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My wrist is still sore from when my sister kicked me in my wrist . Is there anything that could help me ?

2 previous wrist surgeries for carpel tunnel/thumb fusion. Chronic pain+lump inside wrist. Now pulling tree roots & wrist popped with immed wrist pain?

58 yr old osteoarthritis had fx did not show on X-ray on thumb (fell and braced fall with outstretched hand) 1 year ago pain now whole thumb and down?

7yo in cast for buckle fx wrist (ulna) 2 day ago. Holds wrist against chest, afraid to move. Ok for her to do 2 lb weight rom elbow and mainta bicep?

A few months ago I have surgery for dequervains tenosynovitis and my wrist is doing great but I have pain and swelling at the base of my thumb. Why?

A radial collateral ligament reconstruction of the MCP joint in my left thumb. Will my thumb ever open up? Or am I limited to the way my hand was cast

After 7 weeks in full arm cast my elbow is very stiff. Will i regain full extension within time?

After arm wrestling a week back i observed a swelling in my right hand near the gap between ulna and lunate.. and i cannot rotate my wrist . help?

After I injured from skateboarding my wrist is painful and clicking when I move it to certain positions it's been 2-3 years ?

Are there ligaments in your hand that you can sprain doing push-ups?

Arms and feet tendons hurt a lot. First both elbows,then biceps,then both feet,then both thumbs.Doc says NOT rheumatism.Have Crohn's.take no meds.

Avulsion fracture of the elbow in 2006. Elbow still swollen and pain.What next?

Bad injury 2-3 weeks ago. Still cannot rotate arm palm down to palm up. Not that it hurts i just can't. Was diagnosed as elbow fx. Could this be tendon?

Been 3 mos. after dorsal capsular wrist sprain Now noticing numbness in tip of pinky and ring finger Should i be exercising the wrist to gain strength?

Can a broken wrist cause me to not able to bend my elbow?

Can a partial tear of the distal bicep tendon cause pain in my forearm, wrist and make my fingers cramp. My injury happened 3 weeks ago.?

Can a splint or a wrap going to help a thumb contusion?

Can a torn biceps tendon cause loss of feeling in the hand or wrist?

Can acupuncture really work for my sprained wrist?

Can anxiety cause wrist and ankle pain? Im worried. Parents and friends say its from the muscle tension, but ankles and wrists are bones not muscles

Can C5, 6, 7 spondylosis cause pain at the wrist and elbow joints? What other cause can there be? No injury.

Can chlamydia cause pain in knee joint and tendons in finger, wrist, or arms?

Can cortisone inj to elbow joint cause a change in radial collateral ligament of elbow joint? As i can't straighten elbow and suffering sharp pain

Can i get back my full arm/wrist rotation after a sprain/fracture?

Can i give ibuprofen to my child for fractured wrist?

Can strengthening help inflammation or hurt it? I have sprained thumbs and pinkies? I mean along with ice and splints.

Can swollen elbow or wrist joints cause restricted blood flow to the hands?

Can trauma induced carpal tunnel (kicked on wrist, never any swelling) go away on its own? Creeping burn when flex or stretch, week after incident.

Can working out lead to having a wrist fracture?

Can wrist exercises cause hurt wrists?

Can yoga cause metacarpal bossing in the wrist area?

Can you break one of the carpal bones in your hand and not have a lot of pain?

Can you damage your wrist by wrapping it too much when trying to heal a wrist injury?

Can you damage your wrist by wrapping it too tightly when trying to heal a wrist injury?

Can you get a wrist splint from your doctor?

Can you get repetitive strain injury (tight forearm when moving fingers and wrist) through masturbating?

Can you move your wrist if it's in a full arm cast?

Can you tell me how much time should you rest hyperextended elbow and what treatment should you do for it?

Can you tell me if i could get surgery for my elbow/wrist deformity?

Can you tell me what it's like to sprain your wrist?

Can you tell me what kind of joint allows the bones in your hand and wrist to move?

Can you tell me: are wrist injuries common in yoga?

Can't bend my fingers, is it possible to get wrist tendonitis from a whiplash injury even though i didn't hit my wrist on anything at all in the accident?

Contusion R Elbow experiencing tendonitis in forearm, ring finger and pinky tendon. Had for months. Seen Doc, but nothing has worked. Any suggestions?

Could a hairline fracture in the radius cause stiffness and make my thumb pop when moved?

Could a sprained wrist turn into osteoarthritis?

