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I am a tennis player with severe pain in my hand and wrist, what could it be?

I am concerned about a wrist injury. What should I do?

I am in the navy and a corpsman told me my pain in my wrist is from over working it. I have had this for over a year in both wrists. What could it be?

I believe I have mildly sprained my thumb at the 2nd joint (jammed it when it was bent). Should I wear a flexible brace, or will that just weaken it?

I broke my wrist; how do I know if I have also torn tendons?

I can't bend my wrist really at all. What could be wrong?

I can't bend my wrist without pain and pick up weight?

I can't bend wrist after surgery, is there something wrong?

I can't seem to put weight on my wrist (push up to surf). Do I have carpal fracture?

I caught a heavy binder & it bent my wrist backwards. The cyst arose from that trauma. Diagnosis was sprained wrist & tendonitis but it's been 10 mos.?

I fell on my wrist about 20 weeks ago and it is still painful when I rotate wrist. Any idea what could be the problem?

I had a de Quervain's release 20 days ago. I have pain around my extensor tendon at base of index finger t. Worse when I make a fist with bended elbow?

I had a dorsal wrist ganglion aspirated yesterday. The doc recommended splinting the wrist for 3 weeks which seems excessive. Should I do less than 3?

I had an accident, didn't get any injury , but my ankle, and wrist joint of left hand pain when i move them! what to do?

I had ganglion cyst wrist surgery 3 weeks ago, how much longer will I have pain when i move my wrist. I hurts when i take splint off and move it.

I had hand surgery (CMC arthroplasty; trapezium removed) 5 weeks ago. Is it normal to still have pain&stiffness in other fingers? Doing ROM, elevation

I have a carpal boss on left wrist. It is painless and I can move my hand/wrist in any fashion. Should I worry about the bony prominence?

I have a radial head fracture and the hospital give me a splint 2 days ago and my elbow is in so much pain and stiff what shall i do?

I have a ruptured tendon in my pinky finger and a torn cartilage in my wrist of the same hand will i need surgery?

I have a small bony bulge on my left wrist at the junction of carpals and ulna for some time now.It is difficult to turn my wrist due to this.pls help?

I have a snapping or popping of the tendon on my distal phalanx joint of the left thumb. Most likely overuse of shifting on the bike. Suggestions?

I have a tfcc injury. Used a splint for 2 months, most of the pain has gone but still hurts when i rotate my hand. Should i buy a wrist widget?

I have a wrist injury. What are some tips you that would help me deal with the pain?

I have been diagnosed with ulnar neuropathy after a fall on outstretched hand. I have to wear a wrist splint for now. What prognosis could there be?

I have crps. I am working on my range of motion in wrist and ever time I move my wrist up and down to stretch, my whole hand and arm twitch. Why?

I have pain in my ulna when I do an elbow flex with weights, what can I do?

I have pain running from my wrist on the pinkie finger side till my elbow and at times my fingers also . My wrist is swollen. Is it a ligament tear?

I have painful trigger thumb with thumb dislocation found on xray. Rheum wants me to wear splint/spica,but can this heal dislocation?

I have recently endured a wrist injury, I need advice. Work or not? Typing causes more pain

I have sprained wrist, can't move it. Lump where carpel ligament is. Nurse says rest it. What else can I do to speed up recovery?

I have swelling in my wrist over ulna everything good moving of hand and wrist just little pain when lifting heavy ?

I have tendonitis in both wrists. What is the best way to keep it from flaring up?

I have tendonitis running through my thumb wrist arm area. I have wore a splint for a week still no change its very painful. Help?

I have tendonitus in the wrist of my writing hand, how did this happen?

I have ulnar sided pain when I flex my wrist with my wrist torqued towards my ulna. If I flex wrist in neutral position, the pain is not noticeable. ?

I injured (sprained) my left wrist, elbow and shoulder 4 weeks ago by falling off my pushbike. How long do you think ignorant could take for me to be ?

I injured my wrist 6 yrs. Ago(bruised nerve). A couple days ago i did something to it & now my wrist is sore & pain goes through thumb. Causes?

I lift at gym,I'd this pain in my forearm's extensor surface and pain in elbow and also wrist when flexed, now I'm having bruises on wrist.Treatment?

I often injure my joints.In 08 I sprained my wrist and it lasted 2-3 years,in 2010 my knee for 3 yrs.Now other my wrist.How do I strengthen my joints?

I previously had injury to the wrist and forearm-now i can't move thumb.?

I sprained both of my wrists 4 months ago, they still continuley hurt, why is that?

I suffured from a tfcc injury for 3 months on the right wrist. Now my left wrist is hurting, i didn't injure it. Can it be rheumatism? Any chance?

I sustained a wrist injury 10 mos ago. I have a 6mm volar ganglion cyst and i continue 2 have wrist pain with my hand swelling. Would a shot help?

I ve been doing wrist curls to strengthen forearms. Is this good for wrist and hand arthritus? Thanks!

I want to know about wrist damage?

I was diagnost with wrist tendonitis last june 2012 but until now there is still swelling and my other wrist is is also hurting ?

I was just wondering how can you tell if your wrist or arm is sprained?

I was told i had wrist tendonitis when my wrist got stepped on playing rugby in october i did phiso but there is still pain and pops out of place why?

