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The top of my wrist hurts when i flex my wrist backwards or put weight on it. Is it tendonitis?

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Tore my ulna collateral ligament pitching 2 years ago, been playing for 1 year now after surgery, still get numbness in wrist. Normal?

Torn tendons in wrist what should I do I was told that by a ortho doc but i still hurt bad even had injection and a splint?

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What can I do for a bone that is protruding on my hand near my wrist. Will it go away? I have a lunotriquetral lig injury

What can I do keep my arm muscle if I tore ligaments in my wrists?

What can I do?My scaphoid-trapezium joint sounds when medially move my hand and hurts when writing. 2 orthos says there's nothing that they can do.

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What do you advise if i sprained my wrist back in october when i fell a pain. Is it still just a sprained wrist?

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When an elbow is flexed and supination is required, what muscle is responsible?

When can I bend my elbow after surgery?

When can you start writing with a fractured wrist?

When I do my pushups my elbows and wrist click , why?

When I shake someone's hand my wrist "pops" near the ulna bone from what I can tell. Why is this happening?

When should you be concerned about a wrist injury?

When wearing a wrist brace, should my wrist ache? Wearing it bc it's painful when bending the wrist backwards with pressure on the palm?

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Why would a doctor cast my wrist & hand for rheumatoid arthritis?

Will a a clicking sound in thumb due to ligaments go? (after hairline fracture in thumb)

Will a broken elbow also dislocate the nerve in my forearm?

Will elbow splinting help ulnar neuropathy? What kind of splint to look for? Who can provide guidance?

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Will tendonitis in my wrist heal or will I have flare ups?

With a broken elbow, how long will it remain painful at the wrist when turning a key ignition or door knobs? Wrist hurts 3 weeks after elbow surgery.

Wrist & forearm stiffness little finger sits on top of ring finger after foosh. X-ray clear MRI - degenerative tear tfcc ultrasound carpal tunnel?

Wrist sprain over two months ago. Splint didn't help. Is severe pain still. Do you think a cast would help for two weeks or so? That way it can rest?

Wrist sprain over two months ago. Splint didn't help. Is severe pain still. Do you think a cast would help for two weeks or so? That way it can rest?

Wrist sprain six months ago. Leant backward on hand holding my son.Clear X-ray day of injury. Pain still and wrist weak. Could it be scaphoid fracture?

Wrist tendonitis for three years on and off again, pain is moving up my forearm, wrist strap not helping for this. Not sure what to do to prevent it. ?

Wrist Tendonitis- moist heat=worse, ice=no help, elevating, brace, sling, Idk what else to do. Pain when movement in thumb. Please help!can't do this!

Xray of wrist showed mild proximal scapholunate widening. did I tear my ligament? pain his mild but cant move wrist very well. hurts to move thumb.