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17, female tightness on right side of chest, no pain, slight cough. Non-smoker. No other symptoms apart from slight wheeze. Should I worry?

2 days of chest mild intermittent chest pains, slight lightheadness but not passing out. Today no pain at all, swollen abdomen and legs. What happened?

21yr M I've had consistent left arm sorenes extending into neck fatigue and occasional heart palpitation chest pain shortness of breath. Just anxiety?

22 year old with hypothyroidism and anxiety experiencing chest pain?

27 year old male. Pain in upper chest, trouble breathing, slight dizziness, was able to drive to work this morning, but pain is still a dull ache.

51 Year old male. Chest pain under left nipple when I burp. No other time does it occur. No shortness of breath or pressure or sweating or typical ?

A lot of tightness in my chest for the past few days. No other symptoms though. What could it be?

Acute intense chest pain then headache?

After exercise or climbing stairs will feel chest tightness, chest pain, dizziness, and feel Chest pain in morning everyday. ?

Always i feel vomiting sensation?Mild pain in chest?

Are the symptoms of endocarditis constant and worsening? Ie. Would you feel progressively worse. Have sweating, joint pain & chest pain..

At random times i have painful spasms in my chest?I have also had some fatigue.

Bad pain under ribs on both sides, spreads into my back, nausea some vomiting, chest pain and increased heart rate. What's wrong?

Bad sweating with severe chest pain?

Been experiencing soreness in my calves along with fatigue and sometimes anxiety/sweating/dull pain below left rib cage. Had angioplasty 4 yrs ago.

Been having episodes of severe chest pain left arm pressure point pain and neck pain. Should i be concerned?

Been having these sharp chest pains for hours now no other syptoms what could this be?

Burning sensation through upper chest, pain in armpits and shoulders for the last couple of days I have had a feeling of heaviness in the left side of my chest along with shortness of breath. I seen my doctor about this and he believes that it was caused

Burning sensation/pain in lower center of chest not relieved by antacids, w/racing ❤️ and nervousness. Could this be anxiety or something else?

Can a sinus infection cause fatigue and chest pains?

Can a bad memory trigger chest pain?

Can anxiety and stress cause fever, chills and chest pain?

Can anxiety cause back pain and indigestion?

Can anxiety cause chest pain and heat?

Can anxiety cause chest pain at random times in random areas ?

Can anxiety cause constant chest discomfort?

Can anxiety cause these symptoms of a pulled muscle on the left side of my chest?

Can nausea and chest pain be a psychosomatic symptom?

Can panic attack give u pain daily from mild to sever cos i, m on pain daily from scale 1 /10 2 to 10 is always on same spots chest and shoulder ?

Can roxithromycin cause fatigue and chest pain?

Can severe coughing due to choking cause bilateral arm pain?

Can stress cause nausea, breathing problems, chest pain and discomfort, pain under ribs on right side, chronic heartburn, and mid to low back pain?

Can you diagnose my symptoms? I have mild but annoying pain in my left chest, it lasts for hours. Im told its stress, but i don't know.

Can you tell me how to rid of chest tightness and pain from anxiety?

Can't sit or lay w/o chest pain/tightness, Dr. Says its anxiety..the pain is could this b anxiety.what else could cause these symptoms?

Cause of chest heaviness associated with back pain?

Causes of burning. Ache in chest. Can it be caused by metformin?

Chest ache. Not really a pain Sometimes it's on the left of my chest and sometimes right. Yes I have depression/Anxiety?

Chest discomfort shortness of breath at times tingling left side headache nausea & vomiting at times ?

Chest pain , like tightness an upper back pain an disoriented, extreme fatigue ...Whats the cause ?

Chest pain for year now. Sometimes sharp, or deep cramping/clenching sensation. sometimes feel spasms in chest but do not see them. all tests normal.

Chest pain that's frequent but temporary, is it anything to worry about?

Chest pain upperback pain mild headache sweating and dizziness..I was diagnosed gerd..Can this be causing my pain? Im so stress and depress. Im 25 f

Chest pain while move.discomfort..sometimes feel breathing difficulties..ecg 7 times and echo.often shoulder discomfort & heart issue.why???

Chest pain/tightness, nausea, chills was given naproxen a few days ago after being told i had Costochondritis but isn't doing anything?

Chest pains are normal part of withdrawals?

Chest press, shoulder pain, back pain, cheek pain and neck pain for over 1 week. Could this be early warning signs of a heart attack?

Chest soreness, and my arms are sore. It's not a sharp pain. Also pressure in chest. What do you think it could be?

Chest tightness and back pain. Are these HIV symptoms?

Chest tightness not other lower back pain no pain on left side no sweating I do have asthma and COPD a little difficulty with breathing?

Choking sensation and pain at the back of the head and a mild chest pain what is this sickness. Its been?

Cold hands , dizziness, tight chest , shortness of breath, lower back pain , light headache and upper abdominal discomfort ?

Constant back tightening pain that goes into my chest and shivering. What could it be?

