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After sex, I have pain in middle of chest when sit down and I feel in all chest and upper back when standup, All the ECG, Effort & Echo are normal.

cramping pain in head, feeling of fluid moving inside head,Weakness in arms/legs,, shortnessofbreath, chestpain? .Doctors dont take me seriously!

? Is my hubby have a heart att.warning? 59yr on 2 BP RX, 72+hrs excru. Pain neck Rside of arm to elbo & underarm . Chest UppFr/Bk tear feel-HEART ATT?

1 week ago I had low back,stomach,chest heaviness. Now I only have chest heaviness. Headache too now/oversleeping as well.Not preg/maybe medicine?

10 mos of intermittent left shoulderblade, neck, arm, hand, finger pain.Can't make happen w/movement.Dr. Says heart ok.No family history of mi. Ideas?

17 year old cardiac work up fine lungs checked and are normal, discomfort under left pec and mild sob at times ?

19 y/o, normal EKG ECG and chest x ray taken 4 months ago. Could slight chest pain radiating to left arm be do to heart problems or thoracic spine ?

19 yo. Normal Ekg Ecg and chest X-ray . Inconsistent Pain in left side of chest. could it be aortic dissection. Had the tests a month in between.

2 stabbing pains left breast/ left sternum this am.1 pain left breast while reaching 2 hrs later.Took breath away.Muscular?High anxiety over this.

2 trips to ER no answers. Left side pain: lower back of head, neck, shoulder, chest x3wks. Chest xray fine. Heart and lung levels good. Any ideas?

2 weeks ago had ekg, bloodwork, and u/s done for possible bloodclot. All came back good. My left arm is aching now. Heart attack?

20 year old male, abnormal EKG but normal echo and stress test. Left arm randomly tingles and has a slight ache to it.Anxiety or heart?

20 year old male, recent upper back and abdominal pain, minor chest pain, bounding visible pulse and pain in suprasternal notch, i'm healthy. Anxiety?

22 w/Left side chest pain shooting to upper back, belching. Pain with deep breaths,and movement.2 ekg = good, 1 echocardiogram= good, bloodwork = good?

22 YO female. Sharp pain under left breast for few minutes only when took in a breath. No other symptoms but today heaviness in left arm. Is it an MI?

22 yr / have chest pain on and off, above/upper left and right, never in the middle. Health test normal. Cholesterol normal, not diabetic, ECG normal?

22 yr old girl, non-smoker: severe sudden migraine, really bad bloody nose, numbess/ weak down one arm, & sudden chest pain/pressure-whats going on?

23 and I have had for ekgs chest rays than most people have in there life and one eco all were fine so why do I still have left side chest pain?

23 male chest pain come n goes sometimes lasts about 10min left arm feels wierd down to elbow chest pain comes n goes about ever 10min is it heart Atk?

23 wks preg/ twin boys. Dull pain in my shoulders and the farther down it goes on my arms the worse the pain. Arms also feel weak. Been drinking fine.

23 yrs old. Past few months ache in upper back (also feels tight) And chest. Somedays it's worse than others. Heart related or tight back?

23 yrs old. Past few months nagging ache in upper back (also feels tight) & chest. Somedays it's worse than others. Do you think it's heart related?

24 f I have been getting pain in arms mostly left & I also have pain in index finger mostly at night I have had ecg echo & 2 stress tests is it heart?

24 w/ no health problems. Past 6 weeks have had very mild, but persistent, chest pain (sternum area). Ekg was fine, BP is ~110/60. Any ideas?

24 wk pregnant, pains on/off in centre& left side of chest, heart palpitations. Have been coughing up phlem as of this morning. Heartrate 41 now 88?

24 year old male have heart failure even after a few ekgs and blood work done ruling it out?. I have sharp pains in my left arm and chest

24m dull tingle/ache lt arm. Sharp pain left center chest. Month worth of heavy panic attacks. Could I have angina? Stopped smoking 2 months ago.

25 f bad pain in shoulder blades acid scared heart attack?

25 stomach has annoyng pain cant put pressure slight short of breath bloating tightness sorebreast urinating often ?

25 yo female had echo labs stress test and EKG all normal. Last 4 days sharp pain in between shoulder blades and chest around breasts on and off. Tried Tums and Advil (ibuprofen) no help. Scared of mi or pe. Help?

25f jaw left arm pain 5 days had normal ecg yesterday still scared im having heart attack would ecg be normal if there was problem?

26, don't smoke, left chest pain for 2mnths. Dull ache w occasional burning and shooting pains. Tender ribs and possible reflux. EKG, blood, stress test normal. Troponin I < 0.02. They couldn't find anything. Can it still be my chest? Pleurisy?

27 w chest, arm, hand, back, rib pain for 6 months. Pain feels like foot falling asleep & 2-3sec. shooting , burning, cramping pain 24/7. Awareness of heartbeat 24/7 ( after Biaxin, HR normal). EKG's, blood, X-rays, stress are ok. NSAIDs don't work. ?

