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37 weeks 1 day, half cm dilated and 100% it possible to start labor soon even tho i am not dilated?

was 4 cm dilated on the 25th. my ob wanted to sweep, hurt too much. now past my due date, braxton hicks every 2 hr. placenta previa til 6m. concerns?

“im 39 weeks pregnant dilated to a 1cm and 60 effaced I've had a headache slight fizzy for 2 days now what can it be?”

“im 39 weeks pregnant dilated to a 1cm and 60 effaced I've had a headache, slight dizziness for 2 days now what can it be?”

“im 39 weeks pregnant dilated to a 1cm and 60 effaced, with contractions i've had a headache/migraine for 2 days now what can it be?

16 yr is 35.2 weeks prg dilated to 6cm 100 effaced and 2+station on baby. back labor every 4 min went to hsp the dr on call sent her home is this nrm?

18 weeks pregnant. Dr. Felt pressure on my cervix. Will this pressure cause me to dialate or go into preterm labor?

1cm dilated & 30% effaced at 34wks. Had steroid celestone (betamethasone) shots.Praying to make 37 atleast.Anything I can do to delay further dilation? On prog pesary

2 cm dilated 80 % effaced what does that mean?

2 cm dilated and 80% effaced , what does that mean?

21wks cervix 23mm/w membranes dilation.did it called emergent or urgent cerclage?whats chance of carring 28wks?

27 yr daughter 27 week preg. In hospital pre term labor. Slightly dialated, cervix started to elongate. What are the odds labor can be stopped?

27 yr old daughter 26-27 weeks pregnant. In hosp pre-term labor. Slightly dilated, cervix started to elongate. What are odds labor can be stopped?

29 weeks & my baby dilated a kidney?

29wks pregnant with incompetent cervix and emergent cervical cerclage.CL is that length mucus plug enough to protect from ascending bacteria?

2wks ago i was 1cm dilated50%effaced, now im 39wks3d.Yestarday my baby drop to pelvis, today woke up with a clear/white discharge, am i close to labor?

3 centimeters dilated, 80% effaced, 39 weeks, how much longer?

3 CM dialated, 50% defaced and full term pregnancy.. How can labor be safely induced at home?

3 CM dilated 70% effaced 4-5 minutes contractions?

30 wks. Cervix length 2.6cm closed no funelling. Bub footling breech. Last cervix length 3cm at 22wks. Can sneezing cause further shortening? Worried

30wks+2days pregnant cervix-100% effaced 1 CM dilated "unmeasurable in length" strict hospital br put on mag sulf for 12 hrs likelihood of labor soon?

30wks+4dayspregnant on strict hospital br unmeasurable cervix dilated 1cm fully effaced with funneling may be sent home @32 weeks bad idea to send home?

31 weeks and 3cm dilate and 76% effaced is labor close?

31 weeks on procardia (nifedipine) and still having contractions but my dr said it's fine? My contractions are regular & up'd meds from 6hrs to 4 last week.

32 soon to be 33weeks pregnant. I'm dilated to 1cm and really thinned out. Does that mean i'm delivering early? I've had premature labor twice.

34 weeks & signs of pre term labor @ 31 weeks. Last week was 3.5cm dilated 25% effaced. Got steroids at 31 weeks. Belly is rock hard. Concern?

34 weeks dilated 5 CM but no labor (in the hospital) how long can this last?

34 weeks pregnant 3cm dilated 50% effaced history of pre term babies have bloody show for 2 days. How long does bloody show last?

34 weeks pregnant, 1 1/2 CM dilated, lower abdominal pressure for 2 days, some contractions(not regular), lost mucus plug. Preterm labor?Normal?

34wks pregnant w/mcdonalds 2 stitches.take p17,dont have contractions.just went off bedrest w/2cm closed funneled cervix.can pressure dilate cervix?

35 weeks 5 days 1cm dialated, can I still have intercourse with my husband? Will it harm my baby? Will it make me dialate more faster if i do?

35 weeks pregnant with baby boy. Dilated 5 CM for over a week now and 80% effaced. How much longer could this last?

35 weeks pregnant, my cervix is totally effaced but not dilated yet.Will I be in labor soon?

