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Have had 3 c sections and a tubaI with the last one after the last C-section and tubal ( 5yrs ago) i havent been able 2 lose any weight and now have?

1. Does gestational diabetic causes c section? And early delivery (before due date)

2 months After a c section and tubal ligation I'm having a pus greenesh discharge. Is it normal?

28 wks pregnant, previous c section, placenta anterior, no acretta now- placenta is 4cm above c section scar. Could acretta still develop at this pt?

7wks post c section..Stomach is still a tad bit sore..What can I do?

After 2 wks of c section I'm scratching my self like crazy b/c of severe itching What could be the reason help please?

Appendicitis after c section, is that possible?

At how many weeks does a doctor schedule a c section for a high rush patient .

C section slow healing will cause pain for months?then why should a female try for a baby?

C section wound giving off smell. Is this normal?

Can a c section make IBS worse?

Can a d&c procedure cause infertility?

Can a frozen section be done on tissue from a d and c?

Can a mother of two under c - section, do sit up's as exercise? It's 1yr and 8 months after surgery.

Can gas accumulation cause backache after c section?

Can I have a baby normal after a c section?

Can I have a water birth after having had a c section?

Can I have an abortion 7 months after c section and being anaemic?

Can I know range for vaginal delivery or c section are they expensive?

Can I shower 5 days after a c section; Is there anything in particular I should or shouldn't do?

Can I take fat burner if I had c sect 2mths ago?

Can I use treadmill after c section?i am 3 weeks post c section.when can I start excercising?

Can sexual intercourse happen 7wks post c section?

Can someone who is a "bleeder" have a c section safely?

Can transverse baby at 33 weeks pregnant lead to c section?

Can u have 3 pregnancy first c section second vagina third section what wouldninhave to have now ?

Can you advise me on going on my 3rd c section.. scared and very nervous?

Could i lose my belly after c section?

Dears .. I'm 37 weeks gest. Age pregnant and my doctor suggests a c section next week ... will it be risky to the baby ot may have any complications?

Diagnosed anemic after c section. Tired all the time. What is the best treatment?

Difficulty urinating after c section. Who do I call?

Dilation and curettage (d&c) pain?

Do a lot of women planic during labor? Also if your pulse goes up to 170 during labor will they do a c section?

Do I have to have a 3rd c section? I have had 2 c sections, and it has been almost 5 years since my last. I am in good health and do not want a 3rd c section. My dr. Said monterey county won't let me have a v bac after 2 c sections. If i refuse, what happ

Do twins do better if born naturally or by c section?

Do you suppose to have a lot of back pain after a c section?

Doctor, I had my 3rd baby 2years ago through CS - the other two CS too. I had partial Hystrectomy during childbirth. I'm 43. Am I in early menopause?

Does an emergency c section weaken the cervix?

Does anyone know how long you are usually in hospital for c section?

Does the placenta get sent to pathology after a c section?

During c section, my uterus tore as dr was getting my son out. Had to get a blood transfusion. I am terrified to repeat c section. Dr said i'd be ok?

During c section, which one is preferred-ga or spinal injection?

Enlarged skull delivered by c section?

Even if everything is fine in and during your pregnancy can you ask for a c section? And if you can how do you go about finding out how to have 1 done

Got pregnant 4 month post c section. Would I have to do another c section?

Had c setion in my 1st born 5 years ago, i want to have a normal delivery this time but my ob told me that will still undergo c-section. Is that true?

Having a 6th c section at age 38?

Hello I had a c section 3 yrs ago. I have back pain and feet are numb and painful could the spinal epidural cause this this late after my c section?

Hi im pregnant in 36 week best time for elective c/s ?

Hi Dr ,its 1 month now for c section.. can i tie belt to my tummy and how long c section scars and pain will be?

Hi I have a petite body and with my second child i had a third degree tear, could I have c cection if igo into labour again?

How can I open my cervix? fastr im 39 weeks and I have till this week to open. my doctor said and when im 41 week that they are going do c section b

How common is bowel obstruction aftrer c section?

How do they close the skin on obese person c section?

How do they treat uterine rupture found accidentally at repeat c section?

How do u clean an incision after having a c section?

How do u clean an incision after under going a c section?

How do you know if you have an infected incision from a c section?

How is a d&c performed and what to expect?

How long after a c sectiin can I start moving around?

How long after a c section can I begin using tampons again? I'm 7 weeks post surgery

How long do you have to wait to wear high heels after a c section?

How long does constipation last after stopping vicodin/c section?

How long is a d and c?

How long to wait to swim after a c section?

How long would one bleed after c section?

How many c sections can a woman safely have?

How many c sections can my wife have? Can we have five kids via c section? Thank you

How much critical to undergo curettage under GA after 5 months of c section.

How to avoid placenta attached to c section scar for next pregnancy ?

How to minimize vaginal swelling pp c section?

I am 13 weeks pregnant and have a cervix prolapse will i have to have a c section? This is my third child.

I am 33 weeks pregnant and for the past two day I have been having a pain where my prior c section is at and also when?

I am 4 weeks pregnant this will be my 6th c section what should i expect?

I am 8 weeks pregnant I have had 2 previous c sections and 4 laporoscopy's it appears my scar has healed rubbish and has a gap, any info will help!

I am a mother of two. I had two c sections. I miscarried 5 days ago after. When can I try again?

I am about to have my third C-section in december iwhat are the chances of me bleeding out during the c section?

I am due to have an ablation on tuesday. I have 2 previous c sections and I am overweight. What are my risks and how high are they?

I am scheduled for a 2nd C Section in two wks. My first C section w/ spinal anes. I had a seizure on the table & air embolism. What caused the seizure

I delivared 2 babies through c sec in 2 years gap.both the c sections are done in same place(abdomen).why both will be done in same place?

I delivered my 1st baby 2012 a c section. I'm expecting for my 2nd baby will be a c section?

I had a c section 7 months ago and now need a hysterectomy will i be able to have it done laproscopically?

I had a c section 8 months ago due to twin pregnancy my scar is on my public area and 10 cms is this right ?

I had a c section a year ago and it impossible for me to masterbate now. Do you think they did the incision to low? Or something is wrong I know it.

I had a c section almost 2 years ago and it reopend when they removed my staples an I still have one spot that's not heald would I be safe to ttc ?

I had a c section almost 9 years ago. I woke up last night choking and had a horrible coughing fit and know it hurts where my c section scar is. ??

I had a c section exactly 2 weeks ago. When can I take a bath?

I had a c section six yrs ago with my 1st child and i also have adenomyosis.I was wondering if i'll have another c section with baby num 2?

I had a pomeroy done in 2007 c/section i think i am pregnat can it happen?

I had a scheduled c section 12 days ago. Can I sleep on my stomach?

I had a son via C-section two years ago. Expecting a second baby again via c section. 30 weeks along. In which week my cesarean should be done?

I have a question about diabetes and pregnancy? Will I need a c section?

I have cervical spinal stenosis, I'm pregnant and I'm worried about my neck in labour, will it be safe or would a c section be best?

I have fibroids but i want 2 have a d&c c.I had one 3months ago.Is this safe ?

I have had 5 c sections and pregnant again could i go vbac or would I have to have another c section? Which one would be a higher risk?

I have herpes and bladder problems can I just schedule a c section?

I have my period after c section, can you give me suggestions?

I have my tubes tied and i'm thinking about IVF but I have already had 3 c sections , is it possible to have another through c section?

I have problem with urination after bad c section?

I have sciatica and im 36 weeks pregnant with my 3rd it safe to deliver now? Had 2 c sections