27, female, w/ frequent lower back pain & dull ache in left chest for 7 months, ecg, x-ray, bloods = normal. Echo = trivial mr. Is this anxiety/stress?

28 F, 5'3 205 lbs, temp 100.2 BP 146/99 HR 134! Chest pains (very painful) pain in right shoulder and neck. heart?

28. No Fam Hist of Heart Dis. Non-Smoke.3 NormEKGs.Stress&echo. BP119/76.Could pinchy pain from top of left arm to wrist still be heart related?

29 m, chest pain only when turning head to the left. Started after waking. Had a good checkup and ekg. Where should my wife massage to give me relief?

29. mild chest pains on the left side that extend into my armpit and occasionally upper arm. fatigued. have GERD. no fever. resting ~70 BPM (elevated)?

29yrMale.Left arm very weak since2days after 3km [email protected]/hr.Arm now ok but shoulder still pains a bit.Normal Ecg,echo,t/mill test a month ago.Angina?

3 cardioligst they all clear me of my heart did many tests is all good but i still have left side chest pain and shold and ribs sore if i stretch ?

3 days ago started feeling waves of tightness and discomfort in chest. Goes thru back, throat, jaw. 8secs, every min. Worst when drinking hot bevs. ?

3-4 times in the past 1-2 months,I woke up with intense pain in my chest, back, and jaw. Accompanied by burping- is it just gas?Why's it hurt so much?

30yr male.Hot flushes.Cold & clammy on touching. Chest pains and pain in legs.Accompanied by needles n pins.Rushed to er.They said its panic attack?

31 weeks preg. Anxiety anemic. Having chest pain left arm going numb. Prev. Ekg echo xray normal. Advice. Have bad heart burn?

31 yo female recent ekg, stress test, echo all fine. Have bad gerd. I have pain in jaw and down left arm along with lost of bubbles in chest. Gerd?

31 yr. old f chest pain, left arm pain lasted 3-4 mins chest felt tight or a choking pain, very bad arm pain...I m a diabetic also. 2nd time for this ?

31yo F, stress lately also I haven't slept more than 3 hrs a night in over 30 days now I'm having sharp pains in chest nauseated should I go to er?

33 male, chest pain and left arm pain. EKG, stress and blood normal. No family history. Endoscopy also fine. Should I be worried about my heart?

34 M cleared by doc of cardiac issues , via echo stress a year ago. Left arm numb, jaw discomfort for last four months? Anxiety or something else?

34 wk preg Sharp pains in left shoulder blades. Left arm jaw feel sick. Ekg normal blood work normal awaiting results from Holter monitor and echo?

35 M no risk fac. Echo stress Jan 2015 fine. Chol August 2015 fine. Localized chest pain. Same location all time. Mild left arm pain. Worried Help pls?

35 M with clean echo stress and lipids. All cardiac factors fine. Acid reflux. EpigAstric and left jaw pain with left arm dull pain. Can it be heart?

35 male left arm pain , left jaw tingling and chest pain that comes and goes last three months. EKG and treadmill/echo fine. Should I be worried?

35 y/o female w/ history high chol & fam history of cad, upper back pain radiating to shoulder blades, indigestion, chest discomfort for 1 wk. Treadmill stress?

36 M no smoke no fam his normal chol echo stress jan 2015 good. Single point pain in left chest, left arm numb. Doc says fine, but I am scared. Help!!

36 M with clean cardiac echo stress and lipids. No risk factors. Pain in lower back and localized pain in upper left chest for 9 mths. Cardiac? Scared

36 M with normal echo stress lipids BP no fam his and non smoker has mild chest pain left side and left arm pain. Doc says anxiety or reflux. Scared!!

36 M with normal echo stress lipids BP no fam his and non smoker has mild chest pain left side and left arm pain. Doc says anxiety or reflux. Scared!!

36 M with normal echo stress, BP & lipids in Dec 2014. No fam his non smoker. Left arm pain for 6 mths and sharp chest pain in one location. Cardiac?

36 M with perfect echo stress lipids year ago. No smoke,fam his,diabetes or BP. EpigAstric pain with localized lower rib pain. Left arm pain. Cardiac?

36 M with perfect stress test and lipids in Jan 2015 No fam his, no smoke 22.3 BMI. Localized chest pain above left nipple. Mild left arm pain angina?

36 yo female with sudden right dull chest pain for over 5 hours. No history of heart disease. Doesn't hurt more when i breathe or move. Angina? Stress?

37 yr. Old female.Weight, bp, cholesterol ok.Non smoker 10yrs.Tingling in left fingers.Pain in left shoulderblade, chest, arm.Doc says heart ok. Ideas?

37/F smoker, family cardiac history. Mild pain in chest, left neck and arm for 2 weeks off and on. Not severe. Could it still be cardiac?

40 yr old f, norm heart workup in july. Having burning ache in upper abdomen and lower chest. Slight nausea and tired. Had some throat virus 2 days now and moments of hot/cold flush and dizziness. ?

