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have had a physical recently and it was good I am 24 and have slightly high cholesterol. I have been having this tightening in my chest, not my heart?

relax myself? a bunch of symptoms but been seen by doc; had ultrasound of veins near head; had heart done etc but still have that fear of stroke.

14 yr old w thalasemia minor. Sob & chest pain with major cardio activity. Has had resp & cardiac testing, all normal. What other avenue can we take?

17 days post bilateral PE caused bc pills. On xarelto, wondering if pain in lungs and anxiety is normal after? Also, heart palpitations?

18 yr old female. Right and middle chest pain. Heart rate hasn't been lower than 100 for two weeks. No heart problems. Family history of strokes, hbp?

2 days of lyrica, (pregabalin) nighttime chest pain. 2nd shortness of breathe, felt throat had closed, felt like passing out O2 97%, pulse 13O. anxiety or <3 attac?

2 weeks ago momentary tightness from collarbone up neck to ears.Just occurred again.What causes this?Fear cardiac.PCP says heart ok.See cardiologist?

22 yr, with chest pain near heart which lasts less a few seconds while sitting once a day. Normal blood test, not diabetic, cholesterol fine. Angina?

23, pacer for 3rd degree av block frequent chest pain ER says non-cardiac &pvcs. Fast onset pain 2nite, sob, pressure, dizzy. Also diagnosis of gad. Cardiac?

23yrs. No surgery, no medications, and no diagnois for any type of illness or medical. Stinging both big toe, chest pain, slow heart rate, and dizzine?

24 female. Very healthy. Had some sharp back pain before that comes and goes. Normal BP always low at 100/70. Is it cardiac or could it be anxiety?

25 yr old male if I have chest pain is it likely heart related? Have had 3 ekgs and blood work all normal.

26 year-old man with 4 years of gradually increasing swallowing problems, felt to be esophageal dysfunction, with normal chest and abdominal CT.....?

27F 242lbs 5'8 .chest pain heart racing as if I just workedout. What should I do?

27f 243lbs . I have metal taste in mouth and neck pain on the side . Doc said heart and lungs are fine . So what could be the problem ?

27f, hx fast HR after just walking (130), SOBOE, burning pain in top of chest when breathing in only. No dizziness. Chest infection or heart related?

27y/o non smoker. 1.5year history intermittent mild central chest discomfort worse at rest and with cold. Ecg, bloods, echo, stress test normal. Help!

28 yr thin girl. Has pots, anxiety, ehlers danlos hypermobility, gerd. Good echo, ekg. Heart attack chances? Nerve pain l arm, chest pain(maybe gerd)

28.NoFam hist of HD.Non-Smoker.5'6'' 152#. BP119/76.Tot Chol 220.NormEKG,Stress&ECHO.3wks of numb acrss chest on&off. Slight Neck pain. Heart related?

29 yo having heart attack-like symptoms for a year on and off - heaviness in chest, hard to breathe, numbness in face. Multiple ekgs show nothing.

29/F with POTS. Cardiologists have told me i have a healthy heart but i get so anxious about vein pain on my left side. doctors say it's pots. why?

30 year old pregnant female with SVT on 40 mg of sotalol/day. Also have a reversed cervical curve. Having pain where cartoid arteries are?

30yr f;hosp w/chest pain;diag w/hypertension & graves' disease;arterial blood ok, EKG ok, still have consistent chest pain on BP med;hr still high; y?

32M, high chol. levels, did TMT 5 mnths bck - all ok. Left arm ache on brisk walking. Is it heart related? How 2 distinguish heart related arm ache?

34 male with low cholestrol, non smoker good echo stress and no family cardiac history. Chest pain in single place come and go.Cardiac or acid reflux?

35 M with echo stress and chol normal in Feb 2015. No risk factors. Localized chest pain near rib-breastbone joint. Same spot each time. Heart? Help!!

36 M with echo stress clear, acid reflux several EKG Chest pain left one point My doc says anxiety, but scared of heart attack Miserable for last 12 m?

37 female.Quit smoking 14 yrs ago. Normal BMI,cholesterol,EKG,BP. Have 5-10 sec. pains in the chest-sternum.PCP says heart ok.Odds of cardiac problem?

37 female.Quit smoking 14 yrs ago.Normal BMI,cholesterol,EKG,BP. Have 5-10 sec. pains in chest and sternum.PCP says heart ok.Odds of cardiac problem?

