chest pain that also is in your back? No other signs of symptoms. It is accompanied by good coming back up.

Can acid reflux set IBS of and cause lower back ache and is yogut good for reflux and IBS thanks dr?

Can acidity cause dizziness, burps, peculiar sensation near the chest and upper abdominal area and fatigue?

Can an inflamed hall bladder cause chest pain and make you belch a lot?

Can barium swallow miss esophagus spasms or diffuse spasms I did it yesterday it was normally still have chest pain and throat pain, all cardiac work was fine I have GERD and taking Nexium (esomeprazole) ?

Can costochondritis cause chest pain when sleeping on stomach?

Can endoscopies not show if your esophagus is closing all the way? Reflux with burping. Sometimes right after drinking water. Constant upper ab pain

Can erosion of esophagus cause chest pain and throat pain?

Can exercising help acid reflux if you are overweight & you eat and lay down I have chest pain for a month now.. Don't have heart problems had checked?

Can gas get stuck in your esophagus and cause it to expand and cause chest pain? Or is this acid reflux all test done on heart & nothing is wrong.

Can gas or stomach issues cause quick stabs of pain in right chest and ribs? Heart ok, lungs fine. Gallbladder ok. Hist gerd gastritis esophagitis.

Can gastritis (i was diagnosed by egd) & GERD cause shortness of breath/some breathlessness, full stomach, chest/throat tightness and minor burning?

Can Gerd and gas bubbles cause back between shoulder blades to ache? How do I tell if that's the cause?

Can GERD be felt in your back? I have heartburn in my back, with belching. Standing up relieves it, as well

Can GERD cause a short wave of severe pain across chest after eating? Particularly after a belch. Have been having more reflux past few days.

Can GERD cause body aches . ? I have severe GERD anything I eat gives me heart burn my back legs arms and shoulders are achy !

Can GERD cause chest discomfort? What are GERD symptoms? How to relieve it?

Can GERD manifest as a heart attack? Also can reflux happen without feeling the burning sensation in the chest?

Can GERD/acid reflux cause pain in upper right quadrant as well? Diagnosed with Gerd. Had gallbladder removed last year.

Can GI doctors do test for hiatal hernia and how do I tell them I would like that checked. heart burn with nausea right upper abdo. pain dizziness

Can having a hiatus hernia and having oesophagitis cause severe chest pain and pressure discomfort?

Can having GERD and oesophagitis with a small hitus hernia in the upper stomach chest etc cause either breathless and pressure like symptom bloating?

Can heartburn be felt in the back or is it always in the chest?

Can heartburn make you have bad cramping pain in your chest?

Can hiatal hernia or GERD give you chest-pain, arm, neck or jaw pains?

Can hiatal hernias be missed? was diagnosed yrs ago&no evidence of hh now.. stomach/upper back pain daily. meds dont work for pain

Can hiatus hernia or GERD give you chest-pain arm, neck as well as jaw pains?

Can laying down while eating cause acid reflux pain in chest?

Can Nexium (esomeprazole) cause chest pain or tightness?

Can pancreatic issues cause excessive burping? Feeling cold sweats off and on with weakness. Slight upper back pain. Could this just be GERD?

Can problems with the esophagus cause chest pain?

Can reflux hurt under yout left breast? Feels like in rib area. Not constant pain and mild. Just a bothersome. Taking Nexium (esomeprazole) because of reflux.

Can silent reflux cause shortness of breath that is slightly relieved by belching?Doctor says gas pressure on diaphragm or something like that?

Can silent reflux/acid reflux cause upper back pain in the spine.

Can stomach inflammation cause a pain in the chest and throat?

Can the vagus nerve be damaged from choking on pill(i have stomach trouble afterwards and pain in chest)?

Can ulcer cause excessive gas in your upper chest and throat? This is scaring me. My chest feels tight

Can you get pain between your shoulder blades from gerds? I also have a small hiatal hernia

Can you have stomach pains when you have asthma?

Can you still have acid reflux if your upper gu came back normal?

Can you tell me in my throat. it extends all the way from my chest to the top of my esophagus, and I know there is my last meal sitting there. how?

Cesarean 5wks ago & sometimes have pressure middle of my chest when I'm laying down no other symptoms can it be Hiatal Hernia?

Chest on and off burrning sensation.Chronic constipation .Gastric pain .What to do?

Chest pain after dreams only, is this from lactic acid?

Chest pain and burning after taking meal?

Chest pain does not radiat anywhere. Could it be h pylori?

Chest pain in the middle of chest like at breastbone is this acid reflux?

Chest pain palpitations feeling like you have to cough because of it. Could be esophagus spasms? Arythmyia? Have mild gastritis get pain after eat too

Chest pain still there with nausea. Now worried if it isn't cardiac related is there something happening with my oesophagus?

Chest pain under breasts, could it be gerd?Iim taking ulcecep and ranitidine but still in pain from almost a year.Plz advice

Chest pain with sweat, headache, and dizziness. Dr said it could be a ulcer in my esophagus. What can I do? I'm on meds right now

Chest pain, fluttering in stomach, pain in throat. Had X-ray ECG and abdominal ultra for GB in January. Ideas?

Chest pressure/shortness of breath/sometimes nausea. Not constant, many times daily heart ok. Just started Carafate (sucralfate) for potential reflux.Other causes?

Clears by cardiologist and taking Prilosec for Acid reflux. Still have constant chest pain/soreness. Had GB removed as well. Other possibilities?

Constant acid reflux and has trapped in my chest, it's lasted 2 days now! what is this? How to stop it?

Constant chest burning mid chest somewhere between breastbone and neck. All cardiac workups good. Doesn't feel like heartburn. Is GERD possible?

Constipation, stitch under ribs, and reflux what.Is it?

Could acid reflux & back pain be related?

Could chest pain be acid reflex my wife has been having some sharp short pains in her chest i thought it could be acid reflex how ever the Prilosec we brought has not stoped the pain should I get her to the hospital

Could constant nausea and a burning in your chest be caused my over-dosing on anti acids and heartburn pills?