41, f, 2 prev. Mis. Tonight I have developed a pain in my lshoulder. No chest pain but elevated bp. How to judge reg pain vs. Heart prob?

43 year old male. Hbp. Feeling lightheaded and extreme fatigue for 2 years. Slight chest pain started recently. What could be the issue?

5 day pain on off under ribs,left armpit,top of breasts, jaw sholdr.normal heart ratebreath,bp.cardiac ct,chest ct, ecg,echo cardiac all normal??

5 sec. Ache/pressure in chest/left breast.1 burp, gas later. 2013 ecg/holter ok.Cardiac anxiety, left shoulderblade pain 8 mos. Cardiac?Gastroc?Muscle?

55yr male, breathlessnes at nite, left scapular pain, radiating to left arm. Long history of constipation.On concor and loprin.Diagnosis?No htn

6 days post op from ankle surgery, having pain in thigh on same side and cramping in calf, my chest feels kinda tight and I have a weeze when breathin?

6 urgent care docs based on EKG and fam phy based in fam his, echo stress and lipids think I am fine. Mild chest pain left arm pain. Angina? Reflux?

6m preg while sleeping sometimes wake up panting like I just ran a mile no,pain or heaviness or anything in chest just can't catch my breath?

8 months of chest discomfort, dizziness and dull pain between shoulder blades. Ecg stress test and echo normal. Can this be stress more than physical?

A few times this month I've felt a little bit of pressure, very slight brief pain around mid chest. Should I walk or run to the doctor?

A painful tight pain about a half inch below my sternum. I got hot and couldnt breathe. Pee was dark for days after. More chest/abdominal pain. Help?

Ache in ribs and went to sleep an then woke up shivering and I had warm clothes on? An have ache near my sternum

Achy chest in 26 yo female. Heart attack? Gradual pain but nothing sharp everything just aches. chest and arms. scared it might be heart attack.

Achy dull chest pain every once in a while lasting no more than 5 mins. Pacs and pvcs at times. Md said not enough water or stress caused it.Ekg norml?

Achy upper arms in 22 year old female. Heart related? Had EKG before dr said all was fine. No fam history/risk of heart problems/attacks/chest pain

After a light exercise, my left arm started to feel pain and stiff, followed by my shoulder & my left chest and heart. What is going on?

After dinner my belly feels very heavy. Chest pain soon after. Helps to sit up with knees to my chest. Could this be MALS or serious...

After eating epigastric area tight sharp chest pain comes and goes, SOB for some time Echo stress fine in Jan. chol BP fine Scared it might be angina?

After having smoked marijuana i had a squeezing pain over my heart that lasted for a minute or two. Burning pain in left arm. Heart tests came clean?

After I am walking I am belching, chest pain, and bloating I fell so nervous that I think I hav a heart problem but I hav a normal ecg, 2d echoe?

After jogging coughing heaps and sharps pains down there and feeling the need to poop. Having to squat due to pain?

After my C Section back in March. I been having on and off nervous feeling and cramping in my chest. Chest xray normal. What could it be?

After my echocardiogram dr said the back of my heart muscle was slightly thicker than normal. I get alot of chest pain & palpitations. Cardiomyopathy?

Almost like a mild vibrating feel in my upper chest and neck past 3mornings and last night for2 hours. Only obvious when I'm laying down. Not my pulse?

Am 21 my BP is normal and am having daily chest pain onleft right ribs when i wake up in morning and pain vanishes by mid day my heamaglobin is 11gm?

Am 24, Been feeling some kind of tightness in the left part of my chest for months now. ECG is normal, HDL 35mg/100ml, LDL 78, Tryglyccrides 34. ?

Am 29 yrs i've had high cholesterol and hypothyroid in the past 4 months every now and then my left arm feel cold past 2 day some chest tightness ?

Anxiety attacks will radiate to the left face left shoulder and arms that you will suspect heart attack? I hav normal stress test, ecg, 2dechoe, c- trop.

Any sudden movements causes a pinched feeling right between my breasts, & in center of chest. Xrays, ekg, and echo normal. What could be the culprit?

Appendix surgery 7 days ago. 2 days ago throwing up. Fever at 99.8. Feeling sick. Collapsed lung. Trouble breathing. Light handedness. Arm and leg feel numb?

Arm feels numb tingly since 4am is 11am now, no chest pain but I do have gas, had an anxiety attack yday for first time in 2yrs and am dehydrated.

Backpain middle chest pain, sudden mild dizziness and headache.. Had echo ECG xray and blood work..Its normal.. What could be causing this im 25 f

Bad chest pain and shaky hands also neck and head pains and breathing problems, what can be wrong with me?

Bad chest pain radiating to back and down left arm. Went to ER & normal Troponin, normal EKG, normal chest X-Ray & normal D-Dimer. What could it be?

Bad On/off pain in chest through to shoulderblade&jaw lasts a few mins,not severe inc heavy head sweats.dont think heart attack but concerned.what cou?