39yo female with CAD.. I suffer anxiety also.. heaviness in left shoulder/ arm.. Heart attack has been ruled out ,I was in observation overnight

44 year old female that had had chest pain and was put on a 12 lead the other day and was diagnosed with anterosrptal infarct. Is this serious ?

445 lb gas. bypass patient/f/21 chest pain and racing heart. sev ER visits and cardiologist appts. all clear. anxiety or something else? angio done.

45 male w/anxiety stress test 1/2/15 good multiple ekg and blood work good too but still get squeezing in left chest and been getting head pressure?

45yo female w/ history of chf/peripartum cardiomyopathy presents with sudden onset of very irregular heartbeat & tingly feeling in left arm. Serious?

46 yr old has black and blue mark on chest (near heart) and haveing trouble breathing. Should she be seen at a hospital? What is this? Help.

5 stent 7 month ago rconsulted cardio small artey still blocked to small to do anything still chest pain and breathlessness any advice?

57 years old. Heart skips a beat every 3 to 10 beats. Chronic pain by degenerative arthritis. C3-T1 fused. Very strong pain Meds. BP 160/92. Worry?

58 year old male, have had so many tests , but still have chest pain. Doctor says it is in my mind. Please help.

58 years old and ECG says RBBB+LABH and have had 2 episodes of slight pain sensations in the chest lasting for few minutes. Do i need to go for angiog?

58 yr male 1hr ageo after dinner feel chest discomfort , sudden asthma , dizziness and sweating.What is the diagnosis of this patient?

5yo has 2/6 systolic murmur loudest at LLSB and radiating to the apex. Is this bad or dangerous? When does it go away?

8/11 experience significant chest pain in center of chest lasting 2 secs. Saw Cardiologist 8/3 6 mo fu no chg ekg/lipid profile good. Exercise no pain

A 52 year old man went to the emergency department with severe chest pain; they always think he has heart attack?

A few years ago went to emerg with resp of 40 heart rate 90 and carpopedal spasm, my hands were clawed inward and couldn't move arms. Stroke? Mi?

A patient presented to the ER with chest pain and has a ventricular pacemaker. Probable causes?

After a mi, 3 strokes, scad, thrombus, now quivering chest pain always from 1 am and 5 am. If mssge my chest roughly, qvring subsides. What is this?

After a traumatic situation I have painful knife like jabs in my chest. Am i getting a heart attack?

After history of bradycardia, could working out a lot cause chest pain?

Am heart patient got ptca with two stent. Experiencing occassional heartburn. Told my cardio he advised to see a dr for stomach. Hope not heart again?

Am i at risk of a heart attack or stroke past out rushed to hospital was treated with steroids for asthma but nothing more complained about chest pain but nothing was done about it still having severe chest pain

Aneurysm or high risk of heart attack or stroke cause taste of blood in throat?myocardial infraction, inflamed plaque,head pain,chest pain-symptoms!?

Another day in he'll with chest and shoulder pain they did a cath work on my heart 4 weak ago it whose all clear if that means any thing ?

Another thing, my heart rate was still very high all throughout night and experienced slight chest pain from worrying and being so paranoid about it.

Are heart attacks rare for a healthy 27 year old male that has had xrays of his chest every 3 months for cancer check ups? Can they see anything in xr

Are intermittent head pain, cold hands and feet, and heart arrhythmia caused by bulimia?

Are short bouts of chest and left arm pain likely to be cardiac. I have quite high cholesterol. Episodes lasting 1-2 min.

As a kid I had a heart murmur now I suffer from not being able to walk long distances, dizziness, heart pains and achey legs, possible heart problem?

At my age can I be at risk of heart attack or oft her heart problems? Always worried about it. Get discomfort if left upper chest. Dnt drink or smoke.

Bad cholesterol was 260. What is the best way to lower this number? All others were normal. Could this cause my random chest pain? Heart tests normal.

Been 2 pcp & heart doc and ER sev times work ups clean but still having constant chest pain w/ racing. 21/f/obese. clean angio. high bp and diabetes.

Been diagnosed with an ef of 50%. 51 yo male, clear cath, no heart attack. Right side of heart normal, left mild dysfunction. How serious is this?

Been diagnosed with innapropriate sinus tachycardia, i had real bad pain in heart other day i couldn't breath in properly and my lips went blue?

Been smoking weed for for years and love it. Been having an issue with heart pounding and chest pain. Please help!!!

Blocking pain in my heart for 38 year's?

Bottom of sternum hurts for 6 months nobody knows what it is gi good heart good blood work good nuc med body scan good no meds help what could it be?

