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Any risks or damage that can happen if you have sex after givin birth 3wks ago vaginally & don't wait for the 6wks mark? Bleeding has stop completely

16 days post csection/twins. Incision healed beautifully. No pain/feel wonderful. Mild bleeding when pumping. Ok to orgasm without penetration?

26 y/o 2 natural vaginal births, >2hrs of labor, 3rd was csection due to baby being 4wks past due. Transverse incision. Should i think about a vbac?

2mnths ago I delivered a baby after 3 weeks of delivery bleeding I have spotting from 1 week is it normal?

33 weeks pregnant....suggest some exercises for normal delivery...having haemoroids?

33wks. Pregnant and was told I may have spd, how will this affect my labor, and could I end up on a walker after delivery?

35 weeks with hpv-2,unable to get any more doctor visits.will i be okay..what should i do?i had a slight discharge.can i deliver vaginally?

36 weeks preg. Baby is normal. Cephalic.Whether a c- section or normal delivery is good for me? I had a prev myomectomy removed very small fibroids(2cm)

36 weeks pregnant with an uncomplicated pregnancy. Can I do clitoral orgasm during this time. Will it harm my baby ?

37 weeks preg, not dilated at all but healthy/blessed preg. Haven't had sex in months :-(. Can that be a cause a hard labor/delivery or c-section?

38 weeks 2days pregnant, my dr said cervix is not opened yet.What i can do for that at my side.I want to deliver vaginally.Pls advice?

38 weeks pregnant & scheduled for cesarean section in less than a week, I just started having flu like symptoms with no fever. Can I still proceed?

38 weeks pregnant and no signs of labour. Cervix completely closed and baby still not engaged. Does this increase my chances of c section?

39 weeks pregnant. Delivery scheduled 2nd July. Labor induction 6am c section if need same day eve. Need to know instructions precautions before induc?

39 years old about to have sixth C-section will me and baby be okay?

39wks and 2day pregnant with no complication.I hav o- blood group and hubby's head is fixed.if doc induce me,will i get normal delivery or not?

5 months postpartum had natural by the book delivery and tubes tied missed my period and leaking clear fluid out of breast could I be preg. ?

5 yrs later after having my daughter i started getting vaginal cuts after intercourse. Could of been cuz my ob gyn had to cut me during giving birth?

8mo pp, not pregnant, noticed my cervix is low and dilated to 1cm, had 2 vaginal babies before, 3rd was cs. Is this sometimes normal? Is sex safe?

9 months post partum & I have an umbilical hernia. I want another baby soonish. Repair b4? after pregnancy? or is another baby out of the question?

After a cesarian section, how long before a sit down bath can be taken?

After conception, how many actual days does it take for a baby to get delivery?

After given birth to my baby I can feel my womb on d lip of my virginal and since then I have not been able to conceive.Its four years now please help me?

After having a csection with my first baby would it be safer to have a repeat C-section or to try vaginal for my next one?

After the nova sure ablation, when can I have sex? My nurse said 2 weeks, my doctor said 3 then on my discharge papers it said 6 weeks? I didn't have a baby or a hysterectomy!

Am 30 weeks pregnant , having a gap of 11 months between both pregnancies, i had c secyion earlier, is vaginal delivery possible for my second baby?

Am 30 weeks pregnant , having a gap of 11 months between both pregnancies, i had c secyion earlier, is vaginal delivery possible for my second baby?

At 28 weeks pregnant can you find out if your having your labor normal or C-section?

At my six week postpartum visit my doctor said my uterus was still a little large from having a big baby, is it safe to have intercourse?

Blood in poo 3month after havin a caesarian section?

C section or natural ? Have very bad scaring from 1st birth. Would like to have natural birth but gp recommends C-section for subsequent pregnancies

Can a d&e (4-28-15) make me unable to conceive ? I'm 21 I had 2 successful labors and deliveries 2009/2013 and three abortions can I still get preg.

Can babies get candida passed through vaginal birth?

Can babies get ringworm via vaginal delivery?

Can being pregnant make my vagina loose even if i give birth by c section?

Can exercises help open pelvis and prepare for pregnant during the last few weeks of preg? I hope for a vag delivery and want to help things along. Advice

Can having a large baby prevent me from being able to have a vaginal delivery?

Can i be discharge early from hospital after giving vaginal delivery everything checks out find with my doctor and baby?

Can i drink a couple beers 3 weeks after a vaginal delivery, tubal ligation, and me partially breast feeding? If so, how long do I wait to bf again?

Can I get pregnant after 2 years from my first cesarean delivery? And is there any chance for a normal delivery in future?

Can I have fibroid and still have pregnancy till delivery ?

Can i request a c-section instead of having a vaginal birth? I’m scared of giving birth and would prefer to have a c-section. Is this something i can request of my doctor?

Constipation for 6 day after having caesarean section n tubal ligation 6 day ago.What should be done? Any medication?What should be taken in diet?

Csect 10wks ago. Dr said uterus wasn't ready for iud, prescribed estrogen cream for 1mo. Why? I've had dvts, is this a risk?

Damage or risks having sex after givin birth vaginally 3wks ago & not waitin till 6wks? Bleeding has stop completely and protection is being used.

Delivered my baby on jan 10 not bleeding anymore... Normal vaginal delivery... On birthcontrol can I have sex?

Didn't wait 6 weeks to have intercourse after csection am i at risk for infection?

Do babies get ivh from vaginal birth?