Constant chest pains that result in him vomiting, having sharp unbearable pains, trouble breathing, and constant burping. What could this be?

Constantly having mild chest pain and pressure, what to do?

Coughing for about a month. Sudden attacks of cough. Body pain. Chest pain and weakness. When he moves or breaths it causes him pain. What could be?

Could i be experiencing chest pain due to too much stress?

Could I have had a silent heart attack ? A few weeks ago i experienced severe pain in back, chest pressure/pain , lightheaded and dizzy with nausea.

Could my sudden chest pains be linked to my dieting?

Could you tell me about the right diagnosis on the following symptoms I have? SUDDEN CHEST PAIN EXCESSIVE YAWNING after pain DISCOMFORT at the chest

Deep chest pressure/aching pain in chest after exercising? Nausea & lightheaded? What can it be? Cardiologist hasn't told me anything yet?

Diabetic chest pains throughout the mornings only, is this normal?

Do i need to seek help if I have a tight pain in my chest?

Do severe migrains come with chest pains or chest contractions. Keeping in mind that I am 16 and i suffer from migrains with out the chest pain?

Doctor thinks I have gerd. Only symptoms are belching a lot/intense middle chest pain that radiates to back off \on. Can this be cardiac related?

Doctors think I may have SVT is it normal with SVT to have intense L sided chest pain followed by dull pain for a few days after, almost weekly. ?

Does doxycycline cause chest tightness, fatigue, and stomach pain? What should I do?

Does extreme anxiety cause neck and lower back pain, dizziness, and shortness of breath?

Does extreme stress and anxiety cause chest pain/stinging?

Dull achy pain in upper left chest, occurs frequently. Ankles and feet swelling. No shortness of breath or headaches. Pain isolated.

Dull constant ache in left shoulder blade pain radiating down left arm BP is 119/78 pulse 90 pain has been there all day I suffer severe anxiety also ?

Experiencing chest pain, palpitations, upper abdominal pain w/distension under right breast, difficilty breathing, chills, lightheaded?

Experiencing chest tightness, shortness of breath, and pain mid back near ribs. No known fever. No history of problems. What could this be?

Experiencing some chest tightness on left side. Not painful, just tightness. A little lightheadedness also?

Experiencing tightening of muscles around chest and headache?

Facial pain, sweating, body aches, dizziness, and minor chest pain and burning? Help

Feeling pain in left side of chest , arm and jaw is it anxiety symptom?

For friend...She is having chest pains..It radiates down her arm and severe cramping in her legs and racing heart?

For the last two days I've had nausea,upper abdominal pain,fatigue,heartburn, slight chest pressure, and head and neck pressure?

For the past few days I have had a lot of gas accompanied by pressure on the chest. What do you recommend?

For the past few days I have had a lot of gas accompanied by pressure on the chest. What to do?

For three days now i've had upper abdominal pain, which is causing my breathing to be constricted while the pain lasts, breathing makes pain worse.

Got a sharp pain in between shoulder pains. It was a 10, but is closer to 4 now. Have gas and burping. No other symptoms or exertion. Possible causes?

Had a migraine & then shooting pain up my spine, pain in lower abd, ribs & chest. So bad I could hardly move. Could this have been from a panic attack?

Had pain in legs, shortness of breath, chest pains, dizziness, numbness, but dr said i'm fine. What to do now?

Had pain in legs, shortness of breath, chest pains, dizziness, numbness, dr says i'm fine. Help?

Have been having constant chest pain which radiates to my back for 5 days, EKG normal, exercise intolerance, but ativan (lorazepam) relieved.What could it be?help

Have had a headache for a week, now i sweating, and on and off chest pain, should I be worried.

Have influenza. Now experiencing sharp brief breath taking all over chest pain and a constant dull ache over left side. Fast HR. ER?

Having burning and tightness in chest and pain in upper back and cramping in legs that is getting worse. Is this a cardiac issue.

Having chest pains on left side. From the center of my chest to my armpit. Often accompanied with mild headache. Can this be heart or cardiovascular?

Having chest tightness in the middle slight left side last only few seconds 3-4 times a day for 2 days now. Could it be caused by anxiety/depression?

Having off and on left arm discomfort. It's been persistent for the last three days. No chest pains. Does it seem cardio or muscle related?

Having pressure pain in the middle of my chest with a bit of nausea. What could it be?

Having recent burning and tightness in my chest on and off for a week with upper back pain, cramping in legs when walking . Is this cardiac related?

Having some mild and reoccurring chest pain. What to do?

Headache, weakness in both arms, chest pain hard to breath?

Headaches for over 2 weeks with recent mild chest pains on left side of chest?

Heart or anxiety or hernia six hours ago, racing heart, tightness in chest, sever, back pain, headache, nausea. Chest pain is still presnet.?

Hello I have the following symptoms which even an ECG and X-RAY cannot detect. Pain on my left lower obdomen with it is neckpain and chest discomfort?