Brief episode of stabbing pain (12/10 for pain), now just feel like can't fill lungs/chest heaviness. BP ~120, but have SVT also. Not lightheaded etc.

Brief periods of fast heart rate (120-150bpm) w/ palpitations and upper right abdominal pressure. Went to ER four days ago. No definite diagnosis.

Broken heart syn. 2011, now ef is 55%, global strain analysis 19%, chest pain almost daily, racing heart, event monitor for 2 wks, normal. Any concerns?

C-reactive protein is 20.1. Dr said it's bad for my heart and puts me at risk for heart attack. If i had bad chest pain 20 years ago should I tell dr?

Cad and adriamycin (doxorubicin) for breast ca 10 yrs ago sob and fatigue er or appt?

Can a 36M with clean echo stress and lipids last Jan, no risk fac get angina? Chronic Mild left arm pain with sporadic localized chest pain no SOB

Can a 4.2 CM descending aortic aneurysm cause chest tightness/pressure? All of my heart tests have come back clear.

Can a inflamed chest wall and anxiety, and new medication throw off a EKG ?

Can a person with sinus tachycardia do push ups and other exercises? And i also have a slight pain in my heart like an angina and im travelling abroad

Can an abnormal EKG and elevated troponins indicate a possible mi event. Also can pain in the arms, legs, hands and feet be tell tell signs of a slow but pending cardiac event about to happen? The pain value is between 7-9 thank you in advance for your t

Can angina attacks be exper by missing 1 day of BP meds? If so, my pain level was an 8 with heaviness in chest. If so does this warrant getting ekg?

Can anxiety attack causes chest pain.And whenever i admited to hospital my tyroid is high but thrre is no swollen on my neck, is this causes by anxiety?

Can anxiety or body position cause a 5-10 second band like feeling across chest?not pain, just slight pressure.PCP says heart ok.Fear cardiac issue.

Can aspertaim in diet pop cause heart flutters, chest pains or any other issues ?

Can atrial tachycardia cause a pain in the center of your chest, like a "catch" type pain?

Can excercise help all small epicarcardial vessels to open up or would you recommend another angiogram had one last month and getting chest pain still?

Can getting really scared cause coronary spasm?

Can I donate blood if I have experience chest pain 2 years ago?

Can I go back to work after a mold heart attack

Can lots of gas/indegistion be similar to heart attack? Like pain under left breast/heart beat under breast bone or maybe its my pulse. Any advice?

Can my concave sternum cause or contribute to the chest pain associated with my heart murmur? 38 y/o F with a 13 year history

Can my husband be havin heart attack.his oxygen keeps goes down to 92% for 2 or 3 mins n SOB palpitation and left jaw goes numb. He has minimal CAD?

Can stress in a 23yo female cause a heart attack. Can chest ache that lasts for days be a heart attack. It isnt painfull or get worse?

Can sudden but extremely brief center of chest "jolt" during my jog be a cardiac problem? Could a PVC cause this? Or a musculoskeltal issue?

Can teeth pain be a sign of a heart attack? Negative cardiac work up a month ago- should I still be worried?

Can tight scalene s cause pressure feeling jaw neck and shoulder. Hist eds3 pots GERD anxiety. Recent EKG echo normal. Paranoid it's heart related?

Can TMJ pain be felt in the actual bone on lower jaw and chin? Worried about cardiac issues but heart is fine other than PVCs and tachycardia.

Can unstable angina occur only once every few months, or does it normally occur more often? What are the other causes of central chest pain with shortness of breath at rest that lasts for <1min?

Can you have corenary artery disease if you have had stress echo come back normal have been having ongoing chest pain even at rest i'm 37 male?

Can you tell at middle age if you're going to have heart disease later?

Can you tell if somebody has an icd implanted by feeling of their chest?

Cardiac cath - bump up my 3 week visit , or is ok (normal) brought into ER on 8th by ambulance, unable to find cause of chest pain, had a cardiac cath done on the 9th, was told to watch for black and blue down leg, minor black and blue......But testicle s

Cardiac cath in 2012. Femoral site is hurting a lot all of sudden like it was after procedure. Can feel area pulsating quite a bit. See dr.? Concern?

Cardiologist did full W/U all norm and says heart is healthy.Since I can't go to the doc every week.Will I know when chest pain is a serious prob?28.

Cardiologist said I shouldn't worry about the chest pain and racing I get but no matter what i always do. is this about trust or a underlying problem?