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After autopsy report on stillborn there was a blood clot found in umbilical cord, but doctor said it was post mortem, is it possible?

After delivering baby: doctor cut the umbilical cord against my wishes and she took the cord blood without explanation. Why did she rush to take it?

Age 20 and i think i can see my umbilical cord still. What do I do?

Are there any benefits to immediate cord clamping if a newborn is not in danger?

At 30 wks ultrasound there is a single loop of umbilical cord loosely entwining baby's there any risk?.what are the chances of stillbirth?

At what stage is the umbilical cord formed?

Baby boy 5 days old, i got him circumcised how long do I have to wait until i can bathe him? He still has his umbilical cord too.

Can I sell my child's cord blood to someone needs it.

Can you give baby an outie if you cut the umbilical cord for the mom?

Can you request that the umbilical cord and placenta be immediately tossed in the medical waste?

Can you tell me how the spermatic cord get twisted in the first place?

Can you tell me if it's fine if my 2 week old baby bleeds from her umbilical cord just a little bit?

Can you tell me what is cord blood banking?

Could an umbilical cord snap during the first month?

Could you tell me if our umbilical cords were not tied up at birth, what would happen?

Did a SUA (single umbilical artery) cause my baby to die?

Do antiepileptic drugs cause two vessel umbilical cord in fetuses exposed in the womb ?

Do fetal hiccups mean the cord can be rapped around babies neck?

Does a baby feel his umbilical cord being cut off when he is born?

Does it hurt when the doctors cut off the umbilical cord?

Does spermatic cord stretches after ejaculation?

Does umbilical hernia happen if you cut the umbilical cord a different way?

Dr said umbilical cord is wrapped around baby's neck. I'm 37 weeks. dr doesn't seem concerned but I am very worried. should I request for a c section? there any way to prevent the umbilical cord from wrapping around the baby ?

Had 20 week ultrasound. Midwife reported umbilical cord attached to the membrane of placenta. Is this serious?

Had a 2 vessel umbilical cord when I was pregnant with my daughter. What are the chances of having a 2vessel umbilical cord again?

Hello Dr, i'm 20 weeks pregnant lady, just now I had done scanning and mentioned on report like "umbilical cord 2 vessel cord" what is this?

Help please! is banking umbilical cord blood old news or the way of the future?

Hi Dr, i'm 20 weeks pregnant lady, just now I have done scanning and mentioned on report like 'umbilical cord 3 vessel cord', plz help me, ?

How are umbilical cords surgically removed?

How can I bank my baby's cord blood?

How can I ensure my doctor will allow delayed cord clamping?

How can the spermatic cord get twisted in the first place?

How can umblical cord chock the fetus? Is there any symptoms to look for or advices?

How common are cord accidents during pregnancy?

How could my child use his cord blood?

How do doctors cut the umbilical cord in a certain way?

How do doctors treat umbilical cord prolapse?

How do I care for my baby's umbilical stump?

How do I care for my newborn's umbilical cord?

How do I clean my baby's umbilical cord?

How do you handle the umbilical cord stump?

How do you take care of babies umblical cord when it has fallen off?

How far back can baby cord blood be tested?

How far back does a drug test go using the baby's umbilical cord?

How far does an umbilical cord drug test go back?

How long should I clean my newborns nable cord?

How long will thc be in inborn baby's umbilical cord after one hit of marijuana?

How safe is mismatched umbilical cord blood transfusion?

How serious is it that my baby has a two vessel cord instead of three?

How soon after the umbilical cord falls off can u give the baby a bath?

How to clean an infants umbilical cord once it has fallen off?

How typical is it for the cord to be wrapped around the neck during delivery?

How will I know if the cord is wrapped around the baby's neck?

I am 28 Years old and I do believe my umbilical cord is still in my navel. what should I do?

I don't get to do it! do the student doctors cut the umbilical cord a certain way?

I have protruded umbilicus since i was 2 and i am 21now. Is it considered to be a disorder or just remnant of embryological cord or something?

I recently had a miscarriage at 18 2 i seen a report of tests done on the placenta and umbilical chord what does it mean when they say umbilical cord ?

I shot a ball into a high basket. I have no symptoms. Im just worried about the umbilical cord being around my baby's neck. Do u think im fine?

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and the cord is wrapped around the baby's neck and it's been a month and she still hasn't unwrapped it, how serious is this?

I'm 29 was pregnant and my u/s today the baby had its hand around umbilical cord. Is that safe. I don't want him to cut his blood supply off.

If cyst exist in the spinal cord for a baby what is its effect on the baby?

If the doctor pulled on the cord at birth, will my baby have an outie?

If the umbilical cord was wrapped around my baby's neck does that mean he was suffocating in the womb?

Im 33 weeks pregnant and my doc to just told me my umbilical cord only has 2 vessels. What does this mean and should I be worried. States baby healthy?

Infant was born with partial vocal cord paralysis. What happens over the next 1-6 months?

Is a straight umbilical cord dangerous?

Is cord blood good for other children?

Is cutting the umbilical cord painful for the baby?

Is delayed cord clamping a good idea?

Is it dangerous if the baby comes out with the cord wrapped around her neck?

Is it normal & okay if your newborn umbilical cord falls off @1week of life?

Is it normal for a newborn to loose her empirical cord in 8 days?

Is it normal if umbilical cord stump bleeds?

Is it okay to stretch and reach high during pregnancy? I heard it can make the babies umbilical cord wrap around it's neck.

Is it possible for a baby not to have a spinal cord?

Is it possible for an adult to have remnants of umbilical cord? And if so, how can it be removed?

Is it possible that my babies cord is wrapped around his neck he has the hiccups a lot in the womb 2 times a day at least.. Very nervous?

Is it possible that stem cell created from umbilical cord blood can help muscular dystrophy?

Is it possible to hurt the baby/cut of circulation/pinch umbilical cord when lying in a distorted position?

Is it safe to bathe a newborn if their cord hasn't fallen off yet? Why not?

Is strain on the nuchal cord a common cause of low apgars?

Is there any connection between a two vessel cord and a placental abruption?

Is there any risk associated with a tiny piece of the umbilical cord being left in?

My baby is 11 days old her umbelical cord is fall off but some blod shows on his diaper is it normal?

My babys cord is yet bleeding after a month of birth.Is it ok?

My dopler scan says a loop of cord vessel seen close to the fetal neck .is their any complication in normal delivery?

My newborn is a week and 6 days old and her umbilical cord stump fell off but at the bottom still looks open is this normal?

My newborn lost her umbilical cord this afternoon. When i noticed it had fallin off i also noticed that the cord site was green. Is this normal or no?

My newborn's umbilical cord stump just fell off. There is what looks like pus where the cord was. How should I treat this? Can I tub bathe her?

My newborn's umbilical stump is still attached and he is 1 and a half months. Is this normal?

My obgyn said the cord was wrapped around my babys neck im 24 weeks and the movment is decreased?Anything that can be done im scared

My obgyn says he will wait for umbilical cord to stop pulsing before being cut. Why is this of significance?

My sister thinks I should keep my baby's umbilical cord stump for our baby album. Isn't that overdoing it?

My sister's fetus' umbilical cord is swollen, should we be worried? Is this dangerous?

Neonate with umbilical vein catheter .can we give him NGT feeding?

Pregnancy complications, if they check the umbilical cord would the doctors/ ultrasound tech check for knots in the cord?

Risks of reaching arms over my head while pregnant is it safe or will my child have the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck?

Should I bank my baby's cord blood?

Should I be concerned that my baby only has two cord vessels?