I've been having problems with pain and popping in my left wrist. The popping occurs in the outside part of my wrist when i make a twisting motion with my hand/wrist. Any ideas what this is?

I've got a repetitive strain injury in my wrist, what is the best option?

I've had pain in my wrist for three months, wrist clicks when I twist my wrist and it feels tired. Could it be a fracture or RSI? I have an office job

I'ven been having bilat wrist pain. It radiates to my hands. It feels better when I wear wrist braces. What else can I do other than the braces?

I"m having pain and popping where my thumb meets my wrist when i turn it a certain way and extend my thumb. How do I fix it?

If I damaged ligaments ( or some other structure) in my wrist and thumb would I know it, would I be able to use the wrist? what would it feel like?

Injured wrist in july landed with hand upward and still in pain friends say ligament torn what needs to be done?

Is a wrist brace useful on a badly sprained wrist? And how should brusing on the back of the hand on the finger bone taken care of? Buddy taping mabye

Is good that i can crack my wrist any given time?

Is it a sprain or a fracture that penatrates pain from the hand upto your shoulder?

Is it normal for your elbow to be bruising and itching when its dislocated and it's still in the splint?

Is it normal for your wrist to still be swollen 4 months after injury?

Is it possible to get wrist tendonitis from a whiplash injury even though i didn't hit my wrist on anything at all in the accident?

Is it possible to sprain your knuckle?

Is it safe to work out after hand and forearm injuries?

Is it true that the measurement from your wrist to your elbow is the same as your foot?

Is there a wrist replacement out yet? My daughter was 8 broke wrist. She is 25 now & had 4 surgery on it. She needs wrist replacement now.

Is there anything i can do to prevent hyperextending in my elbow when i tumble?

Is thumb pain normal after distal bicep tendon reattachment and if so for how long.

It has been 8 months since I had full fusion of left wrist. I hear clicking noise when I rotate my forearm. Hand, wrist, fingers painful. What's up?

Left wrist sprain( injured 4x) in therapy one month tomorrow. It hurts to twist, and the two bones or muscles in the center of my wrist is still hurt?

Mri suggested wrist dorsal capsular sprain and 1-2 mm tfcc tear pain with weight, been 2 months hear clicking in wrist if bent too much how to treat?

My boss has a swollen elbow, bruising on it, but no injuries . what could it be ?

My elbow was moderately hyperextended in a basketball game four days ago. Now my elbow makes a mild clicking/popping when bending. What should I do?

My left shoulder is weaker because for 6 months i hade a cast on for a fracture on my elbow joint?

My wrist always hurt. Could it be from typing on a keyboard all day?

My wrist cracks when I type. Is this normal?

My wrist feels sprained for no reason and i'm not sure why. What should I do?

My wrist hurts to put pressure on and when I bend it. Do you think it is a sprain or could one of my carpals be dislocated? What can I do to help it?

My wrist is starting to hurt but never sprained my wrist, growing pains?

My wrist won't heel from a lifting injury been almost a year?

Old thumb injury aches/burns up to wrist. Both knuckles on that thumb swollen. Ice/meds temporary relief only. What can I do?

Only one of my wrist hurts when I type. Is this normal?

Ortho thinks I have inflammatory atrhritis what type would involve both elbow both wrists knees shoulders and right index finger?

Pain in hand/thumb near trapezium bone for a week now after jamming my wrists at hockey. Tried to play after couldn't grip stick or shoot properly.

Pain my wrist i can't bend my wrist and i can't put any pressure on it either?

Pea size bluish bulge above elbow. injured elbow 3 weeks ago, non-displaced radial head crack. elbow'd been taped tight for 8 bulge worrysome?

Rested wrist stress fracture for 3 weeks but have pain after resuming sports. but pain shifted to the other side of my wrist. help?

Should i go to a doctor if I have a thumb injury?

Should i go to doctors about wrist banging?

Sore wrists and knees, with bony intrusions, what is this condition?

Sprained wrist 7mo ago. Still having pain in wrist and now pain in the base of my thumb nightly. What should I do? Surgeon said it just hasn't!t heal

Sprained wrist 9 mon ago. Dr and MRI cannot have anything wrong. Lots of pain at night with lots of hand and wrist muscle spasms. WHat could be wrong?

Sprained wrist but if it is will it feel like a bruise near the thumb and wrist joint or what else could it be?

Stiffness and pain in ulnar wrist. Limited rom, occaisional popping/snapping in wrist. ?

Strained/ miled sprain of thumb 4 years ago, and then 2 years ago sprained/ deep bruise in same hand. Still acts up sometimes, what do I do?

Sudden brusing on my wrist, what could this be?

Swelling outside wrist, where forearm meets wrist, between knuckles & pain - been this way over 1 yr, how long before swelling causes permanent damage?

Symptoms of sprained wrist compared to some sort of forearm fracture?

Tendon or ligament connecting my thumb to my wrist constantly burns and hurts?

Tfcc injured. After 2 months with a splint i can do pushups without pain. Is this a good thing? Still hurts when i rotate my hand to the limit.

The doctor told me I have carpal tunnel and to wear a wrist brace and take aleve (naproxen). How else can I releve pain in my shoulder and neck?