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Mammo Prescription and it as DX Z12.31- encounter for screening mammogram for malignant neoplasm of breast what is DX is it for a routine mammo ?

53 yrs old. Recent digital mammogram informed I have dense breast tissue, negative for ca. Should the results be trusted because of density.

54 yrs. mammo time. Always negative mammo & exam. No family history. WORRIED media and internet says not to trust just digital mam.for Dense Breast?

After a mammogram i was recalled i had a further 6 mammograms and was told i had calcification ?

After a mammogram, I asked the technician how many x-rays were supposed to be taken for each breast. She told me 2 X-rays for each breast. Correct?

Are a mammogram and mammogram compression the same thing?

Are there alternatives to mammogram for breast cancer screening?

Are there any riskswhengetting a mammogram?

At age 24, how often should I get a mammogram?

At my last check up, I forgot to tell the doctor about breast fibroadenoma. Is that ok?

At what age can you cease mamograms? All previous mammograms were normal. I am 70 yrs.old.

At what age can you get a mammogram?

At what age can you have a breast screening?

At what age can you have your breasts done?

At what age should I get my first mammogram?

At what age should women start having mammograms?

At what age should you get your breasts checked for breastcancer with a mammogram?

Best specialist to perform breast biopsy for mass to rule out breast cancer?

Bi rads 0 mamm. Going for fu tomorrow. Is a x-Ray digital mamm better or ultrasound better for dense breasts? No family history of breast ca.

Breast MRI effectiveness? Is a MRI the most effective breast imaging test?

Breast self-examination: how do you know what's normal if you're not a doctor?

Breast self-examination: how do you know what's normal exam?

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Can automated whole breast ultrasound be used for breast cancer screening?

Can breast implants make it harder to find breast cancer during mammography?

Can I do a self breast cancer exam?

Can i get a mammogram even if I have had a boob job? Does someone with breast impants still need to get mammograms?

Can mammograms miss breast cancer 5 years in a row?

Can one get an accurate mammogram while breastfeeding?

Can the imaging professionals use that mammogram machine on women with average size breast?

Can the mammography test discover the breast cancer even if the woman had a breast enlargement surgery (silicon)?

Can ultrasounds miss breast cancer?

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Can you please tell me if it's neccesary to have a mammogram at 30?

Can you still get breast augmentation with abnormal mammogram?

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Cheaper way to diagnose breast cancer other than ultrasound?

Current recommendations for breast cancer screening?

Detecting breast cancer appropriate to have thermography for women vs mammogram?

Do lumpy breasts or fibrocystic breasts mean dense breasts? Can an ultrasound show breast density? When should i have my first mammogram?

Doctors can you tell me when should I get my first mammogram?

Doctors can you tell me when should young women start to have a screening of mammogram done for breast cancer?

Does a breast ultrasound have any risks?

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Family history of breast cancer, when to get a mammogram and ultrasound?

For best detection which is best digital mammogram or sonogram?

For breast which is best digital mammogram or sonogram?

Found breast lump, dr ordered ultrasound and then radiologist wanted mammogram. Would i really need both?

Hello docs, is 24 yrs old too early to get a mammogram?

Help please! when should I get my first breast ultrasound?

Help please? How old are you before they suggest you have a breast exam?

Help with breast lump! what is diagnostic imaging?

Hi, I had a lumpectomy last year to find ductal hyperplasia. Last mammogram was fine. Now I'm having heaviness in same breast. Normal?

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How accurate is an ultrasound for breast cancer?

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How can I do a self breast exam on me?

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How do you give your self a self breast exam or check?

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How do you no other than age & genes when to get a mammogram.

How does a diagnostic mammogram differ from a screening mammogram?

How does a doc find out if a woman's breast tissue is too dense for an accurate result on a mammogram? Can he/she know before the mammogram?

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How often should you get a mammogram?

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How to perform self examination on large breast? How to differentiate lumps in breast? Is it better to get mammogram/ultrasound? 25 years old, 40D.

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I am 62, years old, if I do not have a family history of breast cancer, why do I have to have a mammogram every year?