Do I have to try a vaginal birth if I am expecting twins? Can i choose a c-section even if first one is head down?

Do pre-birth sleep schedules predict post-birth schedules?

Do you get vaginal stitches after birth?

Doc Im 20 week pregnant now, can i take cleaxane injection on tummy any side during this time? Any chance of needle to enter placenta or uterus?

Does nipple stimulation or sex help induce labor? (im 39weeks 5days, babys head is engaged)

Does the maternity leave period include the time given by the Dr to rest for a week or 2 before delivery date?

During my 1st pregnancy my placenta was infected with gbs and i lost the baby at 31wks. I am on my 2nd pregnancy when can I be treated for gbs?

During pregnancy what can a pregnant woman do to avoid a csection when she goes into labor?

Dvt 8 years ago via c section, is another pregnancy recomended if tryed for a baby?

Getting pregnant if you have cervix laceration is safe?

Had a baby 3/12 weeks ago delivered at home by a midwife. I am still bleeding as much as a have period is this normal? I have a 3 year old son. I got a uterus infection after birth with him and hemmoraged badly. I have been working out a bit, slow jog and

Had a baby by c-section 6.5 months ago, currently 8 weeks pregnant. Am i in danger of my uterus incision tearing as i start to get bigger?

Had baby vaginally 5 1/2 weeks ago, no tears, bleeding finished 2 weeks ago. When can hubby and I be intimate? Do I need to wait for 6wk check up?

Had cesarean section on November 30th a little over 2 weeks ago and wanted to know if could take baths yet?

Had premature birth @ 24 weeks with twins due to my cervix dialating 4years agoim now 19weeks pregnant with a single baby will my cervix dialate again?

Had sex hours before going into labor. Could semen still being in the vagina during birth harm the baby after birth? Like cause an infection?

Have a one year baby from c section, missing my period by two weeks. Dont want another baby .What do I do?

Hello, i have given a birth last year by normal delivery. After that i often have itch on the place where i got the stiches. ?

Help! Is it possible to have a vaginal birth after having two csections?

Hi Doc,I will be having cervical stitch at 15weeks,I want to ask when I can travel to USA for delivery?Thanks

Hi doctor.Am 16 weeks pregnant.i am having uterine scar because of past c- planning for D& it safe to continue with the uterine scar?

Hi doctors.. I am 31 weeks pregnant .. Yestersay i had ultrasound and the baby was in sitting position.. Is that means i give birth by c- section..

Hi i had a C-section dec2 2012 I am pregnant 5 week now and i breastfeeding should I stop breastfeeding and how about the dlivery i must havec section?

Hi i had my 2nd baby 6months ago baby tore me but i didn't need stitches, every time I have sex with my partner i get pain and tear again?

Hi i just had a baby 7mnths ago hada him viaa csecction and now im currently 6mnths pregnant but im at risk of rupturing my uterus when can I deliver?

Hi im 37 weeks pregnant with my first baby and i want to delay labor for another 3 weeks so that my husband will b my side..Is this possible ?

Hi would it be possible to have a vbac. I got pregnant when my first was 7 months and previous birth was due em lscs due to preterm labor at 35 weeks?

Hi, can having an orgasm after cervical stitch cause contractions, or any problems to the baby/pregnancy. 24 wks with 5 cm long cervix with stitch. ?

Hi, im in 40 th week dd is 15th so planning for induction.What are my chances of ending with c section?So far its normal pregnancy but cervix is close

Hi, my first pregnancy was a traumatic one, was induced and had my baby after 18 hours, with shoulder dystocia, Would you advice CS? now pregnant.

Hi,I am 38 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with yeast infection,can it effect the baby (normal delivery if I go into labour before my medication ends?

Hi! im 42 weeks pregnant now. 2 weeks laps from my scheduled delivery date. Am i still safe and my baby?

Hi...Im 4 half of month pregnant hving 10year baby first one was cesarean can I expect normal delivery?

How can you tell when your afterbirth is gone?

How long after a c section with twins can you wear a tampon take a bath and have sex? What kind of discharge should you have?

How long after a csection can you have vaginal birth.

How long after giving birth can you work out? I delivered vaginally and didn't have stitches.

How long after having a c-section should I wait to get pregnant again if I plan on having a vaginal delivery?

How long after your vacuum suction abortion can you become pregnant again?

How long are you sore after having a normal vaginal delivery?

How long should I be bleeding after vaginal delivery if breastfeeding?

How many caeserean sections is it safe to have i had my first (emergency) almost11 years ago 2nd 4 and a half yrs ago (5 weeks prem) as baby was sick?

How many csection can I have? I am soon to be 22 yrs old i had 1 csection aug. 2010.

How many days will it take for menses to regulate after cesarian delivery?

How safe is it to have rough sex if you are 28weeks pregnant with a baby that has gastroschisis? Is it possible to cause premature labor if too much?

How soon after cesarean section u can get pregnant? Thanks

How soon after childbirth with an episiotomy can a woman have sex?

How soon after csection can I attempt to ttc? Baby is 4 months and we want 2 more. Why would i need to wait 'x' amount of time to ttc after csection?

How soon can I and my baby swim after vaginal delivery with episiotomy?

How soon can I get a transabdominal cerclage put in after a d & c at 21 weeks.

How to know if my pelvis is too small to give birth vaginally?

I am 1 month pregnant. And would like to know that can I do intercourse daily ?Is it required for baby growth?