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1 inch incision on hand for carpal tunnel surgery surgery how long before pain free i'm a c n a?

2 carpal tunnel surgeries did not improve fingers numbness and tingling. Condition is deteriorating. Please share improvement options. Thank you.

2 w ago i had carpal tunnel surgery . I did some painting now my hand is swollen and my pinky finger is locked up and twice the size is this normal?

5 weeks post carpal tunnel surgery. Incision is healing well but feels like it's hot... is this something normal?

6 weeks ago i had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands one severe one moderate. I am having extreme pain with 3 fingers on severe tingling and numbness in fingers painful in both hand is this normal after carpal tunnel surgery

After a year since I had carpal tunnel surgery, why do I have pain in my wrist?

After asking my last question, about tingling/ numbness, in fingers and fiber tips i was told it was carpal tunnel. Is this valid. What do I do.

After bilateral endoscopic carpal tunnel release, approximately how long will I have to wait to drive?

After carple tunnel surgery is therapy needed ?

After carple tunnel surgery is therpy needed?

Are special splints required for my carpal tunnel, or will anything that restricts the bending motion work?

Are warm fingers normal symptoms of carpal tunnel?

Can a cortisone injection into the carpal tunnel stop the numbness and tingling? If it does is that a good indication that you do have carpal tunnel?

Can a pressure wristband aggravate my carpal tunnel or cut off my circulation to my fingers?

Can a repetitive strain injury/carpal tunnel be healed without surgery?

Can anyone in the panel tell me what can I do for numbness in my fingers from carpal tunnel? I'm very desperate cause its my r hand and i can't work.

Can anyone tell me what could cause numbness from elbow down?

Can carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgery be done at the same time?

Can carpal tunnel be fixed without a wrist operation?

Can carpal tunnel cause an arm to go numb and not be able to move it?

Can carpal tunnel cause bicep and breast pain?

Can carpal tunnel cause skin patches?

Can carpal tunnel feel like tennis elbow?

Can carpal tunnel from car accident?

Can carpal tunnel from holding a power drill?

Can carpal tunnel make your arm sore ?

Can carpal tunnel weakness go all the way up your arm ?

Can carpel tunnel cause finger spasms?

Can carpel tunnel cause fingers to swell with pain?

Can carple tunnel cause pain around the elbows, since it reacts with the nerves?

Can carple tunnel go away on its own?

Can Cubital Tunnel cause constant twitching in the area between the thumb and forefinger?

Can i ask for a cast on my dequervains syndrome arm?

Can i dye my hair 3 days before my carpal tunnel release surgery?

Can i weight lifting after carpal tunnel release?

Can my wrists and hands hurt worse after wearing a brace for carpal tunnel?

Can piano practice lead to carpal tunnel?

Can playing musical instruments cause carpal tunnel?

Can someone please explain a carpal boss removal surgery?

Can tarsal tunnel recur once it has resolved?

Can tendinitis surgery cause carpal tunnel in my left wrist. I just got carpal tunnel surgery on my right? I'm feeling the same symptoms of it on left

Can tendonitis cause carpal tunnel syndrome? I had tendonitis in my wrist. The symptoms i had have gone away, but now I have tingling in my wrist and hands and sometimes shooting pain when i bend my wrist. Could the tendonitis have caused carpal tunnel sy

Can trigger finger happen after carpal tunnel surgery?

Can trigger finger in the thumb be caused by a complication of carpal tunnel release?

Can u actually get carpel tunnel of the feet?

Can wrist exercises help prevent carpal tunnel and other wrist conditions?

Can X-Ray be helpful to see if Carpal Tunnel Surgery is done correctly?

Can you advise for the olecranon and ulnar index formula?

Can you choose between several anaesthesia options for carpal tunnel surgery?

Can you develop carpal tunnel from playing the piano?

Can you get a form of carpal tunnel just in the fingers?

Can you get carpal tunnel from playing an instrument?

Can you get carpal tunnel from texting?

Can you get carpal tunnel on your palm as well as on your wrist?

Can you get carpel tunnel from twirling your pencil around your fingers over and over and over?

Can you get muscle atrophy on your thumb if you ignore carpal tunnel for years and will surgery fix it?

Can you get tendonitis from carpal tunnel?

Can you give me more info on surgery for radial tunnel syndrome?

Can you tell me about ACE wrist splints for carpal tunnel?

Can you tell me about carpal tunnel release surgery?

Can you tell me how to get rid of carpal tunnel?

Can you tell me how to keep from getting carpal tunnel in my mouse arm/wrist?

Carpal tunnel over the years I have slowly built wrist pain that i'm assuming is carpal tunnel. I have heard from some friends about endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery as a great way to help alleviate the symptoms. Can someone help explain what this

Carpal tunnel pain worse after surgery. It's been a week, is this normal?

Carpal tunnel release, for how much time does the pain last for?

Carpal tunnel surgery 14 days ago. Have slight tingling in fingers and side of hand. Is this normal?

Carpal tunnel surgery painful?

Carpal tunnel--medicine, accupressure, or surgery ?

Carpel tunnel--are symptoms hand tingling and finger spasms?

Complete numbness in fingers and both sides of hand. Is this carpal tunnel syndrome, if not what is it?

Could a carpal tunnel release be the cause of developing trigger finger?

Could a steroid shot help carpel tunnel?

Could carpal tunnel be causin my hand pain?

Could exercising my wrist muscles cause carpal tunnel?

Could hand grippers cause carpal tunnel syndrome or provoke wrist injuries?

Could i get carpal tunnel from having to had to hand write so many papers for college?

Could I have carpel tunnel or something else like arthritis if my fingers feel achy?

Could poor circulation cause carpal tunnel-like signs in the wrist and under the thumb ?

Do cortisone injections also work for carpal tunnel?

Do I know if I need carpal tunnel surgery?

Do musicians get carpal tunnel even after they quit music?

Do power balls help with carpel tunnel?

Docs can you explain what is a carpal tunnel brace used for?

Does anyone know how to deal with hand pain from carpal tunnel?

Does carpal tunnel causes pain in pinky or all fingers?

Does carpal tunnel in the wrist disqualify me from the military?

Does carpal tunnel syndrome cause bulging veins in arms?

Does carpel tunnel make your wrist feel like its broken i've had carpel tunnel for 15yrs, I feel pain with movement, at rest, and when touched?

Does carple tunnel cause blood bleeding or bruising in the wrist?

Does heat actually make carpal tunnel worse?

Does joint damage cause? Carpal tunnel?

Does this sound like carpal tunnel? I turn my wrist and I can feel pain in wrist, forearm, and bicep.

Does wearing a wrist splint at night make my carpal tunnel worse?

Dr said I've got carpal tunnel, what should i know about this? What causes flair ups? Should I get a splint?

Feeling lots of pain in my non dominant hand, could it be carpal tunnel?

Fingers joint pain, tingling and grip got weaker. Carpal tunnel?

Five weeks ago, i had an endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery .I still feel a tightness in my wrist and forearm. It causes a lot of discomfort. What should I do?

For carpal tunnel surgery, how long before returning to manual labour job?

Going to have endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery. ....Any advice?

Had carpal release surgery. BUT now my pinky up to my elbow is extremely painful. Did carpal tunnel surgery not help? Why am I still in pain?