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30 weeks pregnant, my elders says that if I do some simple household chores , it will help me to deliver vaginally.Is it so? Is there best practices do

4 weeks post-partum am i able to doushe?

8pound baby delivered normal thru induction, possible?

After a normal delivery how many days to need to start normal sexual life.And in case of lscs?

After 2 births(vag), I had 2 retained placentas, 2 postpartum hemmorhage 2nd labor precipitous (2hr) Is induction or csection safer to manage nextime

After first getting there what exactly does a hospital do when prepping you for labor&delivery w/ a baby?

After having an emergency c-section, will I be able to try delivering vaginally again?

After i’m admitted to labor and delivery, am I allowed to walk?

Any advice on drop-foot after delivery?

Anyone ever have footdrop after delivery?

Anyone know if i need time off work after a quad delivery?

Are deliveries by midwifes safe?

Are enemas a must before birth or c section? Can i ask the nurse to let me give it to myself at the hospital? can i do it at home?

Are forceps delivery scary as they sound?

Are instrumental deliveries safe?

Are midwife's cheaper than regular doctors?

Are midwife's just able to 'coach' you through birth?

Are midwives or doulas delivering at home a risky proposition?

At what # of weeks to doctors deliver triplets if their are no problems?

Because of having my thyroid taken out will there be a lot of complications in the delivery room ?

Bleeding with previa for weeks off an on. When and how do obs decide to deliver?

Can a c-section be given just because a mom doesn't want to deliver natural?

Can a doctor see Meconium stains on a baby during a C section even when he wasn't told by the midwife that the amniotic fluids were stained with Mecon?

Can a preemie survive difficult labor?

Can a seizure be detected in the delivery room?

Can both a forcep and vacuum (ventose) be used during delivery? Help please?

Can crnas place the epidural for my delivery?

Can i deliver in a hospital that my ob doesn't work at? I've heard too many horrid stories about it. The hospital i want to deliver at, i've been seeing a urologist there do i'm not completely new. Can't i just show up when i'm in labor there?

Can I have a doula and a midwife for my home birth?

Can I request my daughter stay with me after delivery?

Can I still have a surgery to tie my tubes after delivery if in catholic hospital?

Can i totally refuse a forceps/vacuum delivery? I've done myresearch and i don't want them. Prefer cesarean instead. Can doctor override this decision

Can you get preeclampsia after you deliver?

Can you tell me in expectant mothers who undergo caesarean delivery does the afterbirth come out naturally or it is removed to?

Can you tell me in your experience, what has been the best makeup for labor/delivery?

Considering all risks to mom and baby, what is more advisable for assisted birth? Forceps, vacuum, or c-section?

Crowning during delivery. Should i ask for them to call my ob then?

Do doula's support you before your pregnancy?

Do general family dr deliver babys are special dr?

Do I need a predelivery consult with an anesthesiologist?

Do not want forceps. Will refuse even in life threatening situation-proceed to csection instead. Can doctor force forceps even if i refuse completely?

Do obs still use forceps? What for?

Do they still use forceps for difficult labor?

Does anyone had an epidural for any reason other than labor?

Does anyone have postpartum coccyx pain after delivery?

Does anyone have postpartum coccyx pain either receiving epidural before delivery?

Does medicaid pay for a overnight nurse to help out with a baby if mom had rough delivery?

Does prenatal yoga help with the pain of delivery?

Dont pain medications given to moms in labor get to the baby?

During anesthesia my mom almost drowned during my delivery she told me. Why?

Following 24 hrs. Of delivery, i had a cesarean. My newborns right arm has less strength than the other. Why?

Freezing when visiting. Why are labor and delivery rooms always cold?

Gave birth in a "birthing center". During labor, I saw my hands full of rashes. After deliver, nurse said "you're having allergies if your stress"?

Had a forceps delivery with my first is it possible for my 2nd child delivery I am 35 weeks?

Had cerclage stitch at 20 weeks for 1cm cervix length, will i be able to carry baby until at least 30/32 weeks. ?

Had vaginal normal delivery with no complications. When can we fly between states to visit family?

Hospital labor & delivery vs birth center. Which is better and why?

How can I make sure I have a safe delivery?

How can I manage a schedule after delivering triplets?

How can I plan to ensure my comfort during induction?

How can you make sure you don't get preterm delivery?

How do I arrange to have baby through home delivery?

How do I decide who should come in the delivery room with me?

How do midwives handle complications from home birth?

How do they deliver sextuplets?

How fast will toxemia go away after delivery?

How is a midwife different than a doula? I’m researching whether i’d like to have a midwife or doula at the birth of my baby, but i’m not clear on the difference.

How long does a mother have to be detained at the hospital after normal delivery with no complications?

How long does it take to get a anesthesiologist for a labor epidural?

How many weeks can I deliver my triplets? I'm currently 29 weeks

I am 25 weeks pregnant with complete previa. My ob delivers at a level 2 nicu hopital but there is a level 3 20 minutes away. Should i stay with her?

I am 34 weeks pregnant, with hpv. I am afraid that they might bring this up in the delivery room with family around. Will they?

I am about to deliver my first child I am really nervous will they have to do an episiotomy will I know when to push?

I am concerned about delivery ?

I delivered early with my first child, should I expect to deliver early again?

I had to have a c-section with my first child due to failure to progress, is there any hope for a vbac or is my body just not made to deliver a baby vaginally?

I just delivered a baby with normal delivery when can i start to wear a corset and is it safe? The

I just delivered a new baby with normal delivery when can i start excersizing?

I my doctor is off when I go into labor, can I request to have a female ob/gyn deliver my baby?

I need a name of a doctor in indianapolis that can remove drug delivery microchips?

I really want to nurse my baby. Is it safe to nurse her immediately after birth and through-out while i'm on the medication from having a c-section?

I want to have my baby in new york as a non-citizen. I need recommendations on great doctors and hospitals for delivery.?

I was told that a lot of women end up in mental hospitals after delivery, is this true?

I was wondering what are the effects on a mother and baby when treated for preterm labor with terbutaline?

I will not consent to forceps for vb under any circumstances whatsoever & would want cesarean instead.Can doc force forceps even if i refuse consent?

I'm a chronic asthmatic. Can I safely go through a vaginal delivery?

I'm having cold knife conization and need to know post-op restrictions. I nanny for 2yo twins who need carried a lot. Will i need to plan for time off?

I'm planning on moving. Where can I find information about high risk pregnancy, hospitals, mfm doctors, nicus?

If I go into labor pre-term, which specialists will come to the delivery?

If I have twins in nicu, will they come home at the same time?

If I want my baby born at another hospital, can I ask my ob to refer me to a doctor there?

If my baby has a heart defect can I deliver at my local hospital?

If my mom is sick, will she still be allowed in the delivery room?

If you deliver a stillborn, should you let your children see it?

If you have a c-section will the hospital still let you breastfeed?

In how many percentage of cases a mother or baby died due to general anesthesia in c section.? In your practise. ?

In what case would forceps be the only option to deliver baby? Ie; c-section not an option. Does such a situation even arise?

Is 34 weeks save for delivering twins ?

Is it important to have a post-partum doula?

Is it normal at sixteen weeks of pregnancy to start having fears over the labor and delivery, and what can I do to combat that?