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My wife is 6 week pregnant but her ultrasound shows "no fetal pole found". She is taking progesterone supplements, is she able to carry on pregnancy?

, my progesterone dropped at 5 weeks preg. To 6 from 14, dr put me on supplements. Will this stop a chromosome miscarriage. I wouldn't want it to. I wold rather have it miscarry. I am now 8 weeks?

1 miscarriage-6 weeks + 1 chemical-4 weeks. Chance of miscarrying again? What could cause this?

10 weeks pregnant with a subchorionic hematoma. Confirmed heartbeat. Can stressful situation such as death of a family cause bleeding or hurt baby.

10 weeks pregnant, and just found out today that I have uterus delphinus, 2 uterus, 1 cervix.Can anyone tell me statistic on risks & average preterm?

10 weeks prwgnant..strong heartbeat are my chances of miscarriage decreasing. I want to relax and start to enjoy the pregnancy?

11 weeks pregnant, brown spotting for three days now, doctor found lump of cells behind fetus? Chances of complications and should I refrain from sex.

20 weeks pregnant. Now my fetus is cephalic presentation.Any problem bcoz of cephalic at this early gestational age? What are the thngs I should care?

20week TWIN pregnant Is it a good time to get "cervical cerclage" done to save my TWIN pregnancy ? how safe it is and what is the success rate ?

27 years couple miscarried second times.biopsy=trisomy 12,47 chromosomes.chance of happening again?how to treat?why it happens?tell me briefly plz

3.5 weeks pregnant strong positive test thick dark line, not at all faint. Sign of twins? History of twins in family, grandfather is a twin.

33 yr healthy female.2 cesarean.Both healthy daughters. 2 missed abortions,first at week 9,no heartbeat.Second at week 12,fetus had heartbeat.Reason?

33 yrs old first pregnancy with twins 12 weeks along, over weight and had 2 abortions when younger. Will i be put on bedrest?

38 weeks pregnant with second child. I was induced with the first because of no amniotic fluid what does this mean for this pregnancy. ?

4 weeks 5 days pregnant found out embryo is implanted very low. Will it move up at All and does this increase misscarrige ?

4 weeks preg, what are some signs of a healthy pregnancy and an actual embryo is growing rather than a blighted ovum? Preg tests are getting darker.

5 weeks + pregnant, looking 3 months. Could it be twins or relaxed muscles from a previous miscarriage 3 months ago?

6 weeks pregnant & have lost all symptoms. High-risk pregnancy with possible slow fetal growth according to OB. Am I facing the loss of this baby?

6 wks w/ hgc level at 16000. no evidence of baby on U/S & no evidence of extra uterine pregnancy. no symptom of ectopic either. too early?

7 weeks pregnant after IVF. Baby almost one week smaller (5.4 mm), with small gestational sac but strong heartbeat. No bleading. Are these bad signs?

7 weeks pregnant quitting smoking now will my baby have defects caused this early in pregnancy?

8 weeks pregnant, two cysts on placenta, dr said sign of baby defect?

8 weeks pregnant. Bicornuate uterus. Hcg is normal. Baby is developing normally. Will my high testosterone and insulin resistance cause a miscarriage?

A woman 22 weeks pregnant is claiming her baby is measuring 4 lbs. Is this possible?

Aborted twins same placenta missing sex chrom 21 therefore had turners syndrome cant find info linking the 2 why what when how need info ttc risk etc?

After 2 miscarriages, will she always miscarry or it possible she could still carry a baby to full term?

After a pregnancy loss now I have endomerial hyperplasia with calcification. How my fertility is affected because I really want to have a baby.

After having several miscarriages , will i ever have another baby ?

After suffering a twin blighted ovum, does this mean it will happen again or are we at risk of infertility problems?

After the 6th or 7th week of pregnancy does the fetus double in size, causing the gestational age to be off?

Age 21 first pregnancy. Vanishing twin lost at 7 weeks. Nuchal translucency scan this week, so nervous! What are the chances that its high risk?

Am in week 19 of my pregnancy. when it's expected to start feeling my baby kicks ? Having a low placenta would affect it?

Am16weeks pregnant, ihear my babys heartbeat at the pubic line still, doctor said my baby is low in the uterus, is that normal according to fetal age?

Any thoughts as to what would cause a sudden drop in TSH in the last trimester? I'm 32 weeks pregnant with twins.

Are fibroids from pregnancies and maybe fetal tissue? Are the growths the result of a miscarriage and are embryonic? Is it from aggressive sex?

Are monochorionic-diamniotic twins usually healthy at birth?

Are there any risks about being pregnant and being an alcoholic if the mother is sober throughout the pregnancy?

Are vaginal ultrasound harmful to fetus or can they b if u r having 1 a week?

At 13 weeks pregnant i found out my baby had anencephaly and sadly had to have labour induced, this was 1 week ago when is it ok to have sex again?

At 32.5 weeks pregnant, what month of pregnancy am I in? And is the time of full term delivery in the 10th month?

At 9.5 weeks with twins, heartbeats were 167 and babies are 2.7cm & 3cm. At this point, what are the chances of miscarrying one or both twins?

At what week can twins be detected in pregnancy?

At what week of a pregnancy is a fetus considered a real live baby?

Baby measures 6 weeks - was supposed to be 9. Dr said i will have miscarriage sadly. Would you recommend d&c or natural miscarriage at this point?

