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20 week pregnant.placenta is anterior in upper segment. Maturity is grade 1. Want a normal delivery . What to do.. Some exercise or anything else?

25th week of first pregnancy and feeling baby kicks only in the pelvic/ pubic hairline region and sometimes in cervix/vagina. Not low lying placenta.

26 weeks pregnant. What means: placenta anterior , site low lying ,presentation breech legs extended ? Thank you

32w4d , mild increase in liquor qty, cephalic pres, 2080gram, placenta anterior, upper seg, grd 2. Any complications? Anything to be concerned?

37 week pregnant.Cervical length is normal. Found loose cord around neck at time of scan. Placenta is anterior in uterus. Maturity grade 1. Suggest?

4 month pregnancy.Placenta posterior lower position.Unbearable pain in interval of 3-5 days.Will my delivery be cesarean or can be normal?probl cause?

5yo endocrinologist said she had slight low posterior hairline, what does this mean?

Any exercise to move up your placenta?

Are there any exercises to move a low-lying placenta?

Are there any restrictions with a posterior placenta at 20 weeks?

Are there worrisome symptoms that can associated with a baby positioned in a transverse lie?

At 14 wk scan doctr said i hav a low lying placenta.Now at 20wk scan its 3.4cm frn internal os.Is this safe or still low lying?

At 20 week ultrasound they said the cord is attached to the placenta on the side when it should be in the middle.. Is this bad?? They want to monitor

At 24 weeks, I was told by high risk Dr that I have a low lying placenta but it's not covering the cervix. How likely will it move to the top?

By seeing my ultrasounds reports my doctor said that my placenta is little right lateral position and size of uterus is also unusal. Please help me?

Can low lying cerebellar tonsils descend further?

Can placental damage caused by smoking be reversed if I quit now at? Told I had grade 3 placenta at 20wk anatomy scan...

Can the placenta move positions ?

Can you tell me about fetus @ 30 week cephalic presentation with posterior placemta has any problem?

Can you tell me about fetus cephalic presentation and placenta anterior low lying will I deliver before my due date?

Can you tell me what fetal spine is towards maternal right n anterior means?

Confused with gravida & para?

Csection operative finding:...Very thin lower segment with only membranes covering, fundal placenta... Any idea what that means?

Does cephalic presentation at 39 weeks mean i'll need a c-section?

FHR is 166. CRL is 67.3mms. placenta anterior, grade 0 and is low lying reaching upto lower uterine segment.

Good day. im ony 36 weeks and 6 days, what does LATERAL PLACENTA WITH POSTERIOR COMPONENT, Grade 3, high lying means?

Grade 2 anterior placenta at 26 weeks what's the meaning?

Gravida 1, para 0. Ls that primip or nullip?

Had a low lying placenta @12.5weeks . I'm now 18 weeks measuring 21 with suprapubic pain. Could this be related to the placenta?

Have a low-lying anterior placenta at 24 weeks with 2 prev c-sections. Doctor unconcerned and didn't discuss with me. What are possible complications?

Have any special position of sex for reflexed utrus?

Hello doctor, I would like to know the gender of my baby. My placenta position is fundal anterior grade 2. ?

Hello, what is the placenta is forming posteriorly eccentric to the right mean?that mean is it cover on cervix? any chance complete placenta may move?

Hi... Im 31 weeks now... My recent ultrasound states that anterior plecenta grade 1 2 maturity and lower edge 3.5 cms from cervix.. Plecenta low lying... What does it mean. Is there any risk during delivery??

How can we change position of fetus at 39wks from posterior to normal position for vaginal birth. He is 3.2kg and very active.

How do I know that my baby has dropped in the pelvic region?

How does insertion of penis affect a bit low placenta?

How likely is the placenta to move up after 28w? Marginal previa and doctor said that we're still not clear and need it to move 0.73 cm. Fu on 5/22.

How many posibilties are there that baby change there position from last cepheric presentation (position) at 33weeks?

I am 14 weeks pregnant. In usg its seen my placenta is posterior and low lying. Any problems? Wht r the thngs I should care?No other abnormalities.

I am 20 weeks and found out I have low lying placenta. Is it ok to travel out of the country in 2 wks?

I am 20 weeks pregnant. My placenta is posterior,low lying,covering os,grade 0 in maturity. What does it mean? Its my first pregnancy . Is everything

I am 22 weeks pregnant.The lower edge of placenta is identified just above the lower segment?What does it mean?Earlier at 16 weeks it was low lying.

I am 27 week pregnant and my last ultrasound reports says "low lying placenta partially covering the os" Should i be worried?

I am 29 weeks pregnant. Baby is lying very low, transverse, and low lying placenta. She moves very erratically, seizure like. Is this normal?

I am 36 week pregnant and the recent ultrasound report says an anterior stage3 placenta in upper segment.What does it mean?

I am 39 weeks pregnant.My recent usg report says placenta maturity grade III what is it?

I am 4months pregnant and is said that I have a placenta posterior low lying grade 0 is there a posibility that placenta will move?What will i do?

I am at 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant ... My scan says placenta fundal and anterior. What does it mean ... ?

I am experiencing placenta Praevia & now under supervised my 6 years Obsgyn. Based on USG it moves about 3 cm. can I travel by plane?

I am Jasjeet 28 years old. It is my 2nd pregnancy at 21 week. My placenta is low lying reached 3mm from the OS. It is posterior Plz help me m worried ?