35 weeks pregnant. 1cm dilated 30% effaced. Can sneezing cause further dilation? Scared of delivering preterm. :(

35+4, 3cm dilated, 80% effaced, baby in -1 station, lost mucus plug two days ago, steady cx, no blood/gush of fluid -- how far off is labor?

35w5d baby is -1 station, fingertip dilated, and 50% effaced. Lots of BH contractions. Does this mean I have a good chance of not making my due date?

36 week pragnant have minstrel cramps and I am 2cm dialated what to do?

36 weeks 3cm 70effaced -3 fourth child no plug how much longer contractions 1 hr apart?

36 weeks 75% effacement, FT dilation & Station 0. Having BH 4 minutes apart. Hospital sent me home. Chances of active labor high? Thanks!

36 weeks dr said i'm 3 CM & 80% effaced, at 37 wk appt different dr checked me, said loose 3 CM & 75% effaced. Can you reverse in progress with effacing?

36 weeks pregnant 2 cm dilated and 50% effacement and bleeding in urine two times same day. No pain, no intercourse. What does it mean?

36 weeks pregnant 30 percent effacement and stationed at -2. Can this tell by when my delivery will happen.

36 weeks pregnant with 1 CM dilated and 50 effaced. What does this mean?

36 wks pregnant just had my cervix ckd it's closed and long how soon could it open and dilate ?

36 wks. Dilating & thinning. Passed mucous plug. Dr can feel babies head. Uterine suspension undone. Pain! MANY BH contractions. Safe to self induce??

36w and 5d at 1cm dilated, is sex safe?

36w and 5d at 1cm dilated, what not to do to induce labor?

36w5d preg today.received last p17 shot a week ago.removed emergent cerclage 36w3d,2-3cm dilated 60% engaged.approximately when deliver?

37 weeks and 6 days pregnant. 4cm dilated. 60% effaced. Lost mucus plug. False labor yesterday. How much longer until true active labor?!

37 weeks im due may 24th I am 3cm an 50% effaced this is my second child. is labor close?

37 weeks preg. Painful contractions for a week, a lot of pressure dilated to a two 50% effaced how much longer till labor. In pain and miserable?

37 weeks pregnant 3cm dilated 80% effaced lots of abdominal pain what should I do? I have no blood haven't lost plug & amniotic sac has not broken.

37wks, 3cm dialted, been told to go to the hospital till when i'm 4cm but how will i know?

37wks&2days 80% effaced & 3-4cm dilated first baby -2 to -1 station sched. Induction @ 39 weeks what can I do to go in active labor want to go naturally?

38 weeks and 4 days and I'm dilated 3 CM and 50 % effaced. What can I do to speed things up? Is labor near?

38 weeks and 4 days.had dr apt 3 hrs ago and he checked cervix dilated 2cm effaced 50%.having contractions since he checked me.could this cause labor?

38 weeks and was checked today and only 1/2 CM dilated, cervix is thin and soft. Is there natural ways to speed it up? (dilation)

38 weeks pregnant but only 1cm dilated. What can help start labor?

38 weeks pregnant now 5cm dilated how long do I have now? Will the process be quicker?

38 weeks pregnant with a 100 degree fever and lots of diarrhea. I'm also 2cm dilated and 50% thinned out. Should I be worried?

38 weeks pregnant. 1cm dilated, cervix mushy. Loss of mucus plug this morning along with irregular contractions and pressure. Does this mean labor?

38 weeks with my first . 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, feeling slightly nauseous with regular contractions that aren't painful. When will she be here?

38wks/4days preg. Baby is completely low, i'm all thinned out (effaced) but not at all dilated. What are the chances of water breaking or labor asap?

39 weeks 5 days with second. 2cm dilated with soft cervix. contractions getting stronger and Doctor stripped my membranes and still contracting.

39 weeks completed.90 effaced and 2.5 dialated.Any prediction?Any natural ways to imduce labor

39 weeks pregnant At 38 week I was 3 cm dialated and 50% effaced I am getting a cervix sweep tomorrow morning. Whats the estimated time for labor?