Can 4cm dermoid disrupt hormones to cause recurrent miscarriage? I've just had 3rd consecutive miscarriage but had 3 previous live births.

Can a fetus develop hypotension during pregnancy?

Can a fetus survive cramping and full bleeding in the 7th week of pregnancy?

Can a vanishing twin affect the results of genetic blood test in the first trimester?

Can an ectopic pregnancy reach 6 months or the woman would have already died before that long ?

Can carrying my toddler cause a miscarriage in early pregnancy ?

Can diarrhea be risky for a pregnant woman who has placenta calcification and who is due soon?

Can embryonic diapause happen in humans? I have pcos and have achieved pregnancy, but dating the pregnancy is not making sense with dates of sex.

Can embryonic diapause happen in humans? I have pcos and have achieved pregnancy, but dating the pregnancy is not making sense with dates of sex.

Can fifth disease be transferred to a pregnant woman's fetus in the final trimester?

Can maternal use of antibiotics affect baby in the womb at early pregnancy?

Can my pregnant sister's doctor detect herbal inducers? She is a teen mother, 6 months pregnant and having contractions. She didn't want the pregnancy

Can quarrel with spouse cause damage to fetus and miscarriage?

Can sperm live longer than a week inside a woman? Also can pregnancy ultrasounds be off by a whole 2 months for calculating gestational age?

Can the new test of the pregnant woman's blood fine Down syndrome DNA from the fetus?

Can you be pregnant with triplets and have a miscarriage for 2 but one stay in the womb and continue the pregnancy?

Can you die your hair when begin pregnant but in your 2nd trimester?

Can you have an abnormal intrauterine pregnancy and still carry the baby to term?

Can you have an ectopic pregnancy and fail pregnancy tests. All pregnancy signs no baby in uterus, elevated blood pressure 146/90 & heart rate at 109.

Can you miss carriage with twins and one still stay developing inside?

Can you prove if the doctor really put and embryo in urterus?

Can you tell me about pregnancy and advanced maternal age at 35?

Can you tell me how are fetuses exposed to testosterone during pregnancy?

Chances of having an ectopic pregnancy if i've had one natural miscarriage at 6 weeks? No live births. Miscarriage was confirmed in uterus via u/s.

Could someone conceive in april but be only 7 weeks 4 days on june 18? Does the fetus grow that slow?

Delayed growth in womb of embryo around 6 month pregnancy by 15 days. Reasons?

Diagnosed with blighted ovum 4 weeks ago.Trying to miscarry naturally--how long is possible?

Did something happen during the pregnancy to cause my baby to have polycythemia?

Do progesterone fluctuates with twins in the first trimester?

Do all babies grow at the same rate in early pregnancy?

Do all fetus grow the same in early pregnancy? Weeks 6-8?

Do you have to double the amount of vitamins if your pregnant with twins?

Do you know someone who went into jacuzzi in their first month of pregnancy and still had a healthy baby? I read it can cause neural tube defect?

Do you know the highest number of children that can be conceived naturally in one pregnancy?

Doctor said fetus will typically pass in missed miscarriage. Have you heard of a case where it did not pass naturally?

Does a fetus develop in a partial mole pregnancy?

Does a hard uterus in early pregnancy cause any risk to continue with pregnancy and will the baby grow normal?

Does a pregnant woman have any effect on the fetal dna?

Does an embryo measuring 6 weeks at 7 weeks gestation automatically mean a miscarriage is inevitable?

Does having a miscarriage (when the body naturally aborts a pregnancy) increase my chances of breast cancer?

Does having cryotherapy due to adnormal pap affect fertility and chance of getting pregnant and carrying baby to term?

Does slow rising hcg, if pregnancy turns out to be viable, indicate a chromosomal abnormality that could result in child with birth defects?

Does smoking b4 you were pregnant affect your baby & have a chance of miscarrying ?

Does the duration of gestation period have anything to do with radiation related birth defects?

Does the fetus double in size after 6 weeks of pregnancy, causing the u/s to be off my two weeks? Anytime after 6 weeks of pregnancy?

Does the uterus and cervix return to, or close to, pre-pregnancy state if the baby is lost before the third trimester?

Dose a heartbeat in the baby in early pregnancy decease the chances of a miscarriage?

Dr terminated my preg. bec fetus had high N.T&cystic hygroma, what causes this kind of illness to a fetus?what was the reasons?

During pregnancy, leaking fluids from the vagina, is it considered as a danger to the fetus? My wife's 32

Fetus's tissue testing on D&C (8 weeks and 2nd early MC) showed turners syndrome in the feutus. Future pregnancy implications of this? Any precautions

For what reason the fetus was stop growing in 10 weeks of pregnancy. I was 12 weeks pregnant &the fetus was stop growing at 10 weeks with no heartbeat?

Had hydatidiform mole pregnancy, it was terminated bec cystic hygroma fetus, do I've chance for another normal preg?do I need treatment?

Had my second miscarriage in4 months a few days ago.I was 4-5weeks. Blood type A-. Didn't do RHO. Am i at risk for next pregnancy. My doc says is ok. ?

Had preterm labor at 21weeks due to water broke early, don't know the cause, loss baby.What are the chances for it to happen again if pregnant?

Has it been determined that pregnant women automatically miscarry if given a mastectomy?

Have you ever heard of a pregnancy complication where the fetus attaches itself in the rectum?