I am now at 25 weeks. My sonography report says Single live intrauterine foetus in unstable presentation.Placenta attached at posterior wall of uterus?

I am on my 20weeks the result of ultrasound is anterior, high-lying grade 1 placenta what does it means? thanks.

I had my scan at 20 weeks it is showing as placenta anterior,placenta is 0.6 cm from OS.Though my doctor told me to be careful as i am working women a?

I had pPROM at 22 week10 had week 14 placental grading showed overmaturity,grading was II.does it have connection to pprom at 22 week?

I have a low lying placenta would it be safe to masturbate ?

I have a low lying placenta, I am in my 19th week of pregnancy. Is it okay to masturbate?

I have a posterior placenta reaching the internal OS at 32 weeks. What chance is there of it moving sufficiently by term to allow a natural birth?

I have free fluids in the posterior wall of the uterus can I be pregnant?

I just had my five months anomaly scan n was told that my placenta is posterior grade0 maturity , 3 CM away from OS . what does this mean???

I just had my ultrasound at 16 wiks 3 days and it says anterior placenta grade 1 pls. Explain further?

I just had my ultrasound at 17weeks and it says i have anterior low lying placenta grade 1. How can may placenta to normal position??

I m 34 weeks recent usg report says anterior right placenta & maturity grade 2..babys weight 2416 grms..what does it mean??

I m 38 weeks 4 AFI measures 7.1 ml and placenta is posterior upper segment with grade that ok...when will i have labour start...?

I went to hospital .Im 10 weeks pregnant now and the us shows that I have low lying placenta partially covers the os grade 0 . What to do?

I'm 19 weeks pregnant with complete anterior placenta pervia. Is it ok to sleep on my back & right side. These are my two most comfortable positions ?

I'm 26w pregnant. My USG report says "Placenta position: Anterior, 4.4cm away from internal Os. Maturity grade 1." Is it normal?

I'm 36wks usg report says anterior placenta upper segment grade 2.... my baby wt 2600gm ..what does it means?

If a placenta was low lying during one pregnancy does it mean it will be low lying again for the next?

If placenta is 3.4cm from os at 28w can the formation of lower segment and stretching of isthmus cause bleeding or is it high enough not to cause it?

Im 18+5day,My anomaly scan report is that , placenta is posterior upper and lower segment. the lower edeg approximately 8mm away from the internal os?

Im 20 weeks pregnant and my anomaly scan report shows that im having posterior grade 2 placental position ie 1.6 CM away from os. Is that dangerous.

Im 20th week pregnant. In my anomaly scane its mentioned, placenta is normal in echotexture and is located fundoposterior & high. Whts mean???

Im 37 weeks pregnant and had an internal exam and was told i had a moderate posterior cervix, what does moderate posterior mean?

In pregnancy, is the abd. aorta located behind the uterus/fetus or in front of it? If in front, in late preg, would the pulse still be palpable?

Is a low lying posteria placenta a concern?

Is having a anterior placenta pregnancy something to worry?

Is it a previa if placenta is posterior w/ its lower edge @ the level of internal os. Grade 0?..doc advise no sex.. will it hurt if we do?

Is it possible for the placentia to start normal then move to anterior?

Is scar tissue anterior after a c-section?If so with 2nd c-sec will accreta be created if placenta is anterior?

Last ultrasound 33 weeks show cepheric presentation and placenta anterior uper as there any posibilty to move plecenta or the baby change postion?

Location of placenta is fundal. Grade 2. What does that mean. Is that normal?

Low afi and placenta fully aged- what does this mean?

M 26 weeks pregnant n my placental position is fundal posterior upper segment grade 2. Is it gud now n shud i continue bed rest?

Meaning of anterior (fundal body) placenta?

My 34 week ultrasound report has Placenta : Posterior(fundal and body). Low lying and lower end of placenta reaching upto the OS Is this serious?

My last ultra sound says that I have an "anterior placenta". What does that mean?

My level II ultrasound shows Placenta position- "Fundo anterior lower margin of placenta 4.0 CM from internal os" What precautions should I take??

My mom has two small fibroids each about (10x10)one is inside anterior wall & the other inside the posterior wall, both at lower segment, what to do?

My ob says that having posterior marginal placenta previa is good news rather than it being anterior.. Is that true ?

My placenta is anterior placenta grade o i want to ask is it boy or girl .In 6 month scanning my spine is right.Normal ?

My placenta is anterior! does having an anterior placenta effect the feeling of the baby's movements? What is a anterior placenta ?

My placenta is located in anterior middle segment during 23 weeks pregnancy, does that mean its a boy?

My placenta is posterior and low lying.I am 14wks pregnant. Any problems? Do i need bedrest?What r the thngs I should care?Pls help me.

My placenta was low and bleeding. Now they say it migrated. What does that mean?

My scan report says that I have Placenta Prosterior with Multiple placenta lakes overlying the internal OS. I am on bed rest.

My sis is 32 weeks pregnant scan says placenta is posterior in Upper uterine segdoes it mean she will need a c section. It wasn't diagnosed earlier?

My ultrasound report at 24 weeks 2 days says that my placenta is posterior and fundal, G 1, away from os. What does it means ?

My wife is 8 weeks pregnant. In her USG report it is mentioned that "Decidua Basalis is anterior" - what does this mean? Is it a complication?

My wife usg showing placenta is posterior low lying 1.5 cm away from internal is. What should I do May I keep relationship with my wife pls help me?