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1) can extended cane use, especially wooden curved grip, lead to carpal tunnel syndrome? 1) can extended cane use, especially wooden curved grip, lead to carpal tunnel syndrome? 2) can putting all of your weight on one leg lead to joint problems in the k

15 mth old crosses her middle and index fingers on 1 hand.she's advanced mentally. She can bear weight on legs but isn't walking.Could it be autism?

3 months now my treating physician change arm cast palm until near elbow to allow movement is it okay on the bayonet apposition to allow movement?

34y.O. Spent day hanging xmas lts, using hammer a lot, etc. Hands/fingers prty sore. Overuse or sign of arthritis? Remedies aside from tkg ibuprofen?

36 weeks pregnant with carpel tunnel syndrome, will this effect my baby? And what are some ways to help relieve numbness and pain?

6 weeks ago i under went carpal tunnel release in both hands. I am curious about my post operative symptoms.

A job that causes repetitive motion of hands, fingers, etc. How long could it take 2 get osteoarthritis if 1 was to get it? Would 1 have it in 20 yrs.

About getting arthririts (sp) or this thing called 'meta carpal tunnel syndrome' or something. How can I prevent these?

Advice for carpal tunnel syndrome caused by using a computer and mouse at work? I already wear a SmartGlove on my wrist.

After buying a heavy watch with a snug band, noticed instant wrist, hand and elbow area tingling. Can this sudden onset be from nerve compression ?

After cubital tunnel surgery i'm still facing the same symptoms though up to 40 % less than before. Should i be concerned? (it's been a year)

After hand surgery. hand/wrist are swollen/ pain cannot move it. No money for more treatment. What can do ourself? Natural remedies?

After playing piano I have the urge to stretch my wrists even though I don't move them that much, why is that?

Always leaning on elbows when im on computer, spend most day on computer, when on my elbows hands get cold/numb, when off they stay that way?Bloodclot?

Am i R footed if i basketball to shoot with my L hand? becoz i bear weight w/ my R feet. But i used my R hand to hold object except for writing

Am wearing a new elbow support due to cubital tunnel syndrome but all five fingers get a little swollen. Normal?

Any ideas why my wrist keep getting sudden weaknesses even though i don't overuse or strain it?

Any remedies for fingers that develop pain after holding a pen too long?

Any suggestions for the hand pain and tingling which i get from repeated motion by using computer?

Any suggestions on how to alleviate my sore wrist from capoeira?

Any thoughts on surgery for radial tunnel syndrome in my dominant arm?

Any tips for biceps tendonitis from carrying a toddler?

Any tips of preventing finger pain and damage while typing?

Anybody know how much a wrist arthrogram costs?

Anything requiring holding a grip (from writing to using a power tool), produces marked, persistent pain/tingling in that hand. Both hands. Ideas?

Are carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury the same?

Are having TMJ and having carpal tunnel syndrome related?

Are people with marfan's skinny limbs, more likely to get carpal tunnel syndrome/ulnar nerve syndrome?

Are there any exercises that help or prevent carpal tunnel?

Are there ANY finger-lengthening exercises? I am an adult with <3" long fingers who is trying hard to learn guitar and piano.

Are there any hand, wrist or arm fractures that cannot possibily be caused by a fall on an outstretched hand? I'm a mystery writer and need an injury that could be due to someone deflecting the arm of a gun-wielding perp.

Are there any home remedies that can help with carpal tunnel syndrome?

Are there any similarities between carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome?

Are there any weight lifting exercises I should be cautious about with tenosynovitis in my index finger? I had a sudden onset of swelling & pain in the knuckle but it's resolved after 2 weeks of rest.

Are there DIY solutions for hands' and fingers' (particularly thumbs) joint pain resulting from overuse of game controllers and phone texting?

Are there tests or just symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Are there ways to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome? Is it that you have to stop doing things with your hands?

Are thin wrists, and long thin hands on a male a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome or something else?

Arthritic flareup: my hand wrist andfingers look like sausages. What to do?

As a follow-up to my question about finger swelling I might add that my job now requires a lot more gripping and lifting.

As a waitress I carry heavy trays of food to wrist takes the brunt of it as it is cocked back up high carrying them. Now having pain in the side of my hand near thumb. What could it be?

At certain positions through part of the range of motion my thumb will twitch while slowly scrolling phone scree but not at rest, neurological or norm?

At my last check up, I forgot to tell the doctor about tarsal tunnel syndrome. Is that ok?

Baby's hands sometimes shake a bit at wrists when he is waking up and stretching. Sort of like a light taping motion 2-3 times (both hands). This doesn't occur when he is fully awake even when stretching. He is 8 months old. It it normal?

Been doing therapy for radial tunnel and cubical tunnel syndrome for 5 months now and i still can't lift a gallon of milk. Is there something wrong?

Best way to manage carpal tunnel?

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