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I have two babies fir C-section .normaly how many are for c section?

I haveno C-section history but i know dueto my obesity diabetes thyriodzm,i will have c sec.i am very slow wound healer.should i con and have c sectio?

I just had a c section 5 days ago. is it ok to sleep on my stomach. ?

I would like a d&c, do I need anesthesia?

I'm 6 weeks postpartum from c section. My scar is slightly opened up and it lightly bleeding. Should I be concerned?

I'm having pain whenurinating after c section, what do I do?

I've had 4 previous c/sections without any compilations the doctor who done my last one wouldn't even tie my tubes ! can I have a 5 csection?

If 10 centimeters dilated and baby has not yet dropped is that need for c section? Or would that be vaginal?

If a baby is too big will the doctors induce or give c sections?

If I need a d&c, do I need anesthesia?

If im low risk, can I still get a c section? If i asked for one.

Im 25 and I have 3 kids and all 3 were csection. I want to have another baby and my tubes were cut. Can I have one more baby b/c all 3 section or not?

Im having stretch marks near my c section scar and above my tummy which is still loose and its about 6 weeks now having my c section, what should i do?

In case of an emergency c section, do I have the right to choose my anesthesia?

Is a morcellator ever used for a D&C?

Is a vbac really safer than a c section. I have had 4 kids all vaginal except last one 20 months ago.He was breech..Im 6 months pregnant now..

Is an orgasm allowed after d&c?

Is d&c a safe procedure for treating miscarriage?

Is diarrhea after c section normal ?

Is ir common for toue uterus to still be sore a year after having a c section?

Is it bad to eat seafood 6 weeks after c section?

Is it bad to have trouble healing from a c section?

Is it dangerouse to be pregnant again two months after a c section?

Is it normal to have a low sex drive after having three c sections?

Is it normal to have pain in bikini cut after 8 months of c section?

Is it normal to have scar tissue on my liver from a c section?

Is it normal to have smelly discharge after c section?

Is it normal to spot a month after having a d&c?

Is it normal to still be spotting 9 weeks after my c section?

Is it ok to masturbate a week after as c section?

Is it ok to take amoxicillin after 2 weeks of c section Or is it ok to use Neosporin on my little wound that open after c section but not infected ?

Is it ok to take amoxicillin after 2 wks of c section with little open wound but no infection ?

Is it okay to masturbate and orgasm 3 weeks after C section?

Is it safe to have more than 3 c sections

Is it safe to masturbate after c section?

Is my c section scar wrong?

Is their a high chance of a c cection if u have had a third degree tear?

Is there any way i can ask a doctor to perform a d&c?

It's just a week after c section, how soon ( would not be considered too soon)can I have a tooth extraction?

Liver has 8 sections. What is size of section 5?

Misoprostal or d and c? Which is better for health?

My c section scar is driving me crazy it itches but when I scratch it, it hurts. I had my second and last c section 21 years ago.

My doc wants me to be on my nasal cannula after my c hyst. Why? I was healthy till they operated on me.

My sister 21 yrs old. she was gaving birth by C section bikini line 4 months ago.but last month she had Inguinal hernia.Is that cause by CS her hernia?

My stomach is still sensitive to the touch 4wks post c section. Is this normal?

Narrow hips. Will I need c section?

Okay to orgasm after d and c?

Pain in c section area after 1 this normal.planning for pregnancy.

Patient presents with vaginal bleed-31 weeks preg. Should docs be aware she has anterior placenta previa and previous c/sec before exam or emg c sec

Post delivery C-section can I eat corn?

Previous c section, placenta anterior 4-5 cm above scar, no acretta now but can it develop in 3rd trimester?

Previous post partum haemorrage and c section, is vaginal birth an option instead?

Sauna/Steam room after c section How long should i wait?

Should doc be aware of placental location before emerg c section?

There are 8 sections of liver. What is the function of section 5?

This is my 3rd c section how many can you have your whole life ?

Time for me to ask for a tubal? This will be my 4th c section.

What are common reasons for c sections?

What are examples of incisions for c sections?

What are some complications associated with c section?

What are the best sleeping positions after you have a c section?

What are the chances of having a vaginal birth after a c section. I have only had one child via c section 4 years ago. After only dilation wasn't happening after 17 hours?

What are the health effects of having multiple c sections?

What are the procedures done before a c section?

What are the side effects of a spinal block for a c section?

What are the symptoms of a d&c procedure after 3 weeks?

What can I do to get rid of the weight after having a c section?

What can I do to lose my stomach 4wks post c section?

What can reduce the scar from a c section?

What do they mean by planned or elective c sections?

What does it mean in third pregnancy if cervix rupture and you have had c sections?

What does the "c/c" mean in medicine?

What happens if you had c sections, how far apart were they?

What is "the big c"?

What is death rate if too many c sections?

What is difference between erpc and d&c?

What kind of complications might happen from a c section?

What number of kids can you have by c section.?

What symptoms are associated with DVT after a c section?

What test should be taken a new born after c section?

What to do to avoid hurting the bad with a c section.

What to expect for epidural for spinal for c section?

What will my d&c surgery be like?

What's the best diet and exercise after a c section?

What's the best way to tone abdominal muscles after having 3 c sections and two laproscopic surgeries?

What's the difference in anesthesia used for colonoscopy and that used in c section? If the patient was put to sleep for c section.

What's the most-common surgery for reproductive-aged women besides c section?

When can I pick up my toddler after 2nd csection he is 25lbs and it's been a month to c section Do u think my Stitches would open if would pick him up?

When can I start showering after having a c section?

When can I try for a baby after a D and C has been done?

When is safe to have sex after c section?

When will i completely heal from c section?

Which is better c - section or infused delivery?

Which one is better vaginal birth or a c section?

Why are doctors recommending c sections more and more these days?

Why are scheduled c sections so early in the morning? Is there a scientific reason or convenience?

Why can't my bf and mom both be in my c section?

Why do I have all around abdominal pain after my c section?

Why is external cephalic version contraindicated in transverse lie? Why do we offer caesarean section in pregnant woman with transverse lie? Thanks.

Why we avoid weight lifting after c section.?