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1 year old daughter has chest pains, should I be concerned?

16 yr old male chest pain, sharp, mild comes and goes. No heart issues not worse with exercise, worse with laughing sometimes. Costochrondritis?

17. Left chest pain & back pain. Coughing blood spots. Been to hospital can't find anything but pain still there. Staggers with pain.

30 yr old with chest pains that come and go but are not heart related. What could it be?

4 months ago I had mild chest pain and difficulty breathing. It went on and off for a week. The doctor cleared me but It has now come back. Any ideas?

A 55 year old woman is told to go to the ER because she is experiencing chest pain. Will anyone believe it can be heart?

A few days ago I experienced the worst stomach flu of my life. The pain in my back and chest is unbearable. It hurts to breath and talk. What do I do?

A friend of mine has been having a sharp pain in his chest for about a year & he doesn't no why do you have any recommandations for him?

After explaining to three doctors that I get chest pain, arm pain, and jaw pain pain randomly they listened to my heart and said I'm fine?

After I have an orgasm I have pains in chest area and nauseated and dyspnea. It does go away though. ?

Any advice? I have had a chest infection for 6 weeks now and it isn't going?

Any explanation for why i get chest pains when i breathe?

Anytime i burp, i get severe pain in my chest down to my rib area, is this normal?

Bad chest pain but works come up normal and been in ER several times for same thing. any advice?

Been having bad chest pains for about 7 hours?

Been having prolonged chest pain- should I go to the doctor?

Been spewing all night and have pain in chest all morning. should i go hospital??

Can a 17 year old get tuberculosis? Feeling pain in chest area but not sure..

Can chest pain from GERD last for a week? I feel that this is the cause but I'm unsure how to get rid of the pain?

Can chest pain last for hours after a panic attack? I know chest pain is a classic sign if PAs, but can it last for hours afterwards? Should I worry?

Can someone get bad chest pain from her bra?

Can someone in an ER tell me why my chest is hurting?

Can't get rid if this sharp pain in the center of my chest and abdomin. Been taking naproxen but doesn't help. Why is this?

Cardiologist, pulmonologist, pain mgmnt, primary care. Which one should I see. Have high bp, chest pain, short of breath, neck pain and right arm pain?

Cardiologists can't explain my chest pain and mild shortness of breath. Who should I go to next?

Center chest pain should I go to the ER now?

Chest and back pain, shortness of breath has been consistent for the past few hours. Should I go to the ER or is it not a big deal?

Chest back and body pains nausea. Been to ER had EKG chest xray and blood work all normal ?!? Been to the ER several times

Chest hurts all day after my SVT arrythmia. Should I go to ER in the morning?

Chest pain after every meal. What's going on.

Chest pain and hives...What's going on?

Chest pain and shoulder so i go to ER r/o heart attack now home with same pain thank u riza ?

Chest pain for about 5 months now.It comes and goes?

Chest pain left side. Vitals ok, no symptoms other than aching pain on chest. Comes and goes past few hours. What is it? Musculosketal or cardio?

Chest pain relieved on rest. Do I need to see doctor in am?

Chest pain that won't go away. I take Advil (ibuprofen) and still have pain in back,chest,shoulder after fall. Can it be heart after 8 months of pain?

Chest pain/back pain/dizziness/&shortness of breath. Been going on and off since may. What may be going on. Labs/x-ray/ekg all normal.

Chest pains for a few days,now having hot flashes too... Er visit?

Continuose chest pain, been to ER more than once.Drs couldn't find cause. What could be going on? Tired of being in pain and not sleeping.

Costochondritis: what to do when the pain gets very bad?

Diagnosed with costochondritis in both chest sides 2 months ago and since had had shortness of breath that comes and goes can costo cause this?

Do doctors in ers treat chest pain in teenagers seriously?

Do i need to go to ER if i an experiencing pluerisy chest of pain. Experienced sever chest pain under breastbone this weekend but that ended. No fever?

Do I need to go to the ER every time I have chest pain?

Do you think I should go see a doctor if I am experiencing pleurisy?

Doc can't find what wrong with chest pains. I had it for 2 wks..What does ur mean cause chest pain? I'm only 17 and they can't find what's wrong with.

Er doc sent me home but i still have chest pains. What should I do?

Experiencing chest pain and not sure if should call gp or 911?

Feel very short of breath and like something is stuck left side of chest. Had cardiac work up and chest xray all normal. GP and ER sent me home.

Finally got diagnosed for my chest pains it's costochondritis what is this the ER dr said it's nothing serious ? How can I treat it ?

For a couple of days now I have been having a pain in my chest off and on w/ shortness of breath and nausea. What could it be and should I go to er?