Could a wrist splint help against rsi and how often should I wear it?

Could i type with a wrist splint?

Could my doctor give me a hard cast for wrist tendonitis. As i always take my splint off. I just want to relax my wrist. Splint isn't working.

Could my wrist pain be due to a repetitive motion injury?

Could radial collateral ligament be torn if I have bruising & pain at that part of thumb & below on hand, but can move thumb mostly normally ?

Could removing the radial head, helps with arthritis in the elbow ?

Cracking in joints, first knees, now also elbows, wrists, shoulders..). X-ray OK. What is the cause, can it be fixed, what is prediction for future?

Dislocated both radial and ulna bone at the elbow joint. Doc is put me in a cast for 2 weeks. Does that timeframe seem normal for an elbow dislocation?

Does tendonitis around the thumb cause the elbow to become tender?

Dr said my daughter had a sprain wrist but does a sprain cause the hand, wrist & up the arm to feel ice cold? Happened 2 days ago.

Elbow contusion due to sand rail accident. Severe bruising from elbow to shoulder. Sprained wrist and extreme swelling. No feeling in hand and cold.?

Every time i apply pressure to my radius, i feel it and my ulna shift at the wrist joint, what is wrong?

Exercises for a sprained knuckle?

Explain hyper extended elbow please?

Extensor Carpi Ulnaris area hurts in certain wrist positions. Could it be a little tear? It's been hurting for about 2 months now. Thanks.

Foosh with dislocated elbow & cracked radial head. Elbow is painfree, but wrist pain is severe. Unable to supinate or pronate & have hand weakness.

Fractured hand, soft tissue in forearm. Help?

Got a spica splint,ice & nsaids for quervains tendonitis. Only feel pain when doing extensions with my thumb..When/how should i start rehab exercises?

Growth plate injury wrist. Will I end up with a stiff wrist?

Have elbow tendinitis, creaking and crackling noise when extending elbow in joints, and tricep contractions. mri normal and PT for 2 months. Cause?

Have had tendonitis in my elbows for1 year 6 weeks ago found out i had tenosynovitis in my wrist and synovitis in my finger tested negative for RA other?

Have orthopedic screw/wires in elbow for 10+ years. X-ray shows it is ok but sometimes it hurts & pops when I extend my elbow.

Hello, is this a dislocated wrist? My wrist bone sticks out further than my other wrist bone and there is lots of pain when i put pressure on & move.

Hi My wrist and forearm hurt and sore . It's sore when I flex my wrist back . What should I do ? I have a wrist brace on

Hi, unfortunately I have elbow tendonitus. If I twist my arm my elbow pops loud, is this normal or not?? Thank you!

How can a boxer continue his work if he dislocated his elbow?

How can I strengthen my arms after a wrist injury?

How can I apply a wrist restraint ?

How can I cope with wrist pain for guitarist?

How can I deal with wrist pain for guitarist?

How can I make my wrists bend 90 degrees?

How can I relieve a muscle sprain in wrist/arm?

How can I sleep well with a splint on my left wrist?

How can I tell if I have a broken thumb or torn ligament instead of a mild sprain of my thumb?

How can I work my triceps and biceps at home with a fractured hand?

How could i cure a sprained ligament in my arm(elbow)?

How do I figure out what's wrong with my wrist?

How do I find out what is wrong with my wrist?

How do I test for laxity in the rcl of my thumb?

How do u know if u strain or sprain ur wrist? How do u know if u broke it?

How does one tell what a wrist fracture feels like?

How long does pain from hyperextended elbow last?

How should u go about healing wrist tendonitis?

How to deal with wrist injury for tennis ?

How to figure out why i can't stop cracking my joints (fingers, thumbs, wrists, elbows..)?

How to heal a sprained wrist after weight lifting?

How to heal tendonitis in wrist. Hurts for 2 months now?

How to overcome bsckhand/wrist sprain due to handstand?

How to reduce the joint I the wrist and elbow?

How to regain complete mobility in hand and joints after wrist fracture like before and also suggest strengthening exercises after wrist fracture.

How to sleep with a broken wrist? Constant throbbing and the splint gives my thumb redness and blisters. Are there any good positions?

How to treat wrist tendonitis? Do pushups affect the healing of my wrist?

How would you know if your elbow was dislocated. Would you be able to bend it and have strength in your arm and hand?

Hurt 'abductor pollicis brevis' part of hand in vball. Getting lot of bruising below thumb but can move thumb. Is it most likely muscle injury?