39 weeks pregnant & being induced on wed.I've been dialated 1cm for almost 3 weeks now &cervix is still thick and baby has not dropped is thiscommon?

39 weeks pregnant with really bad contractions but no dilation. What can I do?

39 weeks, 2cm, 75% effaced and contractions are 5 1/2 to 6 minutes apart and are getting more painful. Why won't my doctor send me to l&d to have poticon?

39+ weeks pregnant, 3 CM dilated, 0% effaced - rock solid cervix as dr described. How long will it take to efface? In such discomfort w/ pelvic pres

39weeks preg. No dilation but baby is positioned and I am thinned/effaced. More discharge. Contractions not close. What are chances of water breaking?

39weeks tomorrow, last Monday I was dilated to 3cm & I believe I am more dilated now. Last appt. Is Friday , what's next? Will I be induced if I'm 5cm

39wks baby positioned 3cm dilated. Whats chance of labor or water breaking?

39wks. Contractions/cramping/backache so strong but too irregular. Can't sleep. Baby already positioned. Effaced but still no dilation. Now what? :-(

39wks/2days. Totally effaced but just became 1cm dilated. How fast can I end up getting to over 4cm? Also what are the chances my water will break now

39wks3days pregnant. Dilated to 2cm baby -1 does that mean labor will be soon or could it still be awhile?

3cm dilated 80% Effaced +1 station, 36 weeks. Is there an estimated time for when I will go into labor. I know It's possible to go 40wks, just curious?

3wks ago ri hosp - 1 CM dilated -soft, thin cervix. Ob sent me ma hosp due to cntx in office. Not dilated w/cervix closed tight. Why the difference?

40 weeks 2cm dilated 50% thinned. Going to LD tomorrow for the baby to be checked out. Can i go into labor any time or should I asked to be induced?

40 weeks and 4 days pregnant and only 50 percent effaced and 1 CM dilated how much longer do u think labor will happen?

40 weeks and no baby yet? My last appointment she said I am 80% effaced no dialation. Can i b induced at my next appointment at 40w 2dys?Im under 18

40 weeks pregnant, 1 CM dilated and 50% effaced. Had membranes stripped yesterday. Positive for GBS. Read later that is bad. Should I be concerned?

40 weeks, steady, painful contractions 5-6 mins apart, 2cm dialated &' 60% effaced. Passing bloody show. &' still Got sent home? Why?

40wks +3 days pregnant, due date came and gone. What is the process of "stripping my membranes, " is it painful and is it effective in inducing labor?

40wks and had a membrane sweep i'm 3.5 CM dialated and more than 70% effaced is it a high chance it will work within the next 48 hrs?

4th child. 16hrs strong contractions 10 min apart. while checking my cervix there is no progress since Friday Dr appt 1 cm thick 1cm dialated still.

50% effaced at 36 weeks, normal?

5cm and 80% effaced having very bad pressure and cramping when do you think it will take to be dilated to 8cm?!?! Honest answers PLEASE!!!!!

80% effaced - 1cm dialated - delivery soon ?

Afi 5cm 32 weeks pregnancy?

Almost 37 wks. With twins, 2 CM dilated 4 days ago. Having very bad backache for 2 days. When or how will i know if it is true labour?

Am 30 weeks pregnant and 0.5cm dilated. What does it mean?

Any natural ways to make contractions regular 6cm 60% effaced -2 already?

Are BH contractions the primary reason for dilation?

At 28wk0d my cervix had shortened even further to 2.5cm with funneling 1.6cm. Should I worry? no previous early deliveries. But never had this problem

At 28wk0day preg. Cervix shortened to 2.5cm with funnel of 1.6cm should I be concerned?

Baby hasn't dropped yet i'm 37.5 weeks low cervix 3 CM dilated 70% efface. Will a C-section b in my future i'm going to b induce at 38.3 weeks?

Been on bedrest for 12 weeks due to emergent off bedrest & 34wks contractions or BH.can cervix be affected by just walking?

Bloody show normal after getting your membranes stripped? 3cm dilated. No contractions or anything.. Just really uncomfortable! Thanks.

Can bladder spasms increase the chances to put you in labor if you are already dilated to 3?