For about a year and a half I have been getting mild, to sometimes moderate chest pain. Went to ER 3 times and ekgs were always good. Whats wrong?

For the past three days I have been having chest pain. When should I go see a doc?

Get a dull but brief pain or pressure in the center of my chest. Goes away but been experiencing it for a month everyday or so. Im 19.

Got hit in chest, sharp pains, couldn't breathe, about 8 months ago, been having severe chest pains ever since, 14 and i'm an athlete.?

Groin/calf pain, painful shortness breath heart pounding worse when i lay down. X3 days. Should i go to ER no dr until tuesday? Pain getting worse

Had a uper GI with camera and a week after I have swelling in my chest with pain what could this be went to ER the day after nothhing wrong they say?

Have been having chest pain for a couple of weeks, not unbearable pain tho, should be nervous, is it dangerous?

Have chest pain 2 times a mounth, past half year. It happens after i rub the rib's to each other. Center of chest. Will it go over?Must i go to dr?

Have gurd and going for endoscopy in a week. having prickly pain in chest right of breast bone and some tightness...should i go to er?

Have pnemonia am a health care aid have stabbing pain in chest and back when coughing only been two days when should I return to work?

Having a lot of chest pain that wont go away. Could I have pericarditis?

Having chest pain for 3 days now. Will it pass soon?

Having chest pain that comes goes and pain in left arm went to the doc and had EKG everything normal. I checked bp 10 times could that cause arm pain?

Having chest pains on&off. Advil&pain meds aren't helping.Gets worse when laying down.Have shortness of breath w activity.Sharp pains.What could it be?

Having chest pains. Should I go to the hospital?

Having rib pain from coughing. Diagnosed with flu two days ago, felt a pop yesterday when coughing. Should I go to ER? Pain level 8

Having sharp, left sided chest pain that worsens with exhalation, coughing, laughing. My pcp can't see me for 3 days. Emergency?

Having sob and pressure and tightness ER wont see me says its anxiety.. Why wont ER check me out?

Having some mild pain in my chest right side of the chest, go to er?

Having worsening neck/chest/arm pain, irregular hr, numbness down left arm and massive headache. Not sure if I should seek ER care. Just moved no pcp.?

Heartburn small shortness of breath that comes and goes and pain in my chest no pain but uncomfortable nausea comes and goes just got over strep a?

Hello sir, I am having chest pains which comes and goes. I also have mvp, does mvp causes chest pains and shortness of breath. Does i will die soon.?

Help. I am having chest pain. What should I do? I do not think I need to go to emergency room but it hurts.

Hi I have been experiencing upper chest pain for about 5 days now. I have went to the ER and they did EKG, Blood work, Blood pressure, and Chest xray and all were fine. This pain persist and will not go away its mostly on the left side but it does move ar

Hi I have SVT im been getting sharp pains on my chest in last 30min what do I do?

Hi i went to the doctor and he said my heart was fine but i bin having chest pain everyday is there a problem should I go back to the doctors ?. Help

How can I get chest wall pain to go away?

How can I get help for daily chest pains?

How can I get over the chest pain in anxiety?

How can I quickly cure chest tightness (urgent)?

How can my wife get gas chest pain to go away. ?

How can stop chest pains from occuring when i go jogging?

How come I have chest pain every day but my doc says i'm fine?

How do I deal with chest pain that comes and goes?

How do I figure out why I am getting mild chest pains?

How do u tell the difference between normal pains and pain that is from ur heart without having to go to the doc every time u have one that worries u?

How do you know when to go to the hospital for chest pain?

How long does it take for costochodritis to go away? I've it for 5 months (well that's what my doctor told me) but i still get a lot of chest pains.

How to stop pain of labore?

How to treat back and chest pain? It hurts to breathe and i get lots of chills?

Husband has tumor in his chest above his heart. He is having headaches, nose bleeds & chest pain. Should he be seen in ER?

I can't get praply diagnose with this chest and shoulder pain from my doctor and cardiologist what do I do now pain is killing me. ?

I am 35 and have chest pains that come and go, is it serious?

I am a 34 year old female with a tightness in my chest should I go get it checked out?

I am have chest pain its like someone is sitting on my chest it goes in to my back so idk what it could be?

I am having chest pains and filling really bloated have had multiple embolisms in the couple of years should l do to the er. I am in severe pain.

I am having pretty bad chest pain, tightness, and hot flushes. How do I know if it is serious or not?

I am having random chest pain, some severe but only lasting a few seconds, i take nitro and it goes away only to come back later, what should I do?

I am having severe chest pain (along the sternum and up into my throat) especially after I burp. I was at the ER yesterday and